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    I have some experience with webdrones. They were so useless i quickly gave up on the idea of using them... in incursions. Ever.
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    o7 If you are serious about being a FC for WTM, there are a few things to prepare for. This guide is going to step through some of them but it is not intended to be all inclusive. This is designed for the average case. As an Training FC [T-badge], you will be required to display traits of a good FC that are observed and recorded by full badge FCs [F-badges], Logi Masters and/or Certified Trainers [CFTs/CLTs/MTs]. If they are convinced that you can do what is required of you in certain area, that commander will give you a sign off. This guide will not promise you an edge on getting sign-offs but this will give you an edge on the application. Character Skills and items Skills to fly an optimal battleship. You should be able to fly an optimal battleship. It really helps to fly a sniper and vindi You can choose between the Nightmare and Macherial. Both are optimal in their own right It is recommended that you own An optimal battleship It isn't required that you have the optimal fit for that ship It helps to have the deadspace tank for at least one of those ships Nice to have but not required A sniper [at least a standard fit] a vindi [at least a standard fit] bowhead for transport A logi of choice [basi or scimi] Only buy a booster and the fitting after you have been accepted. Listed in the Rules and Regulations [R&R] are some skills you will need to fly a booster. You will need these in order to get a sign off required This is a lengthy train. It helps to be done with the majority of the train before applying Read the R&R on the required skills for boosters Get the Republic Fleet Implant. Don't plug it in or create clone for the use until you have been accepted Experience You are gonna need to be active in the community Fly in fleet The governing council reserves the right to change the activity requirement on a case by case basis. This alone has caused strife in the community on numerous cases. To avoid this: Fly at least twice a week for a month in different time zones with different FCs. Fly in EU TZ. Fly in US TZ. Fly more if you can. Volunteer for Roles Having a vindi comes in handy here. With a Vindi you can volunteer for three different roles DDD, VVV and HHH Volunteer a lot even if you don't know the role or are horrible at it. Be known for flying well and being active The more you fly; the more you learn. Leading a fleet in incursions is all about good habits, learning how to fly them better and knowing where to find information. There is a culture you need to pick up. Some of it is terrible. Some of it great. Learn the better parts You are gonna need the isk to buy ships, mods, rigs, implants and/or skill injectors. When you become a T-badge, you are gonna need to fly, a lot. Set aside time. Like 4-8 hours a week Don't apply to be a T-badge if you have serious time commitments that really demanding. Real Life Comes First Attitude WTM has a wide range of commanders. The majority of them are respectful and decent folk. You are going to be expected to be as decent; if not more. Chances are you are not going to be the best thing to hit incursions since vindis and leshaks but that is ok. Come to WTM to fly, have fun and learn. When you become a full badge, stay in the fleets to have fun Becoming a T-badge does not mean you get to do whatever you want and act as you wish. It is a community. It is built around being new pilot friendly and being about the line pilot experience.
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    Raw discord post: ok, theory crafting question. Right now we only have HHH and DDD, but if only 50 drones can assign per person this is wrong ideal fleet would have lots of ogres and hammerheads out overwhelming HHH so large amounts of people are sandbagging by not drastically overwhelming the HHH we should also use logi to increase light drone dps and only have the 10x armor and 10x hull drones needed to do spot fixes slowly after a shield catch (shield drones would be more effective in emergencies anyways) So i think a little more micromanaging is called for on drone cloud control so we are not losing contests for this reason so 10x person per drone bunny with logi use equal 4x drone bunnies not 2 if were not filling 3, people are sandbagging also specify 4 logis to do armor;/hull and the rest hobgoblins maybe a set of 5x target painter drones and web drones on the DDD could help when they are evading webs and keeping range (Pacolipse/Jetcanplumber)
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    For anyone considering getting a Mimesis implant set for incursion Leshak... don't. It's 134s to equal non-Mimesis Leshak with both ships having max skills and a Pashan 7% RoF implant. About 145s without the implant. You could maybe bring it down to 120 or 130 seconds, but that would still mean the only time the implant set it better, is during a long tower bash. And while that sounds nice, a lot of time, you're shooting enemy ships, which all die way faster than 2 minutes.
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    Are the drones you suggest allowed under current r&r? I would caution against asking people to change their load outs for your fleets as a t badge when they may be refused by the next fc. Please try to go through the right channels first. That being said, the idea of multiple drone bunnies is a good one, I would like to see the results of the testing.
