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    The guy that run alone in multibox. How do he run HQ alone is he inhuman? I know VG can be run alone only 15 but 40 toons? Please enlighten me.
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    It's counterproductive to go to a "central" spot in a region when you jump to another clone. Usually it's faster to go from system A to system B directly than to go from system A to system C, and then from C to B, right? If you try to be "organized" about this, you're doing that exact thing. Where you place clones depends on how many you have. When I had two, I kept one on the "Amarr side" of things and one on the "Gallente side." At three, it was one Amarr, one Gallente, one Caldari. At four, one in each empire. When I quit... I have six sets, iirc. Ashab/Rens/Dodixie/Caldari/Kador Prime/Khanid, approximately. By the time you've got that many clones assembled, you have a fair idea of what the boundaries for each one are; there aren't that many hisec focuses.
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    I absolutely hate your poll options. It is perfectly possible for me to show you why this fit won't work, but your "no" option assumes that the only reason I would say no is because I refuse to look at it. We have a billion tools and testing methods to prove out fits. Please do not assume we are unwilling to evaluate. Doing so is likely to just anger the most valuable people to your cause.
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    My girl posing <3 doggos
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    So I have a free house as Kitty is taking Leo camping with the Scouts. Traditionally, this usually means a drunken fleet hosted by yours truly. Those of you that have flown in them can attest to the somewhat cavalier nature of my approach to sober FC-ing. This time, I have decided to make use of our free Praxis ships, given by CCP. ANYONE IN A PRAXIS IS IMMEDIATELY JUMPED TO THE TOP OF THE QUEUE. This is a blatant abuse of power, all complaints to be directed at @Blobert & @Toh Kay Manifess. You can of course, fly anything that meets tank. I just fancied a theme I am going to add the fits below, starting with the tank. This is the only hard rule. After that, choose your flavour. One thing to mention. All Logi need to be in standard ships. I will be recording all names that make this sacrifice and expecting those in the fun fleet in fun ships to put tips into a pool. I wil then split it when I wake up, hungover. So, with the legal stuff out of the way, here come the fits. You can meta four anything EXCEPT TANK Min tank: Rokh 350 wannabe: Praxis DPS: Praxis Pulse: Praxis Beam: Praxis Arty: Praxis 800 AC: Praxis Cruise: Praxis Torp: German Tachy Praxis: Feel free to tweak, change, mess around with, lambast, or really whatever you want with the fits above. But the tank is vital. Love you all Juan
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    + 1 to attend. Contemplating quitting my job to attend such a festivity. (Jk, but ill be there or Crash Trying) . .
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    You start to box and you realise you can do this in VG. After a while its not enough and you go crazy and you expand to AS. Its the same, you just need more toons. And then there are a few madmen wiho are never satisfied. So they just go full nutz, HQ sites, and never enough toons. But still, its basically the same. JUST NEED MOAR TOONS Never enough... (Also you can blame them for plex prices too ! jk )
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    Good morning all, Could we ask the FC's to add 1 or 2 sentences to the New Bro Speech? "Read me the last thing in the Fleet History Tab" or "Read me the 1st word in the last broadcast" and "You need to keep this tab open and be looking for Align and WarpTo commands" I only mention it because a couple of times, if the new bro joins right at a TCRC, there was some struggle to get them out safely. Thanks for your time and consideration, o7
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    First of all, I'm about to piss all over your idea -so, sorry for that. I think it's great that you're thinking about stuff like this though. I'm all about moving forward and improving. Unfortunately, I think this idea requires too many compromises, doesn't provide enough benefit, and either raises the barrier of entry to flying basilisk or requires that a cap chain still be maintained. First, let's talk barrier to entry. The fit requires Logistics Cruisers V just to get started, which will limit the pool of available logi. Of course, most pilots do quickly train logi V, but this will slightly increase the chances of running low on logi. Second, the fit makes several compromises 7% less repping power 32% more expensive than the opti Basi, and 274% more expensive than the minimum fit Buffer EHP is lower than the opti and minimum fits by 7.5% and 29.4% respectively. This is combined with diminished repping power for the fleet -which is not inconsequential considering logistics cruisers are already the most frequently lost ships. No room for a sig amp (which reducses lock times, significantly