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  1. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Ye, it was a really good one, touched mostly upon Wormholes and how we utilise the mechanics to move around with incursions.
  2. Newcomer asking a few questions

    Good Man Niki <3
  3. Newb questions about incursions

    Hi Ferdinand, I’ll try to explain and answer your questions as good as I can. first of all, welcome to warp to me. the Hyperion fit, is a investment of approx 400mil to fit, remember to bring spare drones and ammo (you need atleast 5000 of both long and shortrange ammo to xup on the waitlist) The fleets differ in income and speed depending on a lot of variables, but you can expect atleast 120mil per hour running. This means, about 10hrs to plex your account for a month. Me personally, I almost exclusively fly in the same Timezone, late EU - super early US. 20-02 eveT There are multiple different sites and they vary in time between 4-15 minutes, so depending on what’s available due to RNG spawn and other fleets running we might be looking at only the 15minute ones for a couple of hours - or the reverse and get a good streak and do multiple fast ones in a row. join us in-game in the channel “Warp To Me Incursions” - in the MOTD of that channel is a link to the newbro guide, make sure you read it before xing up for your first fleet. Let’s the current FC know your a newbro, either by vocally telling them or by typing a “X NG” in fleet chat when you get an invite. On the forums is a link to our Discord, this is a huge channel for information. Anyone in there with a colored name/ badge is a command core member and can help you out more. again, welcome and we look forward to flying with you! /Blue
  4. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Lovely, Fly more with me and we'll make sure to get you in shape for trsuted so you can apply for t3 badge
  5. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Welp, I voted, blank - Lokis is the "best" Logi. But then again, you can't run a HQ Fleet without Basi's So if your going for one, go for Basi first, then crosstrain to Scimi.
  6. Marauder Initiative

    About fucking time …. J/k welcome back mate - let me know if you need anything
  7. It’ll go back to yellow - and you’ll notice the lack of incoming damage in your on screen combat messages. also, the other logi will keep you safe, don’t worry how is the training coming along? Are you close to done? worst come to worst, come borrow my Basi - if you got the skills ready or can inject to them by skipping buying the Basi hope to see you soon
  8. WTM Incursions offer a SRP program, so unless you royally f-up and leeroy a gate - you will be covered. Again, if you need anything, hit us up. Join us ingame and on Discord and there's loads of people willing to help out and answer any and all questions you might have.
  9. Hi, As Juan mentioned, there is a hardcap on skills required. But your plan to run abyssals for isk meanwhile is a good one. If you need help with anything hit me up in-game via mail - i can lend you a basi to startoff, thus removing one of the Costs to get started. Hopefully we will see you in fleet soon
  10. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve

    I’m actually sad, really sad I’m going to miss this. any chance you can capture this on video and share @Kirsi Isriknen ?
  11. Oh, Hi! o7

    Welcome mate, I’m not sure I’ve had the pleasure to fly with you - but all the same it’s nice to get more social and intelligent people in. I’ll respond in the same kindness, if you ever need anything or have a question feel free to ask me or Eve-mail me and I’ll do my utmost to help you. Hope to see you in a fleet soon, Blue o7
  12. Back to Incursions soon(ish)

    Nice to see another returning player What Rogue said, Under Guides in the forums are complete guides for implants, fleet roles and for the Nightmare the MTAC role specifically- get good at this and every FC will love you. Hope to see you in fleet soon
  13. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    I’ve got loooaaaads of LP I’ll gladly buy the implants for you if you provide the isk Hit me up in-game / Eve-mail with the ones you need 6-10 slot and I’ll see what I can do
  14. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Ooo mate don’t worry. if you start upgrading your NM you’ll be in 1100 dps real soon :)) the marauder train is long and hard, just like… a tree in the forest. Just gotta deal with it. Meanwhile, spend your isk upgrading the NM and Basi and become the best pilot you can be. It’ll be awarded in the end :)))
  15. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Dude, I’ll lend you my secondary Basi when you’ve got the skills for it so you can fly for a couple of hours.