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Teamspeak Badges Explained

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Command Structure Badges

Grand Poobah.png Grand Poobah - Special Founder Badge for Sparta93 

Canyon's Badge.png Canyon's Badge - Special Founder Badge for Canyon Vjourytant

Leadership.png Leadership - Elected Leaders of WTM incursions and part of Commander Council.

icon_1270482508.png Officer - Selected assistants to leadership and part of Commander Council.

certified_trainer.png Certified Trainer - Certified Trainer

green-T.png.4eb93fa652233f41c107bc70d48e2d73.pngTraining CT - Certified Trainer in Training

FC.png Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander. The Fleet Commander commands the fleet by doing the Voice, Fleet Composition and Tagging.

T-badge.png Training Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander in training. They are also Line Commanders as a prerequisite.

LM.png.5612093819e652d23cb45264b9e44051.png Line Commander - WTM Line Commander. They are the masters of standard incursion mechanics and all individual ships on grid (meaning Battleships, Boosters, and Logistics). They are here to watch the fleet for safety, perform any necessary roles, and train everyone that needs it, especially Line Commanders in training, which are the Residents (supersedes Trusted Logi).

Resident.png Resident - WTM Line Commander in training


Ship/Fitting Badges

ghostnm16.png Clyde - Earned by Flying an Optimal Nightmare or Optimal Machariel in Fleet. Must be currently in fleet in the ship to get the badge.

cornerweb16.png WEBS Earned by Flying an Optimal Vindicator in Fleet. Must be currently in fleet in the ship to get the badge.

icon_3960871542.png.7fbb07dbaa0230e630aa594627c954dd.png Field Medic Earned by having both an Optimal Scimitar and Basilisk available for Fleet (X-up with both). Must be currently flying one of them in fleet to get the badge.

diamond16.png FlushCollective Badge for earning each Progress Ship Badge (WEBS, Clyde, Field Medic)

Bastion16.png Bastion Earned by Completing the Bastion Training Program (Never Overridden)

Rediculous Amounts of DPS.png MASSIVE DPSEarned by flying a Kronos with 4100 DPS Gun damage (cold/sober). Fitting Window Screenshot Required. Must be currently in fleet in the ship to get the badge.

gat216.png BRRRRRRT Earned by flying a Vargur with 3350 DPS Gun damage (cold/sober). Fitting Window Screenshot Required. Must be currently in fleet in the ship to get the badge.

disco16.png DISCOEarned by flying a Paladin with 3350 DPS Gun Damage (cold/sober). Fitting Window Screenshot Required. Must be currently in fleet in the ship to get the badge.

spade.png 3 of a KindCollective Badge for earning each Marauder Ship Badge (Massive DPS, BRRRRRRT, DISCO).

icon_3879005324.png All of the CardsCollective Badge for earning all Ship related Badges (Flush, 3 of a Kind)


Ability/Skill/Implant Badges

Dual Logi.png Dual Logi - Earned by Completing the Dual Logi Program (Never Overridden).

image.png.97efc4d7de88e2db537951429d20b6e7.png Trusted Logi - Earned by demonstrating Exceptional Logi ability. Must regularly lock all shield broadcasts and rep appropriately, catch pilots who are out of position, catch pilots who broadcast late or don't have hardeners on (TL is required to fly the Lokis and 4-Link Scimitar fits). Trusted Logi may box 1 Logi and 1 non-Logi (e.g. Battleships). Logi always comes first. (Only overridden by Dual Logi)

Hunting Rabbits.png Hunting Rabbits - Earned by demonstrating Exceptional DDD Ability. Fleet must have 15+ Marauders during observation.

froggerlily.png JumpTAC - Earned by demonstrating Exceptional MTAC Ability. Minimum 3x Correct MJD Jumps and Getting MTAC before others.

Acendancy.png Ascendancy - Earned by flying a clone in fleet that contains Slot 1-5 High-Grade Ascendancies and WS-618 or High Grade Ascendancy Omega for slot 6. Screenshot required. 


Fun Badges

Under the Influence.png Under the Influence - Earned by joining the first WTM fleet that is formed during the influence grind and remaining in a WTM fleet until influence reaches 0% or a WTM HQ Fleet is formed.

Wall of Shame.png Wall of Shame - Earned by getting the bonus LP payout in a focus. Must show Journal Screenshot.

medal216.png One of the Few - Earned by submitting a Top 5 Leaderboard Hit in the Discord channel

island vacation.png Island Vacation - Earned by flying in a WTM fleet on a High Security Island.

pokeball16.png Get Them AllCollective Badge for earning all other non-commander badges (All Badges on this list except those listed as Command Structure).


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