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    Yesterday Maximus Atreide and his gf's world got rocked and they litterally got out of the day with the clothes on their backs when their home caught fire and burned down. We have already shared it with the commanders and if you are so inclined there is a gofundme opened for them. If you chose to donate make sure and leave a comment from wtm, toon name, or the like. For those that want to do something but cant do that, i talked to sparta about the srp throwin a few plex his way to keep his account training while they rebuild their lives from scratch and i told him i would match him 3 months worth. If anyone would like to chip in on top of this you may contract me plex (any quantity not just 500) and i will add that on top my my 3m in a week or so. its times like this when this community comes together and does its best work. Sandman WTM Leadership
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    This is blobert deciding to help WTM out with a convenient place fore people to dock in HQ systems with repair functions and a clone bay. it is under wtm name and corp. no reason to be rude about somebody helping out commanders and line pilots. You don't have to dock there if you choose not to. We will still have the typical station docks as well.
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    The LC, or "Logistics Commander" is responsible for setting the cap chain for the Basilisks and keeping track of free combat caps for the FC. LC’s Duties are: Set Up and Update Cap Chain Assign Remote Sensor Booster Targets Inform FC about the number of Combat Caps Setting up the cap chain is straightforward. You transcribe the names from Basi chat in the same order they are on the right of the chat window . Then put the Logi level to the left of each pilot's name. The color (combat cap status) of each pilot depends on the person below them. By default, that number is blue. However, every Logi 4 pilot needs a second permacap from the person above them, so above every Logi 4 pilot make the number for that person red. Also remember that the list wraps around, top to bottom; if the Logi 4 is at the top of the list, the person at the bottom is red. In the example Abrahm is a level 4 pilot, so we set the person above him to red. Since the list wraps around, that person is Tywin Maulerant, who is correctly set to red. There are no other Logi 4 pilots, so the remaining pilots are blue. Remember that for any Basilisk, your red/blue status has nothing to do with your own Logi level, but that of the Basi below you. At some point the cap chain may break down for some reason. This may happen when a Basi is stuck on a gate, died in the middle of a site, DC’d, or is being jammed for a prolonged period of time. Whatever the reason, the fix is the same: Step 1) Don’t Panic Step 2) Find out who is unstable: this can be done by doing a stability check in Basi chat. Write a line like "==========Stability Check=============". The Basi pilots will type ‘s’ for stable or ‘-s’ for not stable. Step 3) Fix the issue- they are either unstable because their incoming permacap from below is gone or they are an Logi 4 pilot who is now missing a cap from above. Step 4) If all else fails have the whole chain send 1 cap up 1 cap down while the issue is resolved until a new chain can be made. If at any point in the process of sorting out the cap chain issues you have a pilot not responding to you, feel free to call them out on comms to check basi chat. If a Basi is jammed, "Cap Around" them and have the person below them put a combat cap on the person above the jammed pilot. If a Basi is being neuted, they should type 'NNN' in BasiChat, broadcast for cap, and have their cap buddy put their combat cap on them as well as the standard cap chain permacap. Do not broadcast for cap if there are Outunis neuting other targets. The LC also needs to be able to tell the FC how many combat caps the fleet has. This is as simple as counting the number of pilots sending a single cap to the chain. You can count either the ‘5’s or you can count the Blue numbers; both options work. Finally, the LC needs to assign remote sensor boosters to targets. The first priority is the DDD. During a TCRC, the DDD should receive 2-3 resebos with Scan Resolution scripts to assist in locking the Niarjas. After the DDD has sufficient remote sensor boosters, the rest of them go to Basi above you in the chain ("Up") with Scan Resolution scripts. In a TPPH or NRF, all remote sensor boosters should go Up in the chain. In this picture you can see words to the right of the name of each member in the Basi chain that has a remote sensor booster. These words specify their respective remote sensor booster target. You’ll notice that 2 of the names have “DDD”, the other remote sensor boosters say “UP”. This is because the LC has determined that 2 remote sensor boosters should go to the DDD and the rest stay in the basi chain. If possible, you should choose to have BLUE names put their sensor booster on the DDD (that is, pilots providing combat caps). This helps minimize the number of locks required by default, freeing up more locks for reps. While LC there are a few ways you communicate with other logi. For the most part, Basi Chat should be your primary means of communication, Following that, there is Fleet chat for non-emergency issues, and if you cant fix the issue on either of those, call out on comms. Please do not make changes to the MOTD beyond updating the Cap Chain and Remote Sensor Booster targets. Thank you for helping the daily operations of WTM!
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    I did my first run today with the Fleet and learn a tremendous amount and I think everything went well. Thank all of you guys for being so friendly and patient teaching me everything I needed to know.
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    The corp is owned by me. Ive put up one sparta has put up one. Blob asked to assist so he joined warp to me inc corp and put up 2 or 3. Its like everything else around here. Its voluntary.
