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    Hi everyone, As the topic title (and the Rolling Stones) says, after some time that I'm running incursion sites with WTM, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mark Demartini ingame, Vindicator pilot that tries to suck as less as possible (and I'm not always successful in that) Unfortunately, despite of the 50/60 sites i already ran (THANKS FOR THE ISK!!! ), sometimes I still have tunnel vision and miss something (a classic is to forget to assist my drones to HHH). I'm trying to improve... I have to make my compliments to WTM: is a really nice community where the newbies and the veterans can co-exist. As I put myself in the first category there's a lot to learn from the seconds Special mention to FCs and Logis (guys what you do is frakking awesome!). I really would like to start to take some role eventually (probably first step would be HHH, isn't it?), but I'm still afraid to mess up. I don't care about my name on MOTD I just would like to be more useful than I am now I don't want you to have fun of my written English any longer (Italian here ) so I will cut it short! Thank you guys, I hope to stick around for a long time! Marco
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    Hey all my name is sushi shimi in game. I was extremely nervous to fleet up and try this out. I was super surprised at how the fc's and members mentor and explain everything. This is a great community that I wish I could've been a part of from the beginning. That being said Im hooked and I plan on being super active. Thanks again.
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    I am pretty sure that every single commander and linepilot would be thrilled if you would FC another Praxis Funfleet @Juan Carlos Minjita
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    For those that have been paying attention in the local motd today, discord, or heard us talking about it. Our own @Juan Carlos Minjita's by far better half went into labor this morning and welcomed Baby Jack into the world. Yall have filled discord wiht pings and well wishes. Outstanding work yall in welcoming our newest T Badge! OH! I almost forgot, On behalf of Warpto SRP corp, sparta and myself, we have plexed juan for 3m as a celebration. http://prntscr.com/pchdik
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    Please please please petition WTM Leadership to make @niki lasvegas run a Praxis fun fleet. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT NIKI <333
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    Brok, you can probably tell this is a big ticket item for a lot of FCs and LMs. And everyone seems to have their own "best case scenario" which can be good or bad. At the end of the day, most losses are a composite of a great number of things that go wrong. Some sites go horribly wrong and not because people do or don't know how to run the sites. Standard operating procedures are great and I love them. I don't think you will ever get four fcs on at the same time who will agree how to run the site, even from the same community. Really, the best you can do is all that really matters. This maybe completely full of shit but flying and enjoying the fleet is really what it is all about. If you can find a few fleet that don't completely bore you or don't grind your nerves raw, then the small shit doesn't matter that much.
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    How to Leshak: 1. Become a l33t Vindi pilot. 2. Become a l33t Nightmare and Mach pilot. 3. While doing (1) and (2) train Precursor Battleship V and the skills for a Leshak to at least Mastery IV (pref with Gun spec V) 4. Buy a c10 billion isk Leshak with Officer DPS mods or Abyssals better than faction and Aug Drones or Geckos and a Mobile Depot to refit to TE / DDA and SeBo / MWD. Ideally you want an Officer gun too - that will cost another 5 to 10 billion. 5. Fly the ship. You will know what to do because you are already a l33t Sniper and DPS pilot and already know site mechanics, spawns and all the roles and where to go to be of max use.
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    Low grade Mimesis only pays off after about 2,5 minutes of shooting. It's NOT good for us. (Mid grade isn't on Pyfa yes, so can't do the math there) Also Shield Slave sets might be in the not-too-distant future, so maybe don't spend billions on a set when you can get a better one in a few months.
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    Hello and continued welcome to WTM! Glad to hear that you're enjoying your time in fleets. If you want to prepare to take roles, there are a couple of things I can say. First and in general, there are a variety of guides here on the forums for all the roles and other things. https://forums.warptome.net/forum/14-guides/ As for which role to try, yes HHH is probably the most straightforward role to take. Personally I find DDD to be the most exciting and challenging role (racing the rest of the fleet to blap all the frigates before they finish everything else). VVV can be tricky to find the right spots, but the guide is decent ("Anchoring Guide"). However, if you're worried about 'messing up', you can practice VVV at any time by trying to get to the anchor spot on your own, rather than just 'keep at range' on the actual VVV. Then you can see where you end up and how close you are to the anchor and the spawn. Do that for a few sites, and then when the VVV -1's, you can step up and feel more comfortable. Keep on flying and keep on learning =)
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    Congrats Juan, he's perfect. I wonder how that happened given the source material...