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    Hey guys. I had a random convo on Slack the other day asking me to give out my POV about the DDD role. As per usual it triggered me (in a good way this time) and i got drawn into the convo more and more, turning it into one of those hour-long teaching moments of mine. It is a really raw copy-pasted format and kind of "niki-blunt" . But maybe it turned out to be something sharing worthy. If its useful for you then im glad. But im not really looking for anything else with this topic. I just wanted to share. Without further comment here is the convo itself: Anonymous [6:12 AM] You're probably offline atm, but any advice / suggestions on DDD after tonight? niki [6:13 AM] could you copy your fit here Anonymous [6:20 AM] [Vindicator, Vindication] Damage Control II Domination Tracking Enhancer Domination Tracking Enhancer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer 500MN Abyssal Microwarpdrive Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Abyssal Stasis Webifier Abyssal Stasis Webifier Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I Large Hybrid Burst Aerator II Ogre II x5 Null L x5180 Nanite Repair Paste x500 Void L x10036 Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB3 Dose I x17 niki [6:21 AM] so whats the abyssals strength and % ? i mean range and strength % Anonymous [6:21 AM] what do you mean range? niki [6:22 AM] web range and web strength Anonymous [6:22 AM] the webs are 15.5km each and 82.7,81.4% web niki [6:22 AM] the web Anonymous [6:22 AM] (on the vindi, of course) niki [6:22 AM] gal bship 5 or 4 ? Anonymous [6:23 AM] (base strength is ~63% each) gallente 5 niki [6:23 AM] 15+ kms and 60+ % webs are pretty awesome to ddd with. and minmatar bship level? Anonymous [6:23 AM] only 3 =/ niki [6:23 AM] yeah so 2 things first and foremost get faction (cal navy is the most common to use) antimatter its better than nul whenever the frigs are closer than 20 km and its always better than void if its frig shooting 2nd thing get minmatar bship to 4 at least 5 would be better ofc also needless to say gunnery support skills and blaster spec is important too Anonymous [6:26 AM] all support at 5, blaster spec 4 niki [6:26 AM] thats pretty good... obviously all relevant skills on 5 would be best with the suggested implants included as well for vindis. that is the high-end. Anonymous [6:26 AM] (just bumped min BS to 4) niki [6:28 AM] gameplay wise i split my guns 4-4. if you kill one maybe you can spare 4 guns for the next which is a huge deal. webbing 2 different frigs shoot 1 until it dies shoot the other one but meanwhile start webbing a 3rd cuz you need the webs to actually apply. essentially you always need 1 more frig to be already webbed so you can instablap it or close to doing so. dont forget to always fill your locks thats actually one of the biggest mistakes a battleship can do. specially true for DDD. you can tell that you are doing a good job if you always feel like you are racing with yourself. guns vs webs. a close race. Anonymous [6:29 AM] ok. I've tried doing that in the past, but I've worried about wasting the drone effort, with them continually chasing new targets. but then, the drones are just bonus anyway... niki [6:29 AM] forget the drones. they dont exist. Anonymous [6:29 AM] ok niki [6:29 AM] just trust in yourself. you can do it without drones. and if you train yourself then after a while it doesnt matter if you dont have any drones. in some fleets you actually will lack light drones anyway. relying on them is a mistake imo. they are just a little extra/bonus. Anonymous [6:30 AM] tonight, I did have my guns split, but I wasn't leapfrogging targets. I was staggering webs and guns though, so I'd have a new half more often niki [6:30 AM] try to not burn too much around . just some cuz it ruins your tracking. Anonymous [6:30 AM] right I did notice that niki [6:31 AM] if the frigs are not on the way where you are needed to go and more than 20 kms away then just stop, load null and hope for best. if you are not moving your tracking is much better. sometimes ppl will pull the frigs away. if its temporary then dont even switch to null cuz in 20 seconds they are going to burn back anyway. if you feel like its gonna be more than 20-30 sec then switch to