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  1. What if WTM was a service provider?

    I think had you tried this 9-10 years when there was less people with the knowledge on how to run them then you could probably have sold this. I just think today with how many guides there is and how many people have run them it’s basically to late to try to sell this, also most block groups have a sig or some group to run incursion.
  2. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I am going to go really crazy here i have been playing a lot of FO76 the new expansion is really good and eve as always
  3. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    don't think it would ever happen it would make a drone assist comps to op
  4. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    The issues is the drones are just awful
  5. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    Your scimi fits work and meet the rules but they doesn't share the same rigs as the lv5 optimal so in the long run it will end up costing you that's the reason we run the scimi the way we do so it can have an upgrade path to the lv5 scimis with the links later down the road. i am at work and cant really look at the basi fit.
  6. Suggestion

    yes I purchased a 100 slot licence
  7. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    fits you run in null have little comparison to high sec fits due to faxes in null incursions Boldi and leronia were running hq with 2 logi i mean there a total different ball game and you go at them total different
  8. How do you benchmark fits?

    So this is right off our rules and regulations document so it sounds sort of dry sorry Battleship Tank Requirements All Battleships must meet or exceed 70% in all shield resistances without Command Bursts. Calculated via Fitting tool with Omni-incoming damage profile and character with all Lvl 5 skills. All Battleships must be capable of reaching 100,000 Effective Hit Points (EHP) without Command Bursts. 100,000 EHP is an approximate number, not a hard rule. Calculated via Fitting tool with Omni-incoming damage profile and character with all Lvl 5 skills. All Defensive modules must meet or exceed the stats of the Tech II variant. Thermal midslots are not permitted. Pithum B/Gistum A-type Invulnerability Fields are required, at minimum, for “Single Invuln” fits (invuln, EM ward amp, thermal rig, CDFE). Resist bonused hulls(Rokh/Rattlesnake) may use Pithum C-type if the pilot has Caldari Battleship trained to Lvl 4. All Battleships must use Meta 1 500MN Microwarpdrives, at minimum; excluding the Nightmare. Meta 1 is any MWD that is not Tech 1 i.e. Quad LiF/Cold-Gas. The minimum speed for Nightmares running Afterburners is 650 m/s without Command Bursts. Ships should not be “overtanked” unless under influence.
  9. Doggo pics

    post dog pics in the topic!!!!!! We will start off with one of my dog
  10. Warp to Me 6th Anniversary

    @WalterHaut i am going to run a fleet in about 5-6 hours and get smashed and give stuff away should be fun.
  11. Long Time No See

    Did you see how old this post is?
  12. Suggestion

    linked channel are very hard to do in ts and almost never work right. There is a way to do it with plugins for ts i can not recall the name atm I will post if i can find it.
  13. Warptome Banned?

    So our record on bans go back to 2016. So I cant tell you the reason but not an issue I will sort the unban you as soon as i am home from work if some one else get it before me. Have fun welcome back to EVE and Warp To Me.
  14. New Incursion Capsuleer !

    Welcome to Warp to me
  15. WaitList EVE Time Added

    @Bruce Warhead @Beryl Slanjava can we look at this?
  16. Incursion Leshak

    I think we total could limit the number in fleet we only used to let one ddd loki in fleet we could limit it to like 2-3 leshaks. do to the way there they work i see no real issue with that weird ship weird rule. Now i have finished the skills I will try one this weekend.
  17. FC Can I bring my Paladin?

    Yes you can bring if paladin if you want its not the best as they they have said but you can bring it. as long as your fit our requirements of meets 70% resists and has 100k ehp and has passive em there is no reason it will not be allowed in fleet.
  18. Incursions! And me, new to Incursions.

    welcome to warp to me see you in fleet
  19. Yet another Newbro saying Hi

    welcome to warp to me see you in fleet
  20. newbro here

    Welcome to warp to me Either the Nightmare or the Vindi are great places to start. Just have fun and make some isk and try not to die
  21. i normal play fallout 4 or do stuff with my null sec corp
  22. other games???

    Fallout 4, warships, ages of empire 2 hd, what ever random game strikes me at the time
  23. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    If i avoid nfrs i dont need the extra snipers I really like the bargest as dps it is the one of the highest missle dps ship at like 1600 with good range with a good fit and skills
  24. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    If i were min maxing hard core 8 logi 4/4 1 booster 8 sniper rest dps blasters or bargest would be best would like 1 golem in fleet for paint and 1-2 bhalgorn for lr webs great to have I would try not to run nrfs with this fleet