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  2. If anyone is interested in the below Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer let me know.
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  5. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Thanks for your answer. Yeah, I know those techniques, also work well when not alone and Vindicator pilots not changing all the time. And admittedly, over the past few days I did not experience such fleets. Even boosting as the only Basi is kind of extremely relaxed (almost easy/boring to the point of getting sleepy). I probably just unluckily had the false impression about such fleets being moe common/regular with constantly switching members.
  6. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    There is another technique for cap-hunrgy fleets like you described. Of 4-5 basis 2-3 select a few "special" targets they would be responsible for and focus precapping them. Other focus broadcasts That takes 2-3 willing to do non-standard thing, which is not everyday but happens. Also, if you have capspreys/silisks, coordinate with them
  7. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    duplicate post delete pls
  8. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Yeah, it's usually just 3 or 4 people needing frequent help, and a few just broadcasting on occasions. And admittedly, such regular fleets are not really problematic and rather get boring to cap-support. What I'm talking about is those '16-18 Vindicator + 4 Nightmare + 3 Hyperion' fleets I recently experienced, where having 4-5 Basilisks doesn't really help against the upcoming simultaneous broadcasts of 12-14 people. Even though I was proactively cycling through the most demanding guys, the buildup of cap deficit seemed inevitable. Not really that stressfull, just feels like investing much more work than needed, which could be used elsewhere like spotting DCed members. Yeah I agree, had that just yesterday for like nearly an hour, felt nice. Maybe I just experienced a really bad day or something, which may be a rarer occurence than I currently think. Having more than a dozen people screaming for cap simultaneously just made me think. Especially after someone already received 4-5 cycles and immediately broadcasts for cap again 10 seconds later.
  9. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Not all vindies need proactive cap. Soon, basi pilots can know many of best and worst of these by name. Feel free to name the worst "Carol-ones" When I basi I often fill my watchlist with pilots who cap broadcast and try to make them not to. Then I add to the list, and so on. It may be stressful but mostly, its in the choice of a basi pilot. I hate to see cap broadcasts, especially the walls - they are ususlly sign for basi subpar (or uber bad fleet but less often). Many basis though would give fixed number cycles to each new broadcast, no more, no less, maybe skip some, and move on. If its not enough for dps/snipers, meh, "they are bad and need to learn to use their cap better". As long as you are not that basi, ok for me. Rarely but it happened we had a few tpph in a row with no cap broadcasts other then tribute to Outuni, and that felt good.
  10. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    I understand the reasoning behind it. That's why I suggested only utilizing them only if the FC explicitly asks for it and limit it to just one. Yeah, I also donated a few times. They're not always there though. And if their occasional presence was sufficient, there wouldn't be cases where people turn off guns to save cap, several members having to wait half a minute for cap or people getting skipped or forgotten. Too often I see people broadcasting for cap multiple times, even though they were already received several cycles of cap... Yes, that's an ideal long-term solution. It is inconvenient though, if WTM keeps getting new untrained additions (which is good in it's own way) and the rare cases where 10-15 people broadcast for cap at the same time during a split-aggro to split-aggro transition are making problems. It is rare for a Basi pilot not being able to keep up, especially with slow fleets. I am unsure though, if the 'ideal' would help against a differing reality (not meant negatively, it's just how I perceived it until now). But with fast fleets and a lot of cap hungry ships, a 'giving a recommendation for futher training' doesn't help immediately alleviating the issue at hand during a contest or whatever. In the end just a few turned off guns per Vindicator could easily decide on winning or loosing a contest. You are much more experienced with leading Fleets, so you are probably right. But I wanted to give some feedback here, since I often noticed a massive surplus of Scimitars, while the whole Fleet had to wait for a Basi replacement or had to tell a well experienced DPS to change ships to a Basi. Also the need would be eliminated, to have a minimum of 2 Basilisks, while there's an oversufficiently large amount of Scimitars at hand, which could take over the logistics part of remote repair. Please don't consider my feedback as coming from someone who believes 'to know it better'. What you make of my input is up to you guys, I'm just trying to help.
  11. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    So we don’t currently run in fleet (on grid) cap dedicated basis as it wouldn’t be able to fulfill its role as a logisitics ship by way of providing reps. We have pilots bring alts in ospreys or a few champs bring basis to shadow fleet and provide cap to cap hungry hypes etc. You’ll see them as neuts. As FCs if we have the capacity we will ask fleet to consider rewarding those pilots such as scouts/nestors/capsprays/capsilisks for doing their job and helping out fleet but it doesn’t always happen. Encouraging people who struggle with cap stability to train HSM&CB / use mindflood / manage their mwds better would go a long way in alleviating the strain that basis have to deal with