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    Damage Control II Reinforced Bulkheads II Reinforced Bulkheads II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Some kind of MWD for the align trick if you dont have a webber alt. If you have a webber alt, more tank, like a T2 EM WARD FIELD. Capital Transverse Bulkhead II Capital Transverse Bulkhead II Capital Transverse Bulkhead II
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    Hello all; Good Luck and Fortune to'ya. I am hoping Vindi Vets and DPS Vets add some of their wisdom on top of this, and please take the liberty to correct anything as they see prudent. I fell in love with WTM culture of newbro friendly, ISK faucets of fun: I started this thread to remark on some of the things i picked up and allow info to be spread to newbro's (including me'self) As DPS, whether your in an Optimal Ship, or a Starter: remember the fleet counts on us: being efficient in removing dangerous DPS tags from the field, as we are the Sword of the fleet. I hope to stay on topic by sticking to Manuvering, Web calls, and general info Manuvering ----------------------------------------- The VVV Anchor should always be on your watchlist, easy right? But what happens when FC calls tag 1+2 outini/auga/deltole and you have no anchor in the pocket? BURN BABY BURN! (Turn on your MWD) You do not need to be attached by the hip especially at the beggining of a room (exeption TCRC) remember almost all FC's want Focus fire 1-X so you will generally be in the same place as the anchor anyhow. This applies in 1st rooms where the sancha are already on field, tags are up, and DPS is warping in: What I do 1st (example TPPH turn left go fast) i am spam 'E+Click' on tag 1 and as soon as i see warp meter ~40% i hit my MWD to start the burn. Then start locking your tags, i find im already hitting max speed just as the rest of the tags come in -Just remember the closing rate is fast! dont Bump nor overshoot your target (~20k out kill your mwd) and keep spamming that keep at range so you do not 'bump the targets' If your not still burnin' you can actually start to "keep at range"(E+click) to Tag 2, IF T2 is within 10k and IF Tag one(T1) is webbed.. this will help you apply more dps to T1 as you slowboat to T2(tag two) Get familliar with the Keep at range mechanic, as you get more experienced youll notice how to apply more effecient DPS, and help the fleet and you make more ISK/hr as well as BE safer. - Eve University has a great thread on Transversals, angular velocity, and general gun dynamics, as a blaster you could benefit greatly from checking it out <link> ------Web Calls. Webs help the whole fleet, especially DPS squad; in the pre-spawned pockets, down to when your VVV brings you to the next spawn, you want as many DPS targets webbed down as possible. - dont call webs after you web them imho -i would suggest precalling webs, it allows your fellow DPS to not waste time switching web targets wasting precious cooldown seconds. Be aware and know what will be in web range, and what will not. If your gonna lose a web on something, call it. WTM culture will not mind if you were mistaken, if you call "6 got away" it may allow another dps to try and catch it. Foshkey wrote an excellent article<link> (that includes pictures) regarding BS that need webs that are doing 100m/s or more. Dont forget if BS are webbed, go for them cruisers (Rommi's usually) as well, and help the HHH out. Three tips: --_Vylaids DONT NEED WEBS (Fiona helped me know that) apparently they have no acceleration module. _ While your webbing, remember to keep focus fire on your dps Tags 1-X and three is most important * dont chase after tag 9's when the rest of the dps targets are killed. You should be K.A.R on your anchor when there are 2-3dps tags left. *remember when the FC calls for 'dps burn your anchor spots' turn your MWD on and keep at range on your anchor, the fleet, and your VVV needs your blasters and webs ready and in range for the next wave.* again Spread those webs! Precall, and if there are no tags yet, STILL WEB. You can coordinate what you have webbed when the tag numbers appear. Keep and mind: listen to your FC! If the FC calls full fleet Arnons, or DPS Auga Outini Deltole Start locking them! When FC calls primaries you can lock the primaries and then lock the rest of your DPS tags when the numbers arive. Remember to keep focusing fire. Just be aware if you accidentally lock a sniper target to Unlock them. You want to help your DPS squad crush your targets before you hear Hoover telling the Snipers to "help the lazy dps out" we laugh as snipers are our friendly rivals. - dont worrie about burning to final tags when there is another spawn to come, as it is much more important to be in position for the next wave I have a blast flying with WTM (pun intended) these are just tips i gathered from learning, they are not manditory (exception: for DPS burn to your anchor spots, be with your VVV) I apologize in advance for any typos, as this was done from mobile device. Good luck n Fortune, I shall see you in Fleet! --VVR BTW<3 Whether you are a Hyperion, rohk, or vindi -* if you have blasters*- and have any questions or would like to know more feel free to get ahold of me in game, or give me a poke on TS "Victor Victor Rothwulf" - Me door is open if im around. And I will find the time. "Make them sansha's go Nowhear!"
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    post dog pics in the topic!!!!!! We will start off with one of my dog
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    Guess I'll have to dissapoint you then @niki lasvegas
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    Leshak has been approved today and will go on the WL shortly. It has a few restrictions, on top of our standard rules (damage control, 70%/100k, etc): Must Field T2 Weapons Must use 3 Tracking Enhancers Will be categorized as a sniper on the WL. You can expect to need upgraded invulns and 3x tank rigs to hit the requirements.
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    @Cpt Tirel why are you so obsessive over this? I ran the graphs yesterday on your geddon. The tracking is so bad, you would only be effective at shooting capital sized ships. Load multi freq and your dps drops to near starter BS numbers. If you are going to compare the nightmare, compare it with pulse lasers. It’s not comparable my friend.
