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Found 1 result

  1. "De-Optimization" of Ships

    Background: After returning to the game, my goal was to come into W2m with an optimal ship. To my joy, I saw that marauders could now fly. Because I was starting fresh, and after reading the w2m skills/bastion guide, I saved my iskies, trained for, and bought an optimal fleet Marauder/Golem. After half a year of effort, and spending 3x as much than on a non-optimal ship, I joyfully obtained my badge. To my dismay, the following points we commonly echoed in comms, and I would like to reply to each: Golem Pilots are Bad Pilots For Incursions I have flown Basi, Scimi, NM, Mach, and Vindi (before Marauders were allowed). I have also flown Vargurs (again before allowed into incursions).I currently have a Basilisk that flys in w2m and this Golem pilot. I have been in Eve (on and off) since before warp to zero where I have flown (on other accounts) in W2M fleets, TDF, etc. I have been a MOM pilot for one of the largest alliances, long story short.... I'm not the absolute worst pilot. Golems are useless at range As a DPS, what is the point? How many Kronos can bash an TCRC tower while simultaneously lighting up targets 125 k away for snipers...Golems can. Using ranged ammo, Golems can hit out to 80 KM easily, while increasing the efficacy of every other ship in the fleet with TP boosts. This is a specious criticism. While it has less raw DPS than Kronos, and FAR Less range than a sniper, it does fill that middle range which is often called for (20-40k).. Golems don't do anywhere near the damage of the other Marauders/DPS. True, but they do far more (2x as much) as other non marauder battleships while in bastion, and at ranges . After training Marauders 5, I immediately started training for Paladin. However, not before W2M decided to list a marauder in a column other than MAR DPS (MAR stands for Marauder BTW). I realize the game changes, but this really? Let people know that in X months, Marauders will no longer be considered a Marauder >.<. Had I known I would have stayed suboptimal for 250 hours and become a Paladin or Kronos.