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Canyon Vjourytant

Bastion Marauders

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With the recent changes to the Bastion Modules for Marauders, Warp to Me will be changing our policies regarding Marauders and their Fits. 

At this time WTM is removing the Golem from our accepted Ships list. The Golem will no Longer be accepted into WTM fleets, with or without Bastion. 

Other Marauders
The Vargur, Kronos, and Paladin will be moved into the Optimal Ships category (For upgrade policy Purposes).

All Marauder pilots will be required to be approved prior to flying in WTM fleets, this will include a skill check and a training period. 

Skill List:

Spaceship Command:
Marauders 4

Motion Prediction 5
Rapid Firing 5
Sharpshooter 5
Surgical Strike 5
Trajectory Analysis 4
Weapon Specific Specialization 4

Thermodynamics 4

Neural Enhancement:
Biology 1

Mechanics 5
Hull Upgrades 5

Shield Management 5

Advanced Target Management 3
Signature Analysis 5

Navigation 5
Acceleration Control 4

Requirements for Bastion Pilots:

All Pilots must have Blue Pill running at all times. 

All Pilots/Fits must have >1m cap life with all modules running.

The Empty Highslot on each fit should be fillled with an offline module (or online if it fits), see guides for suggested modules. 

The listed fits are at a minimum, module downgrading is not allowed. 






Approval Program:

- Once pilots have all the required skills and the ship(s) purchased and fitted, they may apply via the Bastion Application
- After the skill check is completed, pilots will be contacted by a member of council with specifics of the training program.
- Pilots will require 2 sign offs from Bastion Badged Commanders before they will be able to freely fly the ships.
- Pilots will not x-up with the bastion ships until they have these 2 sign offs unless they have a time scheduled to work with a Bastion Badged Commander and with FC permission.
 - Pilots may swap ships after joining if they have a Bastion Badged Commander to work with and FC permission.


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