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    So if you'd rather not use the shoddy LP Store websites that usually have incorrect information. Here is the simple equation you can apply to find how much ISK per LP you will get out of the LP store. Find open market value of item on https://evemarketer.com/ ~~ We'll call this variable G Find ISK cost in LP store ~~ We'll call this variable D Subtract D from G ~~ We'll call the answer variable H Find the LP cost in LP Store ~~ We'll call this variable LP Divide H by LP ~~ The answer to this is the ISK per Loyalty Point you will get on that item. Hope that was easy enough to follow along. Cheers o/
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    If you're going to AAA a TCRC in a nightmare I suggest the following: Split your guns into 2/2, Load Gamma into all weapon groups before you enter. Alternatively, if you carry it, try Standard for slightly better range on the guns so you can hit the Niarja before it really accelerates. For a Normal Site: As soon as you land start locking the far Niarja then set yourself to fly approximately 20 degrees left of the tower (this is about halfway between the tower and the shield transfer arrays). Activate your prop module as soon as possible for 2 cycles then turn it off. AB - Leave your prop mod on for 4-5 cycles instead you aren't quite as fast as the MWD and every little bit helps. As soon as you have the Niarja locked fire one set of your guns then stagger your second set half way through the cycle. Start locking the tower as soon as you activate the first gun group. The Niarja is usually dead by the time you finish locking the tower if not cycle one group of guns off and switch to multifrequency ammo and turn it on the tower. As soon as the Niarja dies load multifrequency and turn your guns on the tower stagger them to reduce the time lag between your shots and maintain a more even DPS. You have two jobs first to consolidate as much of the aggro as you can, and second to hold that aggro as long as possible. As soon as you start getting webbed down pulse your prop mod 1 cycle on, 1-2 cycles off. Set yourself to keep at range 30km from the tower. For a Preload Site everything is close to the same except for your angle of approach on the tower: As soon as you land start locking the far Niarja then set yourself to fly approximately 60 degrees left of the tower (this is about halfway between the mtac facility and the shield transfer control tower). Activate your prop module as soon as possible for 2 cycles then turn it off you'll need to conserve your cap. AB - Leave your prop mod on for 4-5 cycles instead you aren't quite as fast as the MWD and every little bit helps. Regardless of prop mod type as soon as the first energy neutralizer icon shows up turn your prop mod off till logi help starts landing then pulse your prop mod as needed to make sure you're in position. As soon as you have the Niarja locked fire one set of your guns then stagger your second set half way through the cycle. Start locking the tower as soon as you activate the first gun group. The Niarja is usually dead by the time you finish locking the tower if not cycle one group of guns off and switch to multifrequency ammo and turn it on the tower. As soon as the Niarja dies load multifrequency and turn your guns on the tower stagger them to reduce the time lag between your shots and maintain a more even DPS. You have two jobs first to consolidate as much of the aggro as you can, and second to hold that aggro as long as possible. As soon as you start getting webbed down pulse your prop mod 1 cycle on, 1-2 cycles off. Set yourself to keep at range 30km from the tower. If your shields hit 50-55% overheat one of your invuls, if you hit 35-40% overheat the second, and remember heat one cycle, cool two cycles. Alternate so you're heating one invul and cooling the other. If you hit 20-25% shield heat both and keep em cooking till logi catches up, or you hit 75% heat damage on your invuls. It's far better to have your invuls working than to burn them out. Also, remember to separate your invuls on your ship fitting screen, and seperate your guns as well. For example, I put mine in the first mid slot and last mid slot and put my other modules between them. Then when you undock rearrange to your heart's desire to make things line up how you want. Visual Example In the fitting window it looks like this: Invul Prop Mod Tracking Computer Tracking Computer Tracking Computer Sensor Booster Invul When undocked it looks like this: Prop Mod Invul Invul Sensor Booster Tracking Computer Tracking Computer Tracking Computer This allows you to heat your invuls longer with less impact as a percentage of the heat damage is dissipated into space without any effect.
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    Hello Gallente Pilot! WTM just loves attentive newbros trying to join into WTM fleets! You are indeed in the right place if you want to do some incursions. It is totally fine to join in-game chat for you. Actually it is even recommended. In the MOTD you will find a couple of really useful links for you. The 2 top being probably the Warp To Me Rookie Guide , and the WTM Fitting Website. These will probably answer most of your questions. But you can browse through the MOTD for other stuff too if you feel like it! For you (and for most of the newbros honestly) i'd recommend to look at the Hyperion first and try to get into one, it is a fairly cheap starter ship, and maybe you already have some skills for it! If you find out that you like incursions after some time and this is a thing you want to do and earned enough ISK, then you can look at the Vindicator and try to switch into it from the Hyperion. It is one of out optimal hulls and a really fun ship to fly. Welcome to Warp To Me!
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    We chose option C, have standards and give input, but leave flexibility where we can. We use Regard cap transfers as our standard, which determines our stable threshold of -64.8 (324GJ / 5s). I can assure, as one who helped develop these fits, that they are stable in chain with All 5s. There's 5 specifically: Logi Cruisers, Shield and cap emission, Cap management and operation. Your numbers tell me there is more missing than Cap emission 5 alone. You are correct, we don't know exactly the skills that every pilot brings, probably at least half aren't at 64.8, so we have closer control on fits and with these fits we have been okay. Your fit is different as it had a T2 cap transfer, which is great but burns more cap and is going to make you less stable. At that point, we require you to confirm you meet the delta. Call it arbitrary if you wish. If you can hit -64.8 the T2 transfers are fine. Your options being more skills, cap implants, or Mindflood (which you can take without issue as a logi). If you want, feel free to suggest alternative fits if you feel our standards are bad.
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    Starting in Milu, structures will be put up in every subsequent focus for people to dock, and repair in. They will also have a cloning facility that will be online until 24 hours after the focus goes down. If you would like to donate to support this project, send isk to Warp To Me Incursions corp
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    There are a number of Astrahus'es that were set up by Foshkey; if you're in HQ system and see one named "Foshkey's Something-or-Other", that's what those are. The NGA and TVP ones are also pretty much safe to dock in.
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    It's July now, so I could go and look at the total for June: One hundred and thirty six BILLION isk worth of incursion-loaded bowheads died last month. That's about 1/8 of the *total* isk generated by incursions during the month. Most of the kills were in Uedama or Niarja, but several were in Madirmilire, Sivala, and one in Bahromab (all adjacent to one of the Bad Systems, all 0.6). Stop paying for Kusions' subscription. Stop flying loaded Bowheads through the pipe systems. There are several ways to get around this problem. You can go "over the top" through Ammatar space. You can stop in Ashab/Kassigainen, unload the Bowhead, get it to Kaaputenen/Juunigaishi, and shuttle your battleships back and forth one by one. You can take the bling off your incursion ships, move the hulls in the Bowhead, and move the shiny bits separately in something sneaky. You can keep sets of hulls on each side of the Amarr/Gallente divide. There are probably other things you can do; goodness knows some of you are inventive enough with the battleship fits.
