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    Scouting Guide Scouting is an invaluable part of running a fleet. In this guide we’ll go over what it takes to be an effective scout. Suggested Scout Ship Fit This Atron aligns in under 2 seconds, moves 4500m/s, warps at 7.85 AU/s, and costs under 5 mil isk. The cloak and MWD are important for not dying, the cap battery is for longer warp distances, the sensor booster helps to combat the drawbacks of the cloak, and the rep and gun are for occasionally scooping a payout with FC’s permission. Timing Sites It takes exactly 7 minutes, 15 seconds for a site to spawn after a site goes down. If you are on grid as the site finishes (a tower dying in a TPPH/TCRC, or the final ship dying in an NRF) set a timer for exactly 7 minutes and 15 seconds for the new site spawn. If you are not on grid, the beacon may appear to go down a few seconds after the site actually went down, so you may want to set your timer for a few seconds less (7m12s is usually good). Precise site timers that measure to the second will greatly improve both your ability and the FC’s ability to judge what the best course of action is for the fleet. Timing 7 minutes without seconds can lead to a large variance in spawn timers, as a site going down at 05:45 (minutes-seconds) would be timed as "12", when in reality it's actually "13". This can lead to the fleet sitting around doing nothing for an extended period, which is bad for everyone’s wallets and morale. For timing sites, use https://www.online-timers.com/multiple-timers. Make sure your settings match these: https://i.imgur.com/OgdwmHu.png. It’s important to ensure you have "close after 30s" activated; manually closing them will bug out the website. You can also time sites in a private conversation (with the FC). To do this, ensure you have timestamps enabled and put a character in the chatbox (most people use a period) and base your timers off that. As the scout, you will have the timers in front of you, and you will be responsible for informing the FC when a timer is coming up. For example, if the second TPPH gate is a few ships from spawning, and there’s a site spawn in 30 seconds, announce this over voice. Take into account where other fleets are in their sites, your fleet’s relative strength, the FC’s preferences and mood, and the potential isk/hr. Following Fleets Off-grid If for whatever reason you're off-grid then there are certain things to look for. In general, check for ship types, ship names, wrecks, and drones to identify which fleet you are scouting against and how far they are in their site. Occasionally there are salvagers that follow fleets around that will remove wrecks. TPPH If you don't see drones, they're probably in the first two rooms or about to bounce. Most fleets drop little or no drones in the first two rooms of a TPPH. There is one Deltole in the second room and another two in the third room on the second wave. If there is 1 Mara or 3 Augas, they are at least in the second room. If you see 2 or more Deltoles, they are at least in the third room on the second wave. Arnon wrecks indicated they’re at least in the middle of the final wave, and likely on the tower. NRF If you see two Uitra wrecks, they are at minimum midway through the second wave. If you see more than 2 Mara wrecks OR more than 2 Vylade wrecks, they are at minimum on the third wave. An NRF has between 2 and 4 Maras. If you see any Intaki or Eystur wrecks, they are on the final wave. TDF kills Intakis first; shield fleets kill Outunis first. TCRC If there are no wrecks, the fleet just entered. 5 Deltole wrecks / 2 Outuni wrecks / large amounts of drones out means they are on the tower. As the site progresses, Niarjas will spawn (Beginning with 2 and spawning an extra one every approximately 60 seconds). You can count the Niarja wrecks to judge how long a fleet has been in a site. On-grid Scouts should be on-grid with opposing fleets whenever possible. Scouts will use their cloaks, MWDs, and positioning knowledge to avoid taking aggro. Be aware that the beacon you land on will decloak you. There are significant advantages to being on grid: the ability to see what ships are left in a wave, what the opposing fleet’s drones are doing (are they out going towards other ships, are they coming in or are they literally just out and orbiting), and if the opposing fleet is aligning anywhere. All of this is vital information that can significantly impact the FC’s decisions. Never deliberately pull aggro. TPPH Room 1 & 2 Burn straight down and cloak once you’re clear of the ships. At that point you can align yourself with the next gate. Once the gate spawns, decloak and burn. TPPH Room 3 Burn straight up and cloak. If you’re with the Dominix Boxer fleet, burn a bit further, as that fleet sits on the beacon, and the Sansha will come in to orbit and potentially decloak you. Once the tower spawns, burn at the tower and lock it. NRF Burn in any direction other than forward or back and cloak. TCRC, when you can enter with the fleet Wait until the fleet has taken gate and warp in with them. Burn to just before the spot where the DDD normally sits, cloak, and stop your ship. Sansha sometimes choose the fastest moving ship as their target; cloaking will remove you from the aggro table until you decloak. Once you see aggro switch to someone on the tower, decloak and lock the tower. At this point you can stay still or keep at range on one of their boosters. Do not bump the boosters. TCRC, when you cannot enter with the fleet Burn in any direction other than forward or back and cloak. Moving too fast will most likely get you blown up. Watch for drones starting to come in to judge the status of the tower. There are visual indicators you can use to determine roughly what the health of the tower is. There will be shield effects for when it still has shield left. Strobe lights will flash when it's in hull. Lack of both the shield effect and strobe lights means the tower is in armor. If you cannot cloak If you are locked by a member of the fleet you are scouting, you won’t be able to cloak. In this case, anchor on their primary booster to ensure you don’t get aggro. Also inform your FC that you’re being locked and who you are being locked by. Communicating with the FC Open a private conversation with the FC. Use this to relay the compositions of other fleets. https://dscan.info/ and https://adashboard.info/intel are both fine to use. Make sure to include with the link the number of marauders and the number of ships in the fleet. Timing is also important. The FC has a lot they have to focus on; try not to overload them with information at a time where they’re already calling things. After the start of a wave or nearing the end of a site is a more appropriate time. Try to avoid talking over the FC or others. Preloading TCRCs To preload a TCRC, take the gate. If the fleet is with you, make sure to voice that the gate is red as you’re going out so no one follows you. If there is another fleet in system, only preload sites when asked to by the FC. If you warp in and the site is already preloaded, communicate this to the FC and booster, especially if the Outunis are within 25km of the beacon. This may affect how the fleet enters the site. Optional (for Advanced Scouts) If you feel comfortable with preloading, consider doing the initial tagging for the site. As you land, use your tagging hotkey to tag respawning Schmaeels and the Auga. Warp out or cloak immediately. The respawning Schmaeels are circled here: https://imgur.com/a/p5iQgQW Identifying Other Fleets TDF This is the main armor fleet you’ll see. Look for Eoses and Nestors. They need at least 3 Nestors to take a TCRC; if they have 2 or fewer, relay this information to the FC. Dominix Boxer Look for lots of Dominixes. They usually stick to TPPHs, but will steal the occasional NRF. They cannot do TCRCs. NGA Another shield community, you can look for Basilisks. Many of these ships will also have Cyrillic names. They also tend to carry several Rattlesnakes, while WTM does not. Make sure it’s not your own fleet that you see! Chinese Fleet Another armor fleet with a very similar comp to TDF. Look for lots of ships with Chinese names. If you can get on grid with them, many of them are in the corp “ss disintegrator” with ticker “[ss-p]”. Candeez This fleet will run nearly all marauders and have only Lokis for logi. They also do not run very often. Tagging Site Beacons Sites with fleets in them should be tagged with a letter to indicate which fleet is in the site. Do not tag a site until the fleet has taken the gate. D - TDF X - WTM B - Multiboxer G - NGA Z - Chinese Fleet Y - Candeeze J - Don't go here (Kundalini, Wormholes, Observatory, etc) For unoccupied sites, tag them with a unique number. Do not use “8”, as it’s too visually similar to “B”. Having unique identifiers for sites will help you talk to the FC intelligently about where the fleet should go or where another fleet is heading. If a fleet abandons a site after partially clearing it, leave the tag as-is and let the FC know. Working with Multiple Scouts If you’re fortunate enough to have multiple scouts, make sure each scout is following a different fleet, sticking with that fleet as closely as possible. An additional scout can tag sites and preload TCRCs. If you are the first scout in the fleet, you will be responsible for assigning roles to scouts that come later. Only one scout should be assigned to preload sites. Scouting when WTM is Alone Sometimes WTM will be alone in the system. In this case, having a scout is still useful. Continue to keep timers, tag sites, and preload TCRCs as normal. Keep an eye on in-game channels of other communities to see if they’re forming. TDF - "TDF-Official" NGA - "New Galaxy Age" D-scan Settings Your directional scanner should be set to scan at 1AU, 360 degrees. It should match this image: https://imgur.com/a/5DHltiv. For an overview, make sure you have a tab where you can see beacons, and another where you can see ships, wrecks, and drones. You should use the latter for d-scanning.
