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Anchoring Guide

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Anchoring Guide


 Anchors are special positions a person is heading towards or following. Each person should anchor themselves. The MJD portions have instructions for how to make use of the module for anchoring. These anchoring spots have been tested several times, and are designed to get the best performance out of your ships. Follow them and you will have no trouble anchoring on all three sites. For all anchoring use q double click to go to your spot. You do this by holding the q button down, finding your horizontal anchor point, clicking once, then using the mouse pointer to go up or down to find your vertical point.

Q Align.png

(A Note for Non-MJD Snipers, keep at range 5km from the Booster until you can make use of one)




Room 1 and 2


Short Range should be burning towards targets and then getting to the outgate before it spawns. 

Snipers will burn directly for outgate. 


For the final room, see below.


Room 3


1. Burn halfway towards the initial spawn (as shown in the picture) so everyone can web and shoot the Romis as they burn into range.

2. Burn towards the first anchoring spot, while shooting Ostis. (2nd wave)

  • Height should be just above the tower.
  • 95km from the beacon.
  • About 30 km off the tower.

3. Keep at range the tower 20km for the last anchor spot. (85km from the beacon)


MJD (Sniper):

1. Angle slightly up and left of the tower (about 15 degrees left if looking with Tactical Overlay) and jump.

2. Jump and burn back 1-2 prop mod cycle back towards the beacon.

3. Height should be well above the tower and the VVV/DPS group.

4. Approximately 80km from the beacon and 20-25KM off the tower. 

(After Jumping: Make sure you are not too low, or too far from the group, as you could pull aggro unintentionally!)






1. Burn towards the initial spawn, for about 30km.

2. Burn slightly right of the tower, between the mushroom (Sansha Deadspace Outpost) and the smaller sansha tower (Sansha Starbase Control Tower). (60km off the beacon, 20 off the tower)

3 After the 2nd wave is almost killed, go towards the 3rd wave. (85km off the beacon, 20km off the tower)

4. After the 3rd wave is almost killed, go towards the 4th wave. (80km off the beacon, 45km off the tower)


MJD (Sniper):

1. Jump straight ahead from the initial warp in, angled slightly upwards (in level with the spawn), burn 1 prop mod cycle back towards beacon.

2. Approximately 90KM from the beacon, 40km right of the tower, elevated just above the top of the spikes on the tower. (Shown in the smaller picture

2. (4th Wave) After the new wave spawns, angle yourself towards the Antem/Yulai spawn. And Jump directly on top of them. (Wait till after the new wave aggro is settled before activating the MJD!)






When FC calls, spool jump, just left of the tower. (Be careful not to move too far forward before jumping as it may put you on the far side of the tower)


 When FC calls, Burn straight towards the tower, keeping it in your optimal range.


  Jump directly to the MTAC Factory on landing. MTAC Guide


 Burn towards the Drone Bunny spot. DDD Guide





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