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    For a few weeks in a row optimal hours have been suspended. This means more pilots in non-optimal hulls and fits joining the WTM fleets, but it also means the fleet is less able to take contests in the heavily-contested EUTZ, resulting in more waiting, bouncing and losing contests. Recently a few people discussed the problem, different interests that need to be balanced and possible solutions that could improve the current situation. This post was written together with Thomas Neoo and Xoceac. The problem During EUTZ there are four groups running HQ sites. WTM, TDF, NGA and recently a Korean group has started running HQ sites. These groups generally play nice with each other, but TDF can and will contest other groups to raise their own ISK/hr, lowering the efficiency at which the other groups can run sites. Running the WTM incursion fleet on a first com, first serve basis during these highly contested hours (from DT through early EUTZ) results in a serious loss of income for the entire fleet. The interests There are two conflicting sets of interests. On one hand everybody likes more ISK. On the other hand WTM wants to be a community open to newer members without requiring a multi-billion ISK investment up front. For each suggested solution we will try to balance these two sets of interests. Possible solutions Limiting non-optimal hulls in fleet Set a hard cap on the number of non-optimal hulls that are allowed in fleet until there are no more optimal hulls on the waitlist. This would make WTM fleets harder to contest, but the tradeoff would be making it harder to join WTM fleets for new pilots. A less harsh version of this would be only accepting optimal and preferred starter ships. This would remove some of the more... interesting hulls from fleet. Expansion and stricter enforcement of the upgrade policy Currently the upgrade policy requires pilots to upgrade to an optimal hull after 30 hours in fleet and to T2 guns after another 90 hours or 4 months, whichever comes first. Using the low estimate of 100m/hr you're looking at 3b for 30 fleet hours. That is enough ISK to (currently) buy PLEX for one month + upgrade to one of the non-Leshak optimal hulls. The suggestion here is requiring damage mods to be upgraded after 20 hours in fleet after getting an optimal hull. Assuming four damage mods that would be approximately 400 million ISK of the 2 billion people should've made in that timeframe. If possible it'd be great to expand upon the waitlist tool showing pilots they might have to wait for a long time to get in fleet because they are lagging behind on the upgrading policy. More guidance for new pilots Make a clear and easy guide on how to upgrade your ship, starting from a starter ship and covering all improvements until the pilot is in an optimal hull and fit. Preferably with an explanation for each upgrade. This gives pilots a clear path to contributing more to the fleet. This can also be combined with other suggestions. Also, Xoceac already started implementing this it seems! Newbro-focused assault fleets Another idea floated around in the Discord conversation was running assault fleets focused on non-optimal pilots. Newer pilots could get some incursions practice running assault sites, making ISK without having to deal with the higher stress and contesting resulting from the high competition for HQ sites. Obviously these fleets could only be run during very active hours (like EUTZ during weekends), but it would be a solution that would be beneficial to all (except if there aren't enough FC's to run assaults that is). One of the FC's seems to have already stepped up to organize this Bringing back optimal hours This solution speaks for itself. Bring back the optimal hours during the most highly-contested time (11-16 approximately). Perhaps combined with having a minimum number of x newer pilots in fleet. Waitlist notifications for non-optimal fits Another way of informing people they can and should upgrade could be through the waitlist, showing notifications for pilots to remind them to upgrade their ships. Summary There are a bunch of ways to improve WTM fleets without hurting the goal of being new-player friendly. We were wondering what other people thought. Let us know
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    WTM has expanded it's Upgrade Policy. At 90 hours in fleet all battleships are expected to, along with being in an optimal hull, have T2 Guns, X-type Deadspace Microwarpdrive (either gist or core), 4 Faction Damage mods (not including DDAs/TEs). Also now at 125 hours in fleet, we require all battleship pilots to be in the Optimal doctrine fits. This is to ensure efficiency and fairness in this ever competitive HQ Incursion climate. There will be a one week grace period before this goes into effect. (1/24/2021) If you are already over the time limit please take this time to upgrade your fit. If you have questions on how to fit your ship, feel free to reach out to a commander in WTM Local chat. Or mail a Council member found in the WTM Local MOTD.
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    Warp to Me has made the decision to no longer allow characters under 4 weeks old to join fleet. These new players should spend time training up skills and learning the game before jumping straight into high level content like Incursions. Older players making new alts for incursions may be an exception if they can prove their in-game experience with another of their characters and fly an optimal hull. Any questions can be directed to Council found in the Warp To Me Incursions ingame MOTD.
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    Intro Once again, I seem to have unusual ideas of what constitutes "fun." In this case, it's the notion of "optimizing fleet performance." The phrase keeps coming up... "too many Hyperions." But this is EVE, and the way to win fights in EVE is to bring more people. Too many Hyperions is a strength, and I'd like to see if we can use that strength. Of course, at the end of a site what we want is forty on grid, but up until the last few seconds? The more firepower, the merrier. My initial idea about how to do this is to divide the fleet into a command group, and then multiple wings of battleships + logi. Everybody piles into a site, we kill stuff as normal, and then about twenty seconds before the end all of the "extra" wings warp off, leaving forty to get maximum payout. We keep payouts fair by staggering which wings leave early between sites; if Able and Baker go this time, Charlie and Delta go next time, or whatever. This should have several advantages over our current fleet structure; it'll be safer because we'll have a billion logi on grid right up until the end, there won't be any huge waits to get into fleet, and contesting us becomes very interesting. I'm going to try and run this on Tuesday January 5, immediately post-downtime. Fleet Organization ON GRID wing, voice FC commanding (this is the command group) -Logi squad, with 3-4 Basi and one 3-link Scimi. Scimi links to DDD. I -DPS squad, with VVV, DDD, HHH -Sniper squad with AAA ABLE, BAKER, CHARLIE, etc. wings, with a battleship in wing command. -Logi squad, two logi. Two Basi, two Scimi, or one Scimi + one Loki. Scimi should link to wing members. -DPS squad with 6-7 battleships OFF GRID wing -Booster squad with various boosters -one or several scout squads With a ten-man command group and three battleship wings, we get 9-10 logi and forty people getting payout; it's our current fleet, with a funny-looking structure. With fifty people, we have four battleship wings, one warping out at the end of sites. With sixty... you see how it goes, but also, can I get a second booster and y'all early leavers go claim the next site? MAYBE. We'll probably try it. So what do I DO in this fleet? Most of the time, same as normal. Drop your drones, shoot the things, broadcast on time, all that good stuff. There is one important difference; you are going to have to KNOW YOUR WING. Somebody will probably tell you after you get in, but also, check the top of your fleet window occasionally: A minute or two before end of site, FC will announce which wings are leaving. About thirty seconds before, they'll drop an align broadcast. Get your drones and align! Ten seconds before the site ends, your wing commander will WING WARP you; take the wing warp. These times are approximate, I've never done this, I have no idea what I'm doing. What about PAYOUTS? If we're running 50% too many people (so only 2/3 of you get payout), we should also be running sites 50% faster (so payouts come 3/2 as fast). I think we'll even out. Ammo costs even out too; you get fewer payouts, but also have to fire fewer rounds/site. You *do* have more chances to lose drones, pay attention, don't lose your drones. All in all, Individual line pilots should be making the same amount of isk/hour as normal, just without having to lay around in Polstodur for several hours first. So, that's the idea. There's a lot of stuff I don't know yet. What do we do with people who x-ed up with multiple ships? What if there's four people left over from building wings, how do we fit those guys in? Probably about six other things will come up. This is all highly experimental; I'm confident that I won't get everyone killed, but beyond that, *shrug*. If you've got any ideas, please say so. We'll see how it goes.