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    Warp To Me Rookie Refitting Guide Alpha Pilots are exempt from this guide until such time that you are Omega. Please prioritize getting your Omega to get the most out of your ship and skilling. Until that time, for our hulls that are dual prop, remove the MJD and replace it with an extra utility mod. How to refit using a Nestor? It is helpful to add the Nestor pilot to your watchlist to see when they are on grid with you. In your hud settings, ensure that Display Empty Slots is enabled. Make sure you are within 5,000m of the Nestor. If they are too far away, Keep at Range 1,000m the Nestor. Open your ship's inventory window. Drag the module you wish to replace from your ship fitting slot to the inventory. Drag the module you wish to put on the ship from you inventory to the now empty slot. You have now refit your ship! When do I refit? A True Creation Research Center (TCRC) is easier and faster when our DPS and snipers all have MJDs (Micro Jump Drives) to jump to the tower. When we land on the gate before we enter, generally a Nestor will be on the gate. The FC will instruct you to refit. Before you go into to either an Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) or a True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH), you will want to refit back to your standard fitting. A Nestor should be waiting on that gate as well. What do I replace for my MJD? Tech 1 and Faction battleships should keep all tank modules and MWD (Micro Warp Drive otherwise known as a propulsion module or prop mod) fit at all times. The MJD replaces utility for a TCRC. Hyperion: Stasis Webifier Tempest: Tracking Computer Vindicator: Stasis Webifier Other Accepted Battleships: A utility mid (Web, Tracking Computer, Tracking Link, Target Painter) Marauder Optional Utility Refits Marauders have some other optional refits. Refer to Marauder Fit Changes for NRF and TPPHs and Bastion Marauders for more information.
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    As a person who dreads inconvenience, I delved into how best to seed ship/clones/mods to bring about ease of moving between focus. Using dotlan's navigation function, I projected the number of jumps from each major trade hub (Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie and Hek) to every HQ incursion system in High Sec. The navigation is also based on safest route (always in high-sec, unless island) These are the results 1) Amarr is the closest to trade hub to around half of the HQ systems. Nearest Trade Hub No of HQ System In % Amarr 48 48.98% Dodixie 18 18.37% Jita 12 12.24% Rens 11 11.22% Hek 9 9.18% Grand Total 98 100.00% 2) A further breakdown in terms of Jumps. (From trade hub to HQ system. Eg: There are 18 systems that are within 11-15j from Hek) Nearest Trade Hub Amarr Dodixie Jita Rens Hek Within 10J 40 14 12 14 13 Between 11-15J 5 12 2 11 18 Between 16-20J 3 12 14 16 9 Between 21-25J 9 13 8 20 13 More than 26J 41 47 62 37 45 3) I further extrapolated data to determine 2nd best trade hub (within 10 jumps from best trade hub) 2nd Best Trade Hub Amarr Dodixie Jita Rens Hek within 5J 0 3 2 10 8 Betw 6-10j 0 1 0 2 20 What are the insights gathered? (TL:DR) 1) Big Brain moment - if you don't like to move around much, just stick to docking your incursion stuff in Amarr. You have a 49% chance the focus will spawn close by 2) If you wish to seed ships/clones/mods after Amarr - ideal location would be Hek. Although it's closest to only 9 HQ systems, it's 2nd best to 28 other HQ systems. The strength of Hek's locality is: Hek is within +6j to ALL of the HQ systems that have Rens as the closest trade hub. (eg it takes 9j to get to Agha from Rens. It takes 15j from Hek) Hek is also 2nd best trade hub to 15 HQ system that are closest to Dodixie, requiring additional 4-8j 3) Jita is an outlier. The 2nd best trade hub (Dodixie mostly) for most of Jita HQ systems require between 8-14j more to reach. Caldari space is not incursion-friendly 4) Seeding sequence: Amarr>Hek>Dodixie>Jita Hope this helps anyone looking at placing incursions assets throughout New Eden. Credit: MDD Teller for his diagram on HS Incursion HQ systems Raw File: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EilMgCLc4fLtT5ied42_iJk-sVBI9512BEDl9FJQ3JE/edit?usp=sharing
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    I would like to apply to be more active in fleets Secondary booster/meat shields/ and work to become FC. how do I go about doing this.
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    Hi there Eliz here. I kindly ask for permission to hold a logi school on Saturday 1115 Eve Time (should the focus last that long.) I understand that should there be fleet forming at the said time; I will stand down the logi school after all isk is king. This logi school while do not require specific ships to attend but if you could bring your incursion ships or logi ships; that will be ideal to understand how sites being run from logi/dps/fc perspective.
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    Hello all! Recently while mucking about in my little corner of space and talking with EDI (Edencom Defense Initiative) / Edencom I was wondering about content I haven't done much of or touched upon in Eve. There is no shortage of things to do in eve, fun or...not. I was playing around faction warfare when the Triglavian content started. I joined up with a ragtag group that grew quickly that most of you now know as EDI and in the end, I became the director, a title of which I still hold today. We are not AS active now with that content being on the backburner and CCP kinda shafted the whole thing but that's another story. Some of my line members and FC's suggested Incursions. So, I plopped into one of your entry fits and made my way up a few weeks ago to test things out. Being no stranger to fleet dynamics, I sat quietly, followed directions, listened to my newbro speech and VERY MUCH enjoyed the fleet and it was very well done. After about 3 fleets and me getting more chatty in the in-game channel I was recognized however heh and people seemed to be happy to see me in content again and made me feel very welcome. I cant say I have met a bad pilot/fc (yet ) with your group and this has been some fun content. I wanted to thank you all for accepting me into your community and if anyone needs anything, please dont hesitate to ask. I've enjoyed taking some fleet roles now and I'm considering working towards being a USTZ FC (as some of you have discussed in discord with me) once I feel more comfortable and get more hours under my belt in your fleet comps. Thank you again all. Fly safe everyone o7
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    This guide is meant to take an in-depth look at how damage modules affect your dps, and how to take advantage of these mechanics to achieve better results with abyssal modules. If you're a newbro with green damage modules, or a veteran on the fence about spending 3b for a 31%, this is for you. Let me preface the guide by saying this: DPS% is a scam. you don't need to buy high dps% abyssals to reach big boy damage. Look at this kronos: This is the standard WTM Kronos, with max skills and the recommended damage implants (check out https://forums.warptome.net/topic/10-implant-guide/ for a comprehensive list!) The number we'll be looking at is the Weapon dps (3889). Watch what happens when we swap one of the green damage mods for a 31.7% abyssal (the highest possible roll with a green base. You won't even see these on the market most of the time and go for several billions of isk): Gun dps jumps up to 4054. That is a significant increase, but may not be enough for you to consider spending that much for a single module. Now, look at this: 4054 gun damage, but with a 28.4% and a 29.1%, both of which are valued around ~500m each on mutaplasmids (https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1037588520435/ https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1037588520435/). but what is going on here? To understand that, we need to talk about stacking penalties. Surely, if you've ever fitted more than one module to gain the same stat, the fitting tool has warned you about these. In EVE, when you try to increase the same stat with multiple modules, these modules become less effective. The first module is 100% effective, the second is 86.9% effective, the third is 57.1% effective, and the fourth is 28.3% effective. The fifth would be 10.6% effective, which is why in WTM and most of the time in EVE you won't put more than 4 of the same module in a fit. Weapon Upgrades increase your dps by granting you 2 stats: a damage multiplier, and a rate of fire bonus. Both of these are subject to stacking penalties when you use more than one WU. But here is something not many people know: the damage multiplier and the rate of fire bonus stack separately. What this means is that, regardless of which of the 4 modules a damage multiplier/rate of fire bonus is, they will stack by applying the higher values as the most effective ones. For this reason, 2 abyssal modules, one with a max damage multiplier, one with a max rate of fire roll, are exactly equivalent to a single module with both of those stats together. In WTM you get to work with 4 damage modules, which means you can distribute high value rolls for damage and rof across all the modules. Now consider this: This kronos uses 2 abyssal modules with a maxed out damage multiplier, and one with a max rate of fire bonus, and it has 4125 gun dps, which is enough to earn the MASSIVE DPS teamspeak badge. Without even a fourth abyssal. This whole set can be acquired for less than 2b. Becase of how stacking penalties work, in your search for max rolled dmg/rof modules you can allow yourself to get a couple modules with red rolls, as they'll be stacked at the bottom of your stats and only be 28.3% effective: Even with these awful red rolls that bring the dps% of the module below faction dps% (max dmg with brick rof is 25.2%), you're still gaining more dps overall because of how your whole set stacks its multipliers. Let me repeat this: DPS% is a scam and you should not care about it when you can work with 4 damage modules. Of course a 31% dps abyssal will be better when considered on its own and it would likely never impact your dps negatively, however 31% abyssals are stupid expensive and you don't need them to achieve what we consider high gun dps. The next question you might ask is, how do I get myself some of these modules? Here is a very simple guide: 1) go to https://mutaplasmid.space 2) select your relevant damage module to look at what's on the market (usually public contracts in jita 4-4) 3) decide what you're looking for (damage multiplier affects dps more than rof, if you were building a 3 abyssal set you'd want 2 dmg multipliers and 1 rof) 4) use the sliders to filter out rolls that are too low In this example I set the minimum rof to 11%, which is faction equivalent (dmg multiplier for faction is 1.12x) 5) sort by the stat you're looking for 6) Choose the cheapest module with an acceptable modifier for the stat you're looking for (In this example, that 1.14x for 500m doesn't look bad at all) 7) Click the "Link" button to have the ingame contract copied to your clipboard 8) Paste it in EVE's notepad (not the chat window) found under Edencom > Utilities > Notepad 9) Enjoy your guns go brrrr For your 4th damage module, after you've gotten 2 max damage multipliers and 1 max rof, further increases in either damage multiplier or rate of fire affect your dps identically. If you want to round off your set, this time you can sort by dps% and choose the cheapest module that satisfies your needs. If you have any further questions or need help sorting your abyssals, feel free to reach out to me on Discord (Mombei#0337) Upgrade! (cheaply)
