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  1. Newcomer to fleet/logi action, q about requirements

    Hi Ewert Our Basilisks fits are designed to be as close to cap stable as possible. This is why we require Logistics Cruiser V, it drastically improves the functionality of the Basilisk. You could always run a scimitar with logistics IV whilst you are training to V, assuming you have the relevant Minmatar skills already. If not then unfortunately we cannot accept you in a Basi without that Logi V Skill trained. I hope you understand this is because of the importance of our logistics ship's providing the needed safety across our fleets! Juan
  2. Pause Feature Suggestion for Waitlist

    As long as its only able to be used once per x up. What I dont want to see is people xing up, then just AFK for 4 hours, then top of the list when they are ready to fly
  3. Incursions for alts

    We need our pilots to be as capable as possible. Get into an optimal hull, t2 guns, faction lows (abysalls preferred), and SKILLS. Join us if you are going to upgrade and be a part of the community.
  4. DPS Numbers for Optimal Hulls

    http://prntscr.com/yb5xie GIMME MA GITS
  5. DPS Numbers for Optimal Hulls

    I must know... If I beat these numbers, do git more Guds? or do I git more Gits?
  6. In Fleet Roles Guide

    please change all "Rolls" to "Roles" before my head explodes <3
  7. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    How will you manage the Basi Cap Chain?
  8. Banned from X-up

    Please please work on those skills <3
  9. Want to learn about Incursions, is this fit acceptable?

    also, please do not concern yourself with the ehp of your ship. Our fits are designed to survive. If you fit it the same as our fitting guide you will be accepted and safe.
  10. Want to learn about Incursions, is this fit acceptable?

    Hi Bubu Welcome to Warp To Me! Our fits, especially the beginner ones, are pretty strict. And when it comes to weapons systems, these are much more restrictive across the fits. The Rokh is designed as the entry level for those unable to fly a hyperion, or better yet a Vindicator. The weapon type reflects its position and role within the fleet. You are DPS, a close up brawler designed to be less than 5km from your targets as much as possible. This is achieved by careful positioning, led by anchors, and webbing the ships as they spawn with vindicators, which should be one of your end goals. With this in mind, the guns cannot be changed. I would also recommend you go to the hyperion rather than the rokh if you can. I feel this has a better upgrade path than the rokh when heading for a vindicator, and it does a better job all round as a starter ship. Can you fly this: [Hyperion, Hyperion Entry/Alpha] Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Heavy Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Large Shield Extender II Pithum C-Type EM Shield Amplifier 500MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive Tracking Enhancer II Tracking Enhancer II Damage Control II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Large EM Shield Reinforcer I Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer I Large Core Defense Field Extender I Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L x1 Caldari Navy Tungsten Charge L x1 Nanite Repair Paste x50 Federation Navy Ogre x5 If so, I strongly recommend you start with that. I look forward to seeing you in our fleets. If you have any questions, let me know. Carlos
  11. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Hi Yohan This idea sounds really interesting, and I want to thank you for putting it forward. I would love to get @Izumi Uchiya MD 's thoughts on this?
  12. Giving SRP Funds to Logi?

    Good logies will occasionally get tips. I would not agree with this proposal. Mainly because of the amount of sandbag logi I have had in my fleets recently. This would exacerbate that problem in my opinion. Too many people would x up just for the extra isk.
  13. 100% Loot Drop Event

    you dont even need SB battleships. just suicide scram the logi on entrance. pop goes the AAA
  14. 100% Loot Drop Event

    So a 4 bill investment. And if ONE bling vindi drops that is dual pith A and faction lows it's about even. But SB battleships dont go for the battleships. They go for the logi. You hit the logi on a tcrc entrance and at least 4-6 battleships will die in the chaos. The challenge then is scooping all the juicy faction loot. That doesnt take into account officer or abyssal mods. This is a very lucrative option for gankers, make no mistake.
  15. Intro

    ITS A TRAP! Once you are in, you can't get out... you are now one of us..