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  1. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve

    I’m actually sad, really sad I’m going to miss this. any chance you can capture this on video and share @Kirsi Isriknen ?
  2. Oh, Hi! o7

    Welcome mate, I’m not sure I’ve had the pleasure to fly with you - but all the same it’s nice to get more social and intelligent people in. I’ll respond in the same kindness, if you ever need anything or have a question feel free to ask me or Eve-mail me and I’ll do my utmost to help you. Hope to see you in a fleet soon, Blue o7
  3. Back to Incursions soon(ish)

    Nice to see another returning player What Rogue said, Under Guides in the forums are complete guides for implants, fleet roles and for the Nightmare the MTAC role specifically- get good at this and every FC will love you. Hope to see you in fleet soon
  4. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    I’ve got loooaaaads of LP I’ll gladly buy the implants for you if you provide the isk Hit me up in-game / Eve-mail with the ones you need 6-10 slot and I’ll see what I can do
  5. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Ooo mate don’t worry. if you start upgrading your NM you’ll be in 1100 dps real soon :)) the marauder train is long and hard, just like… a tree in the forest. Just gotta deal with it. Meanwhile, spend your isk upgrading the NM and Basi and become the best pilot you can be. It’ll be awarded in the end :)))
  6. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Dude, I’ll lend you my secondary Basi when you’ve got the skills for it so you can fly for a couple of hours.
  7. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Sounds good Cari, The focus just went down, so we’re expecting a new one within the next 36hrs. join us on Discord and in the in-game chat for announcements/ pings on what’s happening.
  8. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Hi Cari, So, the Hyperion is a starter ship it’s a non-optimal hull. The Nightmare is an Optimal Hull. The upgrade policy asks you to switch from a non- to a optimal after 30hrs in fleet. So if the skill training is about equal, I’d say go for the Nightmare and hit training for t2 Pulse lasers straight away if you can Id you have any more questions or thoughts hit me up in a in-game mail and I’ll try and help best I can welcome again, Lefath Blue