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    In Tidacha. Fleet should be pretty much done with any left over sites by then. I'll be talking some about the basics, but this is mostly the advanced logi school I've been working on for the last few months. Logi is a team sport, if you want to get good you've got to think about team things. We'll also be doing a few exercises. The whole thing takes just about an hour, and then people ask me questions for a while. The BEST thing for this, is to bring an actual logi ship. A regular cruiser with an afterburner and a couple of reps fit is nearly as good. Or you can just listen on comms. I hope enough logi show up that we can do the horrible thing with the Scimitar Topics I've got written down are threads: delay, teamwork the three-and-a-half minute speech, or, this really is what there is Steady state Verbal Commands and Timing Landing, and the landing checklist The Steak Thing Switches, and the switch checklist The sawtooth function, or, why we decycle That fourth link Cap broadcasts Outunis, and neuts in general "Elite" fits Overheating Finding the Sandbag Exercises - Orbit distances - Burning your reps - What does a rep look like?, battleship edition - What does a rep look like?, fun edition
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    Hear Ye, Hear Ye! His Royal Highass, Consumer of Chili Fries, The Often Duplicated & Never Replicated, Talidar. Is hereby inviting any and all on 03/22/2022 @0300UTC to this newest Joust Of Frakkin Fun within the current Focus. This Frakkin Fun Fleet shall bring more to the table than anyone could hope for. Frakkin Attack BattleCruisers ( Talos, Tornado, Naga and Oracles) shall be the choice prime. However the ship MUST meet the SHIELD Resist Threshold to be viable. All Frakkin Past Battleships that were allowed into WTM are also allowed as well. IE: Navy Scorp*torp, Rohk*rail or blast, Navy Mega*rail or blast, Apoc/Arma/Abaddon*pulse AND Leshak. With respects to the their bonus's to their hulls in regards to Weaponry to be fitted correctly. Resist Required. And Lastly, the Grand Entrance of Frakkin Railguns that can be afforded to Krony and Vind-ky. Some, not all, will be invited in fit such a way. Reminder HQ RESIST REQUIREMENTS are in effect. Frakkin Ships shall be invited, after requirement is met, in the order listed above. (AtkBC>PastBS>Rails) No Cruisers, frigs, ETC. which means no Frakkin Logi this time around, so don't ask. Normal Logistics only accepted. Punch and Pie along with some interesting prizes to be afforded to those in Frakkin Ships as well as those in the Normal Ships. BE Safe, Have Fun and remember... DON"T BE A DICK!
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    imho it is just as simple as: FC says something, you do as FC says. Doesn't really matter if you have been playing since 2009 or 2003 or how much you believe you know better. Then you can ask why on forums/discord, but please don't contest FCs in chat, they already have their hands full of stuff to do
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    Hello everyone! Recently we have rolled out our waitlist to have the ability to check skill requirements for our Marauder, T3, and Booster pilots! This should increase the ease of bringing these ships to fleet without all the extra hassle of using third party services or screenshots. When X'ing up the appropriate hull for the first time, you will be prompted with the following messages. This error message means you haven't yet granted the waitlist the ESI scope to check your skills, click the "Add scope via SSO" button located at the top of the waitlist page to login through the SSO tool to grant it. Once you have done so click the update button and paste your fit one more time, this will update your tags and keep your spot in the queue. You will next be shown one of a few different tags. This tag means you have met or exceeded the minimum requirements to fly this hull. You are good to be invited! This tag means you have reached the highest recommended level of skills for this hull, as stated in its corresponding guide. Kudos to you This one means you are missing one or more skills to be able to fly this hull. Read through the following section on an easy method to see what you are missing. In the ingame MOTD you can find the following links to the corresponding forum posts for the info you need. (Linked here also for your convenience: Bastion Marauders and T3 Lokis In these posts you will find drop downs of the skills required so you may easily copy them to your clipboard as shown here: Once ingame you can open up your skill queue and look for the options shown here to import it directly into your skill queue to check. After doing so, the game will give you a prompt with the skills added and the ones already trained. Anything missing will automatically be added to the end of your queue, anything else that has already been trained will be noted in the prompt above. In the future WTM plans to add features onto our website to allow you to check your skills and upgrade progress right on the website! But for now the above method is the simplest method to check what skills you need. As the waitlist will not give us the information of what skills you do or do not have, only if you meet a certain requirement level. Just like flying these ships, granting the skill scope is completely optional! That being said, if you are not granting the waitlist the means to check your skills, or you are missing the required skills you will not be invited to fleet. I hope this has been an informative guide on how to use our new waitlist system, if you are having problems reach out with one of our commanders, or send feedback to our IT department with the following link: Feedback. Thank you for your patience with our latest changes, and as always, thanks for flying with WTM!
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    Your Talking in Stations interview is what brought me here man and I'm happy to report 0% false advertisement ppl have been so helpful and welcoming here and on chat I'm having the same vibe I had when I first started Eve. I got my stuff to the Eust station, can't wait to xup for the first time.
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    @StevanatorSo in order to get in the first step is probably to read our rookie guide in this forum. this should explain the basic things to do and stuff after that you basically travel to the incursion headquarter system and when youre there and have time you can xup on our waitlist which is linked in this forum too and then youre good and just need to wait for an empty spot in the fleet to get invited. so in your terms they are "community events" and we aim to have an uptime for 24/7 as long as the incursion focuses are up
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    Hello Stevanator! Most folks start in a Hyperion, good place to get into incursions. Getting in: At the top of this browser window, next to Forums, is 'Waitlist'. Clicking that takes you to the waitlist, which is what you use to get into fleets, when there is one running (which is the majority of the time). Next to waitlist is 'Fits'. Check out Hyperion in fits, and get a Hyperion fitted that way to the current HQ system, which is Todrir (just moved here, so good for a few days, up to a week). Then 'X Up' on the waitlist, and when there is room in the fleet, the FC will get you an invite and a newbro speech. There is not a singular Corp - rather, join the "Warp To Me Incursions" channel - mentioned in the Rookie Guide. When fleets are getting started it will generally be announced there. Or, watch the waitlist site. Also a good place for incursion questions!
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    Remember to fit some rapid lights to your Claymore, Talidar.
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    I mean the only problem i had with the 5 link scimi is to get through tpph room 1 and 2 :grin:
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    My two cents: Fully cap stable scimi is nice, but not as useful as a 4 link scimi. There should not be any situations where a scimi needs to use all 4 reps long enough to cap out. iirc, the optimal scimi is like 2 minutes cap stable with everything running, which should be enough for initial and first swap (Especially since at least one of those targets is probably gonna be a marauder who won't let you rep them anyways...). Its more helpful to the fleet to work towards getting a trusted logi badge and bringing the extra link for DDDs than being cap stable. Also you can make the scimi 4 rep stable without implants or drugs by fitting a C type hardener and 4 T2 CPRs
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    Should we watch anime while doing incursion?
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    I agree with Kate. (I know; I was shocked, too.) It's a bit analogous to asking what's better: water or beer? The answer entirely depends upon the context. If you want to host a party, I'd say "beer". But if you're trying to put out a forest fire, I'd have to go with "water". Since this question is usually posed by folks considering getting into logistics (and trying to decide which to start with), and since Blackbeard says they already have both ships, I kinda want to know what the purpose is for them posing the question.
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    Welp, I voted, blank - Lokis is the "best" Logi. But then again, you can't run a HQ Fleet without Basi's So if your going for one, go for Basi first, then crosstrain to Scimi.
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    Warp to Me has made the decision to no longer allow characters under 4 weeks old to join fleet. These new players should spend time training up skills and learning the game before jumping straight into high level content like Incursions. Older players making new alts for incursions may be an exception if they can prove their in-game experience with another of their characters and fly an intermediate or optimal hull. Any questions can be directed to Council found in the Warp To Me Incursions ingame MOTD.
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    During this period of time, FCs invite ships from the waitlist based on the Upgrade Policy ignoring the hours played exception. This means that battleship pilots meeting in both optimal hull and optimal fit will be the first priority, followed by optimal hulls with t2 guns, and then optimal hulls meta guns. If the FC runs out of optimal ships, they will invite first come first serve from the suboptimal ships. The FC may choose to invite suboptimal ships in a first come first serve fashion at any time at their discretion. Optimal Fleets are scheduled by FCs 3 days in advance and posted 2 days in advance by Council. The time and date will be posted in the Events Channel on discord and in the WTM Local MOTD After the scheduled Optimal Fleet time period is over for the day, the FC will revert to usual WTM policy as relates to invites.
