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  3. WTM Upgrade freebie program

    Love this idea, Am willing to throw some spare mods at this. Perhaps a buy back program, as in when you upgrade from newbro/Alpha fits you can sell back to the newbro freebie program in order to perpetuate the program... Additional qualifiers. 1 not for alts. 2. For newbro who is performing well in fleet. No point upgrading of the upgrade goes to waste.
  4. WTM Upgrade freebie program

    Spoke to me earlier regarding freebies to wtm fleet upgrade. While this is not an official WTM program; I believe hes doing this out of his own goodwill. However big ticket modules however will given only once or twice per spawn to keep johen croes isk balance healthy. So all such request please direct to Cass Lockheart evemail. Should anyone attempt to hijack this goodwill; rest assured I will make sure you will face consequences.
  5. WTM Upgrade freebie program

    My program consist upgrading WTM players ships and fits. Modules and ammo will be included, anyone in WTM can request what they need. ONLY for WTM purpose only, you can join my ingame channel WTM Upgrade freebie program. Ty all
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  7. Is there a process to appeal a ban?

    Sure message leadership and they will discuss it
  8. Is there a process to appeal a ban?

    Title says it all.
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  10. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    ^This is a good deal.
  11. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    Leshak 23% Sink Set 800M
  12. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink

    no interest ? price drop to 250 mill, final offer
  13. Implants and Guns

    Thank Izumi and Malcolm. I did not know that data still existed. I will talk to a Commander.
  14. Implants and Guns

    You have several old TS identities including a couple that have the Vindi T2 gun badge. If you lost those identities we will purge them for you.
  15. Implants and Guns

    Nice. Hit up a Commander next time you are in fleet and on TS for badges.
  16. Implants and Guns

    Hi Again, I'm back! For how long? who knows... Anyways as par for the course lets start getting badges again! Because I have the time to make this post. Hope this counts towards T2 guns and Ascendency badges. I could not figure out how to crop it so Enjoy looking at my full screen... o7
  17. Hello

    Mastery level 5 is pretty nice, that logistics cruiser level is where the real magic happens. Welcome to WTM! Look forward to seeing you in fleet.
  18. Hello

    noice! lvl5 is so worth it \o/
  19. Hello

    Hello, my name is Chakor Deblanc, wanted to introduce myself. I have been interested in Incursions for awhile. I have been playing Eve off and On for years now. Im Logi fitted level 5 mastery basi in 12 days so Im looking forward to keep you all alive.
  20. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    oh yeah that's a thing.
  21. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Tbh the worst drawback for DDD is the falloff penalty.
  22. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Drop for DDD is really good, especially the improved/strong varieties. In HQs the velocity and shield buffer drawbacks can be a pain tho.
  23. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    when I was in TVP VG fleets we used a lot of drop in the VG sites, and really when you are dealing with those frigate sized ships, like the: DDD, those in the VG, and some assault sites do, that extra tracking is huge.
  24. Greetings!

    We also still operate actively in our in-game chat channel, "WarpToMe Incursions"
  25. Greetings!

    Hey there WTM fleets are running whenever there is an FC available. You can always check the waitlist website to see if there is anything going on!
  26. Greetings!

    I'm searching out all the incursion communities and have yet to yield any results. I've been inactive for 3 years, looking to get back to the pewpew after cracking out on Eve Echoes during a 2 month long shutdown (7 days a week, 10 hrs a day) job. If anyone can or would respond so that I know to sit in WTM channel in-game to keep myself in the know for when incursion fleets are forming. I used to run solely with WTM.
  27. Newbro Hello o/

    oh my... that R'n'K video... especially the bit about the TPPH... Seriously, watch that thirty seconds if you haven't seen it already.
  28. Newbro Hello o/

    Interesting let's see what I can do but I'm kinda lazy these days I'm not uploading hehe. Thanks for the link @Lightsong the Bold .
  29. WTS Standard Fit Vindi

    With rigs, drones, ammo. Contact Julian Le'Blanc in game [Vindicator, Simulated Vindicator Fitting] Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Tracking Enhancer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Tracking Enhancer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Damage Control II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Pithum C-Type EM Shield Amplifier Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Domination 500MN Microwarpdrive Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Large EM Shield Reinforcer I Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer II Large Core Defense Field Extender I Ogre II x5 Null L x17096 Void L x12295
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