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  1. Marauder Initiative

    Can't edit top post myself, so just be aware that price has changed, it is now JitaBuy. Which makes it change from BuildCost +5% to somewhere between +7 and +12% depending on the hull, since margins dropped a lot with marauders becoming the price-efficient option compared to faction battleships for HS PvE.
  2. Newb questions about incursions

    Things he didn't mention: we have a waitlist system, and the queue for dps ships is kind of long (can be between 10 minutes and 2 hours depending if you're in a peak timezone), so you may want to tag in advance if you know you have limited time to play. Especially during week-ends, as they're are more people in queue waiting to join, and due to the way incursions function, we generally only run one fleet at a specific moment. (Unless there is additional FCs available to run a 2nd one which would be running different sites in a neighbouring system.)
  3. Marauder Initiative

    Just passing by to tell you guys that I did make ingame skillplans, they're available through either the channel or mailing list "Marauder Initiative Skills", if you're interested into helping.
  4. Marauder Initiative

    @MailDeadDrop @Imelda Virpio If you want to help build things, you need to have the skills to do so (building T2 hull/T2 components/doing reactions), your own component blueprints and reaction formulas (no sharing, which means no stealing, which means no fucking up other builders) so about 500M to 1.4B of investment, and enough money to get materials to build your first hull and pay for the jobs (about 1.1 to 1.3B) since it's payment on delivery. If you got any question just hit me up on discord, only reason I wouldn't answer would be sleeping/petting the cat.
  5. Proactive Cap Transfer

    Well, that's because they're always burning to targets everywhere, and they'll probably have abyssal webs rolled for range, cheapest of those being the ones with red roles on cap consumption if you want both good range and strength rolls. Also people volunteering for roles tend to be regular line pilots with upgraded mods everywhere, and upgraded damage mods means even more cap consumption.
  6. Marauder Initiative

  7. WTB Core X type 500 MN MWD

    Depends. If you plan on getting a marauder later, definitely not, because they are CPU tight and you'll want a gist in there to have as much CPU as possible for damage mod abyssal rolls. If you don't plan on getting a marauder, then it depends if you're still struggling with capacitor. If yes, then maybe it's worth upgrading, as the Core consume less per cycle. But I'd probably go upgrade damage mods/shield hardeners before switching the prop mod, as honestly the Gist-X is totally fine.
  8. Marauder Initiative

    And I'm back, and we got more builders, and the waitlist is way longer!
  9. Local Badges

    There is one for DDD (Hunting Rabbits) and one for MTAC (JumpTAC) because those roles are importants. VVV/AAA are kind of meh, we have a proposal about removing them and just telling people to learn the anchor positions, because we still have sandy people 150+ hours in, only following the guide and not being proactive. And HHH is just doing untagged targets or reverse order, so... Also we got a subforum in the Command Core section for proposals.
  10. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    If you go for any marauder later on, be aware that we require more than just enough skills to get inside. List of skills required available in the post below, it also includes link for guides for each hulls, and if you're done training everything and got the fit, you can apply with the link at the bottom, then there is a bit of training to be done with backseats, should take about two hours, depending on site types availability.
  11. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Paladin or Vargur, but those are really skill intensive. Nightmare is the best sniper ship you can get that is not a marauder.
  12. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Newbros are always welcome. Best way to learn fast is to be proactive. Was going to relink the anchor and mtac guide, but saw Niki already did. Read them if you haven't yet, listen to the FC, and don't hesitate to ask if you got questions, there are no stupid ones.
  13. thinking about coming back

    @Letsgetiton here is the marauder thing Rainz mentioned: It includes links to hull-related guides (anchoring, recommended skills, etc), but to apply for flying marauder with us you need at least the required skills listed in the main marauder post.
  14. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    New focus can spawn literally anywhere, but a bit over 50% to actually be near Amarr. But Amarr prices are significantly higher than Jita prices, so best buy at Jita and move the things when new focus spawns. Check the "how not to die while moving bling" guide if you're not T2 fitted.
  15. Marauder Initiative

    Just to let people know that the discord link in the top post has been updated to a permanent one. Doesn't send straight to the #marauder-initiative channel but it will have to do.