null. if the frigs are actually on your way then try to burn just 1 cycle and then slowboat and stop when they are in webrange the drones are actually helpful when you cant reach out with webs and you are shooting with null cuz then it takes ~10+ sec to kill 1 frig you can try to overheat web if you feel like you are behind on the schedule and you need just a few extra kms to reach out. webs dont burn out easily and just a few paste is enough to rep them while in warp Anonymous [6:34 AM] ok niki [6:34 AM] and they stop overheating after the frig dies anyway TPPH all first waves i'd burn 1 cycle to exitgates or anchorspot . then slow down and if you are in webrange stop NRF is easiest site as DDD just gotta make sure you have a good tempo in first 2 waves TCRC is an interesting site you can try go greedy kill schmaels before you reach the tower but its actually hard to complete . and also sometimes you need to switch to niarjas anyway or just try to kill niarjas only, burn into position and then try to schmael at the tower. somewhere in between is still fairly easy Anonymous [6:38 AM] yea, I was doing something in between tonight on the TCRC niki [6:38 AM] in tpph i always try to kill schmaels first cuz its easiest to web the first few frigs before aggro switch, and schmaels are hardest to kill as far as frigs go also forget about acronyms if you cant reach some frig with webs, always target the one that you actually can. webs are ensuring you gonna kill that frig really really fast if its not webbed its gonna die significantly slower. so range is more important than some "shooting order". except ofc if FC wants to bounce from site then scrams are priority. if i can choose freely cuz a lot of frigs are in range and we are not bouncing i prio webbers whenever i can (1st schmael 2nd renyn) cuz it helps the fleet the most. but obviously niarja must die first, no matter what. Anonymous [6:40 AM] right niki [6:40 AM] but yeah antimatter is a great help. nowadays i do 8k null 10k anti the rest void in vindi shoot antimatter most times, null if you need to constantly kill frigs more than 20 kms away . void is okay in tpph last wave and nrf 3rd 4th wave cuz you shoot only very few frigs in those. you have tons of time and you will probably be on top of them and you can web them anyway. and in those waves you will shoot cruiser or bship too Anonymous [6:43 AM] ok niki [6:43 AM] in tcrc i usually switch to void after all the schmaels are dead and im just chilling shooting tower and looking for respawner niarja niarja is a really easy frig to kill. Anonymous [6:44 AM] yea, the niarja blap easy niki [6:45 AM] tough frigs order : schmael >>> eystur > renyn >>> tama >>> niarja hardest to easiest to kill. (not a shooting order ofc, lol) Anonymous [6:46 AM] ok thanks for all this. I'll keep at it. hopefully I have more opportunities to take DDD =P niki [6:49 AM] no problem its fun. i actually enjoy ddd in tpph. otherwise its a pretty boring site. but i still really enjoy doing even that one if i can snatch ddd Anonymous [6:50 AM] yea. it was fun to race the rest of the fleet niki [6:56 AM] oh and always ask for 2xtracking . if they offer a 3rd ask for 1 range. but 1 tr 1 opti is not as good as 2xtr no matter who says what. Anonymous [4:17 PM] ok. one other question is if there's ever anything other than frigates that the DDD shoots before frigates? Like does the DDD follow full fleet calls for the Arnon/Outuni in TPPH 3rd-3rd, the Mara/Vylade in NRF 3rd and Outuni in 4th, and the Outuni in TCRC? I'm pretty sure the HHH does follow those calls (right?) but what about DDD? niki [5:07 PM] for DDD tpph 3rd 3rd shoot 2nd outuni then frigs . nrf 3rd mara(s) then frigs , nrf 4th if there are 3 outunis. then the 3rd outuni . TCRC niarjas are more important to shoot than the 2 outuni. if niarjas are down you can shoot 2nd outuni if you want but fleet should be pretty close to kill them. HHH : TPPH 3rd 3rd you should shoot second outuni then leftover romi then reverse tags. NRF 3rd you should shoot mara(s) then vylade. NRF 4th vylade , except if there are 3 outunis. then the 3rd outuni first. TCRC you should not have any drones assigned, so you are just a vindi, not HHH. shoot in order. Anonymous [5:10 PM] ok, cool