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    Considering Vylades have the sig radius of a barn, and move like a zamboni, pretty easily I think.
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    The 4th community is not Korean. They are Chinese. I feel offended. Please fix. Thanks. <3
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    you do not remember wrong, sweetcheeks
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    Hello all; Good Luck and Fortune to'ya. I am hoping Vindi Vets and DPS Vets add some of their wisdom on top of this, and please take the liberty to correct anything as they see prudent. I fell in love with WTM culture of newbro friendly, ISK faucets of fun: I started this thread to remark on some of the things i picked up and allow info to be spread to newbro's (including me'self) As DPS, whether your in an Optimal Ship, or a Starter: remember the fleet counts on us: being efficient in removing dangerous DPS tags from the field, as We are the Sword of the fleet. Our DPS targets are chosen with Wisdom behind it. The faster we Pop the Sansha, the faster our fleet will be in a safer state. I hope to stay on topic by sticking to Maneuvering, Web calls, and general info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maneuvering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The VVV Anchor should always be on your watchlist, easy right? But what happens when FC calls tag 1+2 outini/auga/deltole and you have no anchor in the pocket? BURN BABY BURN! 'Keep At Range' on the primary/Tag1 (Turn on your MWD) You do not need to be attached by the hip especially at the beggining of a room (*exeption TCRC) remember almost all FC's want Focus fire 1-X so you will generally be in the same place as the anchor anyhow. As a Blaster ship, you must get close to the enemy Sansha to hit them effectively. So in every beggining of each room, You should be anchoring(K.A.R) on your DPS Tags. This insures optimal range, and maximum potential damage application. **Pay attention to how many DPS tags are left, as you Should be Keeping at Range on your VVV-Anchor when DPS tags are low, or when FC calls for DPS burn to anchor spots* This applies in 1st rooms where the sancha are already on field, tags are up, and DPS is warping in: What I do 1st (example TPPH turn left go fast) i am spam 'E+Click' on tag 1 and as soon as i see warp meter ~40% i hit my MWD to start the burn. Then start locking your tags, i find im already hitting max speed just as the rest of the tags come in -Just remember the closing rate is fast! don't Bump nor overshoot your target (~20k out kill your MWD) and keep spamming that keep at range so you do not 'bump the targets' If your not still burnin' you can actually start to "keep at range"(E+click) to Tag 2, IF T2 is within 10k and IF Tag one(T1) is webbed.. this will help you apply more dps to T1 as you slowboat to T2(tag two) Get familliar with the Keep at range mechanic, as you get more experienced you'll notice how to apply more efficient DPS, and help the fleet and you make more ISK/hr as well as BE safer. - Eve University has a great thread on Transversals, angular velocity, and general gun dynamics, as a blaster you could benefit greatly from checking it out <https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics> --------- Sliding: aka "Using Momentum"------- So: In reference to landing in a pocket (aka Taking a Gate with FC's authorization) avoiding painful Mathimatical Calculations, what if i told you, that there is a way to use the warp speed you had to burn towards Sansha after you take an accelleration gate? Im not kiting you, it is possible. As you play, start to pay attention to your velocity Bar, especially while beginning to warping/ landing from warping. After awhile, you'll notice that the "Warp Bar" (The velocity bar that has WARPING shown across) enters warp at a certain point, (75%-90%) and exits warp, at about (40%) (Thats why we have you aligning full speed to quicken the warp) and although thats usuful, Im focusing on Landing from warp. * Id suggest to you to pay attention to when your ship Exits 'WARPING' (Aproximately 40% ) you'll notice it switches from saying "Warping" to the regular display (100m/s for example) ** This is the exact server tick/time that your ship is free to Move/aproach/keep at range, activate modules, lock targets, recieve links etc. if you desire it. And i would say you do! Why?? Because it allows you to carry that momentum! It is a lot easier for your ship to Burn to Max velocity from 100m/s vrs from a dead standstill. You "slide" from out of warp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Webs------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Precall webs always. Every Situation 2 webs are needed when Sansha start their burn. Remember, you can limp away with 1 kneecap, if you lose 2 kneecaps? "You're goin' NoWheahr'!" In TPPH's, NRF's - when you Land&Slide, call Your Webs! You have all that time to burn towards them, so VVV will probably web tag_1, there are all the others out there, So call them! this will give plenty of time for your fellow pilots to grab the rest. So break the sansha's kneecaps and start shooting em in the face, the rest of the DPS train will come along following 1-> X, and they shall not have to travel far because you webbed that sansha down. [<3 Imelda <3] Webs help the whole fleet, especially DPS squad; in the pre-spawned pockets, down to when your VVV brings you to the next spawn, you want as many DPS targets webbed down as possible. - don't call webs after you web them imho -i would suggest precalling webs, it allows your fellow DPS to not waste time switching web targets wasting precious cooldown seconds. Be aware and know what will be in web range, and what will not. If your gonna lose a web on something, call it. WTM culture will not mind if you were mistaken, if you call "6 got away" it may allow another dps to try and catch it. Foshkey wrote an excellent article that includes pictures) regarding BS that need webs that are doing 100m/s or more. Dont forget if BS are webbed, go for them cruisers (Rommi's usually) as well, and help the HHH out. Remember when the FC calls for 'DPS burn your anchor spots' turn your MWD on and keep at range on your anchor (Be aware not to bump any objects (Tower, Rocks, etc), the fleet and your VVV needs Your blasters and webs ready and in range for the next wave.* again Spread those webs! Precall, and if there are no tags yet, STILL WEB. You can coordinate what you have webbed when the tag numbers appear. If you have a tag that is just outside web range, remember you can -Overheat your web- to reach out and stop them (To Sansha: "whear you Goin'?!!") And if your K.A.R on that one trying to get away, you should be within standard web range within 1-2 overheat cycles (so you dont damage your Mid slots too much) Remember to be shootin' some'thin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tips------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlock Tag J if FC/LM calls one on the field, make sure you are not shooting it. Vylaids DONT NEED WEBS (Fiona helped me know that) as the Vylaid has no Propulsion module. Put that web to good use on some'thin else If you are HHH: and Vylaide is your Primary: 1 web on Vylaid will help Heavy Drones apply damage bettah While your webbing, remember to keep focus fire on your DPS Tags 1-X Don't chase after Trigger Tags (tag 9's OR tag Z's (TPPH last room))when the rest of the dps targets are killed. You should be K.A.R on your anchor when there are 2-3dps tags left. Remember Shoot in order. In a TPPH