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Malcolm Galora

Waitlist Skill Check and You!

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Hello everyone! Recently we have rolled out our waitlist to have the ability to check skill requirements for our Marauder, T3, and Booster pilots! This should increase the ease of bringing these ships to fleet without all the extra hassle of using third party services or screenshots. When X'ing up the appropriate hull for the first time, you will be prompted with the following messages.
This error message means you haven't yet granted the waitlist the ESI scope to check your skills, click the "Add scope via SSO"  button located at the top of the waitlist page to login through the SSO tool to grant it. Once you have done so click the update button and paste your fit one more time, this will update your tags and keep your spot in the queue. You will next be shown one of a few different tags.

 This tag means you have met or exceeded the minimum requirements to fly this hull. You are good to be invited! :)

This tag means you have reached the highest recommended level of skills for this hull, as stated in its corresponding guide. Kudos to you xD

This one means you are missing one or more skills to be able to fly this hull. :(

Read through the following section on an easy method to see what you are missing.

  • In the ingame MOTD you can find the following links to the corresponding forum posts for the info you need.
    (Linked here also for your convenience: Bastion Marauders and T3 Lokis
  • In these posts you will find drop downs of the skills required so you may easily copy them to your clipboard as shown here:
  • Once ingame you can open up your skill queue and look for the options shown here to import it directly into your skill queue to check.
  • After doing so, the game will give you a prompt with the skills added and the ones already trained.
  • Anything missing will automatically be added to the end of your queue, anything else that has already been trained will be noted in the prompt above.

In the future WTM plans to add features onto our website to allow you to check your skills and upgrade progress right on the website! But for now the above method is the simplest method to check what skills you need. As the waitlist will not give us the information of what skills you do or do not have, only if you meet a certain requirement level. Just like flying these ships, granting the skill scope is completely optional! That being said, if you are not granting the waitlist the means to check your skills, or you are missing the required skills you will not be invited to fleet. :(

I hope this has been an informative guide on how to use our new waitlist system, if you are having problems reach out with one of our commanders, or send feedback to our IT department with the following link: Feedback.

Thank you for your patience with our latest changes, and as always, thanks for flying with WTM! :D

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