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  1. Juan Carlos Minjita

    awwww he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Congrats carl! Is little leo loving his new baby brother?
  2. Suggestion

    actually now we are on mumble there is a function to create a quiet room where that room can only hear the command core, we do it on test server, bruce would need to look into that
  3. Juan Carlos' P R A X I S fleet 25th May 1800

    oh i still have some factiony webs and officerey tanky stuff you can gives away. I'll throw to you in contracts. say thanks to sandman
  4. Warp To Me, Sandman Logan3 & Pick Pocket proudly presents CannonBall Run 2018 The Race to Purgatory Expect to be ambushed, shot and tricked by pirates in our hyperactive cross between Wacky Races,The Dukes of Hazard and Spaceballs. Fasten your seat belts and pit yourself against your fellow pilots in a race where the only rules are there are no rules! 7th April 2018 Some Faq's about cannonball - READ THIS Expect to lose ships, expect to lose several ships and die in a blaze of glory or a fizzle of a dying firework. Be faster than your opponent, be smarter or failing that... hit them with a bag or oranges. whatever it takes to win! How to Play Register with your compare at the beginning of the race. At the start of the race you will be given a destination where one of our commanders will be waiting. Present the commander with 'XDESTO' in local and receive your next checkpoint. At your final destination find the compare whom will be hiding somewhere in the final system. START LINE SHIP WILL BE A CRUISER You may reship as many times as you like, you may race in whatever ship you like, but you must finish in a ship even if that's a rookie ship. Rules There are no rules so long as you go to every system and collect the checkpoint. You start at the beginning and finish at the end. Sounds easy? Race registration is for one toon only, no alts allowed. Prizes Prizes are to be announced, but expect something spectacularly sandman! Remember to change your expensive incursion clone because podding is a genuine thing! Famous quotes from previous events “Last year i won the logi masters pack which included a set of corpse's so this year imma drag sandman logan3's year old smelling corpse around with me! This year the gloves are off i want 1st!” “Not only does death not disqualify you... getting yourself killed might be a valid tactic.” “I thought we were using our most expensive Incursion BSs with 6% + ascendancy clones?? No?” Disclaimer CannonBall Run 2018 is brought to you by warp To Me incursion Community. Ships will not be reimbursed if lost during the course of the race, so be wise on your ship of choice. Do not fly what you cannot afford to lose. The staging system will be announced on the day.
  5. What if............

    If I dug a hole straight through the middle of the earth, from England to Australia, assuming I didn’t get obliterated by the earth’s very hot core, and I jumped right down that hole. What would happen? A) Would I jump in an just fall out the other side and be in Australia in time for lunch with Auzzie captain and Imogene and digi? B) Fall to the middle and the gravity would make me bounce backwards and forwards like a pendulum so my fall would therefore be eternal? C) Or as i reach the midway point, each country would want me to fall to them, so i would be ripped in half and my legs would carry on to Australia and my top half would end up back in Britain for tea with mum? D) Lastly could I just land the mid-point and just sit there hovering in the middle of the earth because gravity is pushing me both ways, so i would be suspended in the hole just no going anywhere?