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  1. Alts allowed?

    Thanks for that i'll just stick to using one. I was being a bit greedy o7
  2. Alts allowed?

    0/ So I am just wondering if I would be allowed to bring both my main and alt as dps into fleet at the same time. Would I need to let the fc know? I use dual screens and have ran both seperately in with wtm. Thanks in advance for replys.
  3. Advice for a Noob

    ok thanks for that I've set up my overview and will make the changes that you advised.
  4. Advice for a Noob

    Hi I am looking to start doing incursions soon and just need a bit of advice on a couple of things. Would this Rokh Fit be allowed to join as i work my way up to a vindi? and also is there an overview setup guide or one that somebody will be willing to share as i am coming back after a long time and want to make sure i don't miss out anything. Thanks