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  1. VG Fits for NON-WTM ( NO SRP ) Kitchen SInks.

    Just a reminder that Vanguards can be covered by SRP with a full badge FC present. Our fitting requirements for VG and FTW fleets are listed under our Rules and Regulations. Additionally, none of the "frigate popper" fits you listed would be accepted in a WTM HQ fleet, unless it was a fun fleet. Then it would still need to fit tank requirements. The LM snowflake rule you are thinking about is only for logistics ships, and there are still restrictions on those ships. Fly safe everyone.
  2. [WTS] Abyssal magnetic field stabilizers

    I'll take 7 and 8.
  3. WTM Rattlesnake

    Looks like you should fly a Vindi then.
  4. Claymore, Eos, Loki

    damn it. I can't beat sandmans blackmail file.
  5. Claymore, Eos, Loki

    Contract the claymore to Vargon Penken and I will pay you for it. As far as the loki I'll give you 10% more than what sandman is paying for it.
  6. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    Well... Yes and no. It really depends on skills. With all lvl 5 skills this fit works: With that fit you are sitting at -64.1 cap delta. Now if you are lower than level five, the above fit teeters on the edge of cap stability, and requires a lot of weird level five skills (like afterburner 5, and fuel conservation 5). No one trains those lets be real, ok I did... but besides the point. The reason our optimal does not have a sig amp is the above fit has a very high chance of being unstable to a newbro, who believes they only need logi level five. A versed pilot, knows that they can fly this with a simple cap implant if they lack a few skills. However, that's kind of the problem. Unless the new bro has attended a logi school, read all this stuff on the forums, talked to someone to understand what a negative cap delta is, then there is a high chance flying that they won't be stable. So how we get pilots into a ship like that, is more word of mouth. Because we do want better fit logistics ships, but we don't want pilots who haven't spoken to anyone to assume they can just buy the most expensive ship and fly it optimally. -V
  7. Logi Tactics And Wisdom, Found this: Helped me \m/

    Heck yes, these video's are great and made by a pilot that flys with WTM. I'd link his name but he is a rather private guy.
  8. Raw convo about DDD

    As someone who has not been a DDD since we got rid of t3's these are all cool concepts.
  9. How do you benchmark fits?

    Also if you have an idea for a ship, and it isn't on our approved list, but can hit the fitting requirements, keep an eye out for fun fleets. It will be allowed at the fun fleet! (per FC Discretion).
  10. New Bro Speech Addition?

    I mention it right after they broadcast in position. I say something along the lines of how you just broadcasted in position is similar to how you would broadcast for shields, from the window, always keep it up and open. Always avoid broadcasting hotkeys like the plague. Then I ramble on for about 65 more minutes about the importance of Beer in the diet. Nevertheless, plus one do what John said.
  11. I'm back?!?

    Who is this Xoceac? Never heard of her.
  12. Dr Izumi Uchiya

    Never heard of her. I mean congrats!
  13. Corporation Named After Me

    Hello, For those of you who don't know me. I'm Vargon Penken (with an 'e'). I used to be an officer, CT and so on within WTM, but took a few year break because life happens. Now I'm back to being a T badge. I just wanted to share something I came across while google searching my name. The above is a link to a corporation named after yours truly. It's ironic because I hate pulse fit Nightmares. Now the best part of all this is their tenth most recent kill is below: This happened in my absence. However, still hilarious. Have a great Monday, you weirdos. o/