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  1. Video of Blooper Blogger.
  2. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    Ah, I didn't notice that the orginal fit lacked the T2 Large Shield Repper when I imported it into Pyfa. With the change, I have 339 HP/s rep, which is basically the same as the standard basi. So that negates one of my complaints.
  3. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    Also, you tried framing the EHP difference as being insignificant by virtue of it being small. But do bear in mind that even a 4% difference can be critical depending on the situation. For example, if you already have more than enough tank to safely run sites, then 4% more tank isn't going to matter. However, if you are at the cusp of safely running sites, then 4% can make a world of difference. Think of it this way, 98% of a lethal dose of poison is fundamentally different from 102% of a lethal dose of poison. Anyway, assuming an equal split of basi's and scimi's, the 4% discrepancy in tank will be combined with a 3.3% decrease in fleet repping power. Which may very well be a significant difference. After all, logi are already the most frequently lost ships in incursions, and I've certainly seen the shields of many a logi ship vaporize when reps weren't properly staggered on them. Regardless, this difference in tank and repping power may not break the basi outright, but I wouldn't be surprised if the change resulted in statistically significant increase in logi deaths.
  4. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    I assure you that I fully read posts before I respond to them. Anyway, a faction LSE will shrink the difference in EHP, but at an additional isk cost. With that factored in, the price difference between the opti fit is 47% (according to pyfa. Eve appraisal and/or the in-game fitting tool might give more accurate results). Regardless, it will still be less EHP, less repping power, & no resebo/sig amp for more money. Also, I'm not sure why we have a discrepancy in repping power, because using Pyfa (up to date) I got 318 cold (your stable fit) versus 340 cold (min & opti fit) -which results in a 6.9% difference. Scimitars get a hull bonus to remote tracking computers, so it makes more sense to devote their utility mids to them. Giving ReSeBo's to the DDD helps him to kill Niarjas, which helps to avoid jams, or end them early, for all logi (and the rest of the fleet). And like I said before, you can't eliminate the cap chain unless you make it mandatory for all basi's to be cap stable. This will increase the barrier to entry to fly a basi, which can reduce the number of available logi. And if you don't make the stable basi mandatory, you haven't eliminated the cap chain, you've just exempted yourself from it through making several significant compromises. Moreover, as I said before, the cap chain isn't difficult to set up or maintain. Capping around a Jammed basi is easy. Of course, I have seen newbros fumble with the cap chain, but it usually doesn't take them that long to figure it out and become reliable. And after about 2,000 incursion sites, I've only seen one instance of a basi pilot struggling with it so much that the FC had him and another pilot drop fleet in order to do additional training. So sell it to me. Why is it worth it to compromise tank, repping power, utility, and cost in order to make a basi cap stable on it's own? What evidence do you have for the cap chain being such a pain point that it should be eliminated? Also, by this logic, your argument for a cap stable basi is just barely valid Regardless, the Sig Amp is not required, but has a lot going for it. As such, I recommend that those who have spare cap and/or fitting room to swap a low power slot for a sig amp. It reduces the chances of being jammed decreases lock times (I only did a chart for logi, but it can reduce lock times of BS's depending on ship and rig selection) provides up to two extra locks for pre-locking agro magnets, cap thirsty vindi's, and dealing with split agro (extra locks require Advanced Target Management IV and V). It also increases lock range, but this is irrelevant in incursions In short, it does take good skills to fit, but if you don't need the cap or fitting room, you can get a lot of benefit from a Sig Amp without compromising ship performance in any way. Moreover, the isk cost of adding one is relatively cheap (the Sentient Sig Amp is only 3 mil, but you might need to spend more on an implant or T2 Ancillary Current router).
  5. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    In fact, now that I think about it, I wonder if it would be all that difficult/expensive to get a level 4 basi stable with one incoming cap transfer after the changes to cap mods have been implemented.
  6. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    First of all, I'm about to piss all over your idea -so, sorry for that. I think it's great that you're thinking about stuff like this though. I'm all about moving forward and improving. Unfortunately, I think this idea requires too many compromises, doesn't provide enough benefit, and either raises the barrier of entry to flying basilisk or requires that a cap chain still be maintained. First, let's talk barrier to entry. The fit requires Logistics Cruisers V just to get started, which will limit the pool of available logi. Of course, most pilots do quickly train logi V, but this will slightly increase the chances of running low on logi. Second, the fit makes several compromises 7% less repping power 32% more expensive than the opti Basi, and 274% more expensive than the minimum fit Buffer EHP is lower than the opti and minimum fits by 7.5% and 29.4% respectively. This is combined with diminished repping power for the fleet -which is not inconsequential considering logistics cruisers are already the most frequently lost ships. No room for a sig amp (which reducses lock times, significantly decreases the chances of being jammed by Niarja [still quite likely to be jammed by the 3x arnon though], and grants up to 2 extra locks for pre-locking agro magnets and dealing with split agro). No room for a ReSeBo, which greatly helps the DDD to kill Niarjas -which, in turn, improves fleet safety. FC's often fit ReSeBo's, but up to three scripted, faction ReSeBo's will have an effect on lock times. Finally, it just doesn't give enough benefit. New logi often fumble with the cap chain, and older logi sometimes make mistakes, but it eventually becomes as easy as locking and shooting targets, and issues are (usually) rapidly addressed. Moreover, if 1 unstable basi joins, then a stable basi still has to give them cap. And if more unstable basi's join, you haven't actually eliminated the cap chain, you've just exempted yourself from it through significant compromise. Besides, the biggest PITA of flying a basi isn't the chain, it's slinging cap to all those thirsty vindis and T1 blaster boats. To me, managing the cap chain is just one those skills you have to learn, sooner or later, as a logi pilot. Oh, and I haven't done the math, but the neut resistance from the cap battery might make a significant difference when it comes to the niarja's and deltoles, but probably not the outini's. So, this might be a plus, but it still isn't going to be enough to offset the disadvantages. TLDR: You're not alone in liking the cap stable basi, but I can't endorse it... for now. At Evesterdam, CCP said that they would be introducing Saviors (implants that reduce logi rep cycles), and rebalancing cap mods so that they have bigger effect sizes, but are subject to stacking penalties. This means that it may be possible to get basi's cap stable with fewer cap mods in the future. This, in turn, could free up slots for ReSeBo's and Sig Amps. Of course, all that being said, I think the fleet would probably get more benefit from logi with Savior Implants, than the elimination of the cap chain.
  7. Pro-Tips