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    Lots to discuss here: 1. Armour, Hull and Shield bots: They are not there to save pilots. They are there to improve isk efficiency by allowing all ships to start the next site rather than bouncing for reps at a station. So no Shield bots are needed. If you don't catch someone in armor by the time the bots land then the bots will be applying immaterial levels of reps. Armor bots are useful to patch battleships over time. Hull are not needed as the Booster should have a large T2 Hull Repper fit. 2. Number of heavy drone bunnies: An optimal fleet needs 4 Drone Bunnies to do it right. There are two optimal fits - Geckos and Aug Ogres. Geckos are better at applied DPS against ships while Aug Ogres do more DPS on towers. Ideally you should have a Mobile Depot and switch from Geckos to Aug Ogres or Sentries for tower bashes (Note to self re 4000DPS Shack fits). The Optimal Vindi runs either 2 Geckos, 2 Hammerheads and 1 Light or 5 Aug Ogres. Machs and Shaks are optimally fit with 2 Geckos. Alternatively they have 4 Aug Ogres ie 4 Heavies. Nightmares are 1 Gecko, 1 Hammerhead and 3 Lights or Alternatively 3 Aug Ogres. Logi should be 5x Lights not bots as primary but that's not doctrine. A fleet with lots of drones might be: 18 Vindis + 6 Machs / Shaks + 9 Nightmares + 6 logi + 1 Booster. This is: 9 Gecko Vindis - 4 Heavies + 1 Light = 36 Heavy + 9 Light 9 Ogre Vindis - 5 Heavies = 45 Heavy 3 Gecko Machs - 2 Geckos = 6 Heavy 3 Ogre Machs - 4 Ogres = 12 Heavy 4 Gecko NMs - 2 Heavies + 3 Light = 8 Heavy + 12 Light 5 Ogre NMs - 4 Heavies = 20 Heavy 6 Logi - 5 Lights = 0 Heavy + 30 Light DPS = 81 Heavy + 9 Light = 90 Drones. Snipers = 46 Heavy + 12 Light = 58 Drones. Lights = 9 DPS + 12 Snipers + 30 Logi = 51 - these should go to the DDD and DDD is Full. In practice Logi brings Logi Drones not Lights so DDD can be near empty. So in the best case scenario DPS assigns Mediums and Heavies to the HHH and Snipers assign mediums and Heavies to SSS. All Lights go to DDD and overflow if any goes to VVV. DPS = 18x4 = 72 Heavies (Over by 22) assign to HHH and overflow goes to SSS the Special Sniper drone bunny. Snipers = 30 Heavies (Under by 20) assign to SSS. Ie Between SSS and HHH the DPS and Snipers have their drones fully allocated except for 2. Then you have Lights = 18 x 1 + 6 x 0 + 9 x 3 + Logi Lights = 36 + Logi which are assigned to DDD. Since Logi can field an additional 30 lights then you end up with a potential overflow of 36 + 30 + 2 - 50 = 18 of mostly light drones having to be assigned to the VVV. With this fleet comp SSS, HHH and DDD are all full and VVV has 2 heavies and 16 Lights. Overall, VVV is the worst DPS ship to have drones because their job is to be now where the DPS does not need to be until later. This is why the VVV is otherwise known as the professional sandbagger. But you don't need more than 2 heavy bunnies because you need these guys shooting cruisers and the very rare battleship that gets away. But then WTM allows much flexibility on drones and does not require people to bring the optimal configuration of drones for their ships. So …. this is just math. So Tl;Dr; If we want to get serious about drones: (a) Mandate 2 drone layouts per ship - Ogre and Gecko (b) Add in the SSS as a Sniper drone bunny (c) split heavy and light drone assignments between HHH and SSS. Use VVV in the last resort. 3. Support Drones: This is an interesting idea. I have no idea about the numbers so can't comment. I do know in an elite fleet when the DDD can benefit from Web links, 3 Scimi links and 2 SeBos you don't need them. But overall DDD's don't need drone DPS to kill frigates. So using painters and webbing drones may be more useful. If your drones eWar Sansha do they get aggro and instablapped? Also you can fix the too many painters by requiring 1 paint, 1 web, 3 lights per logi. If support drones make sense at all.
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    Sansha Ships: If you are closer than 10 km of your target reload to (Faction) Antimatter. If you are farther than 15 km on your target reload to (Faction) Tungsten. If it's in between 10 and 15 km dont bother to reload, just shoot with whatever you have already loaded. Towerbash: Always use your highest DPS ammo, and just headbutt the tower! In your case it is the (Faction) Antimatter.
