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    ...but you realized that u never put the out this whole time
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    I just realized 2 things which i have problems with. 1: couse of my english speaking skills i really feel uncomfy on the rare times i use voice couse i feel weird speaking english , so i evade it if possible atm (ET 21 means 10 p.m. at me, until than i could speak, after that to prevent wife aggro i am silent anyway :D) 2: my site names are in german... so tcac etc are way different named so i always get confused .... also i am really sorry, i spend now a good couple of hours, and i still get confused with the sites in preparation for beein some day a vvv, i already tryed a few times to get to the right positions without looking at our vvv... well... i am just too uncoordinated... works better with my car... T_T always was way more off than i thought but as long the fc isnt notice it or i burn back in time i will try from time to time And once again, sure i am really happy to make some nice isk which i invested nearly complete in my vindi <3 But its always fun with you all, even if i have trouble to keep it up always or just guessing what you are talking... Thanks for flying with me
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    WTM Upgrade Policy What is the policy and what does this mean for me? WTM Incursions welcomes new pilots to come try out incursions with us, and we have provided several affordable options for entry-level battleships that let you get into fleet without breaking the bank. However, over time we ask that you invest in making yourself and the fleet more effective, which includes getting set up in a ship that is well-suited for incursion running. Our list of Optimal ships includes the Vindicator, Nightmare, Leshak, Machariel, and Logi. If you aren’t flying an optimal hull yet, then we ask that you upgrade to an optimal hull with a proper fit (which can be found on our fitting website) within 20 X-UPs OR 30 in-fleet hours. Based on average fleet earnings, this should give you more than enough income to fit up a ship as well as helping towards covering your monthly Plex costs. If you are already flying an optimal hull, thank you! We recommend that you continue to upgrade your ship with better damage mods, tank mods, and implants. Feel free to ask questions in WTM Incursions on how to become better! Why: We want to run incursion fleets the best we can and in order to that requires investment from you! Many veterans have already invested in themselves and in fleet without this policy, however, some pilots have decided that sandbagging is okay. It’s not! For this reason, we have now made upgrading a requirement. This all sounds great but I ___ (been busy) and haven't upgraded yet, can I still join fleet? Yes! You can still x-up with any ship that meets our fitting requirements. However, out of fairness the FC may skip over you if there is limited space in fleet and others waiting in line who are following the policy. We understand that life can take some crazy and unexpected turns so please speak to a member of Command Core if you feel that you have exceptional circumstances. There is a grace period before this change goes in effect. The policy goes live starting February 23, 2020. Please note that all past X-ups and fleet hours will be counted when the policy goes live, not starting from scratch. If you've been flying with us for a while, it's time to upgrade! Thanks for improving yourself, improving fleet, and for flying with us! See you in fleet!