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    Warp To Me Upgrade Policy What is the policy? WTM Incursions welcomes new pilots to come try out incursions with us, and we have provided several affordable options for entry-level battleships that let you get into fleet without breaking the bank. However, over time we ask that you invest in making yourself and the fleet more effective, which includes getting set up in a ship that is well-suited for incursion running and then upgrading it over time. Step 1 │ Intermediate or Optimal Hull & Optimal Logi │ 40 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: The Intermediate and Optimal Ships are listed as such on the fitting website. If you aren’t flying one of these hulls yet, then we ask that you upgrade to one with a proper fit (which can be found on our fitting website). Based on average fleet earnings, this should give you more than enough income to fit up a ship as well as helping towards covering your monthly Plex costs. Logi: One of the biggest improvements you can make for logi is to complete the Logistics Cruiser 5 skill. This allows you to bring more utility with the Scimitar and fly the Basilisk. We ask that you complete this training and upgrade to our Optimal Fit for the respective T2 logi. Step 2 │ T2 Guns, MWD, Faction Damage Mods │ 65 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: After upgrading into an intermediate or optimal hull, we ask that you begin training into Tech 2 Guns for your preferred ship type, as well as purchasing a few upgrades, specifically Optimal Microwarpdrives and Faction equivalent Damage Modules. Based on average fleet earnings this should give you enough time to train the skills naturally or earn enough to purchase skill injectors. Step 3 │ Optimal Fits on either an Intermediate or Optimal Hull │ 80 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: Now it is time to finish out that fit. By now, you are expected to be in one of the optimal doctrine fits of either an intermediate or optimal hull. So start planning your upgrades now! If you still haven't fully upgraded, you may be skipped over for boxes from those who have, so don't wait too long to finish upgrading, and keep your assets safe! Travel Safely! Step 4 │ Optimal fit on an Optimal Hulls │ 250 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: Still coming back for more? Great! You are finally expected to be upgraded into one of the Optimal Battleships, the Intermediate hulls are designed to be your stepping stone into one of the Optimal Hulls, so choose your path wisely. If you haven't completed this upgrade path, you may be skipped over for other pilots and boxes who are meeting their upgrade policy. If you are already flying an optimal fit, thank you! We recommend that you continue to upgrade your ship with implants, skills and abyssal modules. Feel free to ask questions in WTM Incursions on how to become better! Why? We want to run incursion fleets the best we can and in order to that requires investment from you! Many veterans have already invested in themselves and in fleet without this policy, however, some pilots have decided that sandbagging is okay. It’s not! For this reason upgrading is a requirement. This all sounds great but I have been busy and haven't upgraded yet, can I still join fleet? Yes! You can still x-up with any ship that meets our fitting requirements. However, out of fairness, the FC may skip over you if there is limited space in fleet and others waiting in line who are following the policy. We understand that life can take some crazy and unexpected turns so please speak to a member of Command Core if you feel that you have exceptional circumstances. Thanks for improving yourself, improving fleet, and for flying with us! See you in fleet!
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    Warp To Me Rookie Guide Introduction Welcome to Warp To Me Incursions! We are very happy that you are interested in running incursions with us, but as you might expect, you must know a few things before joining our fleets. Please read this guide thoroughly and verify everything is properly set up before attempting to join one of our fleets. Incursions are high level PvE. For everyone’s safety, characters under 4 weeks old are not allowed in fleets. Refer to Brand New Character No Longer Allowed for more information. Warp To Me Incursions Channel Warp To Me Incursions is a new player friendly environment. Therefore we ask that you to not talk about politics, religion or other sensitive topics in our channel. If you simply follow our #1 Rule: DON'T BE A DICK, you won't have any issues. Joining our In-Game Channel If you are not currently in the Warp to Me Incursions in-game channel you will need to join it! In order to join a new channel, you must open up your channels menu. If it is not already on your neocom, you will find this by opening the Eve Settings Menu (Giant E above your character portrait) and then navigating the menus to Social and then Channels. Once the Menu has opened, simply type “Warp to Me Incursions” into the text box and click join. Message of the Day (MotD) The Warp To Me Incursions Chat MotD is a source of the majority of the information you will need. At the top, you will find important links for WTM. We highly suggest you to join our forums and the WTM Discord today! Then we have the current location of the fleet. HQ states which system is the HQ incursion system Dock-up states which NPC Station you should dock in during this incursion. Note that this dock-up is the closest station to the HQ system, most of the time in the HQ system, but sometimes it is one or two jumps away when the HQ system doesn't have an NPC Station. Citadel states the player owned Citadel anchored in the HQ system that is operated by a member of the community. This citadel has free repairs and clone bays for those that need those services. These citadels often stay up a week or so after the incursion finishes. Do not leave assets in these structures. These citadels are not run by WTM but by people in the community. Please join the mailing lists for the corporations running these citadels. Finally, we have any important announcements, updates or other things of note. If you ever happen to lose track of the information in any MOTD you can always refresh it by clicking the cog/gear icon (in your channel window) -> click Reload MOTD (the very first option). Settings (Docked Up) Before joining a Warp To Me Fleet you should change a few settings that aren't set by default. CSPA CSPA is a mandatory isk charge to any pilot attempting to contact you, either by private conversations, mail, or fleet invites. This is an attempt by CCP to prevent spam to new players. By default, this is set to 0 Isk (it used to be 2,950 Isk), but we still need you to verify it is 0 Isk. Fleet Commanders cannot invite you to fleet unless CSPA is 0 Isk in the mail settings. General Settings Under General Settings, there are 3 things to check: Auto Target Back: Ensure this is set to 0 Targets. This will ensure you are not auto-locking logi and other pilots who may lock you up during site. Enable Emergency Warp: Make sure that the Disable Emergency Warp box is UNCHECKED. If you disconnect, we want to make sure you get offgrid safely. Before logging back in, you must get back onto TeamSpeak and ask the FC if it is safe for you to log back in. Auto Reject Invitations: Turn on Auto Reject Duel invites. When you enter a duel, logi are unable to rep you due to flags and combat timers. To avoid accidentally entering a duel, you can block duels from ever coming up on your screen. From the settings menu (accessed using the Esc key), go to General Settings, and halfway down the center section. Simply check the box to block duel invites. Broadcast Settings Before joining one of our fleets there are certain settings in your fleet broadcast window that need to be set up. To change broadcast settings you will need to be in a fleet. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on your own name in a chat channel and select “Form fleet with…” This will create a fleet with only you in it. Once in a fleet, click on fleet settings and then navigate down to broadcast settings. In this menu, ensure that the following broadcasts are checked: Need Armor, Need Capacitor, Target, Warp to, Align to, Need Shield, and In Position at. Any other broadcasts you want to see you can check as well, but these should be the minimum. You will notice on the right hand side of your broadcast settings menu are small square menus that you can use to color-code your broadcast history. Changing the colors of your broadcasts to colors of your choice will make them easier to identify in the history tab. This is especially important if you are in a logistics ship or to easily distinguish between align to and warp to broadcasts. Finally, back on the Fleet window, at the very bottom, you should see a row of broadcast buttons. If you do not see these buttons, be sure to click the two small arrows in the bottom right of the window. Once the window is expanded there will be a symbol in the bottom right corner. This should be arrows pointing in all four directions that when the cursor is hovered over displays “Scope: Everyone.” If this is not the case, left click on it until it is. Finally, be sure to drop your own fleet when done adjusting your settings! Our FCs will not be able to invite you if you are already in a fleet, even if it's your own by yourself! Settings (Undocked) For the rest of these settings, undock and tether to a citadel. Tags An efficient form of communication that our Fleet Commanders use are tags, to show which targets to shoot. By default, this column on your overview is not visible. To add the column, open your overview settings and navigate to the columns tab. Check the Tag column and drag it towards the top. Furthermore, if you do not have an overview that is set up to see the Sansha and the incursion sites, it is highly suggested that you either ask for one in Warp To Me Incursions chat that is specifically designed for incursions or create one yourself in the overview settings: Sansha ships are listed under NPC > Pirate NPC Incursion sites are listed under Celestial > Beacon Safety Settings Warp To Me Pilots are doing a wide variety of things in EVE when they are not flying with us. Therefore it is very important that our pilots ensure that their safety settings are always set to Green (enabled) whenever they join our fleets. There have been many instances where pilots have forgotten, accidentally aggressed another member of the fleet and lost their expensive incursion ship to CONCORD. If your safety is not Green, simply click the circle on the top left of your hud and select “Enable Safety.” Audio Alerts We highly suggest that