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Incursions Guide

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Everyone has to start somewhere and this is a basic guide about Incursions and what they are all about. Most of us who fly with our fleets regularly know what incursions are, but if you are very new to them, you might want to read up on this guide. Hope you have a good read!


1. What are Incursions?


Incursions are automated events in which the NPC faction known as the Sansha's Nation invade space in an attempt to conquer it for themselves. These are known as focuses (one constellation) and in these focuses you have several systems that contain different sites. They were implemented on January the 25th on 2011 and have been here for 10 years already. You get a quick introduction in the EVE Online: Incursion Trailer. (Back in the day when they still had Summer and Winter updates and making trailers for each one of them) To keep a long story short, a guy named Sansha Kuvakei made a big army and invaded New Eden. CCP made a new update where players were able to battle the Sansha in a PVE environment and was encouraging PVP, as you can also do them in Low and Null security space.




2. The start of Incursions


At start of incursions, when they were first introduced, a lot of people had to invest a lot of money, billions of ISK, to find out what these incursions exactly are. Investigate every site, from scout sites to the Uroborus. Do mind you that it's more a PVP environment than a PVE one. You can't just bring out your L4 ship and call it good. It was not an easy task. People tried to use jams against the Sansha in black ops ships and all sorts of EWAR to see what would help. They also had to figure out what ships to use, what was the minimum tank requirements, how many logistics they would need to have enough remote reps to keep the fleet alive, come up with different roles, spawn mechanics, what ships to kill and most of all, information about every site and every Sansha ship.


You can imagine how much time that would have cost. After a while people were able to set standards and made up several fittings to their liking. They also formed communities to organize these fleets and to make loads of ISK and LP.


3. Incursion Focuses



Focuses are where the incursion sites are at, they are in an entire constellation. Focuses exist of several different systems, with different sites you can do. You can see sites like dungeons or raids. In simple terms, you form a fleet for a specific site (5 to 80 people), warp to a site, take the gate and kill the Sansha. Several of these sites have different spawns, different kind of Sansha and have mechanics that unique to every site. When you go to your Journal, you can go to the Incursions tab, go to Encounters and read upon all the sites you can do with a fleet. Payout differs from the amount of people you have in fleet and if you are doing the site in High, Low or Null sec. The payouts you see here below are the Low/Null sec ones. The ones in High sec are about 0.7 times the payout. For example, Headquarter sites payout 31.5m and 7.000 CONCORD LP with 40 people in the fleet.


  • Incursions_scout_icon.png Scout
    Number of Pilots: 3 to 5
    Payout: 3.5m ISK / 400 CONCORD LP
    Different sites: 4
    Scout sites are not worth doing. That's all you need to know really. These sites require such a huge amount of DPS and time for a 5 man fleet, that you are better off finding 5 more people and do Vanguards.


  • Incursions_vanguard_icon.png Vanguard
    Number of Pilots: 5 to 10
    Payout: 15m ISK / 2.000 CONCORD LP
    Different Sites: 3
    Technically the best sites to do when you have a very good fleet. Without influence, you only need 1-2 logistic ships, Scimitars preferred and about 8 or 9 battleships. These are very easy sites too. All ships require more webs, tracking and paints. You just enter the site, sit still and blap everything off the field.


  • Incursions_assault_icon.png Assault
    Number of Pilots: 10 to 20
    Payout: 26m ISK / 5.000 CONCORD LP
    Different Sites: 3
    Great sites to do if you have the numbers to do it with. After Vanguards the best sites to do. They do require 3 or 4 logi and there is one site where you have to split the fleet up, but if you can do these sites, they are a lot of fun.


  • Incursions_headquarter_icon.png Headquarter (HQ)
    Number of Pilots: 20 to 80
    Payout: 45m ISK / 10.000 CONCORD LP
    Different Sites: 4 (Including the Kundalini or for Lowsec, the Uroborus)
    The 40 man fleet sites. The most fun you can have in incursions, also the most risky sites. One site has continuous fire, the True Creations Research Centre (TCRC). If you don't have 8 or more logi, you can hardly survive in this site. This system also includes the Kundalini (i.e. the mom site). If a fleet kills the Kundalini, the incursion is over and everyone their LP is paid out.




