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  1. A quick thank you

    Welcome to WTM! Rule 1 is in affect in this community. I don't recall flying with you this week, but look forward to the opportunity in the foci to follow.
  2. CCP nerfs

    Wasn't present Wayne, but I hear and feel ya. Wtm is the only thing keeping me interested in eve atm. Not sure all the wonky things are eve this week. I've had issues since the last windows 10 update this week.
  3. Dr Izumi Uchiya

    BZ mate.
  4. The real messec up thing is.... he....wins....contests
  5. Proactive Cap Transfer

    I will cap people even if they didn't ask, esp if i notice their speed is up indicating prop mod. Quite often they get snarky in comms for receiving without broadcasting. I also try this with people that frequently broadcast for cap. Other than randomly hitting rokhs, hyperions, and spamming. ..what would be an order to spread it around as an individual?