you set up Audio Alerts for your ship. These alarms are not to be relied on but may save your ship if you become distracted while in fleet. To set up your audio alerts, open up the settings menu in the bottom right hand corner of your HUD and click on “Configure Ship Health Alert Settings.” In this menu, set your shield alarm to 95% (any higher and it might bug and not sound) and your capacitor alarm to 30%. Drone Settings Whenever you are in a Warp To Me Fleet, your drones need to be set to Passive and Focus Fire. You will be assisting your drones to another pilot, and these settings help this pilot control your drones. Look at your Drone window, click the menu and confirm these settings. Comms (TS3) Warp To Me Incursions Fleet use TeamSpeak 3 as our primary means of communication with the fleet. We require every pilot to have teamspeak set up before joining fleet, and be connected and listening to the FC while in fleet. Please download it here. The server address for the Warp To Me TeamSpeak will be found on the waitlist after you have posted a fit or in the MotD of Fleet chat. For identification purposes, ensure your TeamSpeak name matches your in-game name, without corporation/alliance tags. It does not matter if you have a microphone, but you must be able to hear the FCs. Please do not Mute your speakers while in "join this" channel. If you are a hearing impaired pilot you are still welcome to fly with us! Please read our guide here. If you are using a microphone it must be set to "Push-to-Talk." This can be found in Settings > Options > Capture > Push-to-Talk. From there, in order to talk, you must hold down a key (as chosen in the options) in order to open your mic and talk. TS3 default is Ctrl and we recommend changing this so you are not keying up every time you lock something. The keyword "Check" is used to indicate the closing of open communications on TeamSpeak. In other words, stop talking if you hear "Check." For legal and safety purposes, we do not allow streaming or recording of comms in any form. For permission and more information on streaming, please contact your FC. Joining Fleet Of course, by reading this guide, you're looking to join one of our fleets! Arguably being the most important part of the guide here, we'll cover getting yourself a ship and how, exactly, you can get into one of our fleets with that ship! Ships & Fittings To fly in our fleets you need a fitted ship! Not only that, but a fitted ship that meets our minimum requirements. These requirements and fit suggestions can be found at our dedicated fitting webpage, which can also always be found in the WTM Chat MotD. We also expect you to be actively using everything fit onto your ship. That means that your guns should be firing, missiles launching, drones going out, and prop mod burning whenever these actions are appropriate. Most importantly, it is crucial that your Shield Hardeners be actively cycling and staggered whenever you are in space. Turning your hardeners off inside a site is grounds for being removed from fleet. In order for an FC to send you an invite, you must have a valid fit that meets minimum requirements. If it doesn't, then the FC or a commander will assist you in fitting to meet these requirements. Occasionally, however, our FCs make mistakes and allow invalid fits that other commanders will catch later. Just because you got in last time does not mean that your fit is correct. Also know that our volunteer Commanders are there to help you! Ask your questions in Warp To Me chat and off-duty Commanders (and maybe even some experienced pilots) will always be willing to help you with any questions you may have regarding your fit or otherwise. For further information, please read our Rules & Regulations or contact an Officer or a member of Leadership. Make sure to take a look at the Anti-Gank doctrine and bring the extra fit to focus with you, just in case. If we see gankers in system, the FC will have the fleet dock up and change fits. Wait List Manager WTM is an HQ community, which means we can have a maximum number of 40 on-grid pilots in our fleets before receiving reduced payouts. This means that we sometimes have to tell people to wait. WTM has and always will invite on a first come first serve basis within your ship type, based on fleet needs and for those that meet our Upgrade Policy. We manage waiting pilots through our Wait List Manager website. The link to this website can always be found in our channel MotD. All invites to the fleet (with a few exceptions) is done by this wait list manager, so to join our fleet, you need to know how to use it! Upon signing in to the website, you're presented with the X-Up form, and six columns down below: X-Up, Logi, DPS, Sniper, Mar DPS, and Mar Sniper. X-Up are those that posted their fit and are waiting for approval from the current FC. Upon approval, they're moved to the appropriate waiting column (Logi, DPS, Sniper, Mar DPS, or Mar Sniper). When spots in the fleet open up, they're replaced by those at the top of these five columns. How to X-Up Please make sure you are no more than 3 Jumps away from dock-up before you X-UP! Invites can come fast and we do not wish to delay fleet by having to wait for pilots that are more than a few jumps away. "X-Up" means to post your fit for approval and potential invite. Here's how to do this: In the EVE client, go to the Ship Fitting Window. The default short cut is Alt+F. Make sure you are on the Browser tab. Select Import & Export. Then select Copy to Clipboard. Go to the Wait List Website. If you don't see the X-Up form, click the green X-Up button at the top. Click in the big text field, below Fittings, press Ctrl+V or right click and select Paste. Note that you can enter multiple fits! Just copy and paste each of your fits into that window separated by a return. If Logi, enter your Logistics Cruisers Skill Level when prompted. If Rattlesnake, enter your Caldari Battleship Skill Level when prompted. Click Enter On Waitlist. Your Fittings will now be queued up in the X-Up column for approval. Once your fit is approved, you will be moved to the bottom of a waitlist column: Logi, DPS,Sniper, Mar DPS, or Mar Sniper depending on what role your fit is. As pilots at the top are invited to fleet, they will be removed from the list, moving you up towards the top. Once a spot opens up in fleet and you're at the top, you'll get an invite! Note that your fleet invite is valid for 60 seconds. The wait list manager has a number of tools to notify you of this invite, including a poke on TS3 and a notification link that plays a sound when invited. If you miss the invite, don't worry! The FC will invite you again on the next wave of invites. However, if you miss three invites in a row, the FC may remove you from the waitlist and you'll have to X-Up again! If you x-up a fit and you need to update it after you have entered the waitlist, you can use the Update button to update your fit without losing your spot on the waitlist. Ship Replacement Program Warp To Me offers a Ship Replacement Program (SRP) to its pilots. SRP is like an insurance policy that covers the loss of your ship if the loss is not your fault: 20 Million covers up to 8 Billion New Pilots are automatically paid into SRP for their first day in fleet. Examples (but not limited to) of SRPable loss: FC Error (sometimes FCs mess up) Logi Error (if broadcast is on time) Examples (but not limited to) of non-SRPable loss: Failure to broadcast on time Taking a gate without FC permission (called "leeroying") Being CONCORDed (Please make sure your safety is set to green) Having a killright or wardec (please take care of those before joining fleet) Ganks are covered as long as you follow the FCs commands. In short, if you follow FC commands and broadcast on time, your ship will be covered. Note that your ship must meet our minimum requirements to be covered by SRP. Your SRP payment covers you from the time you pay until the next Down Time (DT-1100 server time). You may leave fleet and rejoin as many times as you wish during this time without having to repay every time you join fleet. Sounds pretty good, right? Well how do you sign up? Simply send the payment (20 million) to the In-Game corporation with the name of "WarpTo SRP". This corporation will be linked in the fleet MOTD. This is the only official WTM SRP corporation and the only one you should trust. If in doubt check the CEO name for "Sparta Epic Cyno." WTM is not held responsible for scammers, although if one appears, please report it to a WTM Officer or a member of Leadership. Broadcasting For you to communicate effectively with the fleet, you must learn how to broadcast properly. Furthermore, you must be able to see broadcasts, as Commanders use them for communication as well. Sending Broadcasts There are three main broadcasts that you should know: Shield, Capacitor, and In Position. The buttons for these broadcasts can always be found at the bottom of your fleet window. If you don't see a row of broadcast buttons, click the two little arrows in the bottom right corner of the fleet window. You should broadcast for Shield when the Sansha first target you. Denoted by yellow boxes around the Sansha icons. A loss due to failure to broadcast for shield on time is considered a non-SRPable loss. You should broadcast for Capacitor if your capacitor falls below 30% or targeted by Outuni Mesens. We set an alarm for this earlier Do not broadcast for capacitor if there are Outunis on the field and you do not have aggro. The person who has aggro needs it far more than you, due to dangerous Outuni neutralizers. You should broadcast In Position if you no longer have aggression or no longer need capacitor. When the Sansha ships icons changed from yellow box to red box back to yellow box, you no longer have aggression. When your capacitor is greater than 70%, you no longer need capacitor. If you broadcasted for both, then no longer need one, broadcast In Position, wait one second, and broadcast for whichever you need. E.g. you have Outuni aggro, you broadcast for both shield and capacitor. Outunis die, you have >70% capacitor, but still hold aggression. Broadcast In Position, wait one second, then broadcast for Shield. Viewing Broadcasts You should always have the History tab active in your Fleet window to view the broadcasts of the fleet. For FC communications, there are two main broadcasts: Align to and Warp to. Align broadcasts are orders to align to a point in space. Right click on the broadcast and Align to. Warp broadcasts are orders to warp to a point in space, most of the time the next site. Right click on the broadcast and Warp to at 0. Do not warp before FC orders via voice commands. If you are flying a logistics ship, you are required to lock every shield and armor broadcast. This is