Final Room, Tag 9's Or Z's Ostingales are the Trigger for the next wave. It is important that tags before the trigger are killed first. * If the final Osti's are killed before the rest, there is a good chance You and your Fellow DPS members will not be waiting in ambush for the Next Wave spawn. ---Split your Guns 4/4 and stagger them, you will not regret it. You will apply more DPS, get armor shots without trying, and not waste volleys when Sansha's Pop. You can do this by holding shift, and dragging and dropping your gun group modules to the next module slot. It will start 7/1 and the next it will be 6/2. Get it to 4/4 and you will notice a difference. And dont worrie! You can always regroup them on tower bashes if you like seeing full damage ;] Precall Your Webs! Remember to shut your MWD off when you are done manuevering. Tactical Overlay Helps me out in maneuvering around the field the Default hotkey is (Ctrl-D) You can also find a Press-button Bottom left of your Capacitor GUI. -- then use HoldQ+LClick, (1st Lclick is direction, second LeftClick is elevation.) Keep and mind: listen to your FC! If the FC calls full fleet Arnons + Outini, or DPS Auga Outini Deltole Start locking them! When FC calls primaries : lock the primaries and then lock the rest of your DPS tags when the numbers arive. Remember to keep focusing fire. Just be aware if you accidentally lock a sniper target to Unlock them. You want to help your DPS squad crush your targets. Hotkey for Unlocking a target (CTL+SHIFT : CLICK) No worries about burning to final tag when there is another spawn to come, as it is much more important to be in position for the next wave/Room. (Except the end of the NRF) Your 2 types of ammo will almost always be Long Range (NULL/Faction Tungston, or Short range(VOID/Faction Antimatter. Try to pay attention to how far your targets will be, and Load the Appropriate ammo for the Task at hand. Remember it takes 5 seconds to reload *Niki's simple ammo change rule: " i always tell ppl with blasters: -if its more than 15 km away, change to long range -if its less than 10 km away, change to short range (hopefully this will be the case most of the times) -if its between 10 and 15 km just keep shooting with whatever you have loaded currently. This is good to follow until you get so experienced that you can figure out the exceptions yourself." [<3Niki<3] \m/ Try grouping your guns in a 4/4 setup, and stagger them on your DPS tags (in order), this will allow maximum amount of DPS/less cool down Active Brawl. Imho it is Much more fun and engaging than simply latching onto your VVV and not letting go. Remember: You must listen to your FC, as some things change, and WTM commanders are trained to see things you dont, coukd it safety situation, or a more efficient way than S.O.P (All written things are subject to change of the current Voice FC ) I have a blast flying with WTM (pun intended) these are just tips i gathered from learning, they'are not manditory (exception: for DPS burn to your anchor spots, be with your VVV) But they certainly go a long way to helping fleet, as well as yourself to have fun, safe fleets. I apologize in advance for any typos, as this was done from mobile device. Good luck n Fortune, I shall see you in Fleet! --VVR P.S Whether you are a Hyperion, rohk, or vindi -* if you have blasters*- and have any questions or would like to know more feel free to message me me in game mail, or give me a poke on TS "Victor Victor Rothwulf" - Me' door is open if im around. And I will find the time. \m/ "Make them sansha's go No-whear!" \m/
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    I could see this becoming a total mess if you invite every line member to it, but filling that second wing with trusted alts might work. What I'm a bit worried about is that it might start an arms race with other communities that we might not be able to win...
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    New WTM HQ fleet: In all seriousness, if you can get the wing warping portion down it should make it a bit smoother. I would recommend doing the actual warpout with 20 seconds left because you will inevitably have people not aligning, and 20 should catch the ones that forgot to turn their prop mod off as well. One of the big downsides to this is going to be the organization of the fleet itself. Adding logis to waitlists, finding people in the fleet comp for various reasons, etc. will be fairly annoying.
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    we will blot out the sun with hyperions!!!
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    Upgrade Guide This is a WIP, but I can't edit it. F in the chat. Upgrading your ship and modules is probably one of the most important things, if not the most important thing in Incursions. Warp To Me already has an upgrade policy in place to get you into an optimal hull, but where do you go from there? I’m here to explain to you what module is best to upgrade first, which modules you should be getting and what implants are great to get. The amount of ISK these modules cost is fluctuating and won’t be mentioned in this guide as much, maybe as a rough estimate. Rough upgrade progression I wish I was good with Photoshop and I could make a cool progression picture, but I am not and will try to do my best doing a rough upgrade progression. I say rough because sometimes you need something before your next actual upgrade. Say you are new and you want to fly with Warp To Me, but can't fit something or you aren't cap stable and you need an implant for that to work or would rather buy Omega before going towards an optimal ship. That's why this is a rough upgrade progression and there are plenty of places and people to help you make these decissions, other than this guide. Starter Battleship Pilot > Skill for a preferred starter Battleship > Optimal Hull > Skill towards an Optimal Fit > Buy Omega > Skill level Vs > Buy Optimal Fit > Buy Implant Set (Ascendancy is preferred) > Buy the Slot 6 to slot 10 implants > Abyssals Starter Logistic Pilot > Skill for a Minimum Logistics ship > Starter Basilik/Scimitar > Buy Omega > Skill for Logistics Cruiser V > Buy the Optimal version > Skill level Vs > Get an Implant set > Buy the Slot 6 to slot 10 implants > Abyssals Optimal Hulls It’s best to plan ahead. There are some things that work for both battleships and logistics and some that are very specific. For example, there is only one real implant set that works for battleships and that is the Ascendency set. This is not such a smart idea on logistics, though it is still worth it if you fly both. Make sure you don’t land on grid first when entering a site or TPPH room, you should be ok otherwise. For ships and most importantly modules, a logistics pilot is done sooner than a DPS or Sniper. If you are planning on only flying logistic ships, you aren’t spending as much ISK as a battleship. Therefore it’s good to plan which ship you want to fly. My personal recommendation is to do both and get an ascendancy set. The set is not only useful for incursions themselves, but also moving between a focus. Some focusses have more than 45 jumps and can cut your moving time by a lot. I wouldn’t personally suggest that you should buy what you can fly. I thought about it, but Incursions are endgame content. If you have a lot of experience in PVP fleets, doing missions or flying logistics ships, you are more than welcome, but it’s better to fly something cheaper and steadily upgrade. Most pilots new to Incursions die on their first day or week of flying, mostly leroying the wrong gate, because they didn’t properly