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  1. A note on fitting modules

    For our newer pilots: IF you have a module just for PG/CPU and can remove it, or move to a module with multiple benefits, it is almost always a good idea to do so. Check if you can move a reactor control system to a power diagnostic system. If you can go without a fitting mod and put anything in which improves your performance, do it. Fitting modules are usually a necessary evil, not the actual best use of a slot.
  2. Also, we'll want a few, 1-2 longer range ships. My personal prefrence is for the Oracle, fit thus [Oracle, Oracle] Damage Control II Power Diagnostic System II Tracking Enhancer II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Heat Sink II Large Shield Extender II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Tracking Computer II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Mega Pulse Laser II Medium EM Shield Reinforcer I Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I Medium Core Defense Field Extender I Optimal Range Script x1 Conflagration L x24 Scorch L x8
  3. bout 10km if I remember right. That said, given the size of the spawn on the battleship side, IF we run a fairly usual assault fleet down that side, it'll be a 20-40s wait for them to reach the gate.
  4. Abyssals on a budget

    Don't disagree, but if you already have good damage mods and are looking for a budget LSE, it's a thing to check.
  5. Abyssals on a budget

    Large shield Extenders Alright. Large shield extenders. One of the core modules on a basilisk and Leshak. Unfortunately, good all around LSEs are a bit pricey, which means prioritizing. 1: Pick your priorities. A leshak isn't gaining much from a lower signature radius, while a basilisk might. Some suggested priorities: Leshak First priority is making sure it fits. the shak can totally run out of CPU if you aren't careful or have imperfect fitting skills, especially with budget damage mods where CPU wasn't seen as a major concern. Second is Shield HP Third is the signature radius. Basilisk First priority is signature radius. Avoid an absolute brick on signature or you end up taking enough more incoming DPS that you lose out overall. Second priority is usually HP. You're looking to get more HP in most cases. Third is fitting. Better PG and CPU are needed if you want to try and add a sigamp with no implants and t2/faction highs, rather than the storyline cap transfer. This is going to be the most expensive attempt, since you are ideally looking for all green. With perfect skills, you need to shave 6.4 PG off, meaning you need a base PG of 136 or lower, while shield upgrades 4 needs 127 or lower. (Assuming a standard prop mod with a PG of 50)
  6. Abyssals on a budget

    Abyssals are great. But not everyone has 4-12 billion for a full rack of super high grade abyssals. So, here are some of the fundamental tricks to getting a significant bonus to your performance at a reasonable price. 1: Use https://mutaplasmid.space/. It allows you to sort by statistics, which is a massive help with the next steps in this guide. 2: Pick a budget. It's most worth looking at abyssals if you have at least 100m/module budgeted if you have faction modules already (leshaks excepted) or 50m/module if you have t2. Below this, you're hoping for lowballs but you can get lucky. Your budget generally is going to want to split 30/30/20/20 for the 1/2/3/4 damage module slot, meaning you want to spend more per module on your first two than the rest. Suggested ranges are 100m/mod (faction equivilent + a little) 200m/module 500m/module and 1b if going full rockstar (usually top of 3: Find a good first module to build around. This means picking a module with the best alpha or ROF you can find inside your budget, without tanking the overall DPS %. Refer to the table below for percentages and top end stats. 4: Match this with a good second module. This one you look for ROF if your first module is alpha, and alpha if your first module was focused on ROF. See the theory section in below for why. 5: Find the 2 best overall DPS % multipliers in your remaining budget. 6: enjoy your increase in performance. Magnetic field stabilizers / Heat sink / Gyrostabilizer: T2 Unrolled: Damage modifier 1.1 Rate of fire: 10.5% Overall: 22.9% Max rolls Damage modifier 1.122% Rate of fire: 12.738% Overall: 28.6% Faction Unrolled: Damage modifier 1.12 Rate of fire: 11% Overall: 25.8% Max rolls Damage modifier 1.142% Rate of fire: 13.225% Overall: 31.7% Top officer Unrolled: Damage modifier 1.15 Rate of fire: 11% Overall: 28.7% Entropic Radiation Sink T2 Unrolled: Damage modifier 1.13 Rate of fire: 6% Overall: 20.2% Max rolls Damage modifier 1.153% Rate of fire: 8.35% Overall: 25.8% Faction Unrolled: Damage modifier 1.15 Rate of fire: 7% Overall: 22.6% Max rolls Damage modifier 1.163 Rate of fire: 9.325% Overall: 28.2% Top officer Unrolled: Damage modifier 1.15 Rate of fire: 8% Overall: 25%
  7. Scimitar Upgrades

    It does on single Thukker LSE lokis. I have yet to find any others other than increasing greatly the portion of pilots who are single second to lock with MWD on.
  8. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    No boosts for cap xfers. 5s/cycle, 15s/ship, 150seconds, 2.5minutes to serve that last cap. assuming no interuptions, and perfect play by all logi involved. at a standard 1s of imperfection per target and 2 extra cycles across all 10, and you're at 3 minutes to get the first xfer on guy 10 in the stack And part of the problem is people not following the existing system well or at all, and doing their own thing. A doctrine change is guaranteed to make things worse for awhile before any benefits would be realized, especially with since part of the existing problem is people not following doctrine.
  9. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    From your mouth to CCP's ears! F&I, here it comes!