most easily done by holding down the hotkey for locking (Ctrl) and clicking on the broadcast. For more information on flying logistics ships, read our Logi Rookie Guide. Broadcast Hotkeys We discourage the use of hotkeys due to unreliability, while the fleet window buttons are 100% reliable, and we absolutely want every new pilot to use fleet window buttons instead of hotkeys. However, if you use hotkeys at your own risk, increase reliability by ensuring you do not have a window active (click in space) before pressing the hotkey. Furthermore, verify that your broadcast went through by looking in the Fleet History window. If you do not see your broadcast, the Logi do not see it either. Note that utilizing this method does not make Hotkeys 100% reliable. Using hotkeys is not an excuse for failure to broadcast on time. If this becomes a problem, we'd recommend to just use the fleet window buttons for broadcasting. Roles Individuals of the fleet have certain Roles, ranging from standard DPS ship to more specialized roles of Anchor and FC. In this section we'll cover basic roles and more specialized roles, what those roles mean, along with important roles to add to your watchlist. Basic Roles There are four basic roles in our fleet that you will automatically be grouped in: Short-range DPS, Long-range Sniper, Bastion Marauders and Logistics Cruisers. Logi is self-explanatory, you're flying either a Basilisk or a Scimitar and providing reps to the fleet. DPS and Snipers are the offensive part of the fleet, and you're classified based on what guns you have fitted to your ship. Bastion Marauders are an extension of these two roles, shooting their relevant tags. What tags you target are based on whether you're classified as a DPS or Sniper ship. Long-range Snipers Projectiles and Lasers Targets are lettered tags: A, B, C, ..., H, I Do not shoot tag J Use your MJD to anchor as specified in the Anchor Guide Short-range DPS Hybrid Blasters, Drone Boats, and all types of Missiles Targets are numbered tags: 1, 2, 3, ..., 9, X, Y, Z Keep at range 5,000m on HHH and follow the Anchor Guide Logistics Cruisers Orbit at 10 km on Booster Read our Logi Rookie Guide If there are none of your tag type remaining on grid, then shoot the other. I.e. DPS shoot numbers then letters, Snipers shoot letters then numbers. If you are late on grid and don't see any tags, feel free to ask FC for "Tag Refresh" so they can update them for you. Your FC's voice commands always override the tags you see on grids, so be sure to be on comms and listening closely! Do not ever shoot tag J. This is used to designate a target that, if killed, would put fleet safety in jeopardy. Shooting tag J is a valid reason to get a kick from fleet! In a TCRC, tag X Auga and Schmaeels should be locked, wait until the FC calls for you to shoot them (this is usually after payout at the end of site). Specialized Fleet Roles Certain pilots within the fleet have specialized roles. These roles include FC, Anchors, MTAC, and Boosters, and are mandatory for a good upkeep with the fleet. When you see it empty please x up for it! If you have interest in these roles, read the guides and volunteer! Guides can be found by clicking the links below or in fleet chat. We're always willing to teach these roles, and if you ever want to be a Commander, best thing to do to get our attention is to take these roles whenever possible! FC: Fleet Commander - Gives commands to the fleet, be sure to listen! LC: Logi Commander - A designated Commander to lead the Logi in place of the FC. HHH: Heavy Drone Bunny - Assist your medium & heavy drones to this person. DDD: Light Drone Bunny - Designated Vindi to prioritize the frigates, Assist your light drones to this person. MTAC: Performs a specific job in the TCRC site. Booster: Provides Command Bursts for the Fleet and acts as Logi Anchor. Logi Orbit at 10KM. Snipers without an MJD will use this person as their anchor temporarily, keep at range 5000m. Drones What do you do with your drones? This section will cover just that. Light Drones will be assisted to the DDD Acolytes, Hobgoblins etc. Medium & Heavy Drones will be assisted to the HHH Ogres, Praetors, Geckos, Hammerheads etc. If you have multiple flights of different size, try and use the most of your bandwidth, heavier is usually better! You assist your drones by Right Clicking on your Drones in Local Space > Assist > Watchlist > [Pilot Name]. A pilot can only have 50 drones assisted to him/her. If the DDDs and HHHs are full, then let your FC know, so they can assign additional bunnies! Watchlist The fleet watchlist is a very important tool to every pilot. To get this watchlist started, right click on your FC in the Fleet MOTD, go to Fleet > Add to Watchlist. This should open up your watchlist window, and place it somewhere accessible. You can click and drag other names into this watchlist as well, and it's recommended that you should at least have your Drone Bunny(s), and Booster in your watchlist. When assisting drones, this adds a "Watchlist" submenu so you can easily assist your drones as well. Finding the Fleet in Space This is one of the most important processes to learn, and if done wrong, could see you losing your ship! So pay attention. The first step is to look for your current FC, this information is found in the fleet chat MOTD. You want to warp to the FC, land on the acceleration gate (do NOT activate), warp a second time. If you are at the correct site, the game will confirm this for you by giving you what is called, the Natural Phenomenon Error message. This lets you know that the fleet is in that site. Once you have this error message, you can ask your FC for "Gate Status", only use this phrase. You can ask over comms or in the fleet chat. FC will answer in 2 ways: Gate is RED: Do not take the acceleration gate, hold and wait at least 30 seconds before asking again. Gate is GREEN: You may take the acceleration gate. A GREEN gate status is good for about 10 seconds. Please make sure you are on gate, aligned and ready to go before asking for "Gate Status". If you miss that 10 second window, please ask again. (Keep in mind in the TPPH site there are 3 gates total. You always ask for the first gate, then listen for FCs call on what to do for the next two, typically you will ask again on the third gate, named "Gate to Headquarters".)
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    Warp To Me Logi Rookie Guide See our Fittings Webpage for current Logistics fits. Once you have a ship, please read our general Rookie Guide. Fleet MOTD The Fleet MOTD contains important Information. At the bottom of the MOTD are the Fleet Roles. The pilots assigned to these roles are linked so they can be easily added to the Watchlist. Ensure you have the FC and the Booster on your Watchlist. Warp only to the FC if separated from the Fleet Orbit the Booster at 10km with afterburner on Exceptions: In TPPH, you are burning straight to the outgate, only in the last room do you orbit. Watch List As a Logi pilot, you should make use of your watch list, as it is a quick reference for locking, orbiting, or watching members. To add members to your watch list, right-click on their name, go to Fleet > Add to Watch List. You should add the following pilots to your watch list. Basi Pilots Booster DDD (if you have light drones) FC Newbros / Aggro Magnets Scimi Pilots Pilots you are giving RTCs to Booster DDD pilots (All links should be going to the DDD / DDD2) FC Newbros / Aggro Magnets - Note for Scimitar Pilots: typically there will be two DDDs in any fleet, there is an in fleet Logi Chat you can join to help sort out links, you want to ideally have 2 tracking scripts and 1 optimal script on each DDD, extra optimal and tracking for either is left to the discretion of the DDD or FC. If you're not sure, ask! Entering Site Logi ships should try to avoid taking the initial aggro to reduce their risk of death. This means that you should be aligned but wait until you see a few battleships leave the grid before you activate the gate yourself. You do not want to be the only target on an otherwise empty grid with no backup. Upon entering a site, there is a pattern that you should follow: Burn straight forward for 40k with your Afterburner on (this stays on at all times) Exceptions: In TPPH sites, there are 3 gates, in the first two rooms you are just burning straight to the outgate, then stop your ship and align down the gate as the wave is close to being finished. For the TCRC site, first burn 40k forward. Only anchor on Booster when FC explicitly instructs. Scimi’s: Lock up the Pilot you need to be linking. Lock up all Shield and Armor Broadcasts Apply staggered reps to pilot taking agro and scimi’s apply links Orbit the Booster once you get clear of the fleet. Get Moving! Once you land in site, get moving! In the TPPH (last room) and NRF, use q-click to burn straight forward 40km. Then, right click the Booster in your watch list and select Orbit > 10km. In the TCRC, q-click to burn straight forward 40km and only anchor on your Booster after FC specifically instructs you to. Always try and ensure you are orbiting the Booster with your Afterburner on. This will ensure that you are in the right spot as the Booster will take you where you need to go, and having the AB on will ensure your speed stays up so you can maintain your speed tank. Lock up your Link Buddies Once you have landed and started moving, lock your Link Buddy and give tracking links (Scimi). These tasks need to be done each time you land in a room. Lock up ALL Shield Broadcasts It is imperative that you lock all shield broadcasts every single time. The broadcasts will appear in the broadcast history window and can be color coded (as shown in the example image). A simple way to lock is hold down your lock hotkey and click on the broadcasts. Lock up ALL Armor Broadcasts An Armor Broadcast signifies that the pilot has 'troll aggro,' or only a small amount of ships where logi do not need to primary their attention to that pilot. Even though the ship should be able to handle what is aggressing it, logi still need to lock the pilot up as aggro has a tendency to switch to whoever has the 'troll aggro.' Lock up ALL Target Broadcasts (for pilots) There are a variety of reasons that a pilot may be target broadcasted by a commander or another keen eyed pilot. Almost always, it is to help that players safety because something is a little off. Example include: late/missing broadcast from the pilot, potential disconnects, pilot who is out of position and may take agro. Logi need to lock these broadcasts, keep an eye on that pilot and apply reps as necessary if they start taking damage. If you are using our color scheme, it should be one of the only uncolored broadcasts. Apply Reps In normal circumstances, you will lock