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Capacitor Guide

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Capacitor Guide



One of the most important parts of your ship, is your capacitor. Basilisks are not always able to keep up with the capacitor broadcasts. It's very important that you manage your own cap and upgrade your capacitor skills to 4 or 5 and capacitor implants to 5 or 6 percent. In this guide I will explain what you are able to do to manage your capacitor, get more out of your ship, which skills you can train and what implants you can get for better Capacitor Management.

1. Basic Capacitor Management

When you are flying with WTM in a fleet, you don't want to be left out with capacitor. For those situations, you are able to broadcast for capacitor, so you will receive some. Sometimes the Basilisks are busy with either remote repping or capping other pilots and you are unable to receive some capacitor. Capping out or running below 30 to 35% capacitor can be prevented and it's vital that you manage this. Look at this simple graph below, an easy overview of how the recharge rate of your capacitor works.


As you can see, the recharge rate is best at around 30%. It is best to not run below that, unless you have no other choice, burning your prop mod to maybe get to an anchoring spot, leaving it on by accident or being neuted out by the Sansha. In any normal case of capacitor usage, running out can be prevented.

  • Pulse your microwarpdrive
    What does this mean? Don't just light your MWD and think it would be fine like that. The MWD uses most of your capacitor and pulsing it is very wise, certainly if you are flying a ship that is very low on capacitor. It's best to light your MWD twice in a row and then leaving it off for about one cycle, 4 or 5 seconds. You are able to gain some capacitor with that, rather than burning it all, while maintaining your speed. DON'T USE YOUR PROPULSION MODULE WHEN IT'S NOT NEEDED. I guess this is common sense, but it happens.
  • Stagger your hardeners
    Something that might not be much of a difference, it does help. For those OCD people, such as myself, this would be difficult. If you get what I mean. Staggering means that you shouldn't active your modules at the same time, but leave a small gap between activation. For example, activate one, wait one second and then activate the other. This is for remote reppers though, for hardeners, wait for one hardener to go half a cycle, then activate the other. If you get capped out, one stays on, while the other shuts off.
  • Try to keep your cap above 30%

2.  Neuting Sansha


There are several ships you should be on the lookout for, as they can cap you out. One of the reasons you should broadcast for cap. Here is some short information about these ships.

  • Outuni
    Most dangerous ship, as this one can cap you out in one, sometimes 2 cycles. If you are being neuted by one or several of these, always broadcast for shield, then wait one second, and broadcast for cap (this ensures your broadcasts go through). If one is on grid and you are not being targeted by it, DO NOT BROADCAST FOR CAP. The Outuni targets needs all the combat caps to stay alive!
  • Deltole
    This ships neuts are not as bad as the Outuni ones, but having several of these on you (for example, at the start of a TCRC), it can cause serious trouble. These ships are usually blapped off the field really quickly, but still have a significant threat to the fleet. Sometimes in a contest or other such situation, these ships will stay up longer, so watch out for your cap if you are the target of these ships!
  • Niarja
    A ship that does not survive very long, but if you are low on capacitor, it can drain you past the point that you won't be able to get enough capacitor anymore. They are also jamming the pilot, as this is not such a big deal for DPS or Sniper pilots, it might cause issues with a Logistics pilots. These only spawn in the TCRC (and in some assault/vg sites) and you should be wary of this ship when entering the site.

3. Skills

Together with implants one of the most important things for capacitor management. This is something that improves your capacitor the most and in some cases able to boost your capacitor by a couple of minutes. Here is a short list of skills that improve your capacitor:

If you are wondering, some skills are missing, such as armor remote repping for example. I left these out because these are no use in our incursion fleet. You can train them none the less, of course, but they do not appear in this list.

Core Capacitor Skills (Recommended level: V)

  • Capacitor Management: 5% bonus to total capacitor capacity
  • Capacitor Systems Operation: 5% capacitor recharge rate reduction
  • Warp Drive Operation: 10% reduction in capacitor need for initiating a warp

Module Capacitor Skills (Recommended level: IV/V)

  • Controlled Bursts: 5% reduced cap use for Hybrid and Laser turrets
  • Afterburner: 5% less duration and 10% less cap usage for afterburners
  • Fuel Conservation: 10% reduced capacitor need for afterburners
  • High Speed Maneuvering: 5% reduced capacitor need for microwarpdrives

Logistic Capacitor Skills (Recommended level: IV/V)

  • Shield Emission Systems: 5% reduced capacitor need for shield emission modules
  • Capacitor Emission Systems: 5% reduced capacitor need for energy emission modules (cap transfers)

EWAR Capacitor Skills (Recommended level: IV)

  • Sensor Linking: 5% reduced capacitor need for remote sebos
  • Target Painting: 5% reduced capacitor need for target painters
  • Propulsion Jamming: 5% reduced capacitor need for scram/disruptors and webs

4. Implants (Implant Guide)

Last but not least, of course, are implants. These can be somewhat expensive, but very useful and certainly worth the price. Even 3% can make a huge difference in Capacitor, CPU, Powergrid, DPS etc. I would recommend getting Cybernetics V atleast so you can get the 6% implants. Spending ISK on the 5% only to find out that you can do 6% later is money wasted. Cybernetics V takes a while, but it's worth it. Upping from 5% to 6% is a pretty difficult decision, but going from 0% to 6% is a lot better.

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