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  1. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    Bump for the big ball roller
  2. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    10/2/2020 (best line lifted from teamspeak) <16:41:02> "Victor Victor Rothwulf" pokes you: Yes you do. I want Faction performance area Sinks. Im poors
  3. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    Sorry Nic but VVR don't forget about my shop as well!
  4. Leshak Tactics

    Note Lord numbers above are heated
  5. WTS Abyssal Mods For Incursion Fits

    1. 22.0% 2. 22.2% 3. 20.9% Napkin maths, have fun selling them
  6. Newbro's Request

    You can drag the wrecks to the MTU but that's all
  7. What is better for the fleet?

    You can meatshield TCRC in a mach as well
  8. What is better for the fleet?

    Welcome Commrade Chaos, I see you are enjoying yourself and I'm glad to hear that! First thing I will ask you to learn the ways of M-tac if you haven't as it is the most important ship in TCRC. Once you got the hang of M-tac, then you may consider training vindi Vindi is a DPS workhorse and its easier for you to cross-train from Mach.
  9. 100% Loot Drop Event

    That would also mean the loot fairy will 50% RNG since its caused by PVE and not PVP
  10. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Don't the wrecks get damaged by SB? If they get destroyed then the loot value becomes zero especially with several SB BS?
  11. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Suicide Ganking is PVP even thou its onesided
  12. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Updated to include corrections, implants and warp speed patch
  13. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Hi there, you might be wondering why I posting this when niki has a great guide on leshak. When I fly leshak, I usually refer to the guide as I usually fly logi. However the guide can be too wordy for quick references hence this guide. So for those who want the complete guide, click here. If not, let's begin! GENERAL TIPS 1. Use common sense please! 2. Always listen to FC! 3. Leshak is a snowflake 4. Precursor BS V is very important (than Spec V) 5. Always Occult, Mystic when u enter site or burning to anchor spot 6.Ship is all about spooling up aka shoot the ship as long as possible (Exceptions: Spawn Trigger and Outuni) Avoid Spawn Trigger; Primary Outuni 7. Break spool of Mystic if you can get 20 cycles of Occult on targetted ship 8. Need to burn? Just burn as you have cap stability 9. Keep target @ 15km range. >20km, start adjusting position (burn) 10. Always shoot something (preferably cruiser and above) 11. Utility slot not important but if possible armor reppers are good choice provided your not limited by CPU 12. If contested you can overheat your gun continuously 13. Depending on fleet comp, you might have to adjust targets 14. Call out spool targets to prevent leshaks spooling on same target 15. Expect damage aggro especially TCRC so lookout and broadcast on time. You might even save AAA or other leshaks with remote armor reppers 16. Only possible fleet role for Leshak (Not ideal) is VVV (lack of agility and occasional gun range problem) Site Guide True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH) First Pocket Mystic Outuni, burn to Occult range of Osti (tag 5) Shoot Occult whatever in range while burning to gate Sniper Lite - Replace Outuni with Vylade Fleet Lite - Occult Ountuni > healthiest Osti Second Pocket Mystic first Antem, burn to Occult Osti (tag 4) Burn to Third Gate and shoot whatever is left Sniper Lite - burn to Occult 2nd Antem Super Sniper Lite - Shoot Mara (Stay stationary) Fleet Lite - Mystic Mara, burn to Occult Osti (tag 4) Third Pocket First Wave Mystic last Romi and burn; 2 choices Help HHH - Shoot Romi backwards Shoot Osti (tag 3) - DO NOT SHOOT LAST OSTI Anchor Position - 80km from beacon; 20km from tower Second Wave Occult 2nd Last Osti (Tag 6) > Romi or whatever is left Fleet Lite -Primary Intaki and follow above statement Third Wave Occult last Outuni then one Osti then whatever is left Tower spawned = drone on it = bio break Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) First Wave Mystic last Vylade, burn to last Osti and Occult Anchor Position 75km beacon, 45km to right of tower Sniper Lite - Primary Vylade Super Sniper Lite - Shoot Mara (Stay stationary) DPS Lite - Anchor on VVV to shoot Osti next wave Second Wave Occult Yulais even w/o tags Burn to next DPS anchor spot (VVV) DPS Lite - Shoot Osti backwards Anchor Position: Burn to right of tower 20km away Third Wave Occult Yulais, then whatever left Start burning to first anchor spot when 3 ships are left Anchor Position 75km beacon, 45km to right of tower Fourth Wave Mystic last Outuni Burn to Yulais but stop at 30km away from AAA (logi range) Mystic Yulais and Occult Osti/Whatever is left DPS Lite - Occult Osti backwards Fleet Lite - Outuni > Last Intaki > Osti True Creations Research Center (TCRC) Mystic last Outuni and start burn to tower Occult tower as soon as possible and keep firing while hugging fellow Vindis and Leshaks Tower 50% hull, lock up tag X (schemael and auga) Tower 20% keep drones and align to broadcast If you do it correct, you will definitely catch damage aggro so on time broadcasting is IMPORTANT to stay alive in TCRC The Kundalini Manifest (MOM) Burn to Kund and shoot first tag Osti meantime. Otherwise first tagged Arnon Do not bump Kund and keep at range 15km Shoot Occult on Kund and never stop shooting it even when jammed Advanced Tips 1. Leshak requires heavy isk investment so go all out to bling it (Abyssal Sinks, Abyssal LSE, Augmented Ogres) Abyssal Sinks (>1.14x dmg mod, 7% ROF) cost 150-250m each (22.7-23%) Anything higher than 23% you will looking at 500-2b each. Click here for available contracts. Abyssal LSE (>3200HP) cost 200-500m. You need all the shield buffer you can get! Click here for available contracts 2. When contested, you can overheat much easier compared to other ships. TCRC contesting will come down to how you manage overheat on your gun 3. Mobile Depot with Sensor Booster + ECCM Script for anti-jam for TCRC. Swap MWD with sensor booster and swap back when tower at 50% hull. Do it at your own risk Implants (Personal Opinion) 6 EO-606 7 Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer 8 EM-806 9 RF-906 (6%) / Pashan's Turret Customization (7% for 5b) 1. Above Implant Set is suitable for pilots that cross-trained in other ships (eg. logi dps sniper) with the choice of slot 1-5 and 10 up to you. 2. If Leshak/Bowhead Pilot, consider High-grade Ascendancy Set for slot 1-5 + WS-618 for slot 6 (The new warp patch effectively makes this set equal or if not better than the above set; 4.86 AU/s) 3. If pure leshak pilot only, you MIGHT want to consider HG Mimesis Implant Set as the other sets’ higher damage potential doesn’t offset the long spool time. Hope this TLDR Leshak guide helps you as much as it has helped me thus far. PS: If you really need a super condensed TLDR Leshak guide, please refer to Dav post below [Updated 16/10/19] Minor Site Additions; MG Mimesis Set, Warp Speed Patch [Updated 07/01/20] Minor Site Additions; HG Mimesis Set
  14. Leshak Tactics

