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Found 2 results

  1. What the Fuck !

    Today was my first day logging into the NEW EVE. I payed for month to see what has changed. Well my first experience was the new players are DICK! Back in my day which was 5 years ago we accepted those willing. We would suggest fits and make recommendations ! However my experience today wish SHIT. I was a Top Notch Logi Pilot and even by today specs i think i had more SP and IRL exp then the people that would not accept me. I payed my time and with this one day of how i was accepted i don't think today\s Eve is better then yesterdays! Even in the TS severs i didn't feel welcome like i was years ago! A FC Fleet Commander would have came to the person and told them how they would like the fit to be! Today i did not get that respect ! so Fuck This Site ! i been Playing Eve loner then most of the FC in this site ! i go somewhere else!
  2. Hey! Hope its right place to post. I will be joining wtm incursions channel as I heard I could ask questions there too I will have simi V optimal fit ready today as well as WTM Optimal - Scimitar Logistics V skills (minus nanite toothpaste, will get to those next, but plus some other taht are not listed and 5 in some that are listed as required at 4). I went over all guides on this forum concerning general stuff and logi. In That's Just How I Logi Onizuki mentioned some logi classes but I couldn't find any more info anywhere... how to get into those? I have never flown logi nor incursion, but I am fast study and I need to start somewhere, few people told me to try with wtm so... could someone please kick my butt in the right direction ?