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  1. Tip Jar For Logi?

    I tip logi when i do something stupid and they still keep me alive. Otherwise yeah we all fly our roles, and FC keeps our screen filled with fresh Sansha hulls to burn!
  2. Doggo pics

    This is my inherited Molly doggy.
  3. WaitList EVE Time Added

    A trial period and get a feel from the community sounds good to me. But definitely a very low priority
  4. WaitList EVE Time Added

    Looking at it in chrome on PC there isn't a good position. Only spot I see is right above the © but that is bad. (I don't have my phone atm so can't look at mobile) After further thought I don't think it would benefit us after all... Just wish CCP would build the EVE time into their app (rather than PLEX sales). As far as locale that is likely to confuse people even more (not saying it's a bad idea, but idk) I'm gonna back up niki with the people on their PC can figure it out, mobile users can't x-up anyways (which i was normally on my phone where i came up with this) Edit: Maybe an option for viewers to see Logi School times in Locale time? That would be the only real benefit
  5. WaitList EVE Time Added

    I'm not saying it is hard to find or know, just that it may be slightly more convenient having it here.
  6. WaitList EVE Time Added

    Paul Vashar here, If we could get the EVE Time posted on the bottom of the Wait List page that would be great. From there pilots can calculate their local time without loading the game. This will help a bit for the scheduled "Logi School" I hope. Thanks and sorry in advance. Edit: It would also get mobile users a chance to do the same.