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  1. Scheduled Triglavian Invasion Science Fleets

    Will you try to get a fleet up during this weekend (22-23 June)?
  2. [WTS] Hyperion Hull /w guns and tank mods

    you got it
  3. [WTS] Hyperion Hull /w guns and tank mods

    My pride and joy needs a new home; this ship has been with me from my very first time, flying incursion on this toon, it's been collecting dust in my hangar in Brybier and it's current praisal value is around 225m (https://evepraisal.com/a/mo6fg) I'm putting it up for sale for 200m [Hyperion, WTM "Alpha/Entry" Hyperion] [Empty Low slot] [Empty Low slot] [Empty Low slot] Damage Control II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Large Shield Extender II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I [Empty High slot] Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Large Hybrid Burst Aerator II Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I Large Core Defense Field Extender I If it will help I can have it flown to Amarr tradehub and also equipped with a complete fit, missing: Heavy Drones (Ogre II's). Lowslot Damage Mods; Tracking Enhancers + Magnetic Stabilizer II's. Passive EM Ward. 500MN MWD propulsion mod. Heavy Energy Nosferatu II or equivalent meta. 20k CN Antimatter Charge L + 10k CN Tungsten Charge L. Price will then be 285m (https://evepraisal.com/a/mo6io)
  4. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    Looks like Phase 2 of the Triglavians' Invasion is finally here: PATCH NOTES FOR EVE ONLINE: INVASION - 2019-06-05.1 RELEASED ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3TH 2019 Features & Changes: Missions & NPCs: The Triglavian Collective have escalated their presence within the Hi-Security regions of New Eden. Reports about Abyssal conduits have recently surfaced. The time to fight back is now. Source: https://www.eveonline.com/article/ps0g7i/patch-notes-for-eve-online-invasion I wonder if the "Conduits" has same limitations as the ones you spawn by using Filament(s), that being Fleets of Frigates and/or Cruisers(?)
  5. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    ok that makes more sense.
  6. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    They already do.
  7. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    My recent short lived fight with triglavians, combat log: https://0bin.net/paste/LJRUzkHKQYkm0mxT#tSEWLMBnyc5fd20w+FBmUHrVU9a2LYoEhn07yxLxnG8 My resist profile: 75% 73% 73% 78% Hope it helps
  8. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    My observation on the Triglavian Fleets; is that any form of Remote Assistance or Electronic Warfare generate more threat (agro) than pure damage does, this is why Logi is and will be their primary target, as Zane has explained, this is inevitably exploited to lessen the impact on the fleet's DPS. That being said, this could very well change when we get the other stages of the Invasion, the conduits.
  9. Scheduled Triglavian Invasion Science Fleets

    @Lord Sarevok, You can count me in, well Dyexz that is; I have a few fair options for what I can bring: Basilisk Scorpion Navy Issue - although I found it very inefficient at anything but killing Leshaks. Maybe it's better to use RHML instead? Noctis (T2 65% Accessibility) - Still need to find out the right ratio between Tractors and Salvagers, I'm thinking 4/4. Eagle - so badass at killing Frigates/Destroyers. Tengu As you can see I've build a sizable fleet of ships to use/experiment with. Lastly I've been thinking of getting a few other ships, like the Sleipnir or Vulture and a Nightmare. For a fleet comp I think it could be usefull to have a pair of NMs, especially when running in the Foothold system, to take out those pesky Leshaks that love to sit out at 45-60km ranges.
