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Found 1 result

  1. Waitlist BDay Trivia Results

    Prizes sponsored by: Sparta (5b), Beryl (if he answers :D) and Bruce Warhead Following are the results from the trivia, there was a max of 59 points to get per submission. First here are the questions, how many points you could get for that question max. How many people have gotten points (Right Answers) and how many points they managed together on that question. (Points) And the correct answer, and how the points where staggered. How many Toons visited the waitlist? Max[10] Right Answers[0] Points[0] 10906 Toons, per 200 away you got 1 less point (losing the first instantly, will be the same for all other questions like this) Lines of Code that Waitlist has ATM? Max[10] Right Answers[1] Points[4] 17005 LoC, per 300 away you got 1 less point. The lines of code written (including removed loc, bc of stuff like switching to OOG Browser, new apis ....) is actually more then double How may fits where submited to the waitlist? Max[10] Right Answers[1] Points[7] 115622 Fits, per 100 away you got 1 less point. Character/FC that did the first usage Test with the waitlist? Max[5] Right Answers[14] Points[22] Alright, so actually only 1 person got this question right. It was our old buddy Xoceac!! This answer gave 5 points. If you answered Bruce Warhead, well I kind of did test the waitlist first, ofc I wrote it this gave 1 point. But Xoceac did the first actually in use test of it and provided a LOT of help and feedback. Date of the first usage Test of the Waitlist? Max[10] Right Answers[0] Points[0] 2016.03.30 yeap Number of invites send via by the Waitlist, this only includes invites send using CREST? Max[10] Right Answers[1] Points[3] 87132 invites, per 400 off you get 1 point less How old is WTM? Max[2] Right Answers[5] Points[10] 3 years, soon 4 you got 2 points if you had 3 as answer, no points otherwise Who are WTMs active founders? (Please input in form Charactername, Charactername, ... and use their active wtm chars) Max[2] Right Answers[9] Points[16] The answer that was searched for was "Sparta93, Canyon Vjourytant". Nope neither me nor Beryl or Boldie is an active founder, or founder at all :D. I tried to detect as many misspellings as i could but yeah. This gave 1 point per right name and removed 1 point per wrong name entered. So e.g. Sparta93(+1), Bruce Warhead(-1), Canyon Vjourytant(+1) would give 1 point Results are: Name[TheAncientMariner] Total[10] -------------------- Name[SexyFruitCake] Total[9] -------------------- Name[Imelda Virpio] Total[6] -------------------- Name[Shade Alidiana] Total[5] -------------------- Name[Liam Scar] Total[5] -------------------- Name[Barney Treetho] Total[4] -------------------- Name[Wandra Harkonnen] Total[3] -------------------- Name[Jan Krueger] Total[3] -------------------- Name[The Sleeper1A] Total[3] -------------------- Name[Marc DeMarie] Total[3] -------------------- Name[Captain Shawn] Total[2] -------------------- Name[Riovad Beldrulf] Total[2] -------------------- Name[Stoicheion Potter] Total[1] -------------------- Name[ItsMrSeabass] Total[1] -------------------- Name[Krista Aytona] Total[1] -------------------- Name[Lord Curli] Total[1] -------------------- Name[Lord Sarevok] Total[1] -------------------- Name[Seiffi] Total[1] -------------------- Name[William Ormono] Total[1] -------------------- Name[Candy Zateki] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Renita Harris] Total[0] -------------------- Name[SadiaBR] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Alfred 'Alf' Stewart] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Zy'on] Total[0] -------------------- Name[TheSadist Astrita] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Aman A'Mir] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Lord Silath] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Puterrrr] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Alex Ph] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Hero Called Jayne] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Eeon X] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Matt Alexander Parker] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Edward Ostus] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Kjeldryn Ahrire] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Feodor Mihailovici] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Rasaili Lendabarkerr] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Basley] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Amos Hamlin] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Steven DeMayo] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Laika Shaile] Total[0] -------------------- Name[Evangeline McDowd] Total[0] Note: All the people with one point, are those that entered Bruce Warhead as first tester. :> Everybody that entered is gonna get something, even with 0 points. Having more points doesn't necessarily guarantee you are getting more of value. I am trying to find suitable prizes for people depending on their fits and such, and I am trying to kind of make higher point people have more expensive prizes, but no guarantees on that. Giving out the prizes is gonna take a little time since I need to find some thing for the person, and I have only 5 contracts available on the character I am giving out the prizes from, so be patient please, I started with the first 5 contracts today. (And no it was not the top 5 people since I am struggling with finding a suitable prize for some of them) People that get something for entering fleet during the trivia will be selected after I am done with these. Finally I really want to say thank you to the people that donated me plex or isk when the waitlist first came out, I wasn't running much incursion back then my eve wallet was really empty. ----------- Skilled an other level of contracting now, so I can do 9. Accept your contracts guys. 7.6b in prizes went out till now/ are on contracts. Last contract was put up today. Total: 8230m . Everybody should have a contract with their prize now except the guy that never flew with us at all and got 0 points (I don't even know what to give him :>), the one that has me blocked, and the one that rejected it :D.