    I’ve run over a thousand incursion sites now, in three different ships. At this point, you’d think I’d know everything there is to know, but I’m still picking up various “pro-tips” from the vets. Of course, I have all the basics down (i.e. anchor points, memorizing target order, and everything from Guides section of the forum), what I’m looking for is things like this: (1) Splitting Guns (either to minimize wasted DPS with Machs on low health targets or to help quickly switch to subsequent targets when DDD’ing), (2) Pulling initial room agro into DPS in TPPH’s & NRF’s, (3) Sniping the far Niarja in a TCRC, (4) Burning left 2 prop mod cycles in pre-loaded TCRC’s, and (5) In TCRC’s, Webbing Mara’s to help snipers, and then the untagged Schmaels while on the tower to help DDD. Oh, and I’m also rather new to logi, so any pro-tips involved with that would most certainly be appreciated. And no, Thrawn, I don’t want to know how to be a better sandbagger
  8. Pro-Tips

    Thanks for the full write up Ixex. I've always used anti-matter and chased my targets (well, except for TCRC, where I also post up), and just heard Ty Coe mention that he posts up and uses null the other day. I'll definitely have to give your method a shot the next time I DDD, and see how it compares.
  9. Pro-Tips

    Oh yeah, I have seen basi's do that for me before. Good point. Thanks.