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Drugs Guide

Drugs... are in fact... hmmmkaay. Ok? Use drugs. Drugs in EVE are a great way to improve your ship, even though the margins are small. They can improve your tracking, optimal range, damage and capacitor mostly. There are a LOT of other drugs you can use, but the drugs in this guide have no drawbacks and help your ship in my opinion, immensely. (For Mindflood, Frentix, and Drop, make sure you are looking for synth variants, they have no penalties and are cheapestThere are recommendations on what drugs you should use, because some drug slots overlap, but just use EVERYTHING you can. They are cheap, usually only costing a couple mil each, and you earn them back in 1 site.

Skills.png  Biology V

You need to train this to be able to have it last for an hour long. Totally worth it though.

The Drugs

'The Big Three'

Dronse-II.png Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB3 Dose I (Pyro I for short)

  • Gives you an increase of 3% DPS.
  • Booster slot: 11
  • Recommended for: Battleships

This is a perfect drug for everyone to use. Perfect to lower site times for the fleet or for those contests against other communities. There is a 5% DPS one, for approximately 15m~, and 7% and 9% variants for increasing costs, Dose 1 is cheap enough for everyone, and also part of the daily login campaigns, check your redeem queue! 

Frentisx.pngSynth Frentix Booster

  • Gives you an Optimal Range Modifier of 6%
  • Booster slot: 2
  • Recommended for: Battleships (except Projectiles)

You get that extra little range to hit things better. What is there not to like? Use it.

Mindflood.png Synth Mindflood Booster

  • Gives you a Capacitor Modifier of 6%
  • Booster slot: 1
  • Recommended for: All Pilots (Marauders use Synth Blue Pill)

Honestly, everyone should be using this. Everyone is using their propulsion mod to get everywhere, get more cap. It doesn't overlap the other booster slots like the Drop and Frentix do, so there you can pick either one. This has it's separate slot and in my opinion, everyone should be using this.

(Note for Logi pilots: The non-synth variants carry no penalties relevant to logi pilots, so you can use standard or greater without fear of drawbacks, just be mindful when switching back to battleships, as your turret application may be affected!)

'Honorable Mention'

Synth-Drop-Booster.png Synth Drop Booster

  • Gives you a tracking speed bonus of 6%
  • Booster slot: 2
  • Recommended for: DDD (Frentix over Drop for general battleships)

Want some more tracking, even though the upgrade is a slight upgrade? Get it, please. Yes, it's only 6%, but it helps so much.

icon.png Synth Soothsayer

  • Gives you a falloff bonus of 6%
  • Booster slot: 2
  • Recommended for: Vargur and Machariel

Quafe-Zero.png Quafe Zero

  • Gives you a Scan Resolution bonus and a Velocity Modifier of 5%
  • Booster slot: 1
  • Recommended for: Logistics

You can argue that this can also be used for Battleships, faster lock up times and speeds are great for getting into range of the Sansha, but can be a little pricey at times, Mindflood might be better. That's countered though that it lasts a lot longer, 2 hours in fact. If you make 120m an hour, that's a steal. It's up to you, personally, I like my capacitor and use the Mindflood one for my Vindicator. If I would be flying a logistics ship though, mainly the basilisk, I would go for the Quafe Zero.

46005_64.png Agency 'Overclocker' SB3 Dose I

  • Gives you a Velocity Bonus of 3%
  • Booster slot: 11
  • Recommended for: Logi Cruisers (Basilisks especially)

If you fly basi you know the pain of slugging your way through TPPH rooms, this drug will give you a slight boost to speed and is cheap as chips. Same as other Agency drugs, these come in 5%, 7%, and 9% variants. As all boosters, these are not stacking penalized, and will stack with other things like Quafe Zero.

icon.png.fd542553610eec99141f680b29b03302.pngSynth Blue Pill

  • Gives you a Local Shield Rep buff amount of 6%
  • Booster slot: 1
  • Recommended for: Kronos (and Other Marauders that use local shield rep)

As a Kronos you are required to take this drug for tanking purposes, other marauders may find this also helpful but unnecessary. Conflicts with slot 1 Drugs: Quafe and Mindflood, be careful not to take the incorrect drug when you meant to take your blue pill!

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