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    I recommend not annoucing your about to travel through a gank hotspot in a public channel, but feel free to let people know what was there after the fact.
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    The most important thing to do to win a contest is to listen to your FC closely. Everything else is just secondary. Linepilots can make some difference, but winning a contest is mostly on the FC. Also what Tohkay said. Optimal hulls are way way much more important that drugs or even implants.
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    Warp To Me, Sandman Logan3 & Pick Pocket proudly presents CannonBall Run 2018 The Race to Purgatory Expect to be ambushed, shot and tricked by pirates in our hyperactive cross between Wacky Races,The Dukes of Hazard and Spaceballs. Fasten your seat belts and pit yourself against your fellow pilots in a race where the only rules are there are no rules! 7th April 2018 Some Faq's about cannonball - READ THIS Expect to lose ships, expect to lose several ships and die in a blaze of glory or a fizzle of a dying firework. Be faster than your opponent, be smarter or failing that... hit them with a bag or oranges. whatever it takes to win! How to Play Register with your compare at the beginning of the race. At the start of the race you will be given a destination where one of our commanders will be waiting. Present the commander with 'XDESTO' in local and receive your next checkpoint. At your final destination find the compare whom will be hiding somewhere in the final system. START LINE SHIP WILL BE A CRUISER You may reship as many times as you like, you may race in whatever ship you like, but you must finish in a ship even if that's a rookie ship. Rules There are no rules so long as you go to every system and collect the checkpoint. You start at the beginning and finish at the end. Sounds easy? Race registration is for one toon only, no alts allowed. Prizes Prizes are to be announced, but expect something spectacularly sandman! Remember to change your expensive incursion clone because podding is a genuine thing! Famous quotes from previous events “Last year i won the logi masters pack which included a set of corpse's so this year imma drag sandman logan3's year old smelling corpse around with me! This year the gloves are off i want 1st!” “Not only does death not disqualify you... getting yourself killed might be a valid tactic.” “I thought we were using our most expensive Incursion BSs with 6% + ascendancy clones?? No?” Disclaimer CannonBall Run 2018 is brought to you by warp To Me incursion Community. Ships will not be reimbursed if lost during the course of the race, so be wise on your ship of choice. Do not fly what you cannot afford to lose. The staging system will be announced on the day.
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    If you're new, and you get in my logi wing, I'll say these things to you. Even if you've read this post, I'm gonna say them. Also, yes, that's how long it takes to say this stuff in voice; those speed runs through "Fox In Socks" finally paid off. -- Logi have four jobs: join your logi chat and do what they tell you, move, rep people who broadcast for shield, and basi's have to keep the cap chain going. Setting up As soon as you join fleet, hit the link in fleet MOTD to join basi-chat or scimi-chat. Say "Hi," give your Logistics Cruiser level and how many links/resebo's you have. Join and say hi even if you don't have any links, don't make me hunt you down and ask. Add AAA to your watchlist. If you're a basilisk, add your cap buddies. If your logi-chat gives you link or resebo targets, add them too. Make sure your fleet window's open. You'll need the "My Fleet" tab to find us for the first time, then switch to the "History" tab so you can see shield broadcasts. Move! The instant you land in a site, find your AAA in your watchlist and orbit him at 10km. Turn on your prop mod. Stay like this forever. First exception to this rule: In the first two rooms of a TPPH site, find the EXIT gate, and orbit that at 500m. When any battleship gets up next to the gate, switch your orbit to the battleship. Second exception: at times, the FC will send an "align" broadcast. Align and turn your prop mod OFF. This always happens at the end of a TCRC, and occasionally at other times. Rep people. Lock up every person who broadcasts for shield asap. Every last one, all of them, no exceptions. Use your judgement as to how much rep to drop on which people. Some folks just have a troll frigate nibbling them, some get the whole room. Try not to run all four reppers at once. It attracts aggro and makes you slow to help a new person when Sansha change targets. Stagger your reps. Don't drop several reppers on a person at once, do it like "REP one thousand REP two thousand REP". Cap chain Basilisks always cap up. Cap the person who's immediately above you in the user list of basi-chat; if you're the top of the list, cap the guy on the bottom. Basilisks ABOVE a basi with Logistics 4 also cap down. If the number next to your name in basi-chat MOTD is RED, you're above a L4 basi, use your second transmitter to cap them. Send cap to your cap buddies on gates! We hang eighty billion isk worth of battleships off that cap chain, testing it is important. Basilisks with a free cap transmitter send cap to fleet. Watch for cap broadcasts. If you have a free transmitter, type the first few letters of the guy's name in basi-chat, lock him, and start capping. If somebody types "FRED" just as you were planning to cap Fred, you can either find another cap target or just type "+" to say "I'm capping him too." If we get more cap broadcasts than we can handle at once, send each person three or four cycles of cap and move on to the next one. If you get neuted out or jammed, you can't send cap, and your friends have to deal with that. Tell basi-chat by typing "NNN" (for neuts) or "JJJ" (for jams.) Type "-NNN" or "-JJJ" when the effect ends. Some people also type "WWW" when they're webbed. If the basi you are capping gets neuted out, jammed, or blown up, deal with it by using your second cap transmitter to send cap to THEIR cap buddy. Sometimes this gets complicated and the LC has to tell people where to send their combat caps; when this happens, listen and do what they're telling you. Sites - Each site we do has a particular moment that gives the logi fits. Know them. TPPH - In the third room, on the third wave, there are three Arnons (which jam) and two Outunis (which neut). All combat caps go to the Outuni's target. NRF - The fourth and final wave contains 1-3 Outunis. All combat caps to the Outuni target! After 20-30 seconds, back off to two reps on the person getting hit, because in 45 seconds the entire room switches to a new target, all at once. TCRC - The instant you land, lock up AAA and start repping him. Two seconds later, we get attacked by Outunis, Deltoles (which do EVERYTHING) and Niarjas (jams). Aggro goes everywhere, half the fleet broadcasts for shields, and at least one basi gets neuted out or jammed. If a Scimitar takes aggro during this part, throw armor bots at them immediately, the room can alpha right through their shields and well into armor. Finish your coffee before we go in, please.
