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    Army 2007-2012
  2. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    I have to agree with Nara. Last fleet I ran we struggled for logi, and ended up spending way to long on many of the gates, or holding in sites so I could figure things out. This did cause fleet to make slightly less than our target ISK/HR. Part of that was fleet was dying the other part was scrub noob FC of course I dont care about my isk / hr as much as some. If I was doing this for ISK i would just rat in wh space and never come to HS. I do care about the fleet tho, that it is safe, rewarding, and fun. The problem with only allowing a set number of sub optimal ships is, like Skyler said, it goes against the WTM culture. We run fleet comp on a first come first served basis, no more selective than deciding if we want a dps, sniper, or logi to fill a slot. If we start cherry picking fits, or favoring particular pilots because we know they wont sandbag or have better skills/knowledge than not only are we no longer operating first come first serve, but the whole point of WTM being a community which promotes teaching and developing pilots goes out the window. That last point is one of the main reasons I fly with WTM.
  3. As an LC when I see nightmares repeatedly broadcasting for cap I always call them out on comms and encourage them to find a cap buddy, or to enter into some three way action with a pair that is already in place. I don't think mandating all non - mach snipers to fit it is the answer. many all ready do. It's been said, and I agree, that pilot behavior is the problem. We need to continue to encourage the other pilots to stop being lazy.
  4. Waitlist BDay Trivia Results

    0 points... \o/ Im L33T
  5. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    I am also a wormholer, helping to run a small J-space alliance. Sleeper sites, wh pvp and hunting little explorers that wander into our chain (those relic sites belong to my people, you cant have them) as well as indy and some other stuffs.
  6. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    Why do I Fly with WTM? It started with my first player corp, a group of High-Sec miners. The CEO and most of the directors flew incursions as their primary source for ISK. I was impressed that they always had lots of ISKies and wanted to know how they did it. One day they were on comms griping that fleet was stood down for a lack of Logi. That was apparently pretty normal. I came on comms and said 'hey, does that mean if I train Logi I will be able to make that dank ISK any time I want, and hardly ever have to queue up for a waiting list?' My CEO didn't give me a straight answer to my question. Instead what he said was 'If you train up to fly a Basilisk for incursions I will buy you one.' I scrapped my training queue and reset it for a Basi almost before he was finished speaking. That corp ended up succumbing to HS wardec's and shut down. The CEO made good on his word though, and before quitting the game bought me a Basilisk, still a few months away from flying it. When I finally had Logi4 and could fly I didn't have a clue. The only name I remembered was WarpToMe, It took me a couple tries to find the channel, but when I did join and told people I was a noob I didn't get turned away, and I didn't get hazed as hard as I expected to, I mean after all I was a scrub with no clue what I was doing. I don't even remember his name, but the LC on my first run was patient, reminding me to anchor, to light my prop mod, and taking time in the Basi chat to explain things not covered by the new bro speech. Eventually I got comfortable with Logi, found it a lot more engaging than F1, and of course the ISK. I've been with a wormhole corp for a couple years now, and yeah there is hella money to be made running C4 sleeper sites, but there is nothing like the safety of HS incursions, mad ISK with little RISK. Many of my alliance mates run with armor groups, and that is our primary pvp doctrine, but not this guy. I've been away from WTM for about 8 months now focusing on the WH group, but I'm back and just dropped my LM application. I'm still flying that original Basi, and I've never felt the need to look for another group.