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Influence Guide

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Influence is a very important within incursions. It’s something we need to grind down every time we move to a new spot. Influence means that when you have a new spawn, there are certain drawbacks when flying in and through the incursion systems. These drawbacks are:


Copy of Icon_incursion_effect (1).pngSystem-wide cynosural field jammers are in effect

Cynosural field jamming has very little effect in high security space, but can be quite damaging for a nullsec alliance if one of their logistics hubs is locked down. This penalty is absolute and always in effect even at zero influence, but does not stop you from lighting a covert cynosural field.


Copy of Icon_incursion_effect.pngFinancial systems compromised. 50% reduction in CONCORD bounties.

The 50% reduction in CONCORD bounties are always in full effect and doesn't scale with the influence.


Copy of Icon_incursion_effect (3).pngVessel integrity compromised. Shield and armor resistances reduced.

At full influence, a Vanguard system suffers a 10% penalty to resists. In Assaults the penalty is 25% and in Headquarter systems the penalty is as much as 50% penalty to your resists. Due to the way resists work, in practice this means that a ship with resists of 70% drops to 67% in Vanguard, 63% in Assaults and as low as 55% in Headquarter sites. These penalties scale with the influence down to zero penalty at 0% influence.


Copy of Icon_incursion_effect (2).pngCapsule interference detected. Turret, launcher, drone and smartbomb damage reduced.

At full influence, players do 10% less damage in Vanguards, 25% less damage in Assaults and as much as 50% less damage in Headquarter sites. These penalties scale with the influence down to zero penalty at 0% influence.



These effects, especially to damage and resists, mean that from 100 to 0% influence it’s much more difficult to run any of the incursion sites. Influence needs to ground down to 0% in order to run sites at a normal rate. Influence drops by finishing any of the 4 site classes: Scouts, Vanguards, Assaults or Headquarters. Progress can be tracked on the influence bar, which is shown in the Incursion Profile section of the HUD, pictured below:


RED  Remaining % of the penalty still in effect.

BLUE  Ground down influence.
Copy of eve_influence.png

What does this mean for me?


WTM has a policy to not run HQ sites above 50% influence. We prefer to run the smaller sites, Assaults and Vanguards, to grind down the influence much faster, so we can safely run the HQ sites. Vanguards require specialized fits that don't differ for influence, Assaults run our standard HQ fits, which are already a bit overtanked for them. For Battleships there are no fitting changes for Assaults! A Scimitar pilot with one hardener, must drop a midslot utility for a second hardener. Vanguard fits, are already influenced fit, check the website for those refits.

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