decreases the chances of being jammed by Niarja [still quite likely to be jammed by the 3x arnon though], and grants up to 2 extra locks for pre-locking agro magnets and dealing with split agro). No room for a ReSeBo, which greatly helps the DDD to kill Niarjas -which, in turn, improves fleet safety. FC's often fit ReSeBo's, but up to three scripted, faction ReSeBo's will have an effect on lock times. Finally, it just doesn't give enough benefit. New logi often fumble with the cap chain, and older logi sometimes make mistakes, but it eventually becomes as easy as locking and shooting targets, and issues are (usually) rapidly addressed. Moreover, if 1 unstable basi joins, then a stable basi still has to give them cap. And if more unstable basi's join, you haven't actually eliminated the cap chain, you've just exempted yourself from it through significant compromise. Besides, the biggest PITA of flying a basi isn't the chain, it's slinging cap to all those thirsty vindis and T1 blaster boats. To me, managing the cap chain is just one those skills you have to learn, sooner or later, as a logi pilot. Oh, and I haven't done the math, but the neut resistance from the cap battery might make a significant difference when it comes to the niarja's and deltoles, but probably not the outini's. So, this might be a plus, but it still isn't going to be enough to offset the disadvantages. TLDR: You're not alone in liking the cap stable basi, but I can't endorse it... for now. At Evesterdam, CCP said that they would be introducing Saviors (implants that reduce logi rep cycles), and rebalancing cap mods so that they have bigger effect sizes, but are subject to stacking penalties. This means that it may be possible to get basi's cap stable with fewer cap mods in the future. This, in turn, could free up slots for ReSeBo's and Sig Amps. Of course, all that being said, I think the fleet would probably get more benefit from logi with Savior Implants, than the elimination of the cap chain.
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    VVV is tagged "Y" . the font makes it look like a V.
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    Cap stable basi came under very recent discussion internally. When it comes to rolling out to the entire community there's a lot of factors to consider, but yeah it has potential. Clearly you've put some thought into the idea. If you want to continue, you might consider applying for our logi master program!
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    on a walk in the snow
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    Command Structure Badges Grand Poobah - Head of SRP Corporation, Arbiter in cases of split decision between WTM Commander Council Members. Leadership - Elected Leaders of WTM incursions (Part of Commander Council). Canyon's Badge - A badge given to Canyon Vjourytant for her dedication and work she has done for our community. Officer - Selected assistants to leadership (Part of Commander Council). Master Trainer - Certified Trainer of the Fleet Commander and Logistic Master Program (Replaces CT FC and CT LM) Certified Trainer (FC) - Certified Trainer of the Fleet Commander Program (Supersedes Fleet Commander). Certified Trainer (LM) - Certified Trainer of the Logistic Master Program (Supersedes Logi Master). Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander. The Fleet Commander commands the fleet by doing the Voice, Fleet Comp(osition) and Tagging. This person can provide SRP to the fleet, as well as backseat a T-badge. Logi Master - WTM Logi Master They are the masters of Logistics. They are here to watch the fleet for Safety, give out SRP to the fleet if necessary and train everyone that needs it, especially Logistics or Logi Masters in training, which are the Residents. Training Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander in training. Resident - WTM Logi Master in training (supersedes trusted logi) Ship/Skill Badges - Requirements for all the following badges are Tech 2 guns and Faction Damage Modules. Tach That! - Nightmare. Alpha Angel - 1400 Machariel. Ridiculous Amounts of DPS - Vindicator. Royal Flush - Nightmare, 1400 Machariel and Vindicator (removes other Ship/Skill badges). Spidey Senses - Optimal Basilisk with a Faction Remote Sensor Booster Iron Links - Scimitar with three (3) Faction Remote Tracking Computer Field Medic - Earn both Spidey Senses and Iron Links All the Cards - Earn both Field Medic and Royal Flush Pilot Badges Dual Logi - Pilot is approved to dual box logi in WTM fleets Trusted Logi - A Commander (LM or FC) has declared this pilot as an exlempar Logistics Pilot (supercedes Logi school participant). Logi School Participant - Attended a WTM logi school. Hunting Rabbits - A Commander (LM or FC) has declared this pilot as an exlempar Drone Bunny. Fun Badges Confirmed Screamer - Pilot who calls themselves out for reps when unnecessary (High shields/few Sansha remaining). Under the Influence - Pilot has completed an "influence grind." From the time the fleet stands up until the Kundalini Spawns. Wall of Shame - Pilot has been mentioned on the Top LP List of an incursion. Aggro Magnet - Pilot Consistently pulls aggro during WTM fleets