Incursions are able to last up to 8 days, this is theoretically though. All incursion focuses go through 3 stages. Established (After that, the boss is spotted), Mobilized and Withdrawing


If a focus is killed during any of these stages after the boss is spotted, a new incursion will spawn within the next 12 to 36 hours, although there have been sightings that it lasted more than 36 hours.

  • Incursion is Established (up to 5 days) - Established is the first stage of a focus. This means that the Sansha forces are trying to take control of system. The focus spawns with 100% influence and people can start grinding this down to 0. Once it reaches 0 the Mothership site will spawn.
  • Incursion is Mobilized (2 days) - This is the second stage and it has been around for a while now. It can last for 48 hours, unless someone runs the mom site.
  • Incursion is Withdrawing (1 day) - The incursion is ending and the Sansha are withdrawing, If the Mothership site, or mom site, is not done within 24 hours, the site will disappear and no one will get their Concord LP payout.


4. What sites does WTM do?


WTMs main goal is to have a Headquarter fleet up 24/7. Usually a low number of base pilots or the lack of Fleet Commanders is the reason why one of our fleets is going down. This has been improved a lot of the recent months/years. Most of the time WTM has a fleet up 22/7, which is already quite an outstanding achievement. 


When there is a focus up and WTM is at the focus, you will always find us in the Headquarter system. Every focus only has one headquarter system and only one high sec focus can be up at any given time. This makes the HQ system very busy with the many communities running. The HQ system contains 4 different sites, including the mom site. If we have a large amount of base pilots and Fleet Commanders, WTM does think about making a VG fleet once in a while. They are pretty easy to set up and if it's really busy, people on the Waitlist can still earn a decent amount of ISK per hour and have some fun at the same.


  • True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Amount of Logistics: 5
    Time: 11 to 18 minutes (Depends on the amount of people, DPS and drones)
    The easiest site of all the HQ sites. This site has 3 rooms, with in the first two rooms only one wave. What the fleet has to do is enter the site, clear the room and move on the the next one. Only the third causes a minor threat. There have been pilots that have died in this room, so no site is without casualties. After all the spawns are killed, you kill the tower (which takes about 2 to 3 minutes) and move on to the next site.
  • Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF)
    Difficulty: Average
    Amount of Logistics: 7
    Time: 8 to 12 minutes
    One of the sites without a tower (the other one being the Kundalini). The fleet only needs to kill Sansha ships, but quite a lot of them. There are 4 waves here, with one wave already in the site. All waves contain close and long range targets and these waves can be different every time. You can have all light waves, all heavy waves, or a mix. The most dangerous wave is the 4th and last wave, where up to 3 Outunis, 2 Deltoles, 3 Intakis, and a lot of sniper targets can spawn. When all the Sansha ships are dead, the site is finished and the fleet can warp off.
  • True Creations Research Center (TCRC)
    Difficulty: High
    Amount of Logistics: 8
    Time: 6 to 8 minutes
    The fastest site of the 3. This is the site you want to do, since these are the fastest. There is a huge risk involved though, the fleet is under constant fire of the Sansha and only some have to be killed, such as the Outunis, Deltoles, Niarjas and sometimes Maras at the start and Schmaeels and Auga at the end. When the fleet goes in, they start slow boating to the tower. The MTAC has to drag the MTAC item from the factory to the Shield Array to prevent the tower from repairing itself. After the fleet has killed the tower, they have to align out, kill the scrams, DPS and Snipers have to warp out, logistics wait with the fleet commander so that everyone can get off grid safely and then they have to warp out themselves.
  • The Kundalini (The Kundalini Manifest)
    Difficulty: High
    Amount of Logistics: 10+
    Time: 6 to 8 minutes
    WTM doesn't do mom sites a lot, but in the last month (July/August) we have done two of them. They are not as exciting as you think they are, but pretty awesome to do nonetheless. When the fleet enters the site, there are is a huge Revenant, also known as the mom. The fleet needs to kill the Mothership, to complete the site, get the loot, end the focus and get everyone's LP payout. This ship is not a tower and is able to move. If you are alone in the site, it's better NOT to bump it, since pilots just coming into the site are out of remote rep range. If you are contesting on the other hand, which can happen a lot, you can bump it some 120km off the beacon, so the enemy fleet can't apply their DPS. There are two things that happen in a mom site. First of all, there are bombers spawning. These can dish out quite a high amount of DPS, but die really fast. You do need the whole fleet to focus on these. If you do the mom site fast enough, they can spawn twice in a group of about 10. Second of all, the Kundalini can ECM burst the fleet, you can lose your locks and this causes an issue for the logi. Just broadcast again when you are taking damage and you should be fine. One more thing, the Kundalini has a high amount of shield resistances and takes a while to go through them. When the shields are down, Armor and Hull are gone in seconds. 

