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  1. Stop Flying Loaded Bowheads Through Niarja.

    Just don't fly when every1 else is, or fly just before or just after DT. I got stuck, got bumped, got saved by Imakiwlyu who turned up in a vindi equipped with webs. You should be doing 1 of 3 things if flying a Bowhead in general, but especially though Niarja or Uedema. 1. Fit a MWD, regardless of your fit, if you use a MWD you have a maximum of 10 seconds align time. I got followed by a machariel for 9 jumps when he missed me in Niarja and didn't want to give up. He never caught me, He couldn't - Most of you know the trick. You are motionless in stealth, you just landed in the system from the previous system. Hit warp to/jump through - instantly turn on ALL of your active tank modules and your MWD. Now turn off your MWD again. When the cycle finishes and your maximum speed is reduced to less than you are already doing you instantly enter warp, most of the time travelling sideways towards your target, its pretty funny the first few times. 2. Have a web alt, or a very very very trustworthy friend to come with you with a webbing ship. You activate a duel with your alt/friend (preferably just an alt, lets be real, this is eve online). Make the bowhead warp to/jump to, use the webbing ship that is in a duel to target you as fast as it can and hit all its webs. Your max speed is then reduced to less than you are travelling and you instantly warp, like with the MWD. It is quicker than 10 seconds, but requires an alt or lots of trust with a friend. 3. Do not fly the bowhead through Niarja with your expensive ships and fits inside it. Have a loaded bowhead on each side of Niarja and you are good to go. Shuttle your ships 1 by 1 through the systems. Take a stealth ship or an interceptor with your shiny modules so you can hide or out run would be enemies. If the dock up is just a couple of jumps past these nasty systems, leave your bowhead on 1 side of it, and fly just 1 ship through, worst case scenario you have a 5-10 jump round trip if you decide you need another ship.
  2. Incursion toys.

    EVE mail me Washi Meisei for fittings and offers.
  3. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Warp To Me command core are allowed to "Test" fits that are statistically deemed viable but need confirmation before they roll out. If you became a Logi Mater or Resident you would probably be given permission to fly your 4-link scimi so we could get some hard statistics on it through real flight rather than just saying "yes, it COULD work in theory". Refusing to make the steps to make your ideas possible is why the world in general is in such a bad state. "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing". should fit nicely to your attitude in this thread.
  4. Hi, newbro here

    Welcome to WTM, I'm glad you are enjoying it.
  5. Couple more questions

    The first time you join fleet the Fleet Commander (FC) will literally go through every setting you might need or might have forgotten and ask you if you have it set up properly. He/She will give you as much time as you need and bring you into fleet as soon as you are ready. Logistics pilots get alerted when a new pilot is in fleet and they add you to their fleet watchlist, which means they can see what is happening to you and will probably know you are taking damage before you do. Broadcast at the correct times and you will be perfectly safe. Pay SRP (Ship Replacement Program) which is but a fraction of the isk you will receive from completing once site (approx 31,500,000 per 10-20 minutes dependant on fleet composition and which site is being run). Then if the worst happens and your ship does end up going splat, the SRP pay out will enable you to purchase another ship with ease. Once you have flown with us, you will be wondering why you ever did anything else
  6. other games???

    ATM... I play Need for Speed Rivals, SW Battlefront, Dragon Age Inquisition and Beholder
  7. Ships and requirements/types

    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I do want the Vindi, more so than I want the Mach, but I was thinking along the lines that I already have a short range boat and I was missing a long range one so took the Mach first. As for piloting the Vindi, I am missing the gunnery skills, I am still aquiring the gunnery skills for the Mach and before now I used pretty much nothing but missiles. Before I sink isk into the Vindi I wish to have a means to carry it, hence the training of the Bowhead once I get the Mach
  8. Hey guys/gals I've been flying with you for s short while now, nearly 2 months. The isk is fantastic and I am rapidly approaching being able to fly a Mach (currently in a Rattle). I have a fairly serious question that has been haunting me for a while and went unanswered/unnoticed in WTM chat in game. If I X-up with a sub-optimal ship (Rattle, short range DPS) and an optimal (Mach, long range sniper) would both fits be considered? I am really interested in having 1 of each ship (long range, short range and logi) and will be training the Bowhead after the mach so I can start carrying multiple ships with me. But I notice that on fairly regular occasions the DPS list is much shorter than the sniper list. So basically just hoping both ships would be considered and not just the optimal one (at least until I have the Vindi trained too).
  9. What if............

    If you dug a hole from the UK to Australia, firstly, you wouldn't pass directly through the middle of the earth, so assuming you didn't die to lack of oxygen, or molten rock, or heat exhaustion or being cooked alive etc etc. You would reach a point towards the middle where gravity made you hit the side of your hole, then you would have a choice between climbing out one side or the other. Alternately, if you dug a hole from the UK to Australia, Assuming you could pass straight through in 1 jump and survive coming out the other side, you would be jumping from Australia to the UK after finishing your hole on Australian soil.