  12. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Greetings, I'm rather new with maybe 3 weeks into Incursions after an 8 year break from Eve, but I'd like to share my experiences here. I noticed the amount of cap broadcasts often not decreasing with the addition of more Basi pilots to a fleet. While I'm constantly locking Vindicators, Hyperions and occasionally Nightmares and Tempests (depending on Site the composition varies) and give them 3 cycles with a single cap projector, there are usually only a few broadcasts left every now and then, even while contesting. In the end it all depends on the number of Vindicators; if you can lock up 7-9 of them (keeping the required locks ready for current shield broadcasts) and remember who else you are not spraying cap to, then you can easily give cap to everyone not locked on the next lock-cycle, so no broadcast is ever seen. Yesterday I was the sole Basi in fleet for a pretty long time and we had just 2 cap broadcasts during a contest. In the Logistics channel some were confused about the DPS maybe not overheating or something. But this of course was not possible because of personal skill, but only because the amount of Vindicators being 'just' 9, making memorizing who already got proactive Cap in the TPPHs easier. It also helped a lot by not cluttering up the broadcast history and making it confusingly cramped. An hour later we had 3-4 Basis and the chat was cramped with many people repeatedly broadcasting for cap - even with several people repeatedly complaining on voicecomms about their cap being dry. Though I noticed some Basi pilots only serving the broadcasts, some (at least one of them) of them were not transfering cap at all. Shield broadcasts were another problem during split-aggro, since many people don't broadcast 'in position' and it ended up with 6 of my locks being occupied by shield broadcasts, while the aggro partially switched on multiple new persons. Not knowing whom to unlock, makes the unlocking rather speculative, so I had to 'guess' which target was not receiving damage any more in order to make room for new shield locks... the cap broadcasts of the 14-16 Vindicators, 5 Nightmares, 4 Hyperions and 1 Tempest had to be completely ignored in favor of fleet safety. At some point, the amount of cap projectors just isn't enough to keep the broadcast history 'clean'. And even if people broadcast 'in position' when having received enough cap, can make the broadcast history comparison with the locks quiet complicated. I usually don't have problems doing the Basi job, but sometimes at peaks (and if the other Basis are not distributing cap pro-actively), it can be difficult to browse through the history to determine what to unlock. Unlocking is easier for people in the watchlist, since you can see who's under attack and relock rather fast, but I usually have all Logis in it, the DDDs, the FC, the meatshield, and it quickly adds up to being nearly maxed out. My recommendation would be to have a single cap-dedicated Basi in each fleet (in addition to the usualy Scimi-Loki-Basi-Mix), capable to equip and run 6 cap transfer arrays and lock 10-13 targets. That way the bulk of the Vindicators could be easily served with a massice amount of proactively distributed cap, and it would make the job of the other Basi pilots to only battlecap the 'problem children' much easier and less stressfull. As I see it, flying Basi is rather stressing for a lot of people, and some surely stop proactive capping every once in a while because they get half a burnout - it's probably not sursprising most people prefer flying Scimmitars or Lokis, since properly flying Basi comes with such a workload, you don't even have time to actively watch out for people out of position or possible DCs. WTM is a shield-based fleet with a probably high amount of Caldari pilots... why our fleets keep having a Basilisk shortage is a thing to think about. Having a single dedicated Cap-Basi in fleet would make life easier for all the other Basi and Logi pilots as well, freing up broadcast history, making the job much less stressfull for the one proactively capping and freeing up resources and locks(!) for emergencies. And cap projectors having much smaller powergrid and CPU needs than shield transfer arrays would allow anyone to fly them even without a Powergrid rig. I made two screenshots where I realized it would be possible to keep the whole fleet from constantly broadcasting for cap. The only problem an hour later on was the massive amount of Vindicators and the lack of cap projectors. Also switching targets for proactive battlecapping takes time off of each modules activity time, which could be futher reduced by assigning a single projector to 6 targets each longer. For me proactive battlecapping makes up 75-80% of my workload... I can understand, if many Basi pilots don't proactively distribute cap, since it is a large amount of extra work. I can also imagine the workload on FCs and searching for new Basi pilots being lower, since a less stressed Basi/Logi pilot would probably be willing to stay in fleet longer, requiring less frequent substitution. for the time being though, I would recommend to allow such a Basi in fleet only (!) if the FC explicitly requests for one (and of course the Cap-Basi having to leave fleet eventually or re-equip to standard fitting if a new FC doesn't want it). So far, it is just an idea/recommendation. I wanted to see what other Logi pilots and FCs think about it as a possibly viable option to reduce the massive overhead and stress for proactive battlecapping. kindly regards, Skeltek
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  14. WTS Everything

