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  1. We're still trying to figure out the new Triglavian Invasion content, so there's still many unanswered questions. However, here’s what we do know: Triglavian Incursions spawn only in highsec. The content is intended for fleet as small as 2 and as large as 15. Some sites will be similar to Incursions in that they will award LP and isk, however, they haven’t started spawning yet. Right now, we’ve been killing roaming NPC fleets. The isk in that comes from Triglavian Salvage and the loot drops of named rats (Zorya). Roaming fleet difficulty is determine by the system (Perimeter < Adjacent < Foothold < ???). We’ve pretty much been face tanking them, so recommend logi numbers are currently 2x -> 2-3x -> 3-4x -> ???. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get those down with time. Switches happen fast, and Logi appear to be very high on the agro table –PRE LOCK YOUR LOGI SQAUD!!! Naturally, have your logi consolidate agro before warping in a salvager. Most Trig rats do 60-70% Thermal and 30-40% Explosive damage. However, Liminal variants can do EM or Kinetic damage. Thermal is the most important resist to beef up, however, it is still recommended to beef up all resists. Roaming fleets can and will call for reinforcements, and, of course, their damage will spool up. They can warp to Gates, Citadels, NPC Stations, POCO’s, Asteroid Belts, and (allegedly) anywhere else -including unaligned safe spots. As far as I know, scramming rats don’t spawn on gates, but they still have managed to kill many a traveling pilot. DO NOT move freighters and Bowheads through invaded systems. The rats can actually kill a freighter and the system invasion effects can reduce your hull HP by 15 to 40% depending on the system. Naturally, this can dramatically reduce the number of gankers required to kill you -and I’d bet money that they are currently developing the tactics required to exploit this mechanic. I know for a fact rats don't pod in perimeter systems. I assume that they don't pod in other systems, but I have not verified that. Rats move fast, and will swarm their target. We’ve been rolling with brawling fleets. Kiting fleets could work, but they would have difficulty securing loot. Mixed fleets would run into problems if a sniper drew agro because it would cause all the rats to burn away from the brawlers. Naturally, brawlers are currently preferred over snipers. Rats Neut, Damp, Weapon Disrupt, TP, Web, & Scram. Once again rats move really fast, but have fat sigs. Naturally, webs do more for damage application than target painters. Scrams also apparently stop Named rats from warping off, but I haven’t verified this yet. Because Rats swarm and scram, AB is preferred over MWD for now. Weapon disruption isn’t that big of a problem because logi currently keeps agro about 95% of the time. Damps aren’t a problem because logi tend to be really close to each other. Combat caps can easily deal with neut pressure, but you still might want to prioritize cap batteries over cap rechargers. There’s more, but that’s already a wall of text. Check out this info dump for more information. Oh, WTM is currently not doing anything official with the Triglavian Invasions, but we have a lot of community members unofficially getting involved –including many experienced and skill command core members. We’ve been coordinating our efforts over Slack (command core only), but I’m going to try to get these guys to start coordinating more in the WTM Events section of the forums so that interested line members can get in on the fun. We're currently only running science fleets for now (and not running for profit), but it’s a break from the grind and good fun. If you’re interested, check out this thread for scheduled fleets. It's hard to say for certain, because we've had more spank in our last two fleets, but it really seems like the rat dps was nerfed. Regardless, I updated the recommended logi numbers to account for this. Do note, that additional changes do appear to be inbound.