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  1. Pro-Tips

    I’ve run over a thousand incursion sites now, in three different ships. At this point, you’d think I’d know everything there is to know, but I’m still picking up various “pro-tips” from the vets. Of course, I have all the basics down (i.e. anchor points, memorizing target order, and everything from Guides section of the forum), what I’m looking for is things like this: (1) Splitting Guns (either to minimize wasted DPS with Machs on low health targets or to help quickly switch to subsequent targets when DDD’ing), (2) Pulling initial room agro into DPS in TPPH’s & NRF’s, (3) Sniping the far Niarja in a TCRC, (4) Burning left 2 prop mod cycles in pre-loaded TCRC’s, and (5) In TCRC’s, Webbing Mara’s to help snipers, and then the untagged Schmaels while on the tower to help DDD. Oh, and I’m also rather new to logi, so any pro-tips involved with that would most certainly be appreciated. And no, Thrawn, I don’t want to know how to be a better sandbagger
  2. Pro-Tips

    Thanks for the full write up Ixex. I've always used anti-matter and chased my targets (well, except for TCRC, where I also post up), and just heard Ty Coe mention that he posts up and uses null the other day. I'll definitely have to give your method a shot the next time I DDD, and see how it compares.
  3. Pro-Tips

    Oh yeah, I have seen basi's do that for me before. Good point. Thanks.