warped to their Fleet Commander and checked for gate status. Entry/Starter Ships and Logistics More information: WTM Fittings (Other Accepted Battleships >) Hyperion > Vindicator > Nightmare/Leshak (Other Accepted Battleships >) Bhaalgorn > Nightmare > Vindicator/Leshak Logisics Cruiser IV > Starter Basilisk > Logisics Cruiser V > Optimal Basilisk > Loki Logisics Cruiser IV > Starter Scimitar > Logisics Cruiser V > Optimal Basilisk > Loki A hull upgrade is your first priority. For Logistic pilots it’s Logistics Cruiser V. Both of these options offer the best increase of optimal. Opinion: I would love to see only Logi Level V, but that's a bit controversial. Implants More information: Implant Guide Pricecheck: EVE Praisal Market: Fuzzwork Market Browser Before I start talking about module upgrades, as they are a little bit more straightforward, I would like to talk about implants. Buy implants with LP, it’s simple. Each site gives you 7k Concord LP and every incursion focus should atleast net you about 50k to 2m Concord LP, depending on how many sites you run. I earn on average 400k to 1m Concord LP. You are perfectly able to buy implants for that. Battleships Ascendancy Set There is just no better set than the Ascendancy set. They are beneficial for all incursion sites (Headquarter, Assaults and Vanguards, especially Vanguards). The set overall is just great, it will get you into sites faster, bounce faster and move faster between focusses. Nirvanas I already hear some of you Veterans thinking, Nirvanas? What? Yes, you could buy these. I would still recommend the Ascendancy set over these 99% of the time, but if you want to drop a defensive mid slot for more utility, tinker around with these. Maybe for an alt? Logistics These sets are specifically picked for logistic pilots. Even the Genolution set is for beginners and mainly Logistic pilots. I would even recommend never getting them, you will get too comfortable without having fitting issues. This sounds nice, but you can perfectly get cap stable (within the fleet) and fit optimal fits without the Genolution set and get another set of implants. Savior Set Only get these if you are exclusively flying logistic ships, both the Scimitar and the Basilisk and never think about getting into a Battleship. You rep more, what is there not to like Genolution Set Are you new to EVE or have low skills on your pilot? Get this set. It makes fitting things a lot easier without some CPU, powergrid and cap requirements. Halo/Snakes Both of these aren’t specifically to Logistics exactly, but I still want to mention these sets. It’s like an honorable mention. All logistic fits have some defensive modules, but they mostly sig and speed tanked. These sets help with either of those things. Again, Ascendancy, Genos or even Saviors are better than these for Incursions, but not bad options, they are still viable. Modules Module priority is important. There are plenty of modules that are more important than others and I will go over every single one of them. Most upgrades for modules only cost a very low amount of ISK and it's good to get them sure, but it's better to safe up ISK and get the more important ones first. The famous X-type MWD Quaf-Lif > Domination > X-type Probably the best upgrade you can buy. Definitely one of the first upgrades you should get. Personally I would skip the Domation and go straight to the X-type. The reason toget it is that it has no negative capacitor capacity bonus. That means even when you have it fitted, there is no penalty to your capacitor, only when activating it. This counts for both the Gist X-type and the Core X-type. At the moment of writing this, I am going to mention that the Gist X-type is now only 200m cheaper than the Core X-type, sitting at 500m. The difference is that huge and for an earlier upgrade, it's better to get the Gist X-type at the moment. Damage mods While an A-type Multispectrum sounds nice after a new shiny MWD, get damage mods first. They are far cheaper and buying 4 of them, skyrockets your DPS on your ship. When it comes to these Faction modules, buy the cheapest, they are all the same. They as in: Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer or the Shadow Serpentis Magnetic Field Stabilizer Ammatar, Dark Blood, Federation Navy, Imperial Navy, Shadow Serpentis or True Sansha Heat Sink. I could be going over Leshak damage mods, but just get Abyssals, preferably T2 rolled better than faction ones. Pithum A-type Multispectrum Shield Hardener Yes, ok? Finally, you can get your speciul hardener. For both the Vindicator and the Nightmare there are fits where you can fit an extra module, the double web Vindicator and the Sebo Nightmare with just 1 Pithum A-type. It's good to get that single A-type and buy the extra module. Get this module as a faction upgrade, this is very important. Both of these extra modules can be paid within 1 hour of incursions. Utility Before buying your second Pithum A-type, focus a bit more on utility. As I mentioned these Improved fits for the optimal hulls, they also contain other modules you should be getting Faction Webifier Get the Federation Navy Stasis Webifier for less range, more negative speed velocity bonus. Get the Dark Blood Stasis Webifier for more range, less negative speed velocity bonus. (Preferred) Faction Tracking Computers Federation Navy Tracking Computers Faction Sensor Boosters Federation Navy Sensor Booster Faction Drone Damage Amplifier Whichever is cheapest Dread Guristas, Federation Navy, Imperial Navy, Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier Faction Damage Control Personally I did very long without it, that's also because these were introduced not so long ago. It's only a 200 to 250m upgrade, your choice, get the cheapest one. Sentient, Shadow Serpentis, Syndicate Damage Control. Your 2nd Pithum A-type Multispectrum Shield Hardener Yes, it's finally time for that double A-type fit, the Optimal fit. Once you have upgraded the other most important modules on your ship, you can finally look at upgrading those rigs. For both the Vindicator and the Nightmare it's the famous Burst Aerator Rig II and this will add roughly 100 more DPS to your fit. Abyssals Market: Multiplasmid.space You are here now, you have the optimal fit and are trying to min-max your fit. After getting all of your Faction and Deadspace modules and your implants, all that is left is to buy your abyssal modules. These modules can get a tad bit expensive, but I recently bought some myself and they aren't as expensive as you think. You can get some great modules from T2 roled moduled that are sometimes better than the faction ones. Remember one thing though, penalties. They still apply on Abyssal mods and getting 4 god tier abyssals isn't really going to help you much, contrary to popular believe. Other than damage mods, this is where I leave you. You can abyssal almost all modules on your fit to your liking. I could give some recommendations: Abysal Damage Mods > Abyssal Utility > Abyssal Tank (Damage Control)(If you go abyssal dcu, aim for a faction one, but usually these are unnecessary) Credits to @Bear Ursa Get 1 with excellent ROF Get 1 with excellent Damage Get 1 with good ROF and ok damage Get 1 with good damage and ok ROF This should give you the best modifiers. Also keep the numbers from faction damage modules in the back of your head: Damage Modifier: 1.12 x Rate of Fire Bonus: 11% All of your Abyssal modules don't have to be above these numbers. Your excellent ROF and excellent Damage abyssals can have both worse damage and ROF respectively. That's all in favour of the stacking penalties.