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    Since Oni started a wonderful thread over in Logi Tactics, figured to start up the same here, except in the form of a giant wall of text. Introduction I. Love. DPS. My very first ship I've ever flown in incursions (long long ago) was the Navy Domi, back when sentry drone boats were a thing. The garde/blaster combo was something I had to get used to, as my only PvE experience was AFK lvl4s with a sentry boat. I very quickly gathered the isk to buy my first Vindicator, which I instantly fell in love with. Nothing beats the space shotgun in satisfactory annihilation of my enemies. Now, nearly 3.5 years later, my main ship is still the Vindicator. I've tried nearly every other ship that we allow in fleets, even a few that aren't allowed just to test a few things. But nothing will come close to my love for the king of DPS. After these years of passion and experience, here are my tips in being an effective DPS pilot. The Vindicator Behold, the King of DPS in all its glory. Loaded with Void Ammo, this thing skyrockets to 2155 of sheer, raw DPS. Nothing even comes close, even my beloved Kronos. Even that rattlesnake claiming to dish out just as much applied DPS. For tower bashes, it is the equivalent of two blaster rokhs, nearly two hyperions, two nightmares, or nearly three machariels. This is what a true king looks like, and that is your goal. However, it's really expensive. That's ok. You'll get there. In the meantime... The Starter Vindicator, starting out at ~1600 DPS. You want to get into this ship as soon as possible. Keep in mind the guns can be swapped out for Meta 4, but you should be getting T2 guns ASAP, as that is the most significant increase in DPS. All in all, this fit isn't that expensive, relatively speaking, sitting at ~400m. That is insanely cheap compared to how much DPS it pulls when compared to any of the starter ships. That's roughly 14 sites, easily doable in an evening of incursion running. Get this ship as soon as possible. You won't regret it. Now, the upgrade path is as follows: Meta 4 Guns to T2 Guns T2 Magnetic Field Stabilizers to Faction Add another web, by doing either: Upgrade invuls to dual Pith C or better, change thermal rig to EM, drop EM amp Upgrade invuls to single Pith B or better Get a damage rig (Burst Aerator or Collision Accelerator) Upgrade invuls to dual Pith B or better Drop the two Large CDFEs Upgrade Drones Optimal setup is 2x Geckos, 2x 'Augmented' Hammerheads, 1x 'Augmented' Hobgoblin T2 Tracking Enhancers to Faction Drone Damage Amplifiers The Webifiers The most unique thing about the Vindicator, other than its raw, powerful dps, is the ability to fit webs and use them effectively. Baseline, these slow sansha ships down. Doesn't seem all that special until you realize everything this does for us. First, you have to realize that the range of the Vindicator's blasters is god awful, especially with short range ammo. For you to apply effective DPS, you want every target to be within 10km, and stay within 10km. Vindicators can reduce the speeds of ships up to 90% with the strongest faction web, effectively rendering them motionless. This also means that you have a better chance to hit them, as your and everybody else's turrets don't have to track that much. Now, this is where the term "Spreading Webs" comes in. Time for some simple math. Two targets moving at 100 m/s. Is it more effective to web each target, or put 2 webs on the current target? Let's say your web effectiveness is 80%. When applying a single web, the target's speed is reduced to 20 m/s. Apply another web, and the speed is reduced to 4 m/s (actually more than that due to diminishing returns). The difference between 20 m/s and 4 m/s is not that significant, meanwhile the other target is running away at 100 m/s, and will be out of the 10km range in less than 90 seconds. Sure, you might have killed the current target faster, but now the next target is out of range and you apply less DPS. Here's a simple rule for spreading webs: If a battleship is moving over 100 m/s (denoted by the Velocity column in your overview), web it down. If a battleship you have webbed is moving less than 20 m/s (unless you have 90% web effectiveness), remove the web and put it on a different target. When looking at the variations of webs, there are two faction webs that are used by the vast majority of Vindicators: Fed Navy and True Sansha. The differences are this: Federation Navy: less range (14km), more webbing power (90%) True Sansha: more range (15km), less webbing power (82.5%) Keep in mind we have boosts to increase the range of webs, so the True Sansha one can go out to nearly 21km! In deciding between these two, it's mostly player's preference, though we encourage True Sansha due to the range advantage. The Implants To unlock your true potential of a short range DPS pilot, you have to invest in some 6% implants. Remember that 2155 number that optimal vindi spits out? With max skills and implants, you can push that to 2357. This is the true cap for our vindicators, without going purple (fitting officer mods). Here's what I run for my implants (literal copy&paste from the Implant Guide): SLOT 1: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 Primary Effect: Boosts perception by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% powergrid and capacitor bonus SLOT 2: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4 Primary Effect: Boosts memory by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship agility and armor hit points bonus SLOT 3: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 Primary Effect: Boosts willpower by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship velocity and shield capacity bonus SLOT 4: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% CPU and capacitor recharge bonus SLOT 6: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 Gives a reduction in capacitor recharge time by 6% SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives a boost to Tracking Speed by 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% SLOT 10: Zainou 'Deadeye' Large Hybrid Turret LH-1006 Gives a boost to all large hybrid turret damage by 6% Now, you do you want to run the complete Geno set, because each implant boosts the effectiveness of all other Geno implants. However, if you're a low SP pilot, I would recommend running with +5 implants for now (the improved set). Once you're at the point where you're training gunnery/drone skills to V, then you can start popping those out and replacing them with the Geno set. The other slots are rather self-explanatory, except maybe all of the cap implants. Keep in mind the Optimal Vindi is not cap stable, nor should it be. Cap stable means it deals less DPS. However, this implant set gets it really, really close, to the point that I never broadcast for cap except under Outuni aggro. It's a nice thing to have. These implants are expensive, yes, but keep in mind you can buy these from the Concord LP market, at 250m isk & 250k LP. Furthermore, you get to keep these implants all the way until you are podded. I've had