5. Sansha ships


Each of these sites contain different ships that have different types of roles. Just as our fleet, they too have ECM, remote reps and boosts. Usually every ship gets tagged, but it's good to know as base pilot what every ship does, so you know why they are so dangerous.

  • Outuni
    Role: Neut, Web and Scram
    Class: Battleship
    Usually the ship that gets taken out first. Why? This ship can neut you dry in one or two cycles. It's best to always stagger hardners because of this. If you get neuted dry, one hardener can deactivate, while the other one is still on for half a cycle. 
  • Niarja
    Role: Jam and Neut
    Class: Frigate
    Better than a single Deltole neut, this little guy can cause some serious trouble to a fleet. There are 40 people on grid, so this isn't really an issue, but can cause problems for Basilisk to lose their chain if they get jammed. Shit could go down real quick if that happens. Most logistic pilots are prepared for that, so don't worry too much. The Niarja is the primary DDD target.
  • Vylade
    Role: Boosts
    Class: Cruiser
    A ship that does not damage by itself, but used to boost the other Sansha. Now its just an extra overtanked cruiser. Primary HHH target and a Secondary Sniper target after Maras.
  • Arnon
    Role: Jam
    Class: Cruiser
    A scary ship that is the only ship next to the Niarja that can jam. Usually off the field before it can do anything dangerous, but it's dangerous nonetheless.
  • Auga
    Role: Scram and web
    Class: Cruiser
    High damage and Low in tank, that's why these get killed first, even before the Outuni. In a TPPH you see in the first room, Auga-Auga-Outuni. This is because the Augas are in better range and their tank is so much lower, they can be killed before the Outuni can land it's neuts. 
  • Mara
    Role: Logistics
    Class: Cruiser
    One of the two Sansha ships that has remote reps. They are still quite far away and stay this way, so it's always the first sniper target.
  • Intaki
    Role: Logistics
    Class: Battleship
    The other Sansha ship that has remote reps, but this one is a battleship. Nothing special to this, except it has a low tank.
  • Deltole
    Role: Scram, Web, Neut and Paint
    Class: Battleship
    The neuts on the Deltoles is quite low, but put all the EWAR together and let 7 of them spawn... you can see where I am getting at here. If you have almost all of the Deltoles in a TCRC on a logistics ship, you will be in a tough situation, because of the Paints. In other sites they are not really a big problem.
  • Antem
    Role: N/A
    Class: Cruiser
    Nothing special. An average tanked cruiser class ship for snipers.
  • Yulai
    Role: N/A
    Class: Battleship
    The same as the Antem, except a battleship class ship. It's also a sniper target.
  • Ostingale
    Role: N/A
    Class: Battleship
    About the same as the Yulai and Antem, except this is a DPS target and a has a high tank.
  • Uitra
    Role: Boosts
    Class: Cruiser
    Usually a DPS target, this ship is known to give out boosts. Not your boosts to tank, but your boosts to ECM, although this has never been proven.
  • Schmaeel, Tama, Renyn and Eysturs
    Role: Scram/Web, Scram, Web and N/A
    Class: Frigate
    Nasty little ships, the Schmaeel and Tama warp disrupt, the Renyn and Schmael web, and the Eystur is quick does a moderate amount of DPS. These are all DDD targets. Tama deal a lot of damage, in large quantities they can be very dangerous.


If you would like to know about our fleets and incursions in general, please read these guides. Have fun and fly safe!

Edited by Malcolm Galora
VARIOUS typos and grammar cleanup. Some changes here and there to match current practices.
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