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    Please please work on those skills <3
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    \m/ <3 \m/ Hey WTM<3 I Found this, while trying to soak up wisdom from all sources. Here are some links : Part 1 and 2. I know these videos helped me out greatly, to improve muscle memory efficiency, and i have incorporated it into how I play. I am thankful for all the wisdom/tips that are already posted all over the forum, as well as what has been shared with me in WTM, so I started this thread to help NewBro's and anyone else who wants to become a Logend; my'self included. We love Logi's, and In My Humble Opinion its 2nd place fun only to Being a Vindi with 2 webs <3. "Logi's are Legends" I <3 Logi If you have Tips to share! share them below! Without Further Ado Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIJZrsLssYc&feature=youtu.be Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6yFormVPP0
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    Drugs Guide Drugs... are in fact... hmmmkaay. Ok? Use drugs. Drugs in EVE are a great way to improve your ship, even though the margins are small. They can improve your tracking, optimal range, damage and capacitor mostly. There are a LOT of other drugs you can use, but the drugs in this guide have no drawbacks and help your ship in my opinion, immensely. (For Mindflood, Frentix, and Drop, make sure you are looking for synth variants, they have no penalties and are cheapest) There are recommendations on what drugs you should use, because some drug slots overlap, but just use EVERYTHING you can. They are cheap, usually only costing a couple mil each, and you earn them back in 1 site. Biology V You need to train this to be able to have it last for an hour long. Totally worth it though. The Drugs 'The Big Three' Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB3 Dose I (Pyro I for short) Gives you an increase of 3% DPS. Booster slot: 11 Recommended for: Battleships This is a perfect drug for everyone to use. Perfect to lower site times for the fleet or for those contests against other communities. There is a 5% DPS one, for approximately 15m~, and 7% and 9% variants for increasing costs, Dose 1 is cheap enough for everyone, and also part of the daily login campaigns, check your redeem queue! Synth Frentix Booster Gives you an Optimal Range Modifier of 3% Booster slot: 2 Recommended for: Battleships You get that extra little range to hit things better. What is there not to like? Use it. Synth Mindflood Booster Gives you a Capacitor Modifier of 3% Booster slot: 1 Recommended for: All Pilots Honestly, everyone should be using this. Everyone is using their propulsion mod to get everywhere, get more cap. It doesn't overlap the other booster slots like the Drop and Frentix do, so there you can pick either one. This has it's separate slot and in my opinion, everyone should be using this. (Note for Logi pilots: The non-synth variants carry no penalties relevant to logi pilots, so you can use standard or greater without fear of drawbacks, just be mindful when switching back to battleships, as your turret application may be affected!) 'Honorable Mention' Synth Drop Booster Gives you a tracking speed bonus of 3% Booster slot: 2 Recommended for: DDD (Frentix over Drop for general battleships) Want some more tracking, even though the upgrade is a slight upgrade? Get it, please. Yes, it's only 3%, but it helps so much. Quafe Zero Gives you a Scan Resolution bonus and a Velocity Modifier of 5% Booster slot: 1 Recommended for: Logistics You can argue that this can also be used for Battleships, faster lock up times and speeds are great for getting into range of the Sansha, but can be a little pricey at times, Mindflood might be better. That's countered though that it lasts a lot longer, 2 hours in fact. If you make 120m an hour, that's a steal. It's up to you, personally, I like my capacitor and use the Mindflood one for my Vindicator. If I would be flying a logistics ship though, mainly the basilisk, I would go for the Quafe Zero. Agency 'Overclocker' SB3 Dose I Gives you a Velocity Bonus of 3% Booster slot: 11 Recommended for: Basilisks If you fly basi you know the pain of slugging your way through TPPH rooms, this drug will give you a slight boost to speed and is cheap as chips. Same as other Agency drugs, these come in 5%, 7%, and 9% variants. As all boosters, these are not stacking penalized, and will stack with other things like Quafe Zero. 'Others' Antipharmakon Aeolis Gives you a Capacitor Modifier of 8% Booster slot: 1 Recommended for: Battleships Drifter booster that acts as an alternative to Synth Mindflood, more expensive, but stronger than synth with no penalties. Antipharmakon Iokira Gives you a tracking speed bonus of 8% Booster slot: 2 Reccomended for: DDD Drifter booster that acts an alternative to Synth Drop, more expensive, but stronger than synth with no penalties.
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    Apart from the requirement to reach 100K EHP, there is very little said about required skills in both the fitting page and the rookie guide. So when the FC called upon us to overheat our guns, it took me a while to figure out that I needed thermodynamics in order to do so. I'm also going batshit crazy on Capacitor and Navigation skills, as I never seem to have enough to keep my MWD going while we slowboat to the next position. I kind of wish I'd had those before I started. So mentioning that in one of the guides might help other newcomers. Feel free to add more skill suggestions if you'd happen to have any.
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    Well, we do have a skill guide here on the forums. It might be a bit obscure / hard to find, and a link to it in the rookie guide might not hurt, but it's there. Have a look and see if that helps you.
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    Warp To Me Rookie Guide Introduction Welcome to Warp To Me Incursions! We are very happy that you are interested in running incursions with us, but as you might expect, you must know a few things before joining our fleets. Please read this guide thoroughly and verify everything is properly set up before attempting to join one of our fleets. Warp To Me Incursions Channel Our channel is the main base of operations and the central hub for our community. Joining Channel If you are not currently in the Warp to Me Incursions in-game channel you will need to join it! In order to join a new channel, you must open up your channels menu. If it is not already on your neocom, you will find this by opening the Eve Settings Menu (Giant E above your character portrait) and then navigating the menus to Social and then Channels. Once the Menu has opened, simply type “Warp to Me Incursions” into the text box and click join. WTM Requirements Warp To Me Incursions is a new player friendly environment. Therefore we ask that you to not talk about politics, religion or other sensitive topics in our channel. If you simply follow our #1 Rule: DON'T BE A DICK, you won't have any issues. Message of the Day (MotD) The Warp To Me Incursions Chat MotD is a source of the majority of the information you will need. At the top, you will find important links for WTM. We highly suggest you to join our forums today! Below those links, you will find a list of WTM's current leadership, officers, and active founders. Then we have the current location of the fleet. Incursion states the constellation we are staging in. HQ states which system is the HQ incursion system Dock-up states which NPC Station you should dock in during this incursion. Note that this dock-up is the closest station to the HQ system, most of the time in the HQ system, but sometimes it is one or two jumps away when the HQ system doesn't have an NPC Station. Status states the current status of the fleet. Currently the Waitlist is where Fleet Statuses will be posted. If you ever happen to lose track of the information in any MOTD you can always refresh it by clicking the cog/gear icon (in your channel window) -> click Reload MOTD (the very first option). Settings Before joining a Warp To Me Fleet you should change a few settings that aren't set by default. CSPA CSPA is a mandatory isk charge to any pilot attempting to contact you, either by private conversations, mail, or fleet invites. This is an attempt by CCP to prevent spam to new players. By default, this is set to 0 Isk (it used to be 2,950 Isk), but we still need you to verify it is 0 Isk. Fleet Commanders will not invite you to fleet unless CSPA is 0 Isk in the mail settings. Tags An efficient form of communication that our Fleet Commanders use are tags, to show which targets to shoot. By default, this column on your overview is not visible. To add the column, open your overview settings and navigate to the columns tab. Check the Tag column and drag it towards the top. Furthermore, if you do not have an overview that is set up to see the Sansha and the incursion sites, it is highly suggested that you either ask for one in Warp To Me Incursions chat that is specifically designed for incursions or create one yourself in the overview settings: Sansha ships are listed under NPC > Pirate NPC Incursion sites are listed under Celestial > Beacon Audio Alerts We highly suggest that you set up Audio Alerts for your ship. These alarms are not to be relied on but may save your ship if you become distracted while in fleet. To set up your audio alerts, open up the settings menu in the bottom right hand corner of your HUD and click on “Configure Ship Health Alert Settings.” In this menu, set your shield alarm to 95% (any higher and it might bug and not sound) and your capacitor alarm to 30%. Broadcast Settings Before joining one of our fleets there are certain settings in your fleet broadcast window that need to be set up. To change broadcast settings you will need to be in a fleet. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on your own name in a chat channel and select “Form fleet with…” This will create a fleet with only you in it. Once in a fleet, click on fleet settings and then navigate down to broadcast settings. In this menu, ensure that the following broadcasts are checked: Need Capacitor, Target, Warp to, Align to, Need Shield, and In Position at. Any other broadcasts you want to see you can check as well, but these should be the minimum. You will notice on the right hand side of your broadcast settings menu are small square menus that you can use to color-code your broadcast history. Changing the colors of your broadcasts to colors of your choice will make them easier to identify in the history tab. This is especially important if you are in a logistics ship or to easily distinguish between align to and warp to broadcasts. Finally, back on the Fleet window, at the very bottom, you should see a row of broadcast buttons. If you do not see these buttons, be sure to click the two small arrows in the bottom right of the window. Once the window is expanded there will be a symbol in the bottom right corner. This should be arrows pointing in all four directions that when the cursor is hovered over displays “Scope: Everyone.” If this is not the case, left click on it until it is. Finally, be sure to drop your own fleet when done adjusting your settings! Our FCs will not be able to invite you if you are already in a fleet, even if it's your own by yourself! Safety and Duel Settings Warp To Me Pilots are doing a wide variety of things in EVE when they are not flying with us. Therefore it is very important that our pilots ensure that their safety settings are always set to Green (enabled) whenever they join our fleets. There have been many instances where pilots have forgotten, accidentally aggressed another member of the fleet and lost their expensive incursion ship to CONCORD. If your safety is not Green, simply click the circle on the top left of your hud and select “Enable Safety.” You should also set your account to auto-reject duel invites. When you enter a duel, logi are unable to rep you due to flags and combat timers. To avoid accidentally entering a duel, you can block duels from ever coming up on your screen. From the settings menu (accessed using the Esc key), go to General Settings, and halfway down the center section. Simply check the box to block duel invites. Also under General Settings, Inflight section set the Auto Target Back to 0 Targets. This will ensure you are not auto-locking logi and other pilots who may lock you up during site. Drone Settings Whenever you are in a Warp To Me Fleet, your drones need to be set to Passive and Focus Fire. You will be assisting your drones to another pilot, and these settings help this pilot control your drones. Comms (TS3) Warp To Me Incursions Fleet use TeamSpeak 3 as our primary means of communication with the fleet. We require every pilot to have teamspeak set up before joining fleet, and be connected and listening to the FC while in fleet. Please download it here. If you are a hearing impaired pilot you are still welcome to fly with us! Please read our guide here. Comms Information The server address for the Warp To Me TeamSpeak will be found On the wait list After you have posted a fit or in the MotD of Fleet chat. It does not matter if you have a microphone, but you must be able to hear the FCs, and pilots with their teamspeak muted (denoted by their icon) will be notified. For identification purposes, ensure your TeamSpeak name matches your in-game name, without corporation/alliance tags. If you are using a microphone it must be set to "Push-to-Talk." This can be found in Settings > Options > Capture > Push-to-Talk. From there, in order to talk, you must hold down a key (as chosen in the options, default is Ctrl) in order to open your mic and talk. Please do not Mute your speakers while in "join this" channel. The keyword "Check" is used to indicate the closing of open communications on TeamSpeak. In other words, stop talking if you hear "Check." For legal and safety purposes, we do not allow streaming or recording of comms in any form. For permission and more information on streaming, please contact your FC. Joining Fleet Of course, by reading this guide, you're looking to join one of our fleets! Arguably being the most important part of the guide here, we'll cover getting yourself a ship and how, exactly, you can get into one of our fleets with that ship! Ships & Fittings To fly in our fleets you need a fitted ship! Not only that, but a fitted ship that meets our minimum requirements. These requirements and fit suggestions can be found at our dedicated fitting webpage, which can also always be found in the WTM Chat MotD. We also expect you to be actively using everything fit onto your ship. That means that your guns should be firing, missiles launching, drones going out, and prop mod burning whenever these actions are appropriate. Most importantly, it is crucial that your Shield Hardeners be actively cycling and staggered whenever you are in space. In order for an FC to send you an invite, you must have a valid fit that meets minimum requirements. If it doesn't, then the FC will assist you in fitting to meet these requirements. Occasionally, however, our FCs make mistakes and allow invalid fits that other FCs will catch later. Just because you got in last time does not mean that your fit is correct. Also know that our volunteer Commanders are there to help you! Ask your questions in Warp To Me chat and off-duty Commanders (and maybe even some experienced pilots) will always be willing to help you with any questions you may have regarding your fit or otherwise. For further information, please read our Rules & Regulations or contact an Officer or a member of Leadership. Wait List Manager WTM is an HQ community, which means we can have a maximum number of 40 on-grid pilots in our fleets before receiving reduced payouts. This means that we sometimes have to tell people to wait. WTM has and always will invite on a first come first serve basis, within fleet needs and for those that meet our Upgrade Policy.. How we manage waiting pilots is through our Wait List Manager website. The link to this website can always be found in our channel MotD. All invites to the fleet (with a few exceptions) is done by this wait list manager, so to join our fleet, you need to know how to use it! Upon signing in to the website, you're presented with the X-Up form, and five columns down below: X-Up, Logi, DPS,Sniper, and Leshak. X-Up are those that posted their fit and are waiting for approval from the current FC. Upon approval, they're moved to the appropriate waiting column (Logi, DPS, Sniper, or Leshak). When spots in the fleet open up, they're replaced by those at the top of these three columns. How to X-Up Please make sure you are no more than 3 Jumps away from dock-up before you X-UP Invites can come fast and we do not wish to delay fleet by having to wait for pilots that are more than a few jumps away "X-Up" is an old term that means to post your fit for approval and potential invite. Here's how to do this: In the EVE client, go to the Ship Fitting Window. On the bottom right side is a Save button, click it. A Fitting Management window will open, that has a Copy to Clipboard button at the bottom, click it. Go to the Wait List Website. If you don't see the X-Up form, click the green X-Up button at the top. In the big text field, below Fittings, press Ctrl+V or right click and select Paste. Note that you can enter multiple fits! If Logi, enter your Logistics Cruisers Skill Level when prompted. If Rokh/Rattlesnake, enter your Caldari Battleship Skill Level when prompted. Click Enter On Waitlist. Your Fittings will now be queued up in the X-Up column for approval. Once your fit is approved, you will be moved to the bottom of a waitlist column: Logi, DPS, Sniper, or Leshak depending on what role your fit is. As pilots at the top are invited to fleet, they will be removed from the list, moving you up towards the top. Once a spot opens up in fleet and you're at the top, you'll get an invite! Note that your fleet invite is valid for 60 seconds. The wait list manager has a number of tools to notify you of this invite, including a poke on TS3 and a notification link