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  1. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    #1 Mag Field Stab sold
  2. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    SOLD https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032604278138/ 24.1% 800M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1030111447094/ 24.3% 1B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032550347276/ 24.9% 1.5B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1031025755115/ 24.4% 900M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032655093319/ 24.1% 700M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032658777372/ 24.7 1.2B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032668770676/ 24.6 1.2B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032481879290/ 24.7 1.2B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032708349699/ 24.3 800M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032708418580/ 24.7 1.1B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032759584730/ 24.6 1B Re-organised my WTS thread to include future tasty mods other than entropic sinks Updated with other mods in below post Price check for T2, faction and officer sinks is on 08/03/2020
  3. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    Pinging all vindi pilots looking to upgrade their sinks to abyssal!
  4. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    New sinks + 1 faction roll sink
  5. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    15,16,17 reserved
  6. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    New Sinks update and LSE sold
  7. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    Sinks have been sold, new sinks to come in by end of week (Sorry Svarta, it doesn't tickle you)
  8. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    Thank you. Officer rolls comes when I break even
  9. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    New Entropic Sinks updated
  10. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    New LSE updated
  11. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    New Sink Update and as well new sink sold thank you
  12. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    New sink updated
  13. ud's shop

    Bump for UD shop!
  14. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    24.1% Sink sold ty
  15. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    Bump for new sinks
  16. Best alpha batleship

    Regardless of clone state it is still vindi
  17. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    Both mods will be contracted once I log into the client later SOLD
  18. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    So I will contract 20 and reserve 19 for you in the meantime?
  19. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    Sink 8,9,10,11 being reserved for buyer confirmation. SOLD BUMP @Teirpa Gawa Muutaras @Leigham UD9D @Victor Victor Veritas Vindi pilots looking for blingy stuff do consider that 2 sinks SOLD https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032627815893/ 3502 HP 1.3B LSE https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032760599440/ 29.3% 500M
  20. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    he wants 9% rof
  21. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    Bump for the big ball roller
  22. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    10/2/2020 (best line lifted from teamspeak) <16:41:02> "Victor Victor Rothwulf" pokes you: Yes you do. I want Faction performance area Sinks. Im poors
  23. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    Sorry Nic but VVR don't forget about my shop as well!
  24. Leshak Tactics

    Note Lord numbers above are heated
  25. WTS Abyssal Mods For Incursion Fits

    1. 22.0% 2. 22.2% 3. 20.9% Napkin maths, have fun selling them