  10. Here is a complete list for all available pointers, at this point in time. Can be copy-paste into ingame Notepad to create clickable links. <url=helpPointer:neocom.accessgroups>Neocom: Access Lists</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.activityTracker>Neocom: Activity Tracker</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.bountyoffice>Neocom: Bounty Office</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.calculator>Neocom: Calculator</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.calendar>Neocom: Calendar</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.charactersheet>Neocom: Character Sheet</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.chatchannels>Neocom: Chat Channels</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.compareTool>Neocom: Compare Tool</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.contracts>Neocom: Contracts</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.corporation>Neocom: Corporation</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.militia>Neocom: Factional Warfare</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.fitting>Neocom: Fitting</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.fittingMgmt>Neocom: Fitting Management</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.fleet>Neocom: Fleet</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.help>Neocom: Help</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.industry>Neocom: Industry</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.inventory>Neocom: Inventory</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.journal>Neocom: Journal</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.log>Neocom: Log and Messages</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.mail>Neocom: Mail</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.map_beta>Neocom: Map</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.ledger>Neocom: Mining Ledger</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.multibuy>Neocom: Multibuy</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.aurumStore>Neocom: New Eden Store</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.notepad>Neocom: Notepad</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.PLEXvault>Neocom: PLEX Vault</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.addressbook>Neocom: People & Places</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.assets>Neocom: Personal Assets</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.planets>Neocom: Planetary Production</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.pointerWnd>Neocom: Pointer Window</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.ProjectDiscovery>Neocom: Project Discovery</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.redeemItems>Neocom: Redeem Items</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.market>Neocom: Regional Market</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.settings>Neocom: Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.shipTree>Neocom: Ship Tree</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.structurebrowser>Neocom: Structure Browser</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.agency>Neocom: The Agency</url> <url=helpPointer:neocom.wallet>Neocom: Wallet</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemOpenCargo>Selected Item: Access</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemAccessCustomOffice>Selected Item: Access Customs Office</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemActivateGate>Selected Item: Activate Gate</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemAlignTo>Selected Item: Align to</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemApproach>Selected Item: Approach</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemBoardShip>Selected Item: Board Ship</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemBoardStructure>Selected Item: Board Structure</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemDock>Selected Item: Dock</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemEngageTarget>Selected Item: Engage Target</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemEnterWormhole>Selected Item: Enter Wormhole</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemExitPlanetMode>Selected Item: Exit Planetary Production</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemJump>Selected Item: Jump</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemJump>Selected Item: Jump</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemJumpThroughToSystem>Selected Item: Jump Through</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemJumpThroughToSystem>Selected Item: Jump Through to {...}</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemKeepAtRange>Selected Item: Keep at Range</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemLaunchDrones>Selected Item: Launch Drones</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemLockTarget>Selected Item: Lock Target</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemResetCamera>Selected Item: Look At My Ship</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemLookAt>Selected Item: Look at</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemMine>Selected Item: Mine</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemOpenCargo>Selected Item: Open Cargo</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemAccessDropbox>Selected Item: Open Cargo Deposit</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemOrbit>Selected Item: Orbit</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemReadNews>Selected Item: Read News</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemReturnAndOrbit>Selected Item: Return and Orbit</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemReturnToDroneBay>Selected Item: Return to Drone Bay</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemSalvage>Selected Item: Salvage</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemScoopToDroneBay>Selected Item: Scoop to Drone Bay</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemShowInfo>Selected Item: Show Info</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemStartConversation>Selected Item: Start Conversation</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemSetInterest>Selected Item: Track</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemUnLockTarget>Selected Item: Unlock Target</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemViewInPlanetMode>Selected Item: View Planetary Production</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemMoonminingPoint>Selected Item: Warp to Mining Point Within {...}</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemWarpTo>Selected Item: Warp to Within {...}</url> <url=helpPointer:selectedItemWarpTo>Selected Item: Warp to Within {...