that plays a sound when invited. If you miss the invite, don't worry! The FC will invite you again on the next wave of invites. However, if you miss three invites in a row, the FC may remove you from the waitlist and you'll have to X-Up again! Finding the Fleet in Space For your own safety, we ensure every pilot has the basics covered before they join us on grid. If it is your first time flying in a WTM, please inform the FC when you are invited to fleet. They will review a few topics and tell you where to go. Broadcasting For you to communicate effectively with the fleet, you must learn how to broadcast properly. Furthermore, you must be able to see broadcasts, as Commanders use them for communication as well. Sending Broadcasts There are three main broadcasts that you should know: Shield, Capacitor, and In Position. The buttons for these broadcasts can always be found at the bottom of your fleet window. If you don't see a row of broadcast buttons, click the two little arrows in the bottom right corner of the fleet window. You should broadcast for Shield when the Sansha first target you. Denoted by yellow boxes around the Sansha icons. A loss due to failure to broadcast for shield on time is considered a non-SRPable loss. You should broadcast for Capacitor if your capacitor falls below 30% or targeted by Outuni Mesens. We set an alarm for this earlier Do not broadcast for capacitor if there are Outunis on the field and you do not have aggro. The person who has aggro needs it far more than you, due to dangerous Outuni neutralizers. You should broadcast In Position if you no longer have aggression or no longer need capacitor. When the Sansha ships icons changed from yellow box to red box back to yellow box, you no longer have aggression. When your capacitor is greater than 70%, you no longer need capacitor. If you broadcasted for both, then no longer need one, broadcast In Position, wait one second, and broadcast for whichever you need. E.g. you have Outuni aggro, you broadcast for both shield and capacitor. Outunis die, you have >70% capacitor, but still hold aggression. Broadcast In Position, wait one second, then broadcast for Shield. Viewing Broadcasts You should always have the History tab active in your Fleet window to view the broadcasts of the fleet. For FC communications, there are two main broadcasts: Align to and Warp to. Align broadcasts are orders to align to a point in space. Right click on the broadcast and Align to. Warp broadcasts are orders to warp to a point in space, most of the time the next site. Right click on the broacast and Warp to at 0. Do not warp before FC orders via voice commands. If you are flying a logistics ship, you are required to lock every shield broadcast. This is most easily done by holding down the hotkey for locking and clicking on the broadcast. For more information on flying logistics ships, read our Logi Rookie Guide. Broadcast Hotkeys We discourage the use of hotkeys due to unreliability, while the fleet window buttons are 100% reliable, and we absolutely want every new pilot to use fleet window buttons instead of hotkeys. However, if you use hotkeys at your own risk, increase reliability by ensuring you do not have a window active (click in space) before pressing the hotkey. Furthermore, verify that your broadcast went through by looking in the Fleet History window. If you do not see your broadcast, the Logi do not see it either. Note that utilizing this method does not make Hotkeys 100% reliable. Using hotkeys is not an excuse for failure to broadcast on time. If this becomes a problem, we'd recommend to just use the fleet window buttons for broadcasting. Roles Individuals of the fleet have certain Roles, ranging from standard DPS ship to more specialized roles of Anchor and FC. In this section we'll cover basic roles and more specialized roles, what those roles mean, along with important roles to add to your watchlist. Basic Roles There are three basic roles in our fleet that you will automatically be grouped in: Short-range DPS, Long-range Sniper and Leshaks, and Logistics Cruisers. Logi is self-explanatory, you're flying either a Basilisk or a Scimitar and providing reps to the fleet. DPS, Snipers are the offensive part of the fleet, and you're classified based on what guns you have fitted to your ship. What tags you target are based on whether you're classified as a DPS or Sniper ship. Long-range Snipers and Leshaks Projectile Artillery, Lasers, Disentegrators Targets are lettered tags: A, B, C, ..., H, I Do not shoot tag J Keep at range 5,000m on AAA Short-range DPS Hybrid Blasters, Drone Boats, and all types of Missiles Targets are numbered tags: 1, 2, 3, ..., 9, X, Y, Z Keep at range 5,000m on VVV Logistics Cruisers Orbit at 10 km on Booster Read our Logi Rookie Guide If there are none of your tag type remaining on grid, then shoot the other. I.e. DPS shoot numbers then letters, Snipers shoot letters then numbers. Do not ever shoot tag J. This is used to designate a target that, if killed, would put fleet safety in jeopardy. Shooting tag J is a valid reason to get a kick from fleet! AAA,VVV/Booster are specialized roles assigned to members of the fleet. Where to find your AAA/VVV/Booster will be in the next section. Specialized Fleet Roles Certain pilots within the fleet have specialized roles. These roles include FC, CCC, Anchors, MTAC, and Boosters, and are assigned by the FC of the fleet, but it's most commonly volunteer-based. If you have interest in these roles, read the guides and volunteer! Guides can be found by clicking the links below or in fleet chat. We're always willing to teach these roles, and if you ever want to be a Commander, best thing to do to get our attention is to take these roles whenever possible! FC: Fleet Commander - Gives commands to the fleet, be sure to listen! CCC: Cap Chain Coordinator - Responsible for organizing and updating the Basi Cap Chain AAA: Sniper & Leshak Anchor - If you're a sniper or Leshak, keep at range 5,000m VVV: Short-range DPS Anchor - if you're a short-range DPS ship, keep at range 5,000m. HHH: Heavy Drone Bunny - Assist your medium & heavy drones to this person. DDD: Light Drone Bunny - Designated Vindi to prioritize the frigates, Assist your light drones to this person. MTAC: Performs a specific job in the TCRC site. Booster: Provides Fleet to the Fleet and acts as Logi Anchor. Logi Orbit at 10KM. Drones What do you with your drones? This section will cover just that. Light Drones will be assisted to the DDD Acolytes, Hobgoblins, Warriors etc. Medium & Heavy Drones will be assisted to the HHH Ogres, Berserkers, Geckos, Hammerheads etc. If you have multiple flights of different size, lighter is usually better, except for tower bashes. You assist your drones by Right Clicking on your Drones in Local Space > Assist > Watchlist > [Pilot Name]. A pilot can only have 50 drones assisted to him/her. If the DDD or HHH is full, then assist to the VVV. Watchlist The fleet watchlist is a very important tool to every pilot. To get this watchlist started, right click on your anchor in the Fleet MOTD (under Fleet Roles, AAA/VVV depending on Sniper/DPS respectively), go to Fleet > Add to Watchlist. This should open up your watchlist window, and place it somewhere accessible. You can click and drag other names into this watchlist as well, and it's recommended that you should at least have your Anchor and FC in your watchlist. From there, you're able to easily right click on the name, keep at range > 5,000m, or whatever you need to do to anchor. Furthermore, when assisting drones, this adds a "Watchlist" submenu so you can easily assist your drones as well. Ship Replacement Program Warp To Me offers a Ship Replacement Program (SRP) to its pilots. SRP is like an insurance policy that covers the loss of your ship if the loss is not your fault: 15 Million - Up to 6 Billion Examples (but not limited to) of SRPable loss: FC Error (sometimes FCs mess up) Logi Error Examples (but not limited to) of non-SRPable loss: Failure to broadcast on time Taking a gate without FC permission (called "leeroying") Being CONCORDed (Please make sure your safety is set to green) Having a killright or wardec (please take care of those before joining fleet) Ganks are covered as long as you follow the FCs commands. In short, if you follow FC commands and broadcast on time, your ship will be covered. Note that your ship must meet our minimum requirements to be covered by SRP. Your SRP payment covers you from the time you pay until the next Down Time (DT-1100 server time). You may leave fleet and rejoin as many times as you wish during this time without having to repay every time you join fleet. Sounds pretty good, right? Well how do you sign up? Simply send the payment (15 million) to the In-Game corporation with the name of "WarpTo SRP". This corporation will be linked in the fleet MOTD. This is the only official WTM SRP corporation and the only one you should trust. If in doubt check the CEO name for "Sparta Epic Cyno." WTM is not held responsible for scammers, although if one appears, please report it to a WTM Officer or a member of Leadership.