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    Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L for Short range Caldari Navy Tungsten Charge L for long range targets Check out this for further details https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turrets
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    Hey all Been rolling some Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizers and have a few extra. The primary ones listed are extra and I'm flexible with the price - they are better than Faction. I have a few others that I am personally using. I'm throwing them up here so I can make other upgrades. Make an offer if interested. Base module is Federation Navy/Shadow Serpentis Magnetic Field Stabilizer. That is 1.12x/11%/25.84% for damage (Damage Mod/Rate of Fire Bonus/Base Unstacked DPS) and 28.0 tf. Faction Upgrades 1.) 1.128x/10.46%/25.98% and 16.39 tf - 110m OBO 2.) 1.118x/11.56%/26.41% and 27.37 tf - 175m OBO My nice ones: 3.) 1.135x/12.81/30.18% and 27.06 tf - Offer 4.) 1.14x/12.11/29.71% and 17.75 tf - Offer 5.) 1.117x/12.27%/27.32% and 17.22 TF - Offer Can contract Jita 4-4 or where ever WTM is at the time. Here are a few others and the spreadsheet I made.
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    That bum, Casper!
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    Right then, shield tanking. The shield is tanked. 19/20 it works and reps land on time. Hurrah! Then you get that one time in 20 when you hit armor ( or even hull ). It happens. It's why our Logi carry Armor bots. Armor-Slapping is buffer being used. We're all tanked so that our shield holds mostly, but the Sansha can do 'smashes' & 'wrecking shots' too. And that is what usually takes a well-timed broadcast ( on time ) into armor. Damage spikes are damage spikes. It's just how it is. Don't undock what you can't afford to lose. EVE rule 1. So... Here are a couple of strategies to help here. 1) A nice ship. 1 nice ship, that is good & reliable, can earn you great ISK. Enough to get you up to about 5b isk in liquid ISK, as you also upgrade your Hull. Obviously WTM likes people upgrading their Hulls, so we're all good. And it is true that a decent set of invulns ( 130k ehp instead of 100k ehp, as an example ) can save the day. But you have to move that ship around. And thar be Gankers. So... 2) Number 2 is the travel fit. Take all your shinies out of your lows, then use those lows to ramp up your ehp as high as possible. Gankers like 0.5's & 0.6's, so that is where you use a travel fit. In fact use said travel fit any time you move your ship. Bulkheads in the lows are the easiest, but if you have Armor skills you might get more ehp out by using those Armor skills. Membranes, plates, it all adds up. It might take you higher than a bulkhead fit. 3) Number 3 is about escort vessels. The pros run two accounts at the same time, and one of those toons can help the other. With safety on Green you can rep a ship being ganked if you are in the same fleet. So your highs are filled with remote shield reps. Escort reps main, or main reps escort. Who-ever takes fire starts the concord timer. They can kill the cheap escort, and the nice ship makes it through; or they can fail to kill the nice ship because the escort propped it up enough. In a 0.5 they have 22 seconds before Concord wins. A few extra reps on your shiny toy can save the day. Escort vessels have their uses. 4) For the proper regular flyers. A bowhead in each empire. Just the hauler to start with, but as you pick up bits & bobs you can do it properly. This one is for those who see Incursions as space-mining. So they do Incursion Fleet a lot. And a Bowhead in each empire means the hulls can be hauled without going through major gank-zones. You only really need 1-2 sets of shinies to fit out your ship. You could have a Vindi & Scimi in each empire, in a Bowhead; with 1 nice set of invulns & damage mods you move about in a smaller cloaky 'thingy' ( Sisters of EVE 'haulers' are fun ). With this one you always have a scout. 2 accounts. But it does make life easier when you can move your Hanger. 5) Know your Hulls. Scimies & Leshaks are vulnerable to heavy salvos from the Sansha taking out their shield layer real fast. I've had it, and so have others. Rule 1 of EVE is about not undocking in a ship you can't afford to lose, but number 2 IMHO is about choosing your ship wisely. If you know you can be a bit slow to respond ( like me at times, as I am a disabled-in-real-life pilot ) then adjust for that. I did mention the decent invulns after all. 6) Too tired to fly. Yeah, just take the hint. There is no profit in getting yourself or someone else killed. . But yes, Armor-slapping happens. Think yourself lucky that that armor is there, and has an anti-laser bias in it's resists Fly safe
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    This weeks incursion was my first while playing Eve. i thought it was going to be an awkward experience full of elitists and asshats from what some had told me of anything to do with incursions. I'm glad i don't listen to people that often and judge things by personal experience. I want to thank The FCs and all the members that made the experience feel like i was coming home to an old corp. Very professional and calm crew running the show. I learned a lot and i earned a lot. I am looking forward to learning and earning a lot more. Definitely an experience that has me watching the chat to see the next incursion open. Thank you all.
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    Logi ships were rebalanced several years ago. They fit and fly with notable differences from 5 years ago. That is the answer.