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Found 1 result

  1. While this may have been brought up in the past; I do think it has great potential as a viable option to eliminate the biggest vulnerability of Basilisks, the Cap-Chain; just a fair warning there will be a quite a few comparisons between the "normal" 4/2 Basi fit, lets dive into it: Fit changes, compared to the normal 4/2 Basi fit, are as follows: 5x Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Transfers instead of the normal 4x T2 Large Remote Shield Transfer Thukker Large Cap Battery replacing the Faction Remote Sensor Booster True Sansha Capacitor Power Relay (optimal) or just keep the Faction Power Diagnostics Unit (will be cap stable at lower cap levels around 31.9%, instead of the 47.5% with the CPR) Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II for extra Cap Recharge rather then the Medium Ancillary Current Router II The Fits performance/Stats (this is with all skills affecting the fit @ Level V and no implants): This fit is capable of repairing 317.5 Shield HP/s. While the current 4/2 Basilisk is capable of repairing up to 340 Shield HP/s, with all 4 reps running which we all know is rarely the case. In a worst case scenario, the whole cap-chain of 5-6 basilisks breaks and not quick enough to recover in time (especially in TCRCs), it could very like result in the destruction of the entire fleet. So having a fleet of Cap Stable logistics will pretty much eliminate this risk entirely I just want to also throw this into the context; it's also cap stable with 4x Medium A-Type and 1x T2 Large Shield Transfer; yielding repair capability of 339 Shield HP/s.(stable at 34.5% cap). So, I now ask my fellow logi-pilots; What are your thoughts?