}</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_augmentationsTab>Augmentations</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_inFlightAutopilotBtn>Autopilot</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_autopilotSettings>Autopilot Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_availableContractsTab>Available Contracts</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_CapacitorContainer>Capacitor</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_inFlightCargoBtn>Cargo Hold Button</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_inventoryListView>Change Inventory View</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_clockAndCalendar>Clock and Calendar</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_contractAvailabilitySetting>Contract Availability Setting</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_corpFitFilter>Corporation Fits Filter</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_corpFitFilter>Corporation Fits Filter</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_currentFit>Current Fit</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fighterDetach>Detach Fighters</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_droneSettingIcon>Drone Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_droneView>Drone Window</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_buffBarContainer>Effects Bar</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_filterScanResults>Filter for Scan Results</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_cameraButtonPOV>First Person Camera</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fleetBroadcastIcons>Fleet Broadcasting Icons</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fleetFinderTab>Fleet Finder</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fleetFinderSettings>Fleet Finder Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fleetHistoryTab>Fleet History</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fleetHistoryFilter>Fleet History Filter</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fleetSettings>Fleet Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_hudSettingsMenu>HUD Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_infoPanelContainer>Info Panel</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_localChat>Local Chat Channel</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_mapColorSettings>Map Color Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_SlotsContainer>Module Slots</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_myApplications>My Corp Applications</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_Neocom>Neocom</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_eveMenuBtn>Neocom Menu</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_nextInRoute>Next in Route</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_notificationFeed>Notification Feed</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_channelWindow>Open Channel Window</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_cameraButtonOrbit>Orbit Camera</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_overviewWnd>Overview</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_overviewHeaderIcon>Overview Settings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_pilotServicesTab>Pilot Services</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_probeSizeModifier>Probe Size Modifier</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_recoverProbes>Recover Active Probes</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_recruitementTab>Recruitment</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_routeInInfoPanel>Route</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_SafetyButton>Safety</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fitsInFittingWnd>Saved Fits</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_inFlightScannerBtn>Scanners</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_standingsTabInCharactersheet>Standings</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_lobbyWnd>Station Services</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_StopButton>Stop Ship</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_cameraButtonTactical>Tactical Camera</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_inFlightTacticalBtn>Tactical Overlay</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_targetAnchor>Target Anchor</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_fighterToggle>Toggle Fighters and Modules</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_skillqueue>Training Queue</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_variationTab>Type Variations</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_UI_undockBtn>Undock Button</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_medical>Station Service: Clone Bay</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_insurance>Station Service: Insurance</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_lpstore>Station Service: LP Store</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_navyoffices>Station Service: Militia Office</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_charcustomization>Station Service: Re-customization</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_repairshop>Station Service: Repairshop</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_reprocessingPlant>Station Service: Reprocessing Plant</url> <url=helpPointer:unique_ui_stationSvc_securityoffice>Station Service: Security Office</url>
  11. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    One of the last things I wrote in the OP was that It would still be cap stable with 4x A-type Mediums + 1x T2 Large; this setup will give it 399. here is the updated fit
  12. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    As you probably didn't read everything, you most likely missed If you adjust for faction module I didn't use/used in my fit there is very little difference: EHP: 37.124 (Opti) vs 35.612 (my fit); so only a measly 4% difference. REP: 340 HP/s (Opti) vs 399 HP/s (my fit); 0.3% difference. Est. Price: 643 mil (Opti) vs 728 mil (my fit); Only 12.5% more expensive (difference). you also mention Signal Amplifier and since it's not part of the official Optimal Basilisk fit your argument for that specific module is just barely valid. Why does it have to be Basilisks that must have a Sensor Booster? could it not just as well be 2 Scimitars that provide the extra Sensor Resolution (2x ReSeBo) for the DDD?, they are providing the bunny with links anyway so that doesn't do any harm and it frees up a lock for the basilisks. I'm aware that CCP has many plans on changing how Remote Assistance work; Remote Repairs are just the first step on that road.
  13. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    On the plus side of such a ship, you'd have a fair amount of Neut resistance
  14. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    In case of a Tengu fit I imagine that it would look something like this: However it only has an optimal range of 7250m compared to the Basilisk's 32km optimal range; I bet that such a big different makes it ineffecient in a setup where you're spread out as much as you are in Incursion sites. And you don't have "option" to use it for supplying combat cap.
  15. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    I have actually considered that, and it's probably just a matter of when; I have years of experience flying Logistic Cruisers (Basilisk, Scimitar, Onieros and Guardian), mostly basilisk, in incursions (VG, AS and HQs). I started out, way back when incursions were first introduced, flying with TVP first as DPS (waiting hours just for small chance to get into fleet annoyed me) then I started flying logi, although it could still be tough at times trying to get into fleet, but flying logistic cruisers grew on me and I kept at it. Things happened in RL and I had to take a passive-break from EVE, kept myself updated and did a few activities here and there whenever I could, when I was able to play on a more regularly basis I looked back into joining an Incursion Community and I did take a look at TVP; to my surprise they were no-longer the community as I remembered/expected them to be, not that I didn't expect them to change, but they had almost become an "Elite" group that would only accept the "elite" among the "elite" (that's how it appeared to me). So I when on to search for a new more relaxed group and I did, OIC (Open Incursion Channel) an Armor Fleet community, I would be hard pressed to find an incursion group that would be that "newbro" friendly, relaxed and being so respecting of its members, sadly that community is dead, WTM does come very close to the spirit that existed in OIC but there are small but subtle differences. Elathy is just one of my characters that I've been flying Incursions with, lately it's been the primary one. Didn't quite intend to spout out my incursion history, oh well There are a few I remember having flown with a lot but they may not quite remember me; niki Lasvegas, boldielocks, Charlemane, McHammer just to mention a few on top of my head