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Found 4 results

  1. WTB Core X type 500 MN MWD

    Title says it all
  2. Hi guys. I play before with TDF, with me Vindicator, if somebody know that fits, im close to get Vindicator Elite Fit. But here you have different fit, can you recomend me one fit please? This are my skill I want play with you team, too many people in my corps told you are funny and help noob guys, i never learn to much with TDF, because they are too elite with people, and some FC dont like south american people,It was very difficult for me. My mother lenguage is spanish, so i cant talk fast english, i understand the most of conversation , but sometimes im more slow. i hope you accepted me. thanks for you time.o/7
  3. WTS Shield rigged Vindicator

    I'm selling 4 shield rigged Vindicator hulls for 815 mill each (Jita price withouth rigs). Also selling 3 Armor rigged hulls for same price. PM me in game or here.
  4. Located in Botane structure, lots of extra ammo (like 100M worth of ammo). Asking 950M but you must pick up. It's an older Standard fit and needs higher EM resistance to meet fleet requirements, easiest would be to swap out the Hybrid Burst for EM resist rig. Technically also needs the MWD upgrade. I also have the Vindicator Sarpati's Revenge - Igil SKIN for sale, asking 250M