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  1. Entry-Level Logi - "Logistics" Skill is Zero

    In addition to what T'vaar has said, I'd like to point out that the osprey does have several stats that are better than the basi's as well as several shortcomings that are a cause for concern. I am extremely interested in seeing whether this hull may have a place in WTM, and urge constructive discussion. The osprey's total rep power is higher than the basi's. Following the rule of reserving one shield rep for response to emergencies does not change this; 2 reps from the osprey are on par with 3 reps from the basilisk by a whopping 100hp less per (group) cycle. The osprey's shield reps also have a longer falloff by 5 km and slightly further optimal range by about 3 km. A note should be made that the osprey's max speed is a bit higher than the basilisk's; because our logi speed tank, this might make up for a small portion of the tank difference that isn't immediately obvious on paper. Now I will state my concerns about the osprey fit, which come down to requiring some pilot skill. Firstly, the osprey has 8 max targets rather than the basi's 10 (or in my case, 12). The osprey also has one fewer remote rep available. While the osprey's repping power is greater, staggering reps across multiple people and keeping reps available for future broadcasts will be more difficult due to having only 3 remote shields. If the tank gap between the osprey and basi is 'safe' but still present in the final fit, the osprey pilot has less leeway with time required to fix their speed and orbit and respond to incoming damage and webs. These aren't that terrible considering that our scimitars are affectionately knows as "flying coffins," but I believe this difference is still important to note. One of my main causes for concern is lock times on the osprey. The osprey requires 0.9 additional seconds to lock battleships, and an additional 1.1 seconds to lock cruisers. The cruisers are what concerns me, as this lock time increases further for locking other logis who use implants that reduce sig radius. Overall, resolving these issues comes down to a pilot's skill. In theory, a skilled and perceptive pilot who can quickly respond to shield broadcasts, opportunities to decycle reps, in-position broadcasts, and has an awareness of their surroundings can utilize the osprey as a L4 Basi. Obviously these traits are desired in ALL of our logi pilots, but the osprey has less 'wiggle room' than the basi does for response times and in my opinion would be the more difficult ship to fly between the two. With all of this being said, I would rather see the 0/5 osprey in an HQ fleet than the 3/2 osprey. The 0/5 does not have to respond to shield broadcasts; its only function is making up for a combat cap deficiency and eliminates any issues the osprey has with increased lock times and harder-to-manage reps. I would be comfortable seeing an inexperienced pilot in an 0/5 osprey because the combat cap role is far easier and simpler to manage. The 3/2 osprey, as of right now, poses a safety risk to HQ fleets. If we are at the point of standing down the fleet for lack of rep power, I would rather stand fleet down than accept an inexperienced logi pilot in a 3/2 osprey. I would propose that anyone who is trusted logi or better be allowed to use this fit, but that defeats the purpose of the fit as these people must have already flown in a t2 hull. I think a proper place for a 3/2 osprey, and one that T'vaar and I have spoken briefly about, is for 'training fleets.' A training fleet would run only assault-class incursions, require at least one basi in the cap chain, and require an LM to be present within the cap chain. This addresses the issue that T'vaar was most concerned with - offering pilots an opportunity to test out a logi ship with WTM and deciding whether they enjoy it before sinking a month+ into the skills required to fly a basilisk or scimitar. This also addresses an issue that I am concerned with, which is NG logi pilots. I have seen a logi pilot not be given any sort of speech until they've already completed a site, some pilots who do not have their basic windows such as broadcast history and watchlists set up, etc. Not all NG logis have this issue - some fit right in and perform satisfactorily - but in situations where a new logi is joining mid-site while being given a load of information and having to learn in a busy scenario can be overwhelming. Training fleets could be organized and scheduled as a supplement to logi schools and used as a training opportunity that would both allow non-logi pilots to dip their toes in the water as well as help inexperienced pilots become accustomed to how incursion fleets operate before being thrown into the more-overwhelming HQ sites. The training fleets could extend to NG damage, sniper, and t2 logis as well. As T'vaar put it, if Warp to Me wants quality logi pilots, it is up to us to make them.