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    Jeah dont worry, I was just like you, it took me 2 weeks to finally overcome myself and x up, half a year until i finally said something on ts... But look at me now I'm a proud FC & LC for WTM ;D and it gave me a lot more confidence in game and also in real life;D so dont he shy, and if you feel like it, WTM is a really good community and we have a lot of fun, feel free to join us
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    ingame mail sent, hope it helps !!
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    Logi ships were rebalanced several years ago. They fit and fly with notable differences from 5 years ago. That is the answer.
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    o7 If you are serious about being a FC for WTM, there are a few things to prepare for. This guide is going to step through some of them but it is not intended to be all inclusive. This is designed for the average case. As an Training FC [T-badge], you will be required to display traits of a good FC that are observed and recorded by full badge FCs [F-badges], Logi Masters and/or Certified Trainers [CFTs/CLTs/MTs]. If they are convinced that you can do what is required of you in certain area, that commander will give you a sign off. This guide will not promise you an edge on getting sign-offs but this will give you an edge on the application. Character Skills and items Skills to fly an optimal battleship. You should be able to fly an optimal battleship. It really helps to fly a sniper and vindi You can choose between the Nightmare and Macherial. Both are optimal in their own right It is recommended that you own An optimal battleship It isn't required that you have the optimal fit for that ship It helps to have the deadspace tank for at least one of those ships Nice to have but not required A sniper [at least a standard fit] a vindi [at least a standard fit] bowhead for transport A logi of choice [basi or scimi] Only buy a booster and the fitting after you have been accepted. Listed in the Rules and Regulations [R&R] are some skills you will need to fly a booster. You will need these in order to get a sign off required This is a lengthy train. It helps to be done with the majority of the train before applying Read the R&R on the required skills for boosters Get the Republic Fleet Implant. Don't plug it in or create clone for the use until you have been accepted Experience You are gonna need to be active in the community Fly in fleet The governing council reserves the right to change the activity requirement on a case by case basis. This alone has caused strife in the community on numerous cases. To avoid this: Fly at least twice a week for a month in different time zones with different FCs. Fly in EU TZ. Fly in US TZ. Fly more if you can. Volunteer for Roles Having a vindi comes in handy here. With a Vindi you can volunteer for three different roles DDD, VVV and HHH Volunteer a lot even if you don't know the role or are horrible at it. Be known for flying well and being active The more you fly; the more you learn. Leading a fleet in incursions is all about good habits, learning how to fly them better and knowing where to find information. There is a culture you need to pick up. Some of it is terrible. Some of it great. Learn the better parts You are gonna need the isk to buy ships, mods, rigs, implants and/or skill injectors. When you become a T-badge, you are gonna need to fly, a lot. Set aside time. Like 4-8 hours a week Don't apply to be a T-badge if you have serious time commitments that really demanding. Real Life Comes First Attitude WTM has a wide range of commanders. The majority of them are respectful and decent folk. You are going to be expected to be as decent; if not more. Chances are you are not going to be the best thing to hit incursions since vindis and leshaks but that is ok. Come to WTM to fly, have fun and learn. When you become a full badge, stay in the fleets to have fun Becoming a T-badge does not mean you get to do whatever you want and act as you wish. It is a community. It is built around being new pilot friendly and being about the line pilot experience.
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    It's counterproductive to go to a "central" spot in a region when you jump to another clone. Usually it's faster to go from system A to system B directly than to go from system A to system C, and then from C to B, right? If you try to be "organized" about this, you're doing that exact thing. Where you place clones depends on how many you have. When I had two, I kept one on the "Amarr side" of things and one on the "Gallente side." At three, it was one Amarr, one Gallente, one Caldari. At four, one in each empire. When I quit... I have six sets, iirc. Ashab/Rens/Dodixie/Caldari/Kador Prime/Khanid, approximately. By the time you've got that many clones assembled, you have a fair idea of what the boundaries for each one are; there aren't that many hisec focuses.