    Hauled the lot to jita and cashed out. SOLD
  15. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    Funny you asked. ;D Another discussion just started about it. Looks like people miss the sigamp on the scimi. Those people should just fly a loki tho' in my opinion.
  16. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    Is sigamp scimi still a thing?
  17. WTS Everything

    Open to selling stuff separately, or bundle only?
  18. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    I mean the only problem i had with the 5 link scimi is to get through tpph room 1 and 2 :grin:
  19. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    As someone that flies DDD a lot extra links to help I notice a difference up to 6 links, the types of links also matter personally I go for 1 opti, 3 tracking if I can get it. If I am able to get 6 links the last two are another opti and tracking. DDD's mostly have heavy waves 2nd spawn NRF, 2nd wave TPPH and good DDD's with links have no issues in TCRC's. The only other wave that's a little bit of a pain is 1st room TPPH if the links are late.
  20. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    I actually disagree with that Imelda. Before marauders when you actually had to kill almost all the frigs as DDD Vindi i was playing around it a lot. And the 4th link definitely helped. I will even say that even the 5th link helped. You could just simply feel the difference, when you are used to shooting frigs. Cant really explain it better than that. On the other hand i am not sure how many frigs you need to actually shoot as a DDD nowadays mainly because of marauders (?) ...
  21. Eliz Abyssal Shop 3.0

    new gyros and heat sinks for sales
  22. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    TBH the fourth link isn't useful EITHER, the way we train Scimi pilots nowadays. If we still had 'em drop extras onto HHH/VVV, a range links adds 100-200ish dps on those guys, but a fourth on DDD has no real effect. This is why I occasionally mention the DDA+Ogre Scimi; it is the most worthwhile thing to do with that fourth low.
  23. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    My two cents: Fully cap stable scimi is nice, but not as useful as a 4 link scimi. There should not be any situations where a scimi needs to use all 4 reps long enough to cap out. iirc, the optimal scimi is like 2 minutes cap stable with everything running, which should be enough for initial and first swap (Especially since at least one of those targets is probably gonna be a marauder who won't let you rep them anyways...). Its more helpful to the fleet to work towards getting a trusted logi badge and bringing the extra link for DDDs than being cap stable. Also you can make the scimi 4 rep stable without implants or drugs by fitting a C type hardener and 4 T2 CPRs
  24. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    I was working on backstage on Scimi 5 , Basicly , with the nestors refit we have most of the time : - Scimi AB on TPPH 4 links - Scimi 5 links NRF - Scimi 5 links TCRC
  25. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    So i was having a discussion In The logi chat in discord and found that there were lots of ideas floating around as to how the Scimi was Optimaly fit, After doing some number crunching with an extra 120mil in fittings 45mil in implants and 2.5mil isk per hour you can make the current scimi fit cap stable It looks like this ------------------------------------------------------------- [Scimitar, Scimitar V Optimal] Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Damage Control II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Shadow Serpentis Remote Tracking Computer Shadow Serpentis Remote Tracking Computer Shadow Serpentis Remote Tracking Computer Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Acolyte II x5 Medium Armor Maintenance Bot II x1 Medium Hull Maintenance Bot II x1 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-603 Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-803 Standard Mindflood Booster x10 This retains a very similar price point to the original I realise there isn't a way to check implants, however even if people pretend to have them but don't you're getting the original optimal scimi 5 with slightly more cap to play with if people are in fact running the implants you get a cap stable scimi with 4 reps the mindflood costs almost nothing and has no side effects for a logi pilot making it more than reasonable to run especially as marauder pilots are expect to run blue pill Any thoughts, ideas, opinions? it's what i intend to run once I've sorted everything though regardless as it's Literally the optimal fit but cap stable.
  26. WTS Everything

    mag stabs had stable fit with faction until i put these in.
  27. WTS Everything

    This will remain for sale until I post otherwise. At certain point I'll just take it to Jita. I'm making a load either way. Can't believe these prices. Just wanted to give an opportunity for this community if anyone has the ISK to throw around. I bought a vindicator on here for cheap fitted last time I came back to this game just trying to return the favor. Need liquid.
  28. WTS Everything

    I can confirm old rig layout. Would have to refit with new rigs. On the plus side that leaves you with +1 pith A Multi if you share them.
  29. Newb questions about incursions

    We are *very* unlikely to run more than one fleet, these days, not enough people x-ing up for it. Which is actually a good thing, because we had four-hour wait times for a while!
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