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  4. Returing player questions

    Thank you very much for your answer.
  5. Returing player questions

    1. Generally, yes. The number of fleets per day is fewer because we have fewer players overall. And the recent CCP chat calamity has kinda put the brakes on fleets for a moment -- it turns out that it is very hard to run a fleet without fleet chat (whodathunkit?!) 2. Any of the three starter battleships would be appropriate for you (they're all DPS boats). If the skills for the weapon system were a factor (not for you) then I'd recommend the Hyperion since it is hybrids like the Vindicator for which you're aiming. 3. The upgrade points are: a. Intermediate or Optimal Hull 20 hrs. That means we want you in a Vindicator (an optimal hull) at that point. b. Tech II guns + Deadspace (X-type) MWD + Faction Damage Mods at 65 hrs c. Optimal Fits on either an Intermediate or Optimal Hull at 80 hrs. See fits page for optimal fits. 4. See above. Get out of the starter hull by 20 hrs. 5. Most of that communication would be via in-game or Discord messages.
  6. Returing player questions

    Hello, I'm a returning player (I consider myself a new bro again beacause I have't played Eve for 5 years) and I have some questions so please bear with me. 1) Are you still running Incursions on a daily basis? 2) What starter Battleship should I work towards fitting, Hyperion or Tempest? (5 year ago I had a Vindicator and I was running incursions on a daily basis but I forgot almost everything) 3) For how long am i allowed to run Incursions with you using an starter Battleship? 4) After a few runs using a starter Battleship it's mandatory to upgrade to an optimal one asap? 5) I deleted my old character Roland Raine, sold everything and kept the ISK beacuse I wanted to start anew. After I will have the skills and a starter Batteship fitted (I dont pan to upgrade to Omega yet) can I make a new post here for somebody to help me reintegrate into Incursions? Thank very much for your patience reading this. Have a nice evening and I hope we'll meet in Incursions.
  7. Fantastic Frivolity & Frolicking

    Be aware and amazed for another installment of FFF is comin your way. April 1st, 2023 shall be the next date for FUN. Gonna shake up the thought patterns this time and spin a tale of daring deeds by destroyers and above...bring your talwars, coercers, catas and drakes, your widows, vagas and assorted crates. The only ship untouched by this cavalcade of canivores is the Logistics, these ship are restricted to the 3 we accept, fit correctly. No SRP is afforded to anything not upon the website...why? Because some of yall are goofball wingnuts. We shall see who shall be the recipient of the cash prize of survival at the end...if you dare...😈 The focus at the time will be the place, April First the date. The time, hmm, lets see. Yours eternally; ~T P.S. - this is not a ruse. No trick no spammy. Anything else would be uncanny...
  8. Lost badges D:

    I lost my trusted logi badge, im returning after a year away
  9. Island Protocol

