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  1. Logi Pilot

    Howdy there Willy, Have you brushed up on our logi new bro guide? It has all the stuff ya need to get off the ground Beyond that just X up for a fleet and the FC will get you squared away.
  2. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    lol rip real answer to the question
  3. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

    lol 'MERICA!!
  4. Project Infinite - WTM Free Fleet Supplies

    I demand spirits! Can't have a sansha killing party sober!
  5. New logi bro, new to wtm, to incursions too

    well thats cuz basi = master race
  6. New logi bro, new to wtm, to incursions too

    trade hubs since you are in a logi ships that warps fairly fast, pretty much every focus is going to be a max of 15 jumps from any trade hub, so as a logi pilot I have my ships stashed in all the major trade hubs (hek, rens and amarr are by and far the most used of my logi ships if you want to pair that list down even more, I hardly touch my dodix and jita logi) as to your 2nd question:
  7. Scout Incursions

    she means we cater to very new pilots, so be afraid not if you are new to running them, we will get you up to speed no problem.
  8. Returning Player

    well that's good cuz ive already set up the campground, fire and beer for when the bus gets here!
  9. The Short Range DPS Pilot

    Uh the other point of note esp is the "if it's tagged 9 and someone is shooting it" in the last wave of a TPPH and we aren't pushing spawns....yeah that's a bad thing to do Also if you have full room agro and you are burning to the targets, that's another bad thing to do as it drives the targets that were 15-20 km away from the dps to 40+ km away from the ball of death. So if getting full room agro as a DPS, return to the VVV, everyone thanks you for it.
  10. Another new face - suggestions on what role to pick?

    It's not quite cut and dry to say as each likes their own. Personally I started out with a rokh, upgraded to vindi and now fly logi. for some people logi is amazing awesome, the love it, for others they love being snipers or DPS. Heck some even bring one of each. So the way I look at it is if you just love to logi in fleets bring that, if you want to fly around and blow up rats bring a DPS or sniper boat. The wait-list ebbs and flows with time it takes to get in fleet based off of supply of pilots and the demands of fleet. And since we do not cherry pick (we operate first come first serve) one day a ship that took 5 mins to get in could take you an hour (which is another reason why some people bring multiple ships covering different roles)
  11. Thing in the Kundalini site

    if you are talking the hacking thing in VGs that a key component to finishing the site, but if you are in the mom site, the kundalini manefest, it does nothing
  12. Thing in the Kundalini site

    It provides pretty environmental fluff for pilots to run into when they have accidentally started to burn away from the mothership that says "hey, where are you going, the battle is over there!" But yeah, nothing other than site fluff