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Zilvra Selvaris

Trusted Logi Guide

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Trusted Logi Guide

To become trusted logi with WTM, you need to show our commanders that you are a consistent logi pilot that goes above and beyond what we expect of our new logi pilots. For new logi pilots, please refer to Logi Rookie Guide.

All logi should join WTM-Logi. Trusted logi should help organize scimi links and make sure to link new pilots in both fleet chat and logi chat. 

Grid Awareness

Our FCs are responsible for the fleet safety. But, the more eyes on grid the safer and better our fleets run. Trusted logi look for and call out a variety of things. Call outs are often done in voice and through broadcasts, but can be done in fleet chat if there is no mic available. 

Things to call out:

  • Leeroys
  • Suicide Jumps - someone using an MJD with aggro
  • Ships out of position - meatshield not in position, wrong/bad jumps, T2 logi not using a prop mod, ships not at their anchor at the start of the wave, etc. Refer to our Anchoring Guide
  • Important fleet role(s) missing either from grid or fleet
  • Boosts are missing
  • Pilot disconnects

Aggro callouts:

  • Our trusted logi should understand how incursion aggro tables work and try to predict where aggro will go before a new wave and/or switch. 
  • If a pilot fails to broadcast, be prepared to broadcast them as a target and call out the pilot with aggro. 
  • If a pilot is out of position in a place that will potentially draw aggro, target broadcast them before the start of the next wave. 
  • During a contest, help broadcast contesting fleet ships with aggro.


Important Incursion Knowledge:

  • It is helpful for our TL to know which rats have scrams, neuts, and jams. Each of these rats are particularly dangerous to our fleets. 
  • Rep ranges and cycle times for both our T2 and T3 ships. Refer to our T3 Guide for some of these stats.

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