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  1. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    One of the last things I wrote in the OP was that It would still be cap stable with 4x A-type Mediums + 1x T2 Large; this setup will give it 399. here is the updated fit
  2. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    As you probably didn't read everything, you most likely missed If you adjust for faction module I didn't use/used in my fit there is very little difference: EHP: 37.124 (Opti) vs 35.612 (my fit); so only a measly 4% difference. REP: 340 HP/s (Opti) vs 399 HP/s (my fit); 0.3% difference. Est. Price: 643 mil (Opti) vs 728 mil (my fit); Only 12.5% more expensive (difference). you also mention Signal Amplifier and since it's not part of the official Optimal Basilisk fit your argument for that specific module is just barely valid. Why does it have to be Basilisks that must have a Sensor Booster? could it not just as well be 2 Scimitars that provide the extra Sensor Resolution (2x ReSeBo) for the DDD?, they are providing the bunny with links anyway so that doesn't do any harm and it frees up a lock for the basilisks. I'm aware that CCP has many plans on changing how Remote Assistance work; Remote Repairs are just the first step on that road.
  3. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    On the plus side of such a ship, you'd have a fair amount of Neut resistance
  4. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    In case of a Tengu fit I imagine that it would look something like this: However it only has an optimal range of 7250m compared to the Basilisk's 32km optimal range; I bet that such a big different makes it ineffecient in a setup where you're spread out as much as you are in Incursion sites. And you don't have "option" to use it for supplying combat cap.
  5. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    I have actually considered that, and it's probably just a matter of when; I have years of experience flying Logistic Cruisers (Basilisk, Scimitar, Onieros and Guardian), mostly basilisk, in incursions (VG, AS and HQs). I started out, way back when incursions were first introduced, flying with TVP first as DPS (waiting hours just for small chance to get into fleet annoyed me) then I started flying logi, although it could still be tough at times trying to get into fleet, but flying logistic cruisers grew on me and I kept at it. Things happened in RL and I had to take a passive-break from EVE, kept myself updated and did a few activities here and there whenever I could, when I was able to play on a more regularly basis I looked back into joining an Incursion Community and I did take a look at TVP; to my surprise they were no-longer the community as I remembered/expected them to be, not that I didn't expect them to change, but they had almost become an "Elite" group that would only accept the "elite" among the "elite" (that's how it appeared to me). So I when on to search for a new more relaxed group and I did, OIC (Open Incursion Channel) an Armor Fleet community, I would be hard pressed to find an incursion group that would be that "newbro" friendly, relaxed and being so respecting of its members, sadly that community is dead, WTM does come very close to the spirit that existed in OIC but there are small but subtle differences. Elathy is just one of my characters that I've been flying Incursions with, lately it's been the primary one. Didn't quite intend to spout out my incursion history, oh well There are a few I remember having flown with a lot but they may not quite remember me; niki Lasvegas, boldielocks, Charlemane, McHammer just to mention a few on top of my head
  6. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    And what is wrong with option 1 in the poll? It's not like it a "Yes, we'll immediately take it into use", it's meant as "yes, but needs to be tested/investigated more"
  7. While this may have been brought up in the past; I do think it has great potential as a viable option to eliminate the biggest vulnerability of Basilisks, the Cap-Chain; just a fair warning there will be a quite a few comparisons between the "normal" 4/2 Basi fit, lets dive into it: Fit changes, compared to the normal 4/2 Basi fit, are as follows: 5x Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Transfers instead of the normal 4x T2 Large Remote Shield Transfer Thukker Large Cap Battery replacing the Faction Remote Sensor Booster True Sansha Capacitor Power Relay (optimal) or just keep the Faction Power Diagnostics Unit (will be cap stable at lower cap levels around 31.9%, instead of the 47.5% with the CPR) Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II for extra Cap Recharge rather then the Medium Ancillary Current Router II The Fits performance/Stats (this is with all skills affecting the fit @ Level V and no implants): This fit is capable of repairing 317.5 Shield HP/s. While the current 4/2 Basilisk is capable of repairing up to 340 Shield HP/s, with all 4 reps running which we all know is rarely the case. In a worst case scenario, the whole cap-chain of 5-6 basilisks breaks and not quick enough to recover in time (especially in TCRCs), it could very like result in the destruction of the entire fleet. So having a fleet of Cap Stable logistics will pretty much eliminate this risk entirely I just want to also throw this into the context; it's also cap stable with 4x Medium A-Type and 1x T2 Large Shield Transfer; yielding repair capability of 339 Shield HP/s.(stable at 34.5% cap). So, I now ask my fellow logi-pilots; What are your thoughts?