these implants for over 3 years at this point, so they last a very long time. The Tactics Your rivals are the Snipers. You must beat them in every wave. Compete with them, challenge them, as they challenge you to kill all targets before they kill theirs. They may not admit to this rivalry, but it is very real as a DPS pilot. But here's the truth: they don't have to work as hard. You do. But that's where the fun comes in. Here's what you have to do: MOVE. You have a microwarp drive, use it. Any time you're out of range of the anchor or the next spawn, light it up. Get to position. The key difference between a good vindi and a fantastic vindi is positioning. The VVV anchor mostly helps with this, but I actually encourage you to move yourself. Yes, that's right, I'm telling you to unhook yourself from the anchor, and be free my little bird. Or rather, my death-dealing shotgun with wings. Be free. You are free to burn after out-of-range ostingeles, as long as you're in position for the next wave (and within Logi range). When I'm just in fleet, not doing any FC roles, I almost never keep at range on the anchor, and burn to all of the positions myself, burn after the ships myself. Not only will this help with your range, it'll help you learn the positions for the VVV anchor. If the role opens up, then you certainly have the confidence to take up the role. I'm not saying the VVV is a bad thing, I'm just saying the truly good vindi pilots are those who unshackle themselves from the VVV. Edit: As Spudzy pointed out, best if you stick with your anchor if you draw aggro. Now, there are some cases in which you won't apply much DPS by burning to one target, smacking it with void, burning to the next target, smacking it with void, etc. This is where Null comes in. Beginning of TCRC, first wave of NRF, first two rooms of TPPH, I'm running Null. You'll apply way more damage to targets consistently 20km+ out of range. It's only a 5 second reload time, utilize both ranges of ammo where it is applicable. In terms of drones, you should almost always assist them to the VVV (or HHH if there is one). Exception to this is beginning of a TCRC, where the DDD needs those drones to kill schmaeels (only if you have lights/mediums). If you are the VVV, assist your own drones to another random vindicator. Two options as the VVV in what to shoot: Main targets or cruisers. The FC won't mind which and either one is effective. And then let me talk about targets. Here's the deal. If there is an Ostingele tagged 5 that is 60km away, and then an Ostingele tagged 6 that is 20km away, which one should you shoot? Most FCs won't mind if you shoot 6 in this case, because it's obvious that you can apply more DPS. If you're in my fleet, I actually want you to do this. However, keep this within reason. If an Outuni is 30km away and an Osti is right next to you, you should still shoot the Outuni, due to its threat. Conclusion Remember what I said: The snipers are your (friendly) rivals. Don't let them win. Use these tips to give yourself an advantage over the snipers. They're a bunch of lazy brats that complain about cycle times anyway. Seriously though, there is nothing more satisfying than running up to a target, blasting them with void, and watching their shields melt under your power. You'll impress FCs and Logi by drawing aggro all the time, maybe even earn yourself an Aggro Magnet badge in the process. So be free, my death-dealing shotgun with wings, and show the sansha the true meaning of Ridiculous DPS.
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    Frenchy pro sandbagger confirmed!
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    I think this will be a good way to maybe get to know each other. So I will write down a bit about myself also I am Lester Loutte and most of the time, I am spending my time making ISK (make ISK for the whole month and spend them in 3 hours, rinse and repeat) In other games, I mostly experiment on what is best for me, but I like to talk and make friends. Spent the most of my eve time in null sec but now those big fights really cost money without anything in return and that is bad. For WTM related, I am currently thinking about training into a scimitar and will hop into a basilisk after I got the skills to fly the minimum fit. I got a bit of industrialist side, a trader side and big of a krabbing side on me
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    This is the second thread of ur attitude if you don't like WTM you are free to go back to TDF no one is forcing you to stay leadership is not going to change just for you ....Sorry to add this.
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    The only thing I think I can tell you is about DDD. I split my guns into 7/1 stacks. Typically I'm killing two frigates at a time when I am DDD. I have the one that I am firing 7 guns at, and the one I am firing 1 gun at. With a little experience you can work it to where the drones assisted to you go to one frigate that only 1 gun is firing at while you kill a different frigate with your 7 group guns. Apply 1 web and the 1 gun group, this puts drones on target. Find another close frigate, apply web, pause 1thousand one 1thousand two, activate 7group guns. Repeat as needed. You need good tracking to do this, and typically if you are moving beyond about 250-300m/s you wont hit anything unless your transversal is low. There's a reason DDD has 2 webs TE's and split guns. TPPH: Being anchored for each wave is a must, it helps a ton. 1st room burn forward 10km one prop mod cycle while madly spamming target lock and hit stop. You should be sitting within 15km of all the frigates and motionless by the time they get there. 2nd room sit still with the snipers and spam target lock, they are coming to a sniper or basi, don't bother moving until they swap targets. Don't be afraid to take shots at frigates 20 or so km out. Even if you are moving the traversal should be low enough. 3rd room burn forward 10km one prop mod cycle and stop. Again you should be right where they end up, and again motionless. Also you can typically pop a frigate with your 7 group guns while waiting on targeting delay for the next wave if you already have the frigates locked and in range. Don't spread webs on new waves. Web what you are wanting to kill (ex wave 3 Otuni 2) and DONT activate the second one until you want drones to move off your current target. NRF: Being anchored for each wave is a must, it helps a ton. Again burn directly forward 10km and stop. From there its the same as TPPH. 4th wave the 2 or 3 otuni is your target. TCRC: This is where it gets fun Re group your guns and load null. While in warp reload to AM/Void if preload, kill near Niarja, links should be on you now and you can kill far niarja. Pop schmeels <20km from you. Once you start burning swap to null and kill schmeels >20km out while looking for niarja respawns, prioritize those. Once you are in your spot and schmeels are dead swap back to void, target the tower and shoot it, decycle guns when Niarja's spawn. Target Niarja, use both webs 1 thousand one 1thousand 2, shoot. Should 1 shot. 2575.
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    Hey Logibros, I've been experimenting with a proactive Cap Transfer to reduce cap calls in NRF and TPPH sites, this should not be worried about in a TCRC. So far it seems to be very successful, at keeping the fleet moving, and I'd like to get feedback from others on their experiences with it. The process is pretty simple: LC assigns as equal a distribution of DPS ships as possible to each basi pilot in fleet. If there are 10 DPS and 4 basi's, assign 3 dps to 2 basi's, and 2 DPS to the last 2 Basi's. The LC should always take a lesser number if there is one as he has other responsibilities. The Basi pilots add those DPS ships to their watch list at the very bottom. When no outuni are present on grid lock one of the DPS ships, cap 3-4 cycles, then unlock that one and lock the next one on your list, and rotate through. Explanation of Purpose: First, reduce fleet need to call for cap, increasing efficiency. Second, how often do you see someone request cap just seconds before an Outuni spawn? If that person pulls the Outuni aggro how much does their risk increase because of their already low capacitor? If they don't pull the aggro, then how much of their DPS can they apply to the Outuni extending the duration the Outuni is on grid? Third, how often do we see 3 or 4 broadcasts for cap at the same time or within seconds of each other? If one of those broadcasts gets missed DPS drops and fleet slows down. Before people try to defend the standard way, I too occasionally don't feel like this is necessary. If you're the LC ask your basi's if they're willing to do this in Basi chat, if they aren't skip over them, if they are balance the DPS with them as much as possible. The added advantage of this is often you can catch a switch much faster because you can see it on the watch list as it happens. I know a lot of people say they don't want to be slaves to poor cap skills, but remember this is a new bro community a lot of new players pushed skills hard to get into the minimum fits to be able to join fleets. Final Note: All cap requests take precedence over this as it is just a method of reducing the flood of demand. Just a thought I've been exploring and thought I would share it with you guys.
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    I'm always down to fly logi, and strange/curious things are fun. I'm sure I can drag a friend or two to help as well.
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    @Brododian not sure of the exact amount of time saved, but it would be the equivalent of having 2 vindicators when doing tower bashes. Great for TCRCs. To everyone, I am thrilled about the discussion that this has sparked. If it ends up not being viable then that's fine, I was hoping to provide maybe a long term goal for some WTM pilots who have experience running incursions. I know this ship or fit doesn't really align with WTM's goal of being a new bro friendly ship, but this community is a lot of fun and maybe a carrot on a stick might help some more experienced players stick around to have fun and help out the newbros
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    The purpose of that requirement is so that our ships retain a bit of their EM resist when neuted out by Outunis.
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    Shield Capacity 3 500 HP. Medium Power Slots 4 Yes. Please. Bring this ship to a newbrofriendly shield incursion community where not even the linepilots, but the logies and sometimes the FCs are newbros too. Best idea of this year.
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    Its all good. We figured a fit out with Teramond. He was flying w/o any problem yesterday for a couple of hours.
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    Just thought I’d drop in to say hi and see how everyone’s doing. I guess it’s been about a year since I slipped away from the world of EVE and WTM. Maybe ya’ll will see me in game again soon, maybe not, depends on how busy RL wants to treat me.
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    Hyperion is the preferred starter ship. It is the real stepping stone for the optimal hull, the Vindicator.
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    Greetings fellow community members, trolls, and various other schmucks, Since citadels have been released we have stayed away from them out of just being wary to their actual survivability and a few other concerns. Our current focus of Colelie we felt that this was a perfect place to do some testing now that the novelty has wore off of them a bit. If you would like to continue to use our current dockup you may or you may use the citadel named "warp to me" in system and is listed in the local motd as Citadel. Please be smart about it. if your going to afk either dock or log off. dont tether afk, you can be bumped off. At this time this is just a test, we are discussing to continue or not and all comments are welcome as long as you keep the salt in your kitchen. Sandman
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    Someone should tell ppl how to bowhead, it´s 2x of our command core that suffered losses due to not knowing how to bowhead
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    I understand what you're saying but over all if we want to be a better community (winning contests) optimal hulls are really the way to go. yes fly what you want of course as long as it's accepted but WTM will never recommend flying sub optimal ships so it's very doubtful this will go into any guides. As far as extra tank goes people are free to fit an extra LSE on their ship when there is ganking going on as long as FC allows it. And yes many FCs will of course avoid contests and that's fine. As you know we don't actively contest in wtm but that being said the best way to stop TVP from contesting us is winning contests which is very hard to do without optimal ships. Yes drugs help but I can assure you many TVP pilots also use drugs so a non optimal fleet using drugs vs an optimal fleet using drugs will still lose. Of course i'm not saying don't use drugs but I'm not one to ever condone using sub optimal ships and WTM commanders will always recommend using optimal ships to make fleets go faster and have better chances at wining contests when they come around. So fly what you like like always but optimal ships are always the better option.
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    Just a little bit of advice for ya Knight: if you want change (which it seems you do), the best way to do this is not to be abrasive to the people who possibly CAN make change. Even if it is not your intent, the way your wrote your post makes it seem this way. You said that you would not apply as an R badge because you could not fly your 4 link scimi. Some of us are saying that if you apply and get accepted, you might be able to fly your 4 link scimi in the future. Becoming an LM is pretty much our version of advanced-super-awesome-and-amazing logi pilot. Especially as Juan said, we can see that there has been some thought gone into this idea so if you joined the Command Core you might be able to bring more people in on your idea.
