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    hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself to the forums while i was signing up, Im new to WTM but have picked up on a few things fairly quickly here im mainly a DPS pilot who seems to be in the VVV position a lot and have realized somethings while in fleet to the merit of WTM FC's. the FC's here that ive flown with so far are very well knowledgeable about what they are doing. And honestly i do prefer the somewhat layed back and newbro friendly attitude ive come to feel here. ill be continuing to fly with WTM regardless of the ability to finish sites 1 or 2 minutes faster to enjoy a good convo from time to time. things do still get done here about the same as other incursion groups but with a little less "job minded" put behind it. In game Orianna Raziel I have however wanted to go over some numbers with some of the FC's about fits for ships that may be slightly better considering.