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Teamspeak Badges Explained

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Command Structure Badges

Grand Poobah.png Grand Poobah - Head of SRP Corporation, Arbiter in cases of split decision between WTM Commander Council Members. 

Leadership.png Leadership - Elected Leaders of WTM incursions (Part of Commander Council).

Canyon's Badge.png Canyon's Badge - A badge given to Canyon Vjourytant for her dedication and work she has done for our community.

icon_1270482508.png Officer - Selected assistants to leadership (Part of Commander Council).

icon_342111930.pngMaster Trainer - Certified Trainer of the Fleet Commander and Logistic Master Program (Replaces CT FC and CT LM)

Certified Trainer.png Certified Trainer (FC) - Certified Trainer of the Fleet Commander Program (Supersedes Fleet Commander). 

Certified Logi Trainer.png Certified Trainer (LM) - Certified Trainer of the Logistic Master Program (Supersedes Logi Master). 

FC.png Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander. 

The Fleet Commander commands the fleet by doing the Voice, Fleet Comp(osition) and Tagging. This person can provide SRP to the fleet, as well as backseat a T-badge.

LM.png Logi Master - WTM Logi Master

They are the masters of Logistics. They are here to watch the fleet for Safety, give out SRP to the fleet if necessary and train everyone that needs it, especially Logistics or Logi Masters in training, which are the Residents.

T-badge.png Training Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander in training. 

Resident.png Resident - WTM Logi Master in training (supersedes trusted logi)


Ship/Skill Badges

- Requirements for all the following badges are Tech 2 guns and Faction Damage Modules.

Tach That.png Tach That! - Nightmare.

Alpha Angel.png Alpha Angel - 1400 Machariel.

Rediculous Amounts of DPS.png Ridiculous Amounts of DPS - Vindicator.

Royal Flush.png Royal Flush - Nightmare, 1400 Machariel and Vindicator (removes other Ship/Skill badges).

icon_4045734780.pngSpidey Senses - Optimal Basilisk with a Faction Remote Sensor Booster

icon_2052074733.pngIron Links - Scimitar with three (3) Faction Remote Tracking Computer

icon_3960871542.pngField Medic - Earn both Spidey Senses and Iron Links

icon_3879005324.pngAll the Cards - Earn both Field Medic and Royal Flush


Pilot Badges

Dual Logi.png Dual Logi - Pilot is approved to dual box logi in WTM fleets

Trusted Logi.png Trusted Logi - A Commander (LM or FC) has declared this pilot as an exlempar Logistics Pilot (supercedes Logi school participant).

Logi SChool.png Logi School Participant - Attended a WTM logi school.

Hunting Rabbits.png Hunting Rabbits - A Commander (LM or FC) has declared this pilot as an exlempar Drone Bunny.


Fun Badges

Confirmed Screamer.png Confirmed Screamer - Pilot who calls themselves out for reps when unnecessary (High shields/few Sansha remaining). 

Under the Influence.png Under the Influence - Pilot has completed an "influence grind." From the time the fleet stands up until the Kundalini Spawns. 

Wall of Shame.png Wall of Shame - Pilot has been mentioned on the Top LP List of an incursion.

Aggro Magnet.png Aggro Magnet - Pilot Consistently pulls aggro during WTM fleets


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