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    We don't. We ask them to tell us. Theoretically we could automatically request it, but it would require our waitlist to request a lot more permissions from you when signing in, and we do not believe our pilots should be forced to give us those permissions, because it is a massive invasion of privacy. (We would be able to see way more than what would be relevant to incursions.) How do I identify that someone is an EXPERIENCED pilot, and NOT NEWBROS, and thus I should allow them to use this fit rather than forcing them to switch to a tankier ship?
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    4 link scimi: 7.6 shield ehp t2 invuln + dc2: 7.55 shield ehp pith c invuln: 7.79 shield ehp So unless i'm just reading the completely wrong numbers, I did take into account shield vs total ehp. And I even acknowledged that what you said about scimis are correct. However, as Knightandday said, this scimi fit would only be for people who actually know what they're doing. So on time broadcasts as well as possibly manual piloting. If your argument is "well my reps don't rep as much because that scimi doesn't have as high resists" then I would just point you in the direction of the LSE scimi. Despite not allowing it in WTM and some people having very strong opinions on it, that scimi fit does work and can tank a site just fine. The main issue with the 4 link is that if it gets super webbed or capped out and basically stops moving then its probably gonna die, just like most of the other scimis. And again, because this fit would be designed for knowledgeable pilots, they shouldn't be getting initial aggro in a tcrc anyway, all the other spawns they should be too far away to get instantly alpha'd or webbed. I am not advocating that this be allowed as a standard fit for us (at least not right now), just saying that this guy has some validity to his ideas.
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    It's no secret that I am a fan of effectively applied DPS and there are few ships,(if any) that are capable of rivaling the raw destructive power that the 350MM Rokh can unleash on the battlefield. This being an undeniable fact, it is with great delight and baited breath that I reveal the "Eve's first True Superpower©" BEHOLD *MASSIVE Kilometer LONG CURTIN FALLS. I GIVE YOU THE 350MMROKH. "THIS KING OF THE BATTLEFIELD™" Offers the most robust weapon system mounted on the 1 of the most feared ships this side of the void. Combining the raw destructive power that the 350MM RAIL Gun in conjunction with the implementation of PIRATE FACTION *The crowd GASP. magnetic field stabilizers and supplemental tracking computers allow the pilot an unmatched sense of control and accuracy previously unheard of. The meticulously crafted Rokh supports a full complement of propulsion Including Standard warp, Afterburner, Microwarp, and, Microredacteddrive. Sorry folks some things have to be left to the ever so imaginative occipital processor. And finally what do-gooding pilot would be complete without a drone or 2 so we have thrown in custom made Caldari navy Wardens.
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    So now that I have Logi 4, I've been seriously considering purchasing a Scimi to join fleets with. Looking at the WTM doctrine fits I was attempting to maintain a stable 3 rep fit while still bringing as many links to the fleet as possible without breaking away from the doctrine too much and potentially causing a hassle for whoever is FCing. I've run into an interesting find while fitting and would like someone with power to look at, and confirm that I can go ahead and fit like this. I've found that cap rechargers provide less of a benefit than a faction cap battery. (this has been known around eve for awhile, so not sure why WTM doctrine doesn't account for it) I can get a stable 3 rep fit with a recharger, but the reason for this post is getting that 4th rep running when needed is my concern. As an MMO vet, getting the most out my character/fit with what I have access to has always been something I strive for... which means if that 4th rep is meant as a "holy shit button" I want to try and get it to run for as long as possible. So, the fits (Running a Geno CA-1 and CA-2 and nothing else. In game numbers, not Pyfa/EveHQ theory craft): FIT A [Scimitar, HQ Logi recharger] Power Diagnostic System II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Cap Recharger II Remote Tracking Computer II Remote Tracking Computer II 10MN Afterburner II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Light Hull Maintenance Bot I x4 Light Armor Maintenance Bot I x5 Tracking Speed Script x2 Nanite Repair Paste x500 Optimal Range Script x2 This is the base fit, the one based on WTM doctrine as it stands. With this fit I am 3 rep stable. 4 reps will run for 1:04 ( 0:40 all overheat) FIT B [Scimitar, HQ Logi batt] Power Diagnostic System II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery Remote Tracking Computer II Remote Tracking Computer II 10MN Afterburner II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Light Hull Maintenance Bot I x4 Light Armor Maintenance Bot I x5 Tracking Speed Script x2 Nanite Repair Paste x500 Optimal Range Script x2 This is the base fit, with a battery instead of a recharger. With this fit I am 3 rep stable. 4 reps will run for 2:32 (1:14 all overheat) FIT C [Scimitar, HQ Logi L batt] Power Diagnostic System II Power Diagnostic System II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery Remote Tracking Computer II Remote Tracking Computer II 10MN Afterburner II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Light Hull Maintenance Bot I x4 Light Armor Maintenance Bot I x5 Tracking Speed Script x2 Nanite Repair Paste x500 Optimal Range Script x2 And finally, the step farthest away from doctrine attempting to push as much out of the capacitor as possible. This fit changes the rigs and lows for more power grid and fits a large battery instead of a medium/recharger. With this fit I am 3 rep stable, and 4 reps run for 5:04 (2:09 all overheated) Cost wise, They're all about the same as faction batteries are cheap. Now, fit C is probably unnecessary, and I would want to fit my Scimi with fit B as I don't think I need 4 reps for 5 minutes... we'd probably be screwed if I did. I'm also a cheap bugger, and would rather not have to re-rig when I get logi 5 and no longer need the battery/recharger for 3 rep stable. Thoughts?
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    I think you are 6 days to late...
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    Scrubb, optimal is Acolyte drones.
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    you can do other things in eve other than incursions?