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    The Skill Guide Hello fellow pilots! This guide will be walking you through all the skills that you could train to optimize the use of your ship, either an Optimal Battleship or a Logistics ship. This guide is more of a suggestion, however, as you might find other skills more necessary to train first, some that might have been left out, or skills that you feel are not needed for you. These skill plans are designed to be used one after the other, start at minimum and work your way up to optimal! You can click the "spoiler" and copy and paste those skills directly into the EVE training queue window. Here's how: 1. Copy any of the spoilered skill list to your Clipboard (Select and then CTRL+C) 2. Then select 'Add skills listed in clipboard to end of queue' shown here: 3. The new queue will be loaded and give you a confirmation message Good luck training the skills! If you have any questions, please contact any of our Commanders (FCs or LCs) or Council (Leadership and Officers) 1. Vindicator Guns: Hybrids - Large Neutron Blasters Battleship Bonus: Gallente/Minmatar WTM Minimum - Hyperion (Affordable Stepping Stone) WTM Minimum - Vindicator WTM Optimal - Vindicator 2. Nightmare Guns: Lasers - Large Tachyon Beam / Large Mega Pulse (T2 Only) Battleship Bonus: Amarr/Caldari WTM Minimum - Bhaalgorn (Affordable Stepping Stone) WTM Minimum - Nightmare WTM Optimal - Nightmare 3. Leshak Gun: Disentegrator - Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator II Battleship Bonus: Precursor WTM Minimum - Leshak WTM Optimal - Leshak 4. Logistic Ships Please look at our other guides for more information about logistics, capacitor management and implants. Rookie Logi Guide Implant Guide Cap Management Guide Advanced Incursion Tips Guide Basilisk Role: Support - Remote Repair + Remote Cap and Sensor Boost (Signature Radius, faster lock speed for the drone bunny or your up cap) Caldari Cruiser skill bonus WTM Minimum - Basilisk WTM Optimal - Basilisk Scimitar Role: Support - Remote Repair and Tracking Links (Tracking Speed and Optimal Range) Minmatar Cruiser skill bonus WTM Minimum - Scimitar WTM Optimal - Scimitar Loki Role: Support - Remote Repair Minmatar Strategic Cruiser skill bonus and Subsystems (Please note the Loki has other requirements, refer to this post for details) Further Reading EVE Uni Magic 14 Skills and Learning Support Skills
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    Implant Guide This guide will go over the Implant's we suggest at Warp To Me for the ships we use. It will go over Implant's for Skill Hardwiring(slots 6-10) which are most important for optimizing your clone and Attribute Enhancing(slots 1-5) which will add utility over regular learning Implants. Cybernetics You need this skill to use any of the implants below. We suggest training Cybernetics to V, this allows you to use 6% implants which can be purchased with the Concord LP we earn from running Incursions. These implants are purchased for 250m ISK and 250k LP at Concord Stations. Tips If you fly several ships, like a DPS and a Logistics ship, try getting implants that help both fits, such as Capacitor, Shield or Ship speed implants. Getting a whole set of attribute enhancing implants(slots 1-5) is worth more than just get 1 or 2 as the effects stack. If you are just starting with WTM and are short on ISK we suggest purchasing 3% implants as they only run about 20m ISK each at the major trade hubs, after running Incursions for a while you should have earned enough ISK and LP to purchase 6% implants at Concord LP stores. Attribute Enhancing Implant Sets We at WTM are a new bro friendly community and do not require specific Implant sets to meet doctrines. We do however suggest these implant sets as they greatly help out on fleet performance. High-Grade Ascendancy Set This set of implants is great of making you more ISK! You warp in site faster, you warp to structures faster, you warp from site to site faster, and you move foci faster. Getting these help you train skills faster as well as make ISK faster. The best investment you'll ever make. SLOT 1: High-grade Ascendancy Alpha Primary Effect: Boosts perception by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 2: High-grade Ascendancy Beta Primary Effect: Boosts memory by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +2% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 3: High-grade Ascendancy Gamma Primary Effect: Boosts willpower by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +3% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 4: High-grade Ascendancy Delta Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +4% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 5: High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +5% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 6: Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618 Effect: Gives a +18% Warp Speed bonus (Great for every pilot!) Bling: High-grade Ascendancy Omega Genolution Set If you are a Logi only person and you really don't want to buy the above-mentioned set, then this is the implant set for you! Also even though each Implant has a different bonus, they do have a stacking bonus and running a full set boosts all bonus's to 4.25%. SLOT 1: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 Primary Effect: Boosts perception by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% powergrid and capacitor bonus, 50% bonus for set SLOT 2: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4 Primary Effect: Boosts memory by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship agility and armor hit points bonus, 20% bonus for set SLOT 3: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 Primary Effect: Boosts willpower by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship velocity and shield capacity bonus, 30% bonus for set SLOT 4: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% CPU and capacitor recharge bonus, 40% bonus for set Skill Hardwiring Implants Hybrid ship Implants These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Hybrid ship or a lesser % equivalent you can afford. SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives an increase to turret tracking speed of 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% Alternative: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 6%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) Bling: Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 7%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) SLOT 10: Zainou 'Deadeye' Large Hybrid Turret LH-1006 Gives a boost to large hybrid turret damage by 6% Laser ship Implants These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Laser ship or a lesser % equivalent that you can afford. SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives an increase to turret tracking speed of 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% Alternative: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 6%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) Bling: Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 7%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) SLOT 10: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Large Energy Turret LE-1006 Gives a boost to large energy turret damage by 6% Bling: Pashan's Turret Handling Mindlink Gives a boost to large energy turret damage by 7% Leshak Implants These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Leshak or a lesser % equivalent that you can afford. SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives an increase to turret tracking speed of 6% Alternative: Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Management SM-706 SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 6% Bling: Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 7% SLOT 10 Logistic ship Implants These are some of the implants logistic pilots should use. Primarily slot 8 capacitor implants as most logistics pilots will also be flying damage dealing ships which will benefit from increased capacitor stability. While scan resolution and shield capacity can also benefit a damage dealing ship, they are typically better off using a tracking implant. As for slots 9 & 10 you are better suited getting Implants that will bonus your damage dealing ship as there are no specific Implants that directly improve Logistic ships. - Scimitars have the option to go for the alternative implants if they can maintain capacitor stability while running 3 reps, prop mod and tank modules. SLOT 6: Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618 Alternative: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 SLOT 7: Zainou 'Gypsy' Signature Analysis SA-706 Gives an increase to scan resolution by 6% Alternative: Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Management SM-706 Gives an increase to shield capacity by 6% Basilisk only Pilots: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Emission Systems ES-706 Gives a 6% reduction in need of capacitor for modules that require the Capacitor Emission Systems skills SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% Alternative: Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link Gives an increase to Afterburner & Microwarpdrive speed by +5% SLOT 9: SLOT 10: