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  1. Marauder Initiative

    Which BPCs do you need? Just message me in game. I have 1000s upon 1000s of various BPCs somewhere on since toon..if I can just find them.
  2. Balancing optimizing with being new-pilot friendly

    Well, let's please not make blanket exclusions. Filling late USA/presDT fleet can still be problematic with T1 guns and hyperions. I prefer some isk to no isk. I prefer a fleet to no fleet. Post DT is indeed a different beast and could use some of this pointed direction to upgrade.
  3. I would be interested in a scouting channel

    Here's a guide, includes wreck info.
  4. Train Logi!

    Welcome back. You could attend our new logi schools also. There is one on Sunday. A logi ship is helpful but not required for the classes.
  5. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    I dunno. The problem is intermittent. Recently yes there have been cap hungry fleets, but looking stretches without also. 2 cap hungry or challenged pilots in fleet really strain the chain. Once one or both leave it is magic.. the bc stop. I really prefer keeping things as is. If a particular pilot is cap greedy.. assign a basi to cap them. Have that basi move off for outuni or cap chain issue. Converse in PM with the greedy pilot to discover why and offer suggestions.. like turn off mwd...stagger repps..pulse the mwd.. use a drug...use cap implants...upgrade the mwd to a fraction
  6. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    When a fleet is full of cap hungry pilots...I try to assign 2 to each combat cap basi. The idea is each basi constantly stops back and forth between the 2. On outuni or any other cap request... all basi immediately swap. For outuni.... the cc is rdecycled on fc outuni wave speech. When the basi listen and comply.. the number of cap bc dwindles to near zero......... I want to say amongst all the other issues the last 7 weeks is pilots not inposition from cap bc.... and most frustrating..pilot bc for cap after basi have been serving cap the entire site.. even worse.. they ASK for cap while im actively capping.
  7. How bored are you between spawns?

    Im really enjoying the bees un minecraft 1.15. That is a sandbox game where the developer really doesn't tell you how to have fun. Dunno.
  8. A quick thank you

    Welcome to WTM! Rule 1 is in affect in this community. I don't recall flying with you this week, but look forward to the opportunity in the foci to follow.
  9. CCP nerfs

    Wasn't present Wayne, but I hear and feel ya. Wtm is the only thing keeping me interested in eve atm. Not sure all the wonky things are eve this week. I've had issues since the last windows 10 update this week.
  10. Dr Izumi Uchiya

    BZ mate.
  11. The real messec up thing is.... he....wins....contests
  12. Proactive Cap Transfer

    I will cap people even if they didn't ask, esp if i notice their speed is up indicating prop mod. Quite often they get snarky in comms for receiving without broadcasting. I also try this with people that frequently broadcast for cap. Other than randomly hitting rokhs, hyperions, and spamming. ..what would be an order to spread it around as an individual?