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  3. Want to try incursions! Worried about sec standing in high sec

    Totally agree with this, Those dirty NPC's take waaaay too much taxes. You gotta keep your iskies.
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  5. Have i been banned from WTM?

    I think today there was some chat server issues as well. Good to hear you got it working.
  6. Have i been banned from WTM?

    no big alliance no, thank you for the fast responses. it sorted itself out after some time. sadly fleet is down
  7. Have i been banned from WTM?

    Are you part of any big alliance? There are blanket bans on some of the big ones, like test, horde, goonswarm, etc. Which you would need to request to be whitelisted.
  8. Have i been banned from WTM?

    Nope not banned
  9. Have i been banned from WTM?

    Erm... I tried to join waitlist today and it wouldn't load, nor could i join teamspeak to ask questions. it doesn't seem like an issue on my end, so... Have I been banned from Warp To Me? I didn't get any message ingame or any response in the ingame chat. Have I done something wrong? I have attending fleets as logi pretty regularly since i got back in the game. Please let me know if there's something I can do.
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  11. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    I mean i did not want to name names, but now that you mentioned Nick...
  12. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    I'm sorry, please anchor on the vulture. Nick can't be trusted...
  13. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    Upon recent events i decided to give 2 different options on how to anchor:
  14. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    Update: new fit for the Shieldtank version. For more speed to match faster sitetimes, easier to not be out of position. [Osprey, Capsprey Shieldtank] Damage Control II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Large Shield Extender II Large Shield Extender II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II 50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive EM Shield Amplifier II Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Medium Thermal Shield Reinforcer I Medium Core Defense Field Extender I Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
  15. MTAC Guide

    In order to complete the TCRC, a CONCORD MTAC must be moved from the CONCORD Factory to the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Since the CONCORD MTAC is too large to fit in a battleship cargo hold, this is accomplished by creating a jetcan by jettisoning any item (such as a piece of ammunition), putting the MTAC into the can and ferrying it to the control tower using a tractor beam. This process is then repeated until the tower explodes. Our preferred ship to complete this task is a Nightmare. When you become the MTAC, you should deploy your depot and refit at the next opportunity (such as on a TPPH Tower Bash or towards the end of an NRF). You refit by removing a Capacitor Transmitter for a Tractor Beam, a midslot utility (preferably a Sensor Booster) for a Micro Jump Drive, and Tracking Enhancer for a Capacitor Power Relay. FC calls the fleet into site, you take the gate as normal. Align your ship towards the MTAC Factory. Once your ship is perfectly pointing in the correct direction, activate the MJD. You land close to the MTAC Factory. If you didn't, burn there with MWD. Jettison one ammo, lock up the can, and activate the tractor beam on it. Do not shoot your can. Drag the MTAC from the factory to the can. Approach Shield Transfer Control Tower, activating MWD for one cycle. Open the cargo window of the tower. Drag the MTAC from the can into the tower. Begin Shooting and Droning the tower, being careful not to shoot your can. Burn back to the MTAC Factory. Wait for the next MTAC to spawn, then repeat. Keep doing it until the site is over. When the tower explodes, you are free to start warping off.
  16. Marauder Stuff From the Field

    Depends on a lot of things obviously (fleetcomp, fleet quality, spawn size), but in a common NRF setup usually Paladins and Vargurs have to shoot Antems and Yulais to make sure that they are dying fast enough and the site goes quickly. Otherwise probably Snipers gonna fall behind.
  17. Marauder Stuff From the Field

    Me in particular, I've been Kronos'ing, and a few items: 1) daaaang, melting a Yulai by yourself in 15 seconds is fun. Okay, that's not useful exactly, but still... y'all want to train for these. A few general things: "Sniper" or "DPS" no longer exist. All of the marauders have the range to effectively hit anything on the field. If you need to spend a wave or two murdering stuff at 80km, fine, do that. In related news, we have a billion locks. Feel free to lock stuff up that MIGHT be interesting. Maybe you won't need to kill that Vylade, but you can look. A Yulai is twenty seconds without heat, a Deltole about 45, an Ostingele 70, an Intaki close to 90. You can do better with big abyssals or big Pyrolancea. Nikifleet runs fast enough that DB5 is profitable, just sayin'. When a new wave spawns, it's faster to look at the frigates and make sure you aren't getting aggro before hitting bastion, than it is to wait until somebody ELSE broadcasts. It's also safer, because the switch happens in *exactly* two bastion cycles... soonest in, soonest out. Nothing is sadder than losing five seconds of bastion time to an ammo switch. You can drift about 10km if you hit bastion while at full speed. Wheee! NRF stuff: Common "last man standing" targets in teach wave: first wave, Vylades. Second wave, Antems. Third, Antems again. You can anchor a few kilometers toward the *next* anchor point. 10 west of the first anchor, 10 north-northeast of the second. This saves you a bit of time getting to the next wave, you're still in optimal, and that bit of extra distance reduces traversal. TPPH stuff: You can clear the Ostingeles in the first two rooms fast enough that Vindicators have time to pay more attention to frigates. On the flip side, you suck at frigates because you have no webs. Go ahead, beg for frigate help early. I can see DDD being less of a thing once we get used to this, because the ten or so vindi's can all shoot frigates after the high-threat targets go down all through this site. TCRC stuff: If you're not being contested, It's practical to help clear Deltoles for a bastion cycle or so once they get close-ish, and bastion is safer once they're gone.
  18. Marauder Stuff From the Field

