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  1. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    looking to start WHing
  2. New Skill Guide and ship progress

    is there a reason why not? it seems like the perfect starter ship for torps. it's cheap and gets plenty of EHP in shields. it's not expensive to fit either. a (mostly T2) fully fit raven is only about 400 mil for all fittings and the hull. is also what newbro are likely to have. Is it too tight a fit?
  3. New Skill Guide and ship progress

    okay, so I'm basically looking at 4 starter battleship fits Torp Raven (non navy for newbro friendly, they can navy if they have the funds, and upgrade, but my goal was to make it as cheap as possible while still meeting some basic requirements) Blaster Hype (of course) Mega Beam Napoc (you have to Navy issue with the amarr battleships for fitting space and for min HP requirements, so this might be easier to start with the Tach nightmare for price point) 1400mm Maelstrom this is one ship from each race, with only one racial ship tree required each. Each ship uses it's races primary guns, and I think these should be "preferred starter battleships" and we should develop a min skill level to fly them in fleet so that those aspiring to incursions can know what they need to train from where they are. Under "other accepted starter fits" or something similar, we should probably have alternative weapon skill ships for most trees. Blaster Rokh to use while a hybrid caldari pilot trains into vindi ship requirements Domi while drone gallante pilot trains into vindi requirements I'm trying to figure out what the best path from missile minmitar and drone/missile amarr (yeah, they do that) because a torp phoon or a geddon don't seem to add a lot of fleet utility or have the best progression path. A fleet phoon can potentially switch over to arty as it get's trained, but the pilots would be stuck for longer as they are training a new weapon system and a new ship tree. The Geddon is a pretty weak ship for incursion fleets and it's bonuses are not PvE friendly beyond drone damage. these ships don't offer as much use to the fleet and have a longer/less clear progression path. I'd propose that we have ideas for these ships in reserve, but not publicize them as acceptable starter ships.
  4. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Thank-you Benji and Boldielocks for serious responses. It's good to know that bargest is considered a good alternative DPS ship perhaps since they are non preffered, but 1-2 in fleet are good, make a new role for supplemental tackle for painters/long range web. That way people know that there are a lot less of them in fleet, but that they are an option.
  5. New Skill Guide and ship progress

    okay, so I'm fairly new to WTM, and have been hearing a lot about the new ship progression that's being layed out. By and large, it was pretty poorly explained at first, but now I have a grasp on it, that all starter ships will lead to an optimal ship using mostly the same skills. With that in mind, I'd like to help create new fits, such as a beam Apox for newbros working up to the NM. My biggest question is, what will the skills required to fly be. I'd like to include as many new people as possible, but certain minimum requirements simply must be met, as our skill guide thread looked pretty sorely out of date. I'm going to start my fits with meta 4 guns, with the goal of having clear progression through skills to the optimal ship. I do want to know what the final set of optimal ships will be, I'd like to see something like this DPS (tackle) hyperion->Vindi Apoc->Bhaalgorn (I'm well aware that this one probably won't exist) Raven/Navy Scorp->Golem/Barghest Domi->Navy Domi or Vindi Snipe Apoc->Nightmare Tempest/Maelstrom->Mach where we can set a clear minimum skills for the lowest ship, including only one ship tree/weapon system trained. I'm still not sure what is really an acceptable optimal, as some FCs will state that they really like having a bhaal in fleet to help with the ships the vindi don't catch in time. This is also predicated on real responses to the optimal fleets thread. of course NM is best sniper and Vindi is best battleship, but how do we handle minmatar pilots that started plexing out of alpha status? The goal is entry points with clear progression. What I've heard makes it sound like this Most lasers are being pushed to beam NM, with a possible exception for bhallgorn tackle DPS all projectiles are being pushed to arty mach Hybrids are of course becoming blaster vindi with tackle Drones...??? Try to push into Vindi with a possible Navy Domi Missiles try to push for golem(painter) or barghest I'll start making fits now anyways, but if I know the minimum skills we will tell people to train for, I can make fits specifically for those and design a progression for skills. I'd really like to see a career path layed out for newbros other than "get in a vindi"
  6. Logi School

    let us know when the new school is, I'd love to have a chance to get used to flying logi again before I put my ship on the line.
  7. The Short Range DPS Pilot

    better damage with the 6-7% Rof implants. calculations DPS=(Damage/volly)(volly/second) Volly/second=1/RoF (RoF in game, measures in seconds) 7% RoF is a reduction in time between shots, so it's actually a 0.93xRoF lets say easy numbers 100 DPS=100Damage*(1/(second)) 106 DPS=100*1.06*(1/(second)) 106.4 DPS=100*(1/0.94) (using 6% for fairness/price point) thats 107.5 with the 7% implant. now just saying this is really expensive to do, but when you are talking about a 2kDPS ship, that's the difference of 30 DPS. All of this said, I hate the vindi. I'm not optimized for it at all, and right now it'd do more DPS if I put pulse lasers on it.
  8. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    is there a single serious reply on this topic?