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  1. Pirate forward operations base

    I would like to try at least one just to check that event on my EVE bucket list. It's kinda more cus of fun rather than ISK
  2. Pirate forward operations base

    I'm in for this with a battleship.
  3. Pirate forward operations base

    Those bases can be found where? In low-sec or null-sec only?
  4. Target painter and signature radius

    Thx, very insightful articles. Copied from wiki: "Target painting improves everyone's chance of hitting the targeted foe, not just the painting pilot, and so a single target painting ship can be a great complement to a fleet of damage dealers."
  5. So the question is: When targeted NPC is target painted by me, does it have increased signature radius only for me or for all other fleet pilots who are attacking the same target as me? I was reading about it on Wiki but couldn't find this information. I understand that the biggest advantage of target painters and increased signature radius are for Missile doctrine but there is also small advantage for turret doctrines shooting the same target. Am I right?
  6. DPS Anchor Points

    Thx, very usefull! Playing for so long and didn't know for this
  7. DPS Anchor Points

    How exactly this Q positioning works? I found out yesterday that this kind of feature exist in game. And what's the point of range circle and the number? Number showing km range when ship will stop or?
  8. Fun fleet 2/11/2018

    This will be PVP fleet? Or just roaming around fleet? Recommended hull sizes?