    Ty Lord, I'm going to place my last hope on the HG Mimesis set then
  15. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Ty topandbottomallover fsdsgf, I missed out on that portion DPS Lite - Occult Osti backwards Fleet Lite - Outuni > Last Intaki > Osti For TCRC Entrance; that's the vindi way of doing it which I do it sometimes due muscle memory but leshak in tcrc is about burning to tower asap
  16. TLDR Leshak Guide

    With all that (vindi style) burning on niki guide (esp. NRF) that EO-606 do help a tad for me. WS-618 I feel works best together with Ascendancy Set; standalone not effective IMO; I rather focus on in-site efficiency
  17. TLDR Leshak Guide

    I agree hence I mentioned holding off the purchasing it until the high-grade set appeared. I should have rephrased it better BTW is there a way to edit the post? I'm been wondering whether there is this function or not?
  18. Incursion Leshak

    o/ Svarta, long time no see! Anyway I feel Svarta had a tad too much Redbull in his bloodstream and hence the wall of text Personally i will not swap out TE as personal experience I had reduced volley dmg despite pewpewing stationary towers. However niki leshak guide did mentioned swapping mwd for sensor booster for anti jam which is very important for max spooled dps. Armor reppers in TCRCs are very important for AAA and fellow leshaks. This might determine FC need to do SRP paperwork or not XDXDXD Furthermore it can help repping damage drones at TPPH tower bash. Implant wise I'm not sold with the low grade trigs but it could be an option. I will be waiting for the mid-grade to appear first before deciding.
  19. Leshak Tactics

    Abyssal rad sinks with dmg mod higher than 1.14 and ROF of 7% will get u 3K Total DPS (Assuming Pre BS V, Gun Spec V, SS V and Rapid V)
  20. WTB abyssal leshak parts

    Reply mail sent
  21. WTB abyssal leshak parts

    ingame mail sent, hope it helps !!
  22. Leshak Tactics

    22.7% DPS Bonus (2 examples below) If you are not sure what is your abyssal DPS bonus for your mod, go to Mutaplasmid to check it out. Mod 1 Mod 2 Anything higher than 22.7% will cost you billions for 4 sinks.
  23. Leshak Tactics

    With RF 906 implant
  24. Leshak Tactics

    Just want to add if anyone want to further increase leshak dps, consider abyssal rad sinks with 22.7% which cost 100-200m per mod. Full skilled Leshak pilot with said mods will give you 3K DPS.