    With all that is said above; Island Protocol outlines three separate ways to run said island with the idea in mind to pop the mom as quickly as possible. These protocols are outlined in the priority of how we move and run ships. If one seems to be more achievable at any given time the manner of moving individuals in system may be shifted to said protocol. Protocol one Outlines a doctrine of Covert Ops capable ships Lokis, Tengus primary DPS Loki as booster and logi Covert Ops Battleships are welcome as long as they meet tanking requirements Will bridge as many pilots from Highsec to a low-sec near the island T3s will refit to match the needed roles Run VGs until influence is zero Below are the fits This protocol is the safest (which does not mean it is without risk) and quickest to get started, as long as commander bridgers are available ***Non-Commanders cannot run Black Ops battleships for the sole reason of the ability to "yeet" individuals to a random cyno. Current Voice FC can make a determination to allow certain Non-Commanders to run Black Ops Battleships in their fleets. Protocol two Using t2 fit ships as much as possible finding connecting wormholes going through K-space to get individuals onto the high-sec island Try to look for High Sec to High Sec connections to minimize risk, our incursion communities are public communities and once traveling to low, nul, or wormhole space you are at the mercy of the individuals that live there Bowheads, industrial ships, and freighters are not recommended as their mass will quickly close holes Do not trust random wormholes and insure they are properly scouted Commanders (Full Badged Line Commanders, Training Fleet Commanders, And Fleet commanders) may offer help with holes, they will inform line pilots of the risks of using said routes and will allow for scout ships to go through the hole if necessary (scout ships are Frig or Rookie ships). Bring only a ship you plan on flying Bring a fit for both Vgs and the mom site With this protocol, we allow Heavy Assault Cruisers as well for individuals trying to minimize the cost to their risk. The fits as follows: Protocol Three The final protocol utilizes jump freighters to move individual ships from a disclosed location, utilizing an undisclosed route, to move the items for the pilots to the Incursion dock-up or at least a dock-up on the island. This procedure can incur a high cost for the jump freighter pilots and they may ask for moving fees Additionally, if Commanders (Full Badged Line Commanders, Training Fleet Commanders, And Fleet commanders) are running said jump ships, they may instruct pilots to contract a specific way. Do not trust third-party jump freighters without proper insurance provided and utilizing courier contracts only. When outlining the insurance, insure the cost of the items that you are providing to the courier will cover the cost of all of your items Individuals may then move in with fast-moving ships that can withstand smart bombs. This again is up to the pilot. I personally recommend t3 destroyers built for allign time and tank. Below is an example of a fast mover As a reminder, we highly recommend that you leave your expensive pods at home unless you have identified a full proof plan to move them into the system. The fits moved this way are completely up to the pilot, given that the courier will agree to cover insurance costs
  10. Lost badges D:

    ok probally soon gotta find stuff again
  11. Lost badges D:

    It's the same Teamspeak server from five years ago, therefore you are in the system. However, nearly all the badges mean different stuff now, so you'll probably have to re-earn 'em Going to show up at new spawn, Optivus?
  12. Lost badges D:

    its been awhile but i know i have switched pc's i know at a time 5+ years ago i had most of the badges, not sure if i used a teamspeak account back then , ill have to log on and check probally lost all my badges
  13. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    2 hours to go.
  14. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    According to the waitlist (at this time) it is: 2022-10-30 00:30:00
  15. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    The event can be found in the waitlist and on the discord (actual discord event).
  16. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    i too would like to know
  17. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    uhhh... time? date?
  18. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    The Great Giggity has brought to us an All Hallow's EvEOnline. Let us rejoice and have fun. Cruisers and up, must meet tank requirements. Cruisers, 1LSE required. Focus Willing, will be the place, anything and everything that can contribute to fleets as in PEWPEW. bring your black orange green and scary skins....we judge. hope to see EVERYONE there. PS: All normal ships are accepted. No Special Logi either ~T
  19. back...maybe

    lol most people don't. sparta would remember me. i see some of the fittings have changed not a big deal. wife and i need to get reacquainted with this game before i go out and try to run incursions tho. i miss them and the communities around them.
  20. back...maybe

    I don't know you, but hello
  21. back...maybe

    One or two, yeah. And yes, things have chaaaaanged.
  22. back...maybe

    Oh wow. i don't even recognize most of the names of people now in this channel. i used to be a big wtm logi, mach pilot, NM pilot person back in the dizzle but took a substantial break and may be coming back but not sure yet. soooo much has changed. i wanted to drop in and say hello to anyone who recognized me.
  23. Lost badges D:

    Greetings i used to have T3 Logi on Victoria San character, been a while i dont do incursions
  24. Booster Guide

    Booster Guide
  25. Drug Use Inquiry

    Perfect. Thank you for the explanation(s).
  26. Drug Use Inquiry

    Synth only on the drop because standard has a side effect of -20% shield capacity, which is kind of an issue In a shield fleet. IIRC the only drug we allow the standard grade is mindflood on logi, because we don't care if the tracking on your Scimitar gets messed up.
  27. Drug Use Inquiry

    synth drop is part of paladin/kronos loadout. I believe only TDF uses standard drop as part of they marauder fits, but not WTM
  28. Drug Use Inquiry

    Used to do incursions casually many years ago. I understand that it is pretty optimized these days. Curious as to how widely used Drop booster is and if Standard Drop is an in-demand drug or do folks mostly stick with using Synth?
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