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Canyon Vjourytant

T3 Logistics (Loki)

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Line Pilots are now allowed to fly T3 Logistic Cruisers. Currently, only the Loki will be accepted into fleets. 

  • In order to Fly a T3 Cruiser, a pilot must first prove that they are a capable Logistics pilot by earning the Trusted Logi badge from a WTM Line Commander. 
  • Once you have the Trusted Logi badge and the skills, the waitlist will confirm them when you x-up for the first time.
    • Be sure to be logged into Teamspeak, so the FC can see your badges easier.

Rep Application:

  • T3 Logi use 8 Medium Remote Shield Boosters vs the T2 Logi’s 4 Large Remote Shield Boosters. 
  • The medium reps have a much shorter optimal range (7km vs 32km), and less repping power per rep than the Large but the additional modules (8vs4) allow the T3 logi to outrep T2 logi at any distance.
  • When applying reps, 1.5 medium reps are equivalent to 1 Large Rep; so, in a situation where you would normally apply 2 large reps, you want to use 3 medium reps.
  • T3 cruisers get large bonuses to Overheating: the Offensive subsystem skill increases the benefits of overheating by 50%. T3 pilots therefore should expect to use heat far more liberally. 


  • For the TPPH and NRF it is not really necessary to do anything different than T2 Logi (orbit Booster at 10km).
    • To get more performance out of your reps you can anchor closer to the DPS, typically near the Kronos.
  • For the TCRC, keep at range 10km from the tower, once you get to the tower you can turn your prop mod off and sit still.
    • In the TCRC site there is only one initial aggro, the changes of logi getting a swap are slim, and the Loki has the tank to handle any troll aggro without speed. Sitting still prevents you from bumping into battleships/structures.

T2 vs T3 Benefits:

  • T2 logi bring utility to the fleet in the form of Combat Caps or Remote Tracking Computers. T3 logi do not bring any utility.
  • T3 logi rep harder than T2 logi. T3 logi are also more tanky than their T2 counterparts; therefore, they can more freely use their reps. Getting aggro in the T3 is not as dangerous as a T2 logi.

Skill Requirements:

T3 cruisers require extensive skills to perform at their best. All of the following skills are mandatory for T3 pilots.

  • Ship skills:
    • Strategic Cruiser IV
  • Subsystems:
    • Offensive V
    • Core V
    • Propulsion IV
    • Defensive I
  • Armor
    • Hull Upgrades IV
  • Engineering
    • Capacitor Management V
    • Capacitor Systems Operation V
    • CPU Management V
    • Power Grid Management V
    • Thermodynamics IV
    • Nanite Interfacing IV
  • Navigation
    • Navigation V
    • Acceleration Control IV
    • Afterburner IV
    • Evasive Maneuvering IV
    • Fuel Conservation IV
  • Shields
    • Shield Management V
    • Shield Emission Systems V
    • Shield Upgrades IV
      • Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
  • Targeting
    • Advanced Target Management III
    • Signature Analysis V

Minmatar Strategic Cruiser 4
Navigation 5
Afterburner 4
Fuel Conservation 4
Acceleration Control 4
Evasive Maneuvering 4
Shield Management 5
Tactical Shield Manipulation 4
Shield Emission Systems 5
Shield Upgrades 4
Hull Upgrades 4
Advanced Target Management 3
Signature Analysis V
Power Grid Management 5
Capacitor Systems Operation 5
Capacitor Management 5
CPU Management 5
Thermodynamics 4
Nanite Interfacing 4
Minmatar Defensive Systems 1
Minmatar Core Systems 5
Minmatar Offensive Systems 5
Minmatar Propulsion Systems 4

Other Rules and Regulations:

  • All Tech III Logistics ships must use 8x Pithum A-Type Medium Remote Shield Boosters.
  • All Tech III Logistics ships must be 6 rep stable.
  • All Tech III Logistics ships must use Tech II Afterburners, at minimum; MWD’s are permitted.
  • All Tech III Logistics ships must meet or exceed 74% in all shield resistances without Command Bursts.
  • All Tech III Logistics ships must be capable of reaching at minimum 7,000 Shield Hit Points(HP).
  • The Loki requires the Dissolution Sequencer subsystem.

If you understand everything that has been posted here and meet the skill requirements feel free to fill out the X-Up with a Loki on the waitlist. Assuming you meet the skill check on the Waitlist and have your Trusted Logi badge, you are clear to fly one.

Edited by Zilvra Selvaris
Signature Analysis V
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