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  1. thanks ! I'll park scimis and implanted clones in those 3 you suggested. and apparently i already ready for my beer mug
  2. I just wanted to say thank you ! I've spent 7 hours with your fleet yesterday in the influence grind from 100 to 0 and I had great time Special thanks to Boldie'Lock FC, my first fc in eve And everyone explained things to me so patiently in channels. <3 you guys. WTM Optimal - Scimitar Logistics V skill plan from your skill guide is done, in 3 weeks optimal basili will be ready too and I can't wait. Someone (I can not remember the name) mentioned they have about 14 incursion fitted ships scattered around hs and it makes it easy to join the fleet wherever it moves. I was thinking, there are about 25 regions with hs systems, before I go look closer at the maps and come up with regions that are optimal for the range to other regions and systems in them to be efficient "incursion tin parking spots", does anyone have such a list already? Like say 6-10 systems where if you park your incursion fit ship "copy" than no matter where it has moved you always have a ship closer than bloody 35 jumps away -.- Under the Influence badge, I got one on team speak, who do I poke for it to be assigned on forums too?
  3. Thank you. Warpto-Logi channel says where classes take place but there is no info on upcoming ones. I joined mailing list I presume if something will be scheduled it will be mailed? It says if you have any questions evemail instructor, however I can not find info anywhere who that might be
  4. Tho if you don't mind my asking, is scimi better way to start than basil? It seems to be less things to manage as its reps and links in oppose to basils reps, links and cap transfers/chains. Seems easier way to start for new logi, right?
  5. Great thank you I shall get right on it !
  6. Hey! Hope its right place to post. I will be joining wtm incursions channel as I heard I could ask questions there too I will have simi V optimal fit ready today as well as WTM Optimal - Scimitar Logistics V skills (minus nanite toothpaste, will get to those next, but plus some other taht are not listed and 5 in some that are listed as required at 4). I went over all guides on this forum concerning general stuff and logi. In That's Just How I Logi Onizuki mentioned some logi classes but I couldn't find any more info anywhere... how to get into those? I have never flown logi nor incursion, but I am fast study and I need to start somewhere, few people told me to try with wtm so... could someone please kick my butt in the right direction ?