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  1. That's Just How I Logi

    So I like this post from Onizuki. I do very similar things. A list of the things I do when Logi in a Basi: 1) Go to Fleet Window -> Logi Squad -> Right click, add to Watchlist. (At start of fleet and from time to time). 2) I order my WL as Cap buddies (up, down if needed) AAA DDD (for re-sebo) Rest of Logi Other roles, (FC, VVV, MTAC) New guys That watchlist order allows me to click-lock the first 3 or 4 every time I enter a grid, and get the key people I need to have locked to get chain up, set up orbit, start reps, give sebo. 3) After locking, move cap buddies to right most spots, then the DDD if giving sebo. I don't have to fool around with them this way. 4) Keep Basi chat up all the time, when not having to check fleet for something.