up the person taking damage and give them 2 shield reppers. Try to stagger your reppers by about a second. This will ensure a steady stream of reps landing on the target. If Target is dropping past 50% shield, apply a third rep and then the Fourth when they drop below 25% shield. Remove the 3rd/4th reps as soon as the target has stabilized. Applying more reps than needed will cause you (the logi) to get aggro. Be ready to switch the reppers off of one target onto the next once the aggro switches. Always try to have a repper in reserve for this aggro switch. Remote Capacitor Transmitters Also referred to as "Combat Caps" Basilisks will lock all Capacitor broadcasts as well, and apply both cap transmitters for 3 cycles and then move on to the next broadcast. If there is an Outuni Mesen on grid, the cap broadcast of the Outuni target is top priority and ALL combat caps go to that pilot. If there are very few cap broadcasts, pick random T1 battleships like hyperions, or marauders out of bastion, and top them up proactively. Site Details TPPH - 3 rooms. First room has an Outuni (Neuts). Second Room has low DPS. Third Room has 3 waves. Second wave has High DPS and Deltoles (Paints). Final wave has an Arnons (Jams) and Outunis (Neuts). Logi Should not be orbiting in the first 2 rooms of TPPH, just burn directly for the Gate. NRF - Multiple waves. Relatively low DPS throughout until the final wave. Final wave has 1-3 Outunis and 1-2 Deltoles. Heavy Neuts and Paint with a very hard switch. TCRC - Very High DPS at the start of the site, including Outunis (Neut) and Deltoles (Paint). The Outuni victim will need cap immediately, and afterwards, Deltole victim will need cap. The Ostingeles and Yulais (with whatever remaining Deltoles) will hard switch onto a new target shortly after the Outunis are killed. Deltole Target Painters are very dangerous when applied to Logi. At the end of the site, Logi stay behind with FC until all other Battleships are off grid and FC will call for Logi to warp. Logi Should be prepared for both initial aggro and then the switch at 60s for each wave. Initial aggro is based on positioning and those who enter grid first. Switches after the initial are based on highest applied damage, then weighted towards remote reps/caps, remote assistance, and ewar/webs. Expect Marauders with their high dps to grab damage switches regularly. Bastion Marauders Marauders are special high DPS ships in our fleet that use a unique module called 'Bastion'. While in bastion their DPS is doubled, but they can't receive remote reps or cap. In the case they get aggro while in bastion, they will broadcast for shield once, then broadcast once more when they come out of bastion. While they are in bastion they can use their local rep to keep themselves alive until they exit bastion. Be aware of when they come back out and be ready to catch them. Additional Logi Tactics There are times in which everything does not go according to plan. We expect our logi to be able to quickly adjust and correct any such circumstances. Too Many Targets There will be times when more people will broadcast than can be locked up at once. If you are out of available locks and a new broadcast appears, unlock pilots who are not taking damage for the new broadcasts. Get in the habit of managing locks so you can be ready to lock up the next broadcast! Remember that aggro does not carry over between waves, so if all Sansha are killed you may unlock/stop repping everyone. Advanced Target Management III, is a highly recommended skill for logi pilots, so you can lock up to your ship's maximum lock limit of 10. No Broadcasts Pilots will fail to notice they are being shot, we expect our more experienced logi to learn to catch/save these pilots even without the broadcast. Practice, watching the direction of the Sansha Lasers, Scram Notifications and your watchlist in order to identify these pilots. Once you find them, Start Locking them and Broadcast/Voice who the pilot is for the other logi. Once you are more comfortable in your ship you can practice watching for this, be confident in what you call though, calling out the wrong target can distract from who is really in trouble! If you are catching up to the fleet or land late on grid, you will likely have missed the broadcast from the person who took the initial aggro. In this case feel free to ask for a rebroadcast. Its better to ask, than to try and spend extra time looking for it yourself. And if you are failing to lock up this person, you may find yourself under scrutiny for not doing your job! Overheating Occasionally, more repping power than is available is needed to save a pilot (Normally in the case of a late broadcast or multiple Logi or Booster Disconnect). When this happens we expect our logi to be able to comfortably overheat in order to reduce their repper cycle time and save the pilot. It is suggested that you set up hotkeys to overheat your modules (default Shift + Module Activation key). Other modules can be overheated as well. Shield Hardeners to increase Tank, Prop Mod to Increase Speed. Overheating your prop mod a couple cycles can help you keep up when the fleet is burning through empty TPPHs. When you are overheating a module, it will generate heat that damages the overheated module as well as those around it. Be careful not to let modules generate too much heat or they will burn out and become unusable. Trusted Logi Badge For experienced pilots who have proven their ability to perform exceptionally well as a Logi and shown a high level of Situational Awareness while in fleet can be eligible for the Trusted Logi badge on Teamspeak. This allows a pilot to apply to fly T3 Lokis or for our Dual Logi program. If you are interested in this ask a commander while in fleet to watch you or give you feedback!
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    I don't have as nicely analyzed data as OP had, but I can anecdotally say that there are about 10 major 'pockets' of incursion systems. I used to leave battleships all over the place, and just move the bling, and I ended up with about 10 of them. I would move the bling, then grab the nearest battleship (which I would then leave there afterward). The majority of the time, the closest one was within 10 jumps or so of the new focus.
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    Btw my Birthday is in 3.5 hours, so I just might bring the Rokh one more time
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    Well considering you didn't actually provide any math, here is some for you. The Paladin with a flight of T2 Light Shield bots is doing a grand total of 18hp/s. 5x drones = 18hp/s A Scimitar, as an example, does 433hp/s with boosts, 108hp/s per rep. A flight of unbonused shield bots is 1/6th of the power of 1 T2 logi rep, 1/24 the power of 4 T2 Logi reps. You would need 24 sets of shield bots to "replace" the repping power of 1 T2 Logi. Considering this isn't a doctrine we use, for reasons otherwise provided in this thread, there is no situation where there would be that many people in fleet with shield bots, maybe a handful of people at best. We mandate people don't bring them because they serve no purpose other than to distract someone from what they should rather be doing. Blame CCP for the fact that logi bots are under powered, its the same reason no one uses ewar drones, they don't do anything helpful. If you want something that would prove more useful, you can add remote medium shield reps to your pally. Each doing significantly more repping power without the fuss of drones that need to be redeployed and travel to their targets, likely not making it by the time the person dies. You can also overheat them, and they are bonused by command bursts. We have a more straightforward rule in WTM, if a module/drone/charge/deployable can't be deemed useful to running incursions fleets, its not allowed to bring to fleet. WTM has had a stance on shield bots for a long time, longer than I have been a commander. They are not useful. In cases such as a TCRC the light bots zooming around can get aggro from the MTAC squad and die fairly easily, or in situations of split aggro, causing more split aggro. Logi bots in general are not useful for actual Logi usage, I only consider armor/hull bots useful to patch close calls we sometimes get, but not in terms of keeping the fleet up. In which case bigger drones are better, for the sake of them catching sansha aggro or not. For next time, don't argue with the fleet comp / FC about changes to your fit, just do it. And you can always keep your place in the x-up queue, you just need to click the Update button attached to your fit.
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    https://janice.e-351.com/ This site's better, just saying.
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    Regarding moving (like from focus to a market hub, or from the last focus to the next focus), look for me (MDD Teller and MDD Feynman) in the WTM Incursions channel. I frequently have better travel routes than what autopilot offers. And these become increasingly more important the more expensive your ship becomes.
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    What is your ingame character name that wants to run with WTM? I am sure we can figure out something : )
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    o/ Hello WTM forums, got some questions: How much isk can you expect to make in an hour, or perhaps 30 min.? How long would it take to have enough isk to PLEX if I am active for about an hour during weekdays, 2 during weekends? I am only active after about 2000 EVE time, is that an unideal time? How much time does it take to do a site? Im most likely going to be using the Hyperion fit, is there a minimum dps? Thanks for your time! If there are anything else I should know, please.tell me!
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    Xo's Shop Jita 4-4 7 Hyperions 1 Rokh 1 Tempest HQ Brosquad Citadel 4 x Caldari Navy Stasis Webifier 1 x Gist X-type 500mn MWD 1 x Thukker Large Shield Extender 1 x Republic Large Shield Extender 6 x Republic Fleet Large Cap Batter 1 x Thukker Large Cap Battery 3 x Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay 1 x Domination 500mn MWD 1 x Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System 11 x Pithum A-type Medium Remote Shield Booster 2 x Pithum A-type EM Shield Amplifier
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    Dropping off the 3x3 copper tags for both Gallente and Minmatar fixed it, yey. New try tomorrow for fleet action.
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    Bugger, need to rep my Gallente standing above -5
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    And I'm back, and we got more builders, and the waitlist is way longer!
