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Found 2 results

  1. HHH guide

    HHH Guide What does the HHH do? As HHH, the fleet will assign their medium and heavy drones to you. The best way to apply the damage of these drones is to shoot DPS targets that aren’t shot by the rest of fleet. This way, the drones can spend more time shooting something and less time burning between targets. Although the Vindicator is the best ship for this job because you have webs, good tracking, and high damage, in practice any DPS ship can do this job adequately. If the FC asks you to do something different, listen to FC instead of this guide. True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH): First room: Last tagged Osti Second room: Romis (final two tags) Third room, First wave: Romis (sometimes they are tagged, depending on the FC). BEFORE THE END OF THE FIRST WAVE, MAKE SURE YOU AGRESS THE LAST TAGGED OSTI If you are still shooting a Romi when the next wave spawns, the Sansha will shoot at the drones! Most FC’s will remind you of this, but even if they don’t, you still need to remember to switch. Drone aggro is both annoying and dangerous, because when the drones die the aggro tends to split, making the Logi’s job much more difficult. Even if not all of the Romis are dead, it’s better to switch to the Osti and finish the job later. Third room, Second wave: Shoot untagged Romis, then Romi’s in reverse order. Before the wave ends, switch to last tagged Osti (same as last wave) Third room, Third (final) wave: Tag 2 Outuni (tag 1 usually dies quickly enough), then Vylade, then finish off the Romis. Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) First wave: Uitra, Then Romis in reverse order Second wave: Uitra, then Romis in reverse order Third wave: Vylade, then Romis in reverse order Fourth (final) wave: Last tagged Outuni (if more than 1),then Vylade, then untagged Romis, then DPS tags in reverse order True Creations Research Center (TCRC) Just do regular DPS things! Nothing special here
  2. That's Just How I Logi

    Greetings, my name is Oni and I’m one of the LM’s with WTM. Thought I’d fill in this section of the forums by covering some of the things I do while I logi. This is a brief look at my view when in fleet. I’m going to point out various things as I discuss them. First I want to point out my Watch List. I have it set up in a way I feel makes my life easier with less thought. There is a lot in this but I tried to break it down as easily as I can. First pilot on my WL is always the AAA. Next I put my cap buddy/s then the cap chain in “reverse” order. By this I mean they are in the order I should cap people if a pilot/s is missing from grid, I just go down the WL until I either find a basi to cap or realize I’m the only basi on grid. After the cap chain I have the other logi pilots that are in fleet. After all the logi I put the FC, this serves to separate the logi pilots from any DPS pilots I may add as they get added. Next I want to talk about managing reps. Managing your reps and your locked targets is a key skill to develop as a logi. The key thing I want to cover is staggering multiple reps on the same target. As the picture above shows, I have two reps and a cap transfer on The Foshkey(scrubbing in a kronos) who is taking damage. Looking at the bottom where my reps are you can see the cycles of my reps are set about halfway through their time relative to each other. This means that i can pull one of the reps off The Foshkey and on to another pilot in ~2.9 seconds instead of the full 5.8 of cycle time. This also means that if The Foshkey is taking a lot of agro, the staggered reps will hold him at a higher shield level instead of bouncing full then back down while agro lands again. There are a few other finer points on how to logi, but these are the few I find to be the most useful. For more information please attend one of our Logi Schools or feel free to talk with one of our LM’s or Residents. FC’s also know things but they mostly shoot guns