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Advanced Incursion Tips

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Advanced Incursion Tips


This is a list of advanced incursion tips and tricks that you might not know and could improve fleet safety, speed and the overall knowledge of you and other incursion pilots. Some of these things you might know, but some of these could be completely new to you and help you out with the next fleet you join. Enjoy!


  • Manage your cap
    • Managing your cap is really important. Without putting all that information here, I wrote a guide on it. Please read it Here.
  • Are you a DPS?
    • Fly out to those targets! Just make sure you are on your anchor spot, as soon as the Sansha spawn.
  • Locks
    • Always try and keep your locks full, as the first few targets die, start locking up more. Even the extra frigs, start locking them up sooner so by the time they are finished locking, you are done with your other targets and ready to hit them if needed.
  • Staggering
    • Stagger everything! Staggering means waiting a certain time before activating a second active module. Two very important examples. With remote shield boosters, don't activate them all at once. Use one, wait one second, then activate the second on and so forth. As for hardeners or any other active module you might have, wait a quarter or half a cycle before activating the next one.


  • EWAR
    Some ships have extra support modules on their ships, such as webs and paints. Don't stick them all on one target, like the primary target, such as the Outunis. These ships usually die in almost an instant. Webs are best to put on any of the other targets, mainly battleships. If you see a battleship that goes faster than 100 m/s, web them down. As for paints, they usually help best with sniper targets, but in general, any target can use the help.
  • Frequency Modulation 
    Someone once told me about this skill and I have really looked into it before, so I thought a lot of people might not know about this skill. This skill gives 10% bonus to Falloff for ECM, Remote Sensor Dampeners, Tracking Disruptors, Remote Tracking Computers, Remote Sensor Boosters and Target Painters.
  • Overheating
    • This can be VERY helpful at times and you shouldn't be afraid to overheat certain modules from time to time. Some modules can last a very long time with overheat, such as invulnerability fields. The skill that reduces heat from overheated modules by 5% per level is Thermodynamics and you should train this to at least level 4. Examples of overheating modules is when you are contesting with a tower (TCRC only). Usually the fleet commander will tell you to overheat your guns once or twice and then cool down for 2 cycles.
    • Second example I can give you is overheating your hardeners. It's hard to expect when you might go into armor, so overheating in normal sites isn't really helpful. Where it is helpful is when you are in a marauder and still have over half a bastion cycle left in TCRC or a big NRF last wave, Overheating is very helpful, because you need some extra resistance tank to keep you alive, Hardeners can last up to 2 minutes for a full heat and that is more than enough time. Just make sure you stop overheating before they burn out.
    • Logis can overheat their reps in case the reps on field are not enough to hold someone, you can overheat reps for extended periods of time. And the cost to repair them with nanite is minimal. Loki pilots will find overheating very useful, as the ship has a bonus towards overheating.


  • Combat log
    • This is something you can have open, certainly as a Logistics pilot. There are a couple of ways to see where the aggro of the Sansha might hit next, without the person broadcasting for shields. First of all you can look at the lasers the Sansha are shooting. Lasers equals damage. Second way is to look at the combat log. The reason you should look at this is that Sansha uses warp disruption and you are also able to see who they warp disrupt on the combat log. This means that the Sansha are locking that person up and he is being aggressed. Especially for determining where Outuni aggro is going, if the Outuni is range to point, its in range to neut! If you time it right, you can lock up the person even before he broadcasts.
  • Gravimetric and Ladar Sensor Strength
    • Another skill just like Frequency Modulation, two great skills to have, certainly as Logistic pilots. 
    • Gravimetric Sensor Compensation (Caldari - Basi) - 4% improved Gravimetric Sensor Strength per skill level.
    • Ladar Sensor Compensation (Minmatar - Scimitar/Loki) - 4% improved Ladar Sensor Strength per skill level.
    • As you can see either skill improves sensor strength for a specific faction, as there are also ones for Gallente and Amarr. As we don't use those Logistics ships, you don't need those skills for our fleets. So why should I get these skills? The more you improve your sensor strength, the less you are able to get jammed by enemy Sansha. 
  • TOADS and OARS
    • Here are two easy abbreviations to remember as to what scrams and what webs.
    • TOADS (Scrams) - Tama, Outuni, Auga, Deltole and Schmaeel
    • OARS (Webs) - Outuni, Auga, Renyn and Schmaeel
Edited by Malcolm Galora
Removed AAA references and expanded on some current tactics
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