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    I have been messing with Basi fits that are a little more bling then the standard fit. Here are the two that I have come up with, one uses Rapture implants the other Saviour. If I wanted to join fleet with a no expensive spared/elite fit, which would be preferred. I got a few notes after each fit on the main pros/cons. [Basilisk, Rapture] Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener Gistum B-Type 10MN Afterburner Pith X-Type EM Shield Hardener Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender Thukker Large Cap Battery Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II 'Chivalry' Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter 'Chivalry' Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Imperial Navy Acolyte x5 High-grade Rapture Alpha High-grade Rapture Beta High-grade Rapture Gamma High-grade Rapture Delta High-grade Rapture Epsilon Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Management SM-706 Better range on cap and shield More cap transfer Better tank Cap stable [Basilisk, Savior] Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener Corelum B-Type 10MN Afterburner Pith X-Type EM Shield Hardener Large 'Sheriff' Shield Extender Thukker Large Cap Battery Large Murky Compact Remote Shield Booster Large Murky Compact Remote Shield Booster Large Asymmetric Enduring Remote Shield Booster Large Asymmetric Enduring Remote Shield Booster Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Imperial Navy Acolyte x5 High-grade Savior Alpha High-grade Savior Beta High-grade Savior Gamma High-grade Savior Delta High-grade Savior Epsilon Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Emission Systems ES-706 Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Emission Systems SE-806 More shield transfer Less tank then the standard fit 20min cap stable with everything running
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    WTM run HQ fleet nearly all of the time so HQ would be the place to start . VG are most commonly run for influence grind , sometimes when HQ fleet is not up VG are run , and are not that different to the HQ fits . I would carry both , changing the rigs from HQ to VG is not really needed for the casual VG pilot . For the implants I would go Ascendancy with the WS-618 slot 6 instead of the omega
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    @Letsgetiton here is the marauder thing Rainz mentioned: It includes links to hull-related guides (anchoring, recommended skills, etc), but to apply for flying marauder with us you need at least the required skills listed in the main marauder post.
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    Hey I think we need to change this forum description from "So I cap up not down right?" to "Where the hell the Basi channel go?"
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    The Skill Guide Hello fellow pilots! This guide will be walking you through all the skills that you could train to optimize the use of your ship, either an Optimal Battleship or a Logistics ship. This guide is more of a suggestion, however, as you might find other skills more necessary to train first, some that might have been left out, or skills that you feel are not needed for you. These skill plans are designed to be used one after the other, start at minimum and work your way up to optimal! You can click the "spoiler" and copy and paste those skills directly into the EVE training queue window. Here's how: 1. Copy any of the spoilered skill list to your Clipboard (Select and then CTRL+C) 2. Then select 'Add skills listed in clipboard to end of queue' shown here: 3. The new queue will be loaded and give you a confirmation message Good luck training the skills! If you have any questions, please contact any of our Commanders (FCs or LCs) or Council (Leadership and Officers) 1. Vindicator Guns: Hybrids - Large Neutron Blasters Battleship Bonus: Gallente/Minmatar WTM Minimum - Hyperion (Affordable Stepping Stone) WTM Minimum - Vindicator WTM Optimal - Vindicator 2. Nightmare Guns: Lasers - Large Tachyon Beam / Large Mega Pulse (T2 Only) Battleship Bonus: Amarr/Caldari WTM Minimum - Bhaalgorn (Affordable Stepping Stone) WTM Minimum - Nightmare WTM Optimal - Nightmare 3. Logistic Ships Please look at our other guides for more information about logistics, capacitor management and implants. Rookie Logi Guide Implant Guide Cap Management Guide Advanced Incursion Tips Guide Basilisk Role: Support - Remote Repair + Remote Cap and Sensor Boost (Signature Radius, faster lock speed for the drone bunny or your up cap) Caldari Cruiser skill bonus WTM Minimum - Basilisk WTM Optimal - Basilisk Scimitar Role: Support - Remote Repair and Tracking Links (Tracking Speed and Optimal Range) Minmatar Cruiser skill bonus WTM Minimum - Scimitar WTM Optimal - Scimitar Loki Role: Support - Remote Repair Minmatar Strategic Cruiser skill bonus and Subsystems (Please note the Loki has other requirements, refer to this post for details) Further Reading EVE Uni Magic 14 Skills and Learning Support Skills
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    Description of the Drone Bunny Role (DDD) The DDD is the person responsible for killing all the frigates on the field. As soon as you land, people assign drones to you up to a maximum of 50 drones. Most of these drones are light drones, which are fast and able to reach any target you attack quickly. Your objective is to kill the frigates as fast as you can, especially those frigates that do bad things to the fleet, namely ECM, Points (Scrams) and Webs. To help you with your task, your fleet members will provide you with Remote Sensor Boosters ("resebos") to increase your lock speed and remote tracking computers ("links") to boost your gun tracking and range. You cannot directly instruct the 50 assigned drones to attack a particular target, but instead they follow your shots and attack what you attack. They will follow whatever aggressive module you last activated on a target (this includes your guns, webs, or paints) and attack that same target. Initial tips: Strategically time and minimize your ship movements to optimize your tracking against frigates as they are small targets. It is better to pick a few places to stop and shoot from rather than try to chase down each target individually. Sitting still while shooting frigates is ideal, ie the faster you are moving the more you are working against your own tracking. Be where you need to be sooner rather than later so you can be sitting still where it matters. Always follow directions from your FC. In particular, during contests, the command "Full fleet shoot the XXX" includes you, the Drone Bunny, unless otherwise directed. In most fleets there will be two DDDs assigned, your job is the same in both cases. Frigates will chase after their aggro targets closely, you can try predetermining where they may go and place yourself in their path to catch them. After a minute they will reagress the next target, be ready for where they are going. And remember! Its better to be in position for the next wave than chasing after remnants. You likely have only 7 (or fewer) max locks to work with, make sure you keep locking up more frigates as you kill them. If you are not receiving remote sensor boosters, ask the FC if they are available for you. You should at the very least be receiving one as DDD to reduce your lock speed significantly. Spread your webs amongst frigates, while you are shooting one, the next frigate is already slowed down for you to apply on. As frigates die, move that web to the next one, while you shoot the pre-webbed frigates. The preferred ammo for DDD is Null and Antimatter (Void is only good if you have enough links/skills to support its lack of range and tracking) Vindicator is the Optimal DDD ship, due to its web and tracking bonuses. Vindicators with 3 webs are preferred, but 2 webs can do the job. DDDs can refit their DDAs for tracking enhancer for better application. What kind of enemies do I primarily shoot? Schmaeel Nasty little frigates, they point and web. Usually your first target in most of the HQ sites. Killing these quickly removes scrams and helps to get your fellow fleet members safely to the next gate and not being slowed down. Tama Tamas deal high DPS and also point. Try not to let too many of these stack up, especially in a TPPH. Eystur Normal Frigate. Renyn Normal Frigate. Has webs. Niarja Niarjas are only present in TCRCs. They are your primary target at all times when they are present. The Niarja neuts and jams pilots. Mara These are small, fast Sansha cruisers with the signature of a frigate that act as Logi ships for the Sansha fleet. These are most often Sniper targets, but in some circumstances the FC will tell you to specifically go after these. Specifically in the NRF 3rd wave, you will want to grab Mara first before the few Tama that spawn. (Lastly, if you have cleared all of the necessary frigates, you will usually move on to help the HHH with the Uitra and Romi cruisers in reverse tag order and then with the remaining DPS targets.) For each site, what should I do, where do I go, what do I kill? In general, the DDD should try to be at the VVV anchor spot at the start of each new wave spawn to be close to the new targets. During the wave, you may have to pick a second or third position to stop and shoot from. In the TCRC, there is a special job to be done described in more detail below. TPPH Room 1 Schmaeel Tamas Renyns Room 2 Schmaeels Renyns Romis (reverse order of tags) Room 3 Special note: in the 3rd room, you will be working hard to clear a large number of frigates. Towards the end of each wave, you need to stop shooting these frigates and attack the last Ostingele Tectum, as this helps reduce the risk of drones being shot on each new wave spawn. Listen for the FC to call this swap but try to anticipate it for yourself. Wave 1 Eysturs Tamas Romis or Last Tagged Osti Wave 2 Schmaeels Tamas Romis or Last Tagged Osti Wave 3 Schmaeels Leftover frigates Vylade NRF Wave 1 Schmaeels Renyns Uitra Romis Wave 2 Schmaeels Tamas Ostingele Wave 3 Mara Tamas Vylade Wave 4 Eysturs Romis Vylade TCRC The most important site as a drone bunny. This is the only site where the Niarja spawns. The Niarja jams and neuts people and is your highest priority target. If the Niarja attacks a Logistics pilot, they are unable to lock the person who has the aggro and their cap gets drained. Primary Objective Kill all the Niarjas on the field. This is your #1 job without delay. There are two Niarjas when we start the site. Once killed, one will respawn behind the Shield Transfer tower every 30 seconds or so. Position yourself directly between the Sansha Battletower and the Shield Transfer array (9 bubbles) to be in optimal position to kill the Niarja every time as soon as it respawns. You will get multiple remote sensor boosters and tracking links to help with this task and make this a near-instant kill if done correctly. Secondary Objective Kill Schmaeels Between killing Niarjas, you should work on killing the untagged Schmaeels. Two Schmaeels near the MTAC factory will respawn if killed, which the FC should tag X or J; do not kill these. In the case FC forgets to tag the trigger they may ask you to clear all the tagged schmaels and leave the ones left till after the tower is down. Once the tower is destroyed, no Sansha will respawn. Align to the FC's broadcast and help killing the remaining Schmaeels and the Auga. Warp off grid when the FC says "DPS/Snipers/Battleships Warp!". Good job!