    A thread to drop stuff that you've figured out about marauders. The guides aren't bad, but they can't know everything; new stuff keeps turning up, and we should share the knowledge a bit.
  19. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    I agree man, Arthur been slacking, he needs a Nightmare
  20. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    So, one of you isn't anchoring right. If you KAR on the AAA at 5km, you would have to fly directly past the AAA somehow in order for this to happen. Any slight deviation from straight on would put you within 10km from your buddy. If you KAR your buddy at 5km... well I mean you can't really end up 10.1km away when anchoring then. As for this fit. I have been running a Target Painter and Tracking Enhancer for months and haven't had an issue when cap buddying with people other than people who are just new or forget to cap buddy. My fit is more cap hungry and I can still burn between anchors without having to maintain the cap chain while burning, so this is a weird issue to be having.
  21. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    So what happens is you cap them with the longer range faction transfers and they are just using normal t2. Ofc they don't notice since they are capped up, and it ends with the faction transfer pilot suffering. Bling modules aren't going to fix inexperienced pilots or inattentive ones. This is one of the main reasons we changed the optimal fit to just t2 transfers, mixing ranges between fit levels isn't ideal.
  22. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    You would be surprised how offen newbros park 10,1km from me on anchor points. And since inertia is a thing in EvE, by the time I move to them close enough, cap tend to be drained.
  23. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    I flew the new fit 6 years ago, wasn't an issue then on the cap. the biggest issue I ran into was a cap buddy with a different cap emitter then what I had... they would be using non t2 or the faction and would just go out of range of the t2 they had equipped... or would decycle theirs... the secondary issues I ran into was the ones that insisted on anchoring with the logi vs going into their optimal range and or my buddy not having a x-type mwd. the non x type mwd ended up being them low on cap so I'ld have to give them cap with no incoming cap for a cycle or 2 then they would start to cap me which put me critically low on cap... but a decent or good cap buddy and not a single issue. woth the top notch cap buddy we could go mtac fit with the te vs the cap relay and still be stable with only 1 incoming cap transfer... alot of it also has to do with you and your buddy's piloting skill as well as ingame skills. we didn't cap during burns... rarely if ever on the gates of a tpph, mainly just the anchor positions in hte final room of the tpph, nrf and tcrc... tcrc we had more then one that would ram us apart to break the chain. those people (the ones that kept ramming other ships, etc.) ended up in the long run getting kicked from fleet because they kept costing the fleet in ships lost from their actions.
  24. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    I've said my peace, You and I respectfully disagree and I leave it to command to discuss (or not) it further.
  25. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    KK I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just curious if you'd actually flown the new fit that's all, to make sure we were talking from a same experience stand point.
  26. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    I fly nightmares consistently, I only ever fly relay with MTACing. I have my cap buddy within like 2k of me while we burn to our anchor. Like I said its not about going slower all the time, its about staying with your cap buddy to chain as much as possible. Instead of rushing ahead without them.
  27. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    As I stated I was coordinating as best as I could, but I think you're overreaching by not realizing how much that extra 1k will actually help. It means there's more room for error when coordinating the burn to anchors, it means reestablishing your chain occurs that much faster. with the upgrade policy requiring faction mods over tech 2 then you're guaranteeing that the NM will eventually all have the cap transfers. Furthermore, if you're saying that "we shouldn't be bumrushing the next anchor" that's literally counter intuitive to the idea that we want faster site times while diminishing the Niki mantra of "Git Gud." We should be striving to not have to go 3/4 speed and finding any way to make us not have to go 3/4 speed. Additionally, if I'm 3/4 speed while using my prop mod I'm wasting even more valuable cap since I'm not getting 100% use out of my prop mod. With how incursions are getting more and more competitive as time goes on, having an entire wing of your fleet flying at 3/4 speeds during a contest just doesn't seem to be a good thing if we're trying to ensure we win those contests. I do agree that the cap transfer skill is a must and that's why T2's are currently optimal because you need lvl 4 skills (iirc) for them. 100mil isk is less than an hour of fleet time, I find this argument disingenuous considering the huge cut to capacitor the NM took with this new fit. Under the old fit I agree, T2 cap transfers were all that were needed, but with the new fit, and extreme cap constraints its under everything we can do to get cap to each other faster or maintain cap chains should be taken into consideration. Not to be flippant, but have you even flown this new fit Malcolm? Perhaps your experience may change your opinion. Considering you've got one of the pilots who actually play tested this fit before command decided to implement it, is agreeing with me, perhaps that should be taken into some more consideration if you haven't taken the time to fly the fit yourself. I've said all I have to say I regarding the fit. I leave it to command core to discuss it further in the proposals thread if someone decides to post it there. I thank you guys for your time to read my thoughts and opinions on the new fit. I also want to reiterate that I am not asking or trying to set up an argument to go back to the old fit, I'm just trying to get this fit to function better. Ultimately, I think this means that snipers just need to get into a Pally quickly =P
  28. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    It's about coordination. You aren't going 3/4 speed the whole site, you are trying to work together with your cap buddy instead of trying to just bumrush to the next anchor thinking only for yourself. Faction cap transfers aren't going to fix that. If anything you will just waste your own cap for the person trying to catch up with you with t2 cap transfers. Or having faction cap transfers and not training up the cap emissions skill to go with it. Its a huge reach to think that 1k more cap range is going to make any sort of difference without working to solve the underlining problem. And for the pilots who have gotten this coordination down you are just telling them to spend about 100mil isk extra for no real reason.
  29. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    In my opinion, we should do everything we can to help our brothers and sisters in these sites to achieve the ultimate goal of clearing sites faster. This will not be done on zero capacitors and I think Devin is absolutely right here, and to be honest, the urge to burn between anchor will not be fulfilled with 3/4 speed (extra room for error).
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