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  1. Returning to Eve and Incursions

    I flew incursions for the first few years they were out and then left Eve entirely. I'm back and looking for things to do. Reading up, it looks like the incursion doctrines have changed quite a bit so, I will have some re-learning to do. I have two pilots that were incursion ready at the time: Basi (Logi V) pilot Sniper Macharial pilot Which do we think will be easier to come back up to speed with? Perhaps notably, I feel pretty uncomfortable undocking the Mach because its been a long time and I don't know if my safe-travel instincts are well tuned anymore and I don't have enough in the bank currently to lose more than one. I'm also no where near a Vargur because when I left Eve, Mauraders were pretty bad for most activities. I'd probably drop back to the rookie battleship fit (I flew a maelstrom before the mach but it looks like the current fit is a tempest, not a big deal, I have enough in the warchest to lose quite a few of those).