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  1. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I absolutely love this game so far. I find myself constantly just staring at the Midgar plate and the slum surroundings. Such a beautiful game and the expanded story/content/characters is just incredible to me. I've been looking for an excuse to try this game for a while, but I don't think I have the time for all the Eve AND all the FFXIV haha
  2. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    If #18 is still around I'm interested Edit: Lingham wants the rest of your better than faction ones. My bad
  3. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

    Hahaha just my other vindi. I'll never stop brawlin'!! I know better than to refuse an offer from The Don!
  4. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

  5. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi Looking to sell an extra vindi I have laying around with some spare parts for 1.2B. If you're interested in the T1 starter fit, I also have a lot of those mods I can sell and we can come up with a price. Also if anyone is interested in an Abyssal Mag